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Red Sox batting order and outfield continues to lack continuity 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

We discuss the Red Sox after our interview with John Farrell, and Dustin Pedroia in the lead-off position has become a hot topic.

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-- never -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. It is our first opportunity to have our friend Taylor Twellman join us in studio is our. Guest cohost today Taylor used play for the New England Revolution for the US national team. Now you seem a lot on ESP -- was there yesterday in fact you make that trip back and forth to Bristol Bristol about two or three times a week yeah no every bomb that. Importantly. Why you gotta go there what -- -- does that really have a knock on wood no -- you haven't -- now. I'm gonna tell me that your. I -- afraid Sinatra on we we established I think that aren't as well -- I don't Wear down other Twitter by the -- a loved the fact that people wanted to -- as John -- Mike -- which it came up with the -- on the ninth inning. Yeah wouldn't guard noted that Ari -- wasn't playing now. By -- dislocated the finger by then it was. I loved but okay it was a bad it was so we it was a battle after a what you could incident yet could probably should have been. And end and back at those afar say -- probably does make the plight agreed. He's pretty good -- that over there and. I say it's something considering that this time last year he was a question mark -- defensively at first base had never played first base. As a full time guy for an entire season. And and -- turn himself into a pretty good first base and the fact we're saying Napoli would've had it. Says a lot about his progress. And I I think probably what I'll ask -- to call 617. 7797937. Telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. Johnson's Springfield John Europe first and dale and Holley. They exceed normal -- tanker thank thank you yes I'm just at practice so I can come on the sensible. -- we planes in and based on. But I'd like I'd like that they get the call right there in many products like that they can -- -- will it affect the flow of being. Well. Web -- that play at first I went back in we wound it. Look bad at super slow motion. At that aptly there a great stretch and anabolic in the glove I consider buying more I talked with on the bank in against the couple guys in the -- -- in the amateur an Internet radio. Say that. On opening night. -- the ball the ball in the glove in what was that a man. What what does that -- a -- alternate universe here your talk about the replay from last night. Before Adam Dunn's home run current. They are Napoli got that they put up the better and -- yes well. I look at it to push slowly toward preparing. And his -- was still part of their. No no it really wasn't not not by the time we got them -- it was on the bag to start. By the time the ball got in his glove his phone was off the back and they had several replay angles that clearly showed. They got it wrong it's like that the one Saturday Yankee Stadium. All my hero this isn't it AME on the name it and read it -- right -- actually makes you feel worse. Egregious that your duds you're having to you know. It that the time to admit that she got it wrong is when you're when you're going to the replay challenge that's when you wanna figured out. How does this happen Heidi get all of that and look how that I don't happen and then they have they have distance from. So it I don't know if if part of the process is part of the replay process. Where you say okay there's a challenge from the manager. It's an umpire allowed -- giving youth today to the to central casting there and you say art art and -- got a look at this. This is what I saw Graham are part and second -- I think this is an Oprah as a precaution I think this is what what did you guys look at it. But this is what I saw on this is why I call what I call. But you go ahead look at. Or or is it just one way traffic you put on the headset that tell you exactly what it is in the -- done that's it. And -- why does it take so long that's my bit that's my biggest issue. I mean. The NFL takes a while but usually. They're looking at other things as well they're looking at what ball line it would put the ball on how much time do we put back on the clock all things that Major League Baseball and have to worry about. The NHL when they do replays and their their replays are admittedly a little more specific now but panic you know you get -- get out you -- -- Well -- dale what's the one thing baseball some worry about Michael as well -- that -- -- game right now is not work it's not working in favor viewership. The favor of fans. So now you're adding the aspect of replays. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got to be let in everyone told me -- it did they're going through growing pains you tell me they didn't have enough experience in spring training to figure out. There will play Saturday -- I don't think you're opening a can of worms that is banquet with when it comes at a time of game for baseball. It's a slow game. Am I think -- you've gotta you gotta know who you are and you can't screw up call Michael to wreck my -- for -- -- done but just like a little speed of baseball we do this there are certain things you can do. To make it go along a little bit fast let me against -- and now what I'm not going to be you know trying to reach younger people and it's going to be high pace is going to be interject it's not. It is eight. You've got to you've got to. Drop people and by selling the theater of the mind in some ways. -- I hate that looks like that's like nothing is happening here but 22 count and there's a cat and mouse going on a -- cat and mouse game going on between the picture and the batter. That's what I mean that's what it is. What do you what do you pro here in this situation. Infield in double play depth how the outfielder shared. You've got to get into all these things and not chemical -- not there was a great story I don't like either love baseball you don't. It was a great story buster only said -- told earlier today on my Maloney was talking about Bruce -- she comes out to argue. A call and and really what he's really doing is killing time. Until his video guy had the chance to look at the play and he gets a thumbs up or thumbs down from the dugout to say okay go ahead and challenge the plight. So he's he's he actually says to the umpire. Truthfully I'm just out here -- time till they tell me whether or not tip to challenge this player or not. And the umpire whose looking over in the dugout says well they just gave you a thumbs down so I guess you're not challenging. And -- says okay we're back to the dugout. Mean they know that it's a joke they know that at the umpire sold purpose now to go out and say something umpire. Is kill enough time so that my guy can give me an ideal weather to challenger. It's like you know Ernie Adams. Except Ernie seems to be elect quicker. Yeah here party bill Belichick's. A -- as as David Halberstam called them. He's Belichick Belichick moved so he's a guy who's up there and he's a guy who tell us telecheck challenger don't -- right. Throw the flag don't throw the flight just recites the rule book this off top of his head knows all of this is what it is and this is -- -- -- you have no chance again -- -- leave it alone. 6177797937. Orlando's -- and. Bowl here we go who did not all I know what this is about what I would call him a moment to remind you will hear it. -- art -- art critics. That happened. At Red Sox who. Orlando just that just a word to the wise by the way in and finish but you're not going to be doing this all year if you don't get a better phone just sent. Well we we we hear about a part of what you say that solid that we don't hear everything. Sounds -- you that you hear me like he answered my core. -- -- -- And there you go ahead and Orlando -- I have been here a little Tommy what you don't -- him bloat going. -- -- the actual could have been a good tradition did not let go of the big Red Sox and a hip group but simple back. They -- to competition to repeated -- All it was inside -- -- back -- and -- Are probably up there and I don't want. Orlando how much did Ellsbury signed for. Yeah right okay then why would he sign here. And why would he sign here and pass up a 157. Million dollars from the Yankees. -- match. It's stupid if they deal it all the contract for the Yankees to give up in court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What an in your and your point is you give my 157 million that it'll be good. Orlando it's got nothing to do with liking or disliking your point doesn't make sense that. -- could -- old -- I don't think UT. I dot com. It up. About it doesn't think. Like our complete not argument got -- not work what exactly work. Our 107. Million dollars you know what I gotta say this I gotta say that just to be fair. Orlando brings up a point that we should we should we should kind of flesh out here. To Spain's soccer. And -- in in and bought into the Red Sox. Agenda of outlets. We're not gonna do this. Magical we'll understand I understand that you don't wanna pay him that he's an injury prone guy. You don't think -- elite player. What we gonna give the money that the Yankees -- -- -- -- -- -- oh are not spending money and find that unacceptable. Michael Kelly it's Jacoby Ellsbury under contract through 20/20 one it's don't know what it makes no sense that's a that's about Kobe -- the larger point John McCain -- the station it's not a -- -- to. Probably a few days apart they both said. And they weren't -- -- be true. What some other clubs would do in terms of spending money out hat. Because they because they did with Crawford got a house and it didn't work -- the wrong guy wasn't about ending so you want to -- -- television I don't. Want you to spend money on Carl Crawford. I don't want to spend money I don't know -- I'd I'd probably Ellsbury in three years is not Carl Crawford you wanna give -- seven -- I don't -- exactly they. They made that comments about I'm not talking about Ellsbury specific -- the philosophy. Of long term -- long term contracts. And high. Annual average value on the on the contract. It's a point of pride we're not gonna do this competitive we're not gonna do what some teams don't what you should not Boston -- -- your high payroll team. If you have the right guy and -- wasn't the right after them Jon Lester we have the right guy. You cannot stick to the well we're gonna have four years here and that's the value we place on why you're doing this. That can't I can't -- not Pittsburgh their money to spend spend. Well I don't have -- argue with you about about Lester because I think they have low ball. -- when I look at the other free agents that Red Sox fans wanted the Red Sox to go sign. Josh Hamilton -- that would have been a good plan my goodness I I mean it looked at the Albert Pujols deal what's that do what that's doing right now. To the angels you -- and with all due respect as Michael knows I was the president of the Jacoby Ellsbury fan club. This is the dumbest deal ever and if the Yankees -- tied themselves to a good for them problem. And for the text -- who says dale get it right it's -- 153 million no it's not. Because there's a club option for 20/20 one that adds 21 million and if they don't sign him to back. That I got to pay another five million and a buyout so excuse me 258 not a 159 million. -- 159. Million dollars. 20/20 want to hold on second -- -- be a done deal for the Red Sox are dumb deal for the Yankees well I didn't view the New York Yankees. I'm all for embracing who you are no -- you are an embrace. I just that's that is no wrong with the -- well okay. The Yankees have more to spin. Then the Red Sox the Red Sox are right up there but the Yankees are are are the top of the mountain or you're the you're the New York Yankees. You have more money that's been -- anybody else in baseball. You'll like I love it go for it -- like the fourth highest payroll in baseball they are spending it. They are upset but the Yankees and not talk about the Red Sox but it is stupid deal for the Yankees. Because -- are -- don't let the stupid. For the exact same reason I'll give you an example remember when Pedro left here to go to the Mets and we are talking about -- will be great the first year may be two years of that contract. The other two years of that contract he's not gonna make it at all and and we were right. It was great for a year it actually ended up being great for years than not so good three year and that awful for two years you're gonna tell me that Jacoby Ellsbury is gonna remain a 82021. Million dollar player. The last three years of that deal. You're missing my point it doesn't have to know the Yankees. It doesn't matter they spend money to spend money what -- guys average other guys below average what are guys great. Derek Jeter has not worked the money that he's getting right now but hey Derek Jeter burgers and comfort them and being compared Jeter by arbor day. -- at at the age of forty. Yeah Derek Jeter he plays anywhere else. His contract numbers can be cut half. He played for the Yankees he's worth now part of them like his numbers -- inflated yeah that's fine we have more money than anybody else. It's not stupid to spend money on dumb. It. By the way they're not legally making twelve million this year they're not gonna be well scripted from doing anything. I am at that the problem isn't that they don't have it it's that if they spend it foolishly they can't spend it on things they need they kept the Yankees. Well I I know what doesn't seem like it there is there is a limit I mean you can't spend 500 million dollars a year round players -- -- -- come close I think that the stupid part for the Yankees was not signing Jacoby Ellsbury. It was starting Jacoby Ellsbury letting -- techno leaf. Right so that's what did that's -- -- -- -- apparently but they aren't connected you could've they could've had -- It wasn't like one not know they just -- -- Doug -- you know of course they could have both what I'm saying you as you said they can spend any amount of money they want. They -- with Robinson cannot not to. They can offer of 220. Plus they chose not to -- If they can spend all the amount of money in the world that you're saying they can't and it doesn't matter at the end why why would they give that to commitment they've made a mistake. They made a mistake here because if you look at everything else that they everything else they did. Look at cannot go alone. Another money -- on to knock it all the money they spent on. A lot out Brian McCann the money they spent on Carlos Beltran I mean -- They clearly it's a belt I'm into three year deal the -- OK with -- three years and I get a year and a half I don't I don't proclaim I don't work. All right okay. It's what I would like to -- to the Red Sox do if they're gonna make a four you're offered Lester. -- -- into it knowing we got to pay him 25 million a year and that's the point -- -- you know I don't wanna get distracted on what the Yankees can and can't do I'm applauding them for being. The biggest payroll team in baseball and spending like crazy. Spent my sailors that's a patient there there the Yankees. Whether Red Sox or the Dodgers and the biggest and the Dodgers -- but the Red Sox you're not conversation. Why is that so important for you. Because you had a great offseason. You had a great offseason and in 2013. You're now saying we're not gonna do what some other teams do what you -- special. If you're not gonna do what evidence you diligent than they think it's bad business. That they think that. That -- the cut types of contracts that the Yankees gave out is not good business the Red Sox did it. By the way got burned by a bank got the Los Angeles Dodgers bailed their butts out and took 250 million dollars worth of baseball player off their hands. They got to hit the reset button and they said you know what went -- a screw up that's again. We're not gonna step in front of his boss again. We're gonna do -- about this in a better business sense. By the way how many World Series at the Red Sox one of the Yankees won since the Red Sox at the reset -- -- it that way they're doing it is the right way to do what I think. Don't they get a right to say that -- in their World Series champions. Don't they get right to say we're gonna do it this way it worked before and I agree with -- caller land on the sense that. On the field they miss Ellsbury at the -- one if I can agree 100% with that comment. But if the price is overpaying for Jacoby Ellsbury. The first thing I thought of when I saw that contract is good for Jacoby because he got overpaid by 3040 mine in my opinion. Are definitely did. They got overpaid but Arnold -- at the Red Sox not to and it okay replace it with a better option in that right now is fully debatable my opinion. In the better option in you have to look at the -- the option is. And they were prepared to do it they've wound up doing. Option is replacing Jacoby Ellsbury with Jackie Bradley to. Org Grady Sizemore well it's not going to be. -- and I'm talking more about the lead -- position. I'm not talking to center field position talking about the the leadoff hitter who I am convinced in the more John Ferrell talks the more convinced I am he's the lead off hitter. They just don't think he's ready physically right now to take that trouble he's the guy. And until they get to the point where they think they can roll him out their five days out of seven or six days out of seven. We got to piecemeal we gotta have Pedroia -- And I did but is that part of it and it's part of the the conversation just and fair about it. I'm with you guys. Are allowed Jacoby Ellsbury game. For the Red Sox. Are you know wouldn't pay him with the Yankees did for the Yankees who makes all the sense in the world but. When you -- when you make the decision to let Jacoby Ellsbury ago. You're not just saying art it's a 153 million dollars 457. Million dollars for this guy over seven years. And and we're gonna let this one player got you have to look at it look at what's available in your system what's available in free agency. And the reality is you have to replace Jacoby Ellsbury with two guys. Because his replacement in center field defensively. Is not ready to be the leadoff guy so you need a center fielder who can replace him in the lead -- guy who can replace. And hey they're on the got half of it. Well what's the half they didn't put Dustin Pedroia is not tonight he's rapidly but again that's just a temporary thing it's -- told us. The plan here is once Sizemore is physically 100% he's the leadoff guy. They feel they've got the lead -- guy now you may get the other half of this that you want which is Jackie Bradley junior and Sadr -- Sizemore left field. But but Sizemore is the lead off hitter. He's just not ready do it now on April 16. Can't make it -- -- let you get you you know me from -- about being difficult here in my bid of about being big headed because. Hear you say that hearing you say he's the lead off guy when he's not ready to do it right now right. In my my small brain says. Then you don't have a lead off guy right now if your leadoff guys not ready to do the job. Yet figured posts and same thing and I'm really yet okay but it house. I just think Q what all all dale is saying is that incorrect me from Rondo is that John -- believes. That he will be ready at some points or -- April 16. That's all -- say -- and fact Carroll told us a week ago he will be the leadoff hitter. What heat in what you're saying is that wall who is that leadoff guy where you may know that soon enough now. But I just Dustin Pedroia but that's did -- -- I mean like dale said it's five out of seven night after. My original point is this if you don't sign Jacoby Ellsbury find what is your game plan that's where I think caller -- hit the nail on the head. Alternate I'll say this I think that I think that their answer was closer to Michael's. I think their answer was Jackie Bradley junior is going to be our center field. I don't be ready yet but he's the guy going forward long term we got -- piecemeal little bit -- -- until he's ready to slide into that spot. And I think -- a perfect world. They haven't Satan and in the -- right nugget and why that bat tonight then probably batting lead off so he gets that extra data tonight and hit every night play in center field every night. Because of the situation with -- Victor -- they had to start with him here which is not exactly the way they would've preferred to do what. But they're trying to get by until they get everybody healthy I wish they get everybody healthy. Then Michael would stop Elena -- for crying out so take -- 6177797937. At the telephone number. The AT&T text line -- 37937. It's -- holly and Taylor Twellman Sports Radio W media. Steve's on the cell -- they've paid out. I got it. You know there's the discussion about -- apropos that site had a simple graphic but we laid out. The cheap that are salary commitment over the next and here are so I was but were surprised that the Red Sox are -- But -- -- our salary bill. And I you know like I I like you or are they right now the record and you know kind of win now attitude particularly cheap. That you've been and I -- start with that letter Belfort. I I love what they're doing it to begin adopting but like the golden opportunity to pick you think. It Spiller with spark like that it last year. And Steve to back up your point let's be honest. Did have we don't the last five years Jacoby Ellsbury was going to be gone. I appeal I think you do that report you late what they immediately Scott or that they'd. And and as I've warned Michael. Scott Boras is Jackie Bradley -- -- to -- -- Anyway what do you get back from every angle that the special. Our Internet like zebra like Taylor twelve people he passed -- get -- The professional athlete he's a big deal media superstar because you know the kind of a big deal about it don't act like an out of and don't know lot of you know this and -- a big deal obviously you don't know -- soccer history was going to be dealing doing right now. I don't have a problem with Ellsbury leading. It's what declaring that you're flustered right now I'm not not yet -- will be. In a little bit. That's stupid but that shot that -- director's job and start -- a problem with both very going to New York. What I have a problem with is identifying the right players. That's the that's that's part of it for the rest identify the right players. You don't think -- right guy you know Jon Lester. It and paint Erica. -- -- you and I have no disagreement on that point. Mean I think -- low ball Jon Lester. In in such a way that I think was it and an insult. And stop don't start with the Florida how much art is make an element in in our guys -- are here again professional sports cocoon it what it was an insult. And and if I honestly thought he was gonna bite at seventeen and a half million a year. When comparable put him north of twenty anyway all in their pain David Ortiz for one final year Wendy's. And -- with details on global. You get you guys like. Favored restrictions in the numerology in advance that sin come with some of it I liked it's well I -- bored with this ball does give you the bottom line bottom line. Dan that the -- ski. On ESPN. Was saying what is Jon Lester Israel back. Dollars -- he's not gonna have. He's not gonna get if the Red Sox don't economy won't get Clayton Kershaw Felix Hernandez -- Justin Verlander I agree -- the conclusion. That he's a number two starter. For years to come will be -- project as -- solid number two starter in the future. So he his calculations. That said John masters of war. And he thinks. That clubs will pay freeagent five point -- -- point 45 million per war. Coming up. So whatever your war is times that five point 45 he's got the number the bottom line. For Jon Lester he thinks. Will be a six year. 145. Million dollar contract based on his long term zips. Projections. Ian and when you know what that means I want to know the -- part a sixth for 145. And when Lester talked about you know he'd be willing to take a discount to stay here. Probably words he wished in our past the barrier has beaten. What he was thinking was. I signed for five years in a hundred and wanting inner. Five years and you know five years -- a 115 million with a six year vesting option I'd been thing. I mean that's. And by the way I do think that it hometown as I do think that. Say it is a legitimate. -- under market value type deal but if the Red Sox thought that meant for years seventy million. I mean really. Bullies and now that's where Michael and I climb -- to be exact same bandwagon here about how they spend their money. I don't wanna -- the -- give Jacoby Ellsbury seven years and wondering if the eight million dollars I think it's a silly contract. But I I do think Jon Lester given his injury history which is Neil. And his success rate and the one the one disagreement I'd have with your Saber -- tritium. You'll stick Jon Lester in the American League west. What a National League west. And the National League west and number two starter there is an ace there. Those big ballparks. Those lineups pitcher hitting every every nine spot put Jon Lester on those on those teams in January where all figures out. And also a number two doesn't necessarily mean you're not pitching game seven World Series as well like everyone did their number one pitcher all that that doesn't mean. In big games he's not pitch in. Nobody would bat and -- if they offered him a real deal at the beginning but now. Michael in your defense your your opening. Some criticism for your seventy million -- kidney. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. I can't wait to put Taylor Twellman throw for a fourth top of the hour.

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