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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Belichick Birthday Edition - 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

We tackle four topics that all involve the birthday of both Bill Belichick and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

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-- -- -- Here's the hard -- And deal with them something. It's our job to figure out a theme connect for the fourth or the are now. If that there lyrics kind of tell us exactly what it's about. -- -- ticket birthday birthdays. That is correct it is bill -- birthday and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and we'll start with Bill Belichick -- Or four brought you by AT&T AT&T covered more than 99% of all Americans -- possible. Bill Belichick is widely considered the best coaching football at this time do you think he is the greatest coach of all time. Not only in football but in any sport. Now -- -- the greatest coach of all time in any sport now it's been through it. I thought we were sixty nickel. The they're great core of all time in any sport the threat our. Whoa whoa read our back. So John -- gets enough. Nothing's come I don't what it's nice college draft certain you know -- -- like give solid -- read no matter what letters. College basketball tomorrow. At a different Aaron college basketball when you can kind of pick your guys to -- based on each individual sports right. Greatest you can pick any you can pick giving any sport any guy but about I mean -- down at UConn women's -- You know -- Jane -- sure to bring their corporate power though eighth straight. Eight straight. Titles. And now the league was smaller. Right now with the different animal and it's different Aaron free agency wasn't a full effect. There was no free agency. Then the man who won eight straight championships. I I I love me some -- are back but like it's hard for me to ignore Scotty Bowman the winning record that he would make straight nobody immigrant thirteen. Use that read like there was no competition and an aunt and Taylor and he doesn't even he didn't even include sir Alex Ferguson that's I mean hello -- I. How. I. Every day that's a good mud. Speaking of the patriots they have announced their latest list of hall of fame candidates Ty law and -- Bill Parcells -- finalists if you're picking one of those guys to be in the patriots hall of fame is kept watch. There -- three finalists. I was just one of the two top ones are for ourselves and law -- There reverend Graham Ramon -- the two top one our law and Parcells if you're in one of those guys. To be in the -- hall of fame who would have been organ installer. Did you hear what. -- Claiborne at a conference call today they asked him how he felt about being one of the nominees for the patriots all payments of what took so. Which like well what I'd like. Obama I like -- he's dumb blame whatever IA up. I understand. That that the patriots are endeavoring to make this a very special thing and and I I actually kind of a plot that. But it -- rules -- sure hall you can do what you want. Bill Parcells couldn't make it last year because he was going up and amber against the dining Bruschi yeah. He was probably not gonna make it this year because he's going up against the guy named law. Bill Parcells doesn't deserve I mean where -- this franchise. What is the fate of the New England Patriots without Bill Parcells tenure -- -- -- -- About the put another twenty at the -- we thank our I appreciate you. I mean I'd like can't you put involvement they'll change the rules when it's Brady and Belichick in the same here. -- -- -- right they will now if they called gold saying let's stay right -- -- they have but I don't bring united mean it's not going to be. But they don't change -- c'mon is going to be Ty Law. In a landslide they wanted to cook the dinner please don't let yourself some of the gross having -- Was a part of three championship games he set the tone for the first championship team we have got -- 47 yards touched down and let everybody know that the patriots absolutely could be Taylor Twellman hometown St. Louis Rams. In the Super Bowl yeah it's. Time all big games big big big time plays in big games. Borderline. Hall of Famer and can't let alone -- yellow jackets that were -- absolutely can get your feelings are that's to read three. We're talking about the greatest players of all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar is too often overshadowed after on the won't put him on is -- of their mountain Rushmore. Is there a player and any sport whose greatness is more underrated. And Kareem Abdul to -- All right we just remember my name is Roger Murdock and I'm an airline that that I can't. As you know where coming -- nine cents. Yeah sometimes yeah. Quiet and -- Child says no playoffs. How I don't think. This didn't. Happen here in a trip it was since I was at UCLA and I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell year old man Greg -- in Europe and on the court for forty minutes. And it and it's great thespian to migrate. I think. There isn't anybody more underrated career you think about this. Every time -- tell -- the greatest player in the NBA. -- not even mention careened there's an argument for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. A sixth time in between. A six time champion. A great of a great player. Why why don't you mention what I wasn't one Kareem cream and come up Jordan's name comes up. Hear about match here Michael here assault Mary will Russell. No Korean -- yes he has criminally underrated. And that sounds crazy thing about a guy as well decorated Korean not part of it is he played for so long. They're -- modern. My. Younger basketball -- -- say if you are 35 and under. If you -- I'm -- -- you remember Kareem yes you're never a guy who was. Second best player on this team. Maybe the third best player on this team hung around for awhile maybe you remember the -- getting the oxygen there. In the garden room during a playoff games. But he played for a long time his longevity is. Actually used against them and some of the guard her sister ring was great on different strokes so he played a teacher. And accidentally hit objects went to class this controversy. All I I I think I have won at least similar. Tip to curry okay maybe maybe -- the winner in your mind how according -- who. I mean there are some old timers who would tell you -- the greatest hockey player who ever lived but most. Probably have moved on to some other candidates you know Gretzky or or. Which it in most people's minds how would be second or third. On the all time list of greatest players in the history of the National Hockey League that's a pretty good second or third -- when we talk abut greatest of all you know -- -- All time greats I still think Wayne Gretzky is under -- I don't think anyone will take care of those records. Those records are going to be cemented for a long long time is running here the question and Michael I know what you're saying that you just listed fugitive list was the best ball players you name. Jordan. Jordan's better and Korean. Did you develop -- and read so definitively are you are you can say what. Just flat out yes Jordan was better than Kareem Abdul or yes on Oscar Robertson you know you didn't -- -- -- Bird. Birds and a good discussion victory magic I think magic of recurrent. Well take well over -- -- take what -- over current disposed to not stop -- corner. In any dirty to me like five out where I'm so so what I'm saying is is that you just -- those guys yet you're asking us for your asking people to say Kareem should be up there won't you just was and I got caught I don't call myself up to us on the com. Because I have also. We talk about the five greatest players of all time or Hoosier you know all time this off on that -- -- Slips through the cracks. And it shouldn't. Think it was nasty now speaking of under -- At a little nasty. On Twitter also our great memories that you -- something to something yes or found out -- ago. Look at this -- hear from sending hate that. I simply say you -- -- And he threw it. Immediately. Are you looking mr. -- right now yes. That's. What I do. You see that picture there and it certainly has sent. That's very -- -- you'll -- -- that's quite frivolity that just called out. It certainly anger -- to -- a. -- Time now for the AT&T question of the day as most of you know. The World Cup is in Brazil this summer and it's only two months away. It is the greatest tournament in the world what culture you most excited to see in this World Cup and is there a player. You're keeping your -- But -- -- so for -- don't have much. I'm really excited about conduct. Are you I am a lot due to look until well to stay put -- and a all right I'm ready to hear your -- -- because of I got one reason. For Honduras there's a guy a lot of people's sleep on how my career goes to our own department you know. It's Jerry bank's home my goodness I -- Bankston. Friday Honduras to come out a group made their group be -- that come out there gives him. You really think they're gonna come out that -- Know what I vote at all and I love what. Now we're talking about all time greats right you can see that coming -- I did that's -- stupid company and we talk about Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Got -- -- right right that's what this World Cup's going to be remembered we're talking about these name are in Brazil on his home country. We're talking about messy in the prime of his career we're talking about Cristiano Ronaldo in all the great you talk about basketball when you look at the game of soccer in the world. -- -- Right back -- power. You have to win the big tournament -- he's never won the big tournament we're all those never wanted to name our. Is in his home country. That's to me is what I'm going for the big splash the big story lines. That's what I'm looking forward to which superstars which team is back now be Jerry basin there what that's like Cingular didn't just -- you're looking at the big story. Whereas I'm looking at -- intricacies of the game and looking at new -- this easy to look at that. You would expect the guys that know soccer like me. A look at you know that that the flash yeah the surface that -- TVP. You -- to get. They'll. I hope your partner and I -- -- went on the -- and I'll just to see the look like you're. Dead on -- -- that you know -- I've got a and that's it says your question today. And being too and Ecuador. Led the -- or. I have no idea thought -- was very -- city. It's pretty good job is that it's 1777. Guys seven boundaries evidence telephone number. TT tech slide is 37 ID 37.

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