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Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Apr 16, 2014|

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

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Oh million rush. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. -- -- 71 -- 20 two's I send small cities and states IOUs welcome to -- man rush -- and DJ being. And -- great talks and playoff hockey here with my favorite guest that we have on this year. Odd man rush podcasters action the first ever guest. Use the the first one -- year and a half ago wherever we -- this thing it's great motion ski of Yahoo! Sports known of course for. His famous puck -- dialogue and his record breaking Merrick verse which in ski podcast. Greg what's happening. Effort that was the end of the maiden voyage. It's the -- your current. Yet you were on the first one in your answer I gave to a nice slowing intro and you there was like a pregnant pause and then you said. You named it odd man rush in the and we talked looked out for like forty to forty -- costs the. It could go to that. Good times are so we're -- of the playoffs now looking ahead. A common narrative in Boston. Is debts if any team could eliminate the Bruins in the first round it's the red wings which begs the question. Do you think any team could eliminate the Bruins the first round I personally don't what do you think. I I don't believe so either although I think that the chess match between. Because you had to end like that -- -- but that it would watch it there's no question that. What the red wings have been able to accomplish despite all the injuries is remarkable. But overall I mean their street team in the playoffs that are built to win the playoffs. The Bruins and Blackhawks and the LA kings. And I just think that the the Bruins in the -- I mean yeah I mean in in the Eastern Conference as I look at it I don't see really any series that. This is at least winnable for the Bruins adding that some teams might maybe slow them down a bit Montreal's not a seat perceived to be something of speed bump. I think the penguins I think the Bruins could steam roll right over them again but. I mean to Detroit's top matchup as they look at the BC speed DC puck possession at the C every person that's ever been born in Sweden. But I think -- of people credibly go to makes B -- such a Bruins homer but I think that just from having covered this team I'm conditioned. To think very highly of them I think the people hurt. Kind of miss so on looking at how old ruins the Bruins are perceived as potential opponent because. I think that I mean again DC -- possession with them the UC bigger. Deeper offensive team you see Zdeno Chara UC -- -- getting to its that the things that worry you if you're facing a Bruins. Are far more intimidating and the things that were future facing the red rulings. For sure and ended it. You've got up the seat for the technicality here that the Bruins bring the table and and the red wings -- Mike Babcock street here and there have been you know -- -- -- -- response that level of brutality. Mean outside of both nick was -- all strong want to settle at check in again. So there's a lot is the bruins' advantage -- you know I think depth one of those things that -- currently has really not been able to get fired. With the cast of characters that would. Sort of eight children prison. It's beautiful credit Mike Babcock shepherding that squad into the playoffs. -- the depth of the Bruins then you're -- -- that the spiritual well people that have been through the wars in a way that some of these young eloquent there's happen. And I think that the -- that is that the extension through this series. Yeah I mean as a national guy I'm sure you've seen more of Louis Erickson a lot of us have as -- into the playoffs right now. Louis Ericsson is the team's third line right wing which I think that when you -- to the Bruins early on the season you thought. Are at their top six is definitely better because Sagan is gone ericsson's in -- and then who the hell knows what the third lines and look like it's gonna be another year like they had last season. Were as -- -- tomorrow a phrase there was a cast of characters in the third line and they never quite got it figured out. Now they've got Louis -- on that third line because -- and it's been good enough okay enough whatever you wanna call it to play on that second line. In -- talking about Karl Soderbergh between Chris Kelly he's healthy. And -- Ericsson just how much so much of an added dimension. Is that to have a strong third by the policies and because so many teams even the Bruins last year. -- into these post season just not knowing. Boy what to expect in the third line. -- an especially when you know border point there at the top lines there in such danger well because you have. Seems like the -- for example that have been amazing ability to play except of Arctic. And take out the top one but it seems so secondary scoring is usually the determining factor -- -- series and actually to win the -- and as ala. Both it and you know the performances that that the block -- got a -- -- and shop for example that was. And people and elaborate a battery but you know it got put back into the bank determining factor. And and I think that going to treat people the good news is he and other serious advance. Yeah appear surely kind of hinted that it yesterday that I mean it would be a surprise to see. The the top sixes on both teams just kind of -- watched. But as I look at it two names that third yet to one name on each side that I think fascinates me with this match up. Is RC Pavel Datsyuk put the red wings but David crew chief who with each good post season people compare him more and more to Pavel Datsyuk. I don't think it would be it all without the outside real possibility. For. -- -- Do what he does in the post season and really -- a guy like Datsyuk so but he did that the possibility exists that the Bruins could also win that top six battle. Bicker -- for sure it and you know. What you talk about -- the comparison between. Erik Richie and and and that's opinion I think -- optimistic he says. And I know that's the word that. -- dirty word in this -- well delivered but he's clutch. -- is he's got the ability to really turn up the opposite in the well score appointment bunch is the difference maker in game. And -- and that's about that that the Eric Miller when you're matching up against other prop one quick but not required. It's it's been a marble blocks the way you elevate the game. In the post season and bottled -- and every single in the. Speaking of clutch one thing that people I think are kinda sleeping on that they look at the bruins' first line and they see a consistent was the season with -- to each each and get a lot. And they say are going into the policies may have a better first line they've had in years past I'm hesitant to say that but 'cause Nathan Horton in the post season at least really. Exclusively he in the post season with a dominant player and he and instituted to use your word again she was accused the clutch player he scored. It seemed like the Bruins play 5 games in the morning eleven post season you'd some public thirteen game winning goals that's just the way that Horton was -- news during the regular season. And he would play out of his mind in the post season. There might be action there actually might end up being a drop off from important to Jarome Iginla but. You think that particular should have the hunger -- to win his first Stanley Cup. What are your impressions the end of the season that. Jerome Google's been able to have with the Bruins and do you expect him to kind of pick up Nathan -- tradition. Well first up along with the heart that they're you know that there is a guy like it's an ordinance slope to it technically revoked during the regular -- and looked up -- the vote even though -- long time -- you know fan. There's Rick it is it that. I speculative grade and and I and I think that this thing that is. From late urban -- that it wasn't necessarily in what it was all part towards the end with Calgary that would. -- last year it was in not sitting you know put in throughout. Appealing become the -- -- the system which isn't always in need keeping the players in the ineptly. What are they -- in doubt. But you fit the system we have ever been about I think he should that it. Not only that bad element -- that are going to also that the ability for them to. Send a guy like Ericsson and the Alex whatever -- -- blind and and really bring a lot of -- -- lot. My contention. That it defensively -- mean the biggest concern I guess when people look at the Bruins. Is their defense beyond Zdeno Chara and I think that it's a somewhat valid point IE. A president of the Matt Marko ski fan club but I see people's concerns -- Doug Hamilton being a top pairing defensemen. But what I think people miss I mean I I think that at least in Boston I kind of only know what people are saying in Boston I think that the only apply their fears to one side and I think that. Well Doug Hamilton might be able to be exposed I think that you look at the EU Bradley's young. If not greater except they don't have a Zdeno Chara so I mean how do you see the defense that picture playing -- where. I think that Brendan Smith is just as easily exportable and -- any of these young defenseman for the Bruins. -- that's like -- a lot should mean you know it's. I think watched. Doug helped him play when he has played this year -- it's clear that he's still young players and make mistakes and and yet despite those mistakes. I think in the policies and probably being magnified with those people. I'm by no means do I think that the that the Blue Line is going to be the entered the ball movement well you know I think -- that correctly with with -- Chart I I probably increasing the post season and and -- -- -- park organ and help they're going forward. I'm pretty confident that's going to be an advantage in invokes serious -- of the entry into the. Maybe maybe I'm getting carried away but do you think that we learned last post season. About this Bruins team that Chara not only we've all known forever that he's the straw that stirs the the drink with no disrespect intended towards trees Bergeron. But would we saw him breakdown in the Stanley Cup finals against the the Blackhawks and again no disrespect to the Blackhawks 'cause they were clearly the better team that deserved to -- that series. But I mean we learned that when chart breaks down so too do the Bruins and it happens fast and furious before our eyes. He's playing in front now on the power play you've played in the point for her for years. And I can't help but think that maybe earlier in this post season we're gonna start to see that creeping up for me be -- looks a little. Less of himself just because he's playing such a physically. Taxing role. If that happens again do you see the same outcome where the Bruins this fall part of -- is at a 100%. Boat totally I mean the moment the element -- your dog there about how things are out there and shut down player than -- the the entire perception of the current changes than anyone when you -- it turns out defensively. Allowing players to. The scale of them and act and act like a filing in Chicago it is changing our perception of things and and shifted the momentum and and and really kind of I think bolstered. The -- sensitive for the plot ought to wait that was anticipated so. That that. But that it I guess that's what relying and that is that at the time. There are a lot of people questioning whether or not Charlie's done. But in the turned out to be an injury and so that was a little bit. For being in the sense that you look back to vote these monopolies that -- -- player they can't go forward on -- So you'd you'd still tend to believe that he's going to be a positive factor the Bruins put forward so -- out there. You just nailed it with as far as the -- a fear thing goes I don't know if you remember this but after game. After game four -- when the Blackhawks beat the Bruins. Toews who isn't the most colorful guy said in his press conferences wasn't just one person he said. Basically and I'm paraphrasing but (%expletive) that guy red -- that guy down who would be excellent at what he actually said was. We know that we can beat this guy we're not scared of many more something like that India -- in hindsight. That was their realization that something's wrong with this guy and we don't need to only play on one side of the ice against -- we can go after him we can beat him either eat the -- just nailed as far as the the element of fear thing goes and now goaltending wise I don't think that there any questions vote to grass but. With Howard's season ends just the fact that he's had some very good years and the NHL but now it's thirty years old hasn't been out of the second round. I'm kind of wondering. Where he stands as an opponent in that. -- the Bruins going up against the guy who still feels he has something to prove in the post season or just given that it was such an up and down season. Is this may be a slightly more challenging version of what they faced last season with the penguins where their goaltending situation -- consistent. Are known in reality is that -- stay here and at the -- of our -- serious -- it'll it'll be dependable guy I don't know necessarily if these exact legal in this field series against. Against Boston good. It's it might be getting -- need to happen -- to be the ruin the Whitaker playing constructed. But he now liability. He kind of they've put themselves into the system that would what's necessary to win and and I I don't think -- and it being a liability he's not give anybody without. It doesn't mean you look up with -- behind in the not a bad option to that either so I think opening. And he will be the other red wings undoing in the period. Now on this on the subject of chart we're talking about him earlier you you better really good peace and may be just the best headline. Just basically saying that. For some reason there exists a camp. Of people who have votes for the Norris -- Are inclined to vote for anyone but Chara because. They wanna say it as you mentioned earlier that maybe he's lost the stat or that tease the beneficiary. Of this system. What are your thoughts on Chara is Norris candidacy I mean I know the I know I saw the numbers that you included. In your piece and -- I'm gonna -- Chara mighty top my top vote -- gonna go to Dodi to. And -- the rest of about somewhere but it -- -- that but. Yeah I mean just what do you make of Chara is north candidacy and the fact that I think we're in agreement that he ball went. Well I I put them first class it I had it won't Wear this because of the number of people achieve political murder. Dumping -- this season as as being their top election that's that pops let's split up to get Decatur people heard it's really getting it completely wrong with you. But I will say that you know one of the considerations that you have to. In choosing who would beat the Norris -- -- -- they played against them I'm sorry like. Yeah -- second period -- other Shea Weber. Brutality. It's all I could drop -- let's defensive assignments for their and at the same time they're also putting up good up and the numbers on the other side of the guys. Don't think it is putting up the second step up and the numbers in the NHL -- Erik Karlsson but he doing so not getting it up. I'm interest in the -- -- into the black art -- -- -- -- nick -- -- -- terrible and so the idea that that that the -- should get the top. Defenseman in the league. Despite not even being the top defensive different -- or. You know I with a sense of responsibility -- -- neat reputable. Well lots ethical but Eric is the case for -- strong I I felt like I I I voted in. Ever heard of -- It is very deserving of it then and and that the whole point of the hole. Anybody the charts saying I think it comes down to two factors one we're always looking. Inferring you say it -- looking to give it to somebody other than the guy who might beat the obviously that vote in the chart yeah obviously. And we're -- is. There's this idea that because he so feared he indicated he was so. Physically you stick to beat you with Tibet since it's somehow be held just like -- -- -- the beat of a guy who. We are all about that wingspan -- all of those but like. That's really what we're gonna do -- You don't let that I'm gonna -- a -- right they'll extend this guy ever having physical give the other players don't and it. It's nonsense I think it's part of the equation the people. We try to find out the vote. Yeah I mean I think that that put people overlook there is that that body was not made to skate though you know and and that keys. He's kind of fashioned himself into something resembling. A hockey player I think the people sleep on that mean that they say how physically gifted he is. But it's not like she's like I don't know it's like -- Jeff Skinner who. Ike is just so graceful on the ice he I mean I've talked to two people who came up with him to the minors and they said they would watch that guy and they -- like the each. And it took him -- -- to become what he is right now so. It's I mean it's been much more of a struggle to get to where he is which is. The most difficult player in the NHL play against the my book and I think the people kind of news on that yelled looking in my ballot now why you have I have Keith four. So yeah I mean I think that that would helps -- though. And -- -- unfair is that people say yeah I he's not drawing the toughest defensive assignments but he's done it in the pastor like that's the perception they have of keeping note that he can. Played a type of role but that's not a role that he's playing this season. Yeah and I and I think overall. The chorus by our is that -- -- award that is the most contentious the closest. I don't think you can go on like for example which I'm sure what my ballots published. Kristol publisher I'm sure there's an idea that an outcry because injured out he's not my top five that Blake. He's fixed there's there's five of the guys that I wanted to give the road period public ballot other -- your -- You know he's an amazing season and has driven possession for the king and all the other great things so it's very and that means he -- no -- be. Try our key. He turned to worry that it's also in. I -- -- -- -- classic in my top five. And the other got an app lets up five which might not be Arabic up by the mark your data the Calgary Flames who has its -- Based on the talent he's played with them and they've done what that he does not on the ice is. Remarkable that you have larger body of work because of the injury so. It's an award that I think maybe go to seminary he this year and the agency technicality guys that mud in the it. Yeah engineer -- I was actually just talking to stomach Laughlin who writes for us and he's -- -- the balls and he was and I was showing him my ballot in the guys I was thinking of in view is he really made a case her for him relatively strong for the things that. Per for the reasons you just mentioned you mentioned that you will be publishing your ballot I'll be doing the same -- -- do you that every year. I didn't yet and and I I didn't sleep -- though with the with the that take that that's professional hockey writers' association. Which is that. You know encourage all the later this year they're -- smoke clear that it does but it makes. The debate where existing and if you make these picks should be it was just -- I am -- -- and there's a certain over the check and balance your release about public. I don't like the idea of mandating it. You know -- I do believe that there's it's it's slippery slope if if he's ballot for all but made it public. Maybe in certain situations people are -- -- releasing it. The last thing I ever want is for voting and it burned for weeks. In it told they would be at its mandated. -- -- -- -- Soledad I'm publishing nine for sure but I but you know go ahead. -- I think what is the mandated because. You know. I am sick requirement in the minds of other writers straight but I knew I'd vote -- people that might vote a certain way yeah. Whether it's to elicit a reaction from readership. -- nick and I were management with the for a team to make nice with an athlete that they. And there's tremendous pressure -- you have got in in in certain situations in the last -- -- -- it's -- that. What happened and and that's what is -- to be any temptation for happen and I think that it can mandate. The release of these ballots you really you open up the possibility that there's going to be politics involved. Give people the chance he would not on this and do it on the older or maybe only -- they're winners the top five ritual word. And I think you you kind of and to ensure that the process is. And with as much integrity as you can -- with it's something like that. Yeah and I mean this makes me -- a bitch boy but like I I also think that the that part of it is. Some writers might not want to hurt someone's feelings you know like IE for example I'm voting Chara. Won for Norris. Knowing him and how seriously he takes everything and he is never ending desired to be the best. At everything he ever does I like what if I were voting what what if I left -- off my belt which I'm sure some people do like I I would. Feel bad. Like basically rubbing that in his face you know an interest in he would die I'm sure seal like the with the Boston voters and how they voted -- -- mandated. And I wouldn't necessarily be. Concerned that -- this -- never gonna talk to me gander at whatever but. I mean I'd feel bad debts these people would know that it's the people they deal with every day you think that they're not as good or think they suckered ever. Yeah I mean what. We're -- essentially when it comes out it is. -- releasing the ballots you know -- then and then he -- mandating release the palace now all of sudden you're gonna have witch hunts. And it has flooded it is to see it and go after that one person who votes one -- all saint. In baseball. It does become a distraction ended it does become the character assassination thing. Its entire world coming out of the guy who -- because speaker for the art and regularly that the Clinton. It's just it's system in a war ballot voter right there and how it. Again that the offer transparency. At the end of the day in every in every facet of our business. But I also think that it contingent upon. Somebody says do you know you wanted to do it wanted to throw that out and spend time defending their vote if they want it. I choose -- 00 without but never in itself on the -- is one of. Yeah that's a perfect take it I was though we had challenge until Leon. Last week and he was saying it's kind of the same thing with me I still terrified he is when he's voting of of screwing up Blakey that you quadruple checked everything. A thousand times. And I mean speaking of witchhunt like very -- fully. I've been on a witch hunt the last few years to find out who the crisis keeps giving Tyler Sagan silky votes and -- so if you're mandated I would love that. Although I would feel bad for that person that as you would go to town on them maybe rightfully so but. Yeah but the thing about me yeah new engine failure all kind of like you boat trailer now all we have to vote for years yet but this predicted six year update that are out there probably is that happened. Vote for. For those six years it's yeah I think in the single figure they'll seriously and and you know our our our business is changing me in a way where you know they -- operators association. In -- more for the think different eventually get wouldn't. Surprise me -- He -- because of the NHL influence there -- in the you know. Guys that are on the east side that might start getting involved with some of the the award that are simply print -- -- at the moment. And I'm sure at some point there's going to be part into the role when they're going to be guys that that had a vote now that don't vote. Of what they hear something like that in I can't believe they like me and you in Inchon and and other people but for the the better news this process and in -- general relative sense. -- your -- -- seriously we kind of are the guys that put up much in the left wing last. -- -- -- art people that that are voting for the so he -- sponsor its proper attention a lot like -- really think that we put some thought into it and and and I event and it's completely either virtual what you read from some people that are like well you invite more people into the process that you watered down the process of people who don't -- for easier. -- -- scratch and let -- little later -- awfully you know -- is right that. If they retaliate you invite people at Villanova expertise in the the idea that actually get a -- Yeah it's. Privilege that you have. And that actually spend extra time to go the extra mile to make sure what they put down. -- their palate is too late name is that right guy because otherwise I. You know what you can't justify it and then otherwise Kamal is being an out of -- group who thinks. Doesn't know the biggest story of last season which is the MVP of the league getting its position which. Records yeah I mean I'm I was all for when they cut down the votes I was like robot like I thought. But the thing is I just assumed that it was gonna do it when they -- on the votes mean state were taken away. The deal -- and left wing voters in the in the city can -- -- voters but you don't know who actually loses their votes there. In two guys at least in the Boston chapter at the door PH WA website it is. Offensive how many people are in the Boston chapter that are not acting high and mighty if -- wants -- a bunch of them and included me in the process that's fine but there is like a thousand people some of who I've heard of some of whom I've I've heard of and I met the game's -- so. I don't know where these secret voters -- would be but. But I mean some real some one new -- voter quote unquote in Daryn Kagan from the metro -- daily news is like. Just the type of guy you're talking about like that really really takes it seriously and is just legitimately. Qualified to vote very thoughtful and determining who should get all these things. And that guy ends up losing a vote in the process so I mean. It's sustained and then hopefully very irritation to -- the -- you're -- get back. Or alien in this fall where where like. I'll have lady -- in Norris you have. You have hardened Calder insult you were never in everyone's -- voting on something during the year. I don't know I like it either but they haven't shut. Full ballot and voted yet you look around is better but it's about the rest of -- -- was patient on certain words. That are saying -- I don't know I -- it might vote. And everybody you know. How their ballot that would in part the -- without the entire article on the awards and you know what shall I get it right and sometimes things go -- And and the bottom line is that the people that you. Big goal I didn't make interesting votes in and the whole thing off in different directions. Should be able to justify what they -- it. It you know that then speaks to whether or not we should have -- -- the counter argument -- -- balances. What they're in there should be a public changing nature. -- that's left wing people don't do that again and entered. Obviously an aspect of of what mindset the certificate thing that adding that force check in doubt -- the thing that. The I just don't want a -- really really Smart really intuitive. And really hard working people out to be distracted with some. Some wing -- true and some band -- Pitching because their guy was forces for the third run at me like it's a hassle that -- -- people took it. Well that's -- so hardy and get that and publish mighty and publish my ballot in all the comments are going to be. See you you're understand the game could your brother -- your brother give Crosby. The heart and Bergeron. And Bergeron knows what it takes to win and we'll see what will -- Crosby wins in the post season some that a Mike. -- -- (%expletive) saying that Sidney Crosby is going to win the Stanley Cup. I'm saying that he was the most viable player to his team over the course of the 82 game regular season. -- -- -- It a bit at certain that he wanted to put very dried up you can maybe make your argument that he did and actually you know like all done it all up -- the -- Case like that why -- -- -- puck -- we put up our award it like we were given the next few days where the puck drop. Well like we we put the name and you know top three reached each writer in the with the justification because I really think the thought process aspect of this doesn't. -- you know it's not it's simply putting down and game. From what you know and and that's probably why is that important. As it Iranian -- so I don't I don't. I know that there's a lot of concern from the and progress are here that the earth is about them in the -- potentially exhibit long. Let you know that fire. It it doesn't matter to fans that there is an independent group that -- He's a war nudity they were aired this. Is -- the Olympics and with that they're seeing people who go out. Suspension but the ones that are out of able drink beer in the name that -- a nice -- but you know. I'm unhappy that the writers do it I think it makes the process -- and I do think at the end of the day you're you're arguing with. The single most Symbian. And and you know insightful group that you are the ability and the awards because this is a career -- the -- this stuff. Speaking of insight this is -- this is my plan for publishing about actually thought about it maybe ten minutes before I came in here. It involves a whole lot of David Clarkson and a whole lot of those shorting -- -- comes universal. It like how awesome would that be if you had like. Part one David Clarkson shrug to David Clarkson in currencies I'm confused we have five votes can be -- for the same person five -- Oh vote went the other part and -- (%expletive) on because shovel phantom lakes. We knew that he could have any end end. He thought along with the -- it got stopped at the either with or coach and they were never expectation that he was gonna become -- the market or or and you hear anything of that nature and I think go to -- without payroll. Would that would that pay -- he just seen the expectations seeing out they've seen -- night. Complementary player and then he could outlaw and and then it was you know concerned that this could -- terrible it. Wasn't that the cover of the Toronto sun on July 6 it was -- was -- like Wendell Clarke in David Clarkson. Yellow book -- and who might have been that there rotor or -- that was the unofficially -- but the bottom of who they seriously -- but here -- They if they wanted to do the Ryan clothes for David -- and trade moral yeah. Pull the trigger on that -- I loved Peter Clarke and -- injured. Yeah that you know you would be there -- back the plays for the expectations are realistic -- at a place where. Eight people. And it read out the salary in and beat -- intangibles religion matter in the two are important to destroy anybody who doesn't play affects but it. Speaking of bad contracts. What has two sons. Will get paid one million dollars a year more than Dennis Seidenberg for two more years and is. Probably in all seriousness the second or third pair defenseman. It's in the New York street sound and that one there hasn't been shut off. Right he says it's such a thing about -- and -- dollar contract the so coupling it felt like -- did Mosley did attacked. They haven't learned their lessons late. You know it will went before throwing -- -- -- -- the ability not -- yeah when -- -- if their contract as uncle Shankar who you know. It was that would be eight trainer he hit pretty hard but it is. Bread and butter was walking shots and and mobile all put it shock you out of -- lineup -- -- -- -- the political expert Rick Perry is ridiculous here contract. And it looked in the release different -- that the media about their contract with -- are crowing about it or -- Watch a lot of -- should like. That's pretty -- and they emulate it and do it wasn't -- twenty minutes or not it relates. Sure that's great -- that -- whoa what is eventually on the IR a blocked shot. -- right. It's the the I it's it's fascinating I mean the fetish that they have over there with like second pairing defensemen. Who is I said so some of whom might be better served as their pairing defensemen. Like -- just stockpile them over the years in the in the process -- yet to put together like a really strong back end. And I have read I read this argument economic outlook few times today that I'd find it hilarious that argument of course being looked so what you would acute in the morning. -- -- You know to -- once the flyers -- here that theme repeated back. The fly here are that -- The flight 200 give them the money with you you're you're -- make that argument well we inside under the -- with contracts somebody with a given the money. But your it is -- that's. Right you're talking but the -- -- -- time. Awesome so I want to look at one other series that being Montreal and Tampa I'm wondering what. How do you like this playoff format where in each series you know we -- playing against the next series. Well I wrote an apartheid to -- I think agree -- if it gambling like that the Morrissey outlet in the Morrissey the word black -- -- up all the outrage about -- it's pretty obvious that that they've finally believe they've cracked the code on on. Beating people who wager on hockey which is it is an impossibility you know in the US can no note and you don't -- -- -- the cited the creator -- -- as part brackets for fans I think it has been the the driving force behind in many ways that in and the establishment of a there's elaborate. Which is this. This fight might be because I think both of those things kind of bring more fans under the tent -- may be worked out like you know -- hate that. We are getting added the thing that I aid which is I hate the there's no old reshuffling the deck to make sure that you protect the top seed in the idea that the Boston Bruins. It was the Detroit Red Wings and their reward for beating the red wings of the plate in the house more points than either the ranger flyer or the Blue Jackets. Depending on who wins in the other division is ludicrous. It is values. What the Bruins were able to do in the regular -- because it doesn't matter to secure top seed in the conference all the matter is that the other team in your division. You know might be better than the other. The other into the -- well so that's the aspect of that though. You arm of the minds as we look at that series that. One of these years it does need to be this year doesn't even need to be next year that with how hardened cold Carey Price can run. That one of these seasons he's just gonna take -- to Stanley Cup finals and and maybe win it. What's your view of the haves and during the post season this year and I mean what's their ceiling in your mind. I mean I I I think they're they're sealing -- conference finals of the -- they have a couple of abated though it scared me to think that. You know they could put the Bruins from current suspect it could be used in to have the current number of -- emplacements here to get past this round -- -- had a very -- story become when you start to worry about but. Typical real pop out and IIAE. You know I don't bishops about the playing game one I do wonder though getting back in in this series -- I'm not open back and -- -- it -- that the way this team played in front of bishop was stamp goes without an indication that it built all the lightning are pretty good team like. I get the feeling a lot of people are there overlooking them a little bit and thinking that. With with bishop about their cook. But there -- -- and they're spirited and they're really really really well coached. And and I think that says I think there's a better than good chance in -- -- the formal. Period. Or say it but I I think there's a better than good chance that they're gonna end up beating Montreal will be the Bruins have to pay an extra. A date yet on this one like how how do you go about father Manning the idea that that we might be living in a time where a guy tears is ACL. And MCL in the middle of the season. And is back playing again by the time it's all said and done because Dennis Seidenberg is just so far ahead in his in his rehab. And the teams down playing it down playing in saying that we're not counting on him coming back at any point but. Men are some skate today and he looks to be at like 80% right now. And he's moving -- early he's not making really hard cuts and stops yet but I mean. The Bruins legitimately could be looking out if big. -- costs a couple rounds suddenly having Dennis Seidenberg back on their back end. Eric and I think you know -- pull the obvious answer spirit of course -- -- Although you know service. Eventually get around that would become the player conduct an injury quickly because that's you know -- learned from baseball one of the direct benefit to take in the I don't think it's very inside the -- that it was Derrek Lee he can't coach Ernie where they came back real quickly I just think that we've reached the point. In in in training for these Japanese athletes conditioning for the that we. That air their bodies may be simply just -- can yield quicker yeah that is not a medical. I'm not a doctor but the idea that you guys during the amazing shape that training is eight year around thing for them. It's no longer let the look of the 1970s where training was immediate months. And then the rest of the year restraint in like ever feel that these guys' bodies of the war. These injuries nick and bounce back from these injuries in ways that other athletes. In -- industry could not so. You know that combined with some guys is being able to be on the men cricket and others. It is that is the reason why didn't it shocked -- when I am not mean is between -- union. You know it's impacted in the in the well let's put it this way predict dire and the penguins who had a. Stroke right here playing here so I mean one that's. Established. Really all that throughout. Right I mean I I agree with that the united I I think that people will talk of boats maybe corners that keep the players to be cutting. Get back from injury but I agreed I think that's about look for back in the day when you know you have an ACL injury. One calendar year as sir you come back one year -- soup Nazi would say but like with the Seidenberg. When we saw him walking how over many weeks later and we saw him like doing some serious -- -- the resistance band I think that. All of like. He wasn't huge shock on our end like -- all shook our heads -- like that that for a guy because he's such a key is such a machine he like actually you looks like a machine. And yeah I mean I'm telling -- I think that he's back I -- I'm guessing. Did he could be back like. Eastern Conference finals cup finals I'd be really surprised -- me to deep run and day and he didn't come back. Pre -- it's it's pretty hate -- think that that can happen but. You know it's. It's it's the way of the world about working with -- -- Remark out a while they can count acting as glorification that -- never -- it is I would cry. You know vehicle position. And and and is being watch late Friday Night Lights I was injured that artery haven't -- I actually have a theory on that -- people always like. I don't know what you hate most about hockey fans have a longer laundry most of it Iraqi fans but up near the top. Is that whenever a player gets injured and comes back caught defense like you he's a hockey player he's tough cookies. Took his bills and no other athletes are tough. Here's my theory. All them are huge wimps and like silly Johnny boy chuck kill like blocked a shot. Get off the ice come back though -- still look like he's in excruciating pain. He'll come back on the ice and Gillick slammed into the boards and he'll look like he'd like bolt of his shoulders -- separated and he'll be back on the ice the next shift. What if all these guys are just just have really low tolerances. For pain. And that's like those things wouldn't injure us ended they just are babies about it I think that talked previously been on that. It's possible but you know if you -- your referencing his feet feet. Gregory Campbell and enriched earlier talk hockey players and -- LeBron James I thought well where I tell you -- that. -- like is there for the sole reason that it takes a -- that in the end CA and in some ways it but it's so LeBron. But I but I understand now that you know the error part where I am actually gigantic race. I was told that numerous times when you -- people including my -- writer Eric and Mary. That. Bet that's -- and Moody's a black man. Industry are viewing if -- endorse the the NHL guys are tough. And NBA guys are not means. Then you -- let -- -- to -- to strap on the light herding dog or under cross burning account because you are you working very. Well that is a huge weight off my shoulders because I hate that line of thinking I G I said before reason was even brought up. I despise something about -- despises outline of thinking that. Your hear your need air our friend the black shoes so you surely not a -- great dislike mean. You clear -- clear view -- you you you might as well as. You know -- awestruck and art next sentencing them a and and look for the wire but they also in my heart and and just how that's. That that your -- your on -- on the side of life all that revolution is that. Raging. -- incurring -- look that's great revenue. If I saw Al Sharpton like what the hell do you think I would do make of of course I would I would hope that guys so tight is hilarious. Have you not seen what does that mister deeds. For goodness sake let's eat some cake there's -- -- Blair is. I would I would rather I chatted angle and so we're standing here elect an Alley with the wind tunnel just to see what -- -- He would -- and there's there's any movement. Libya awesome like cuts that reverend Sharpton it's so nice to meet you under skin. -- again bring you is this way here. Here construct and let it stand here in the doorway of the old Giants Stadium and and I'm an open up the other door on your side and and this will see what happens -- here there. Think it's awesome. Our -- has been fun dude and I'm sure I'm gonna see you wind the post season at some point yes yes. Oh absolutely I usually carrying local for the first couple rounds and then start at now about it it's the conference -- and obviously -- in the hopeful they'll make up file a it's. Per double route for a bit or open an experience it's going to be it's going -- and -- Aren't -- doing it and -- the whole thing it's smarter more beneficial I think it's sometimes it's up for the group to open aperture and experience but then. What does this series -- that and you know you're going then it's that are underground for that oh. So well that -- each other today I had the burned in the editing is so. Hopefully getting more copious amounts of time and money in and and and and liquor and time spent in the great to be a ball. So you know what sucks though the the media party if some of the Bruins reach the cup final the media party would be in Boston because it's at. The top seeded team. And I would rather that be on the road than in Boston. Actually done that a bit at the end and -- -- use your ears sticking to my problem with the threat the last few years which is that. You know in my in my prime covering the draft in order -- in LA has been. Apple is in its candidate he currently in the real followed places. The -- draft which is essentially. Who left it at school their outlook on their. The last shootout -- the one in and the previous one had been in the security and now Philadelphia. As acute abrupt and security it's like Netflix housing. You know your senior prom. Seven allowed. It's like -- is true who cares it's like -- -- it says the park sun don't don't don't I mean don't put it simply effect in tries to. Couldn't pay it. Great yeah exactly like our. Young of the like they'll still sold lame leaving the media party -- like going home. Like Chicago at least it's like -- things are open until three weeks from now let's. It here to play that Irvin could replace that level -- then. And although of course -- -- depressing thing but I have entered in the all wrapped up with in New York. Great we even offer anything you can -- up to go to the other that are played. -- Awesome oil out thanks for doing this that is Greg which Hinske. From puck daddy in the -- first -- keep podcast check commode on Twitter that is his handle is his name so you can do that. And this has been part man rush we will talk to you next round. -- -- Any time and then it -- it yeah I -- Gillen. --

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