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Aug 10, 2007|

NBC Sports NFL writer Tom E Curran joins Mustard and Johnson to talk about training camps around the league, the Patriots, and the coming NFL season

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Mustard and Johnson and meet the new boss has pretty much the same as the old bosses Dennis and Callahan out of a long vacation mustard and Johnson here. And football season almost upon us unofficially so the exhibition season begins tonight. Officially I -- down in Tampa where the patriots begin their quest for a Super Bowl title number four against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in here to weigh in for the first time on this 2000 in seven season. Is Tom each car and NBC sports that -- good morning mr. current. So -- long time no hear. I go on out there how's the travel you a unit on the camps are selected. I -- -- number six so far I'm in Pittsburgh I just finished up but still it go to Cleveland -- What be unveiling -- -- went. Dante Wesley said that coming here he was very curious to see what the patriots camp -- going to be like -- ballots Jackie was trying to figure out the mystique. Of this patriots organization and how they just go about being as good as they -- how would you compare the other camps to the patriots. You know that's that's a great question I'll say this the Jacksonville Jaguars have been through there. They go at it ridiculously slow an informal aches and and -- undisputed. You know I can't believe thousand say the same thing as you were saying that up like you gonna say they wanted to ridiculously frenetic pace given his Jack Del Rio is it is the head -- which. Though they would they were -- Very casual very. You know -- posts -- -- cup even in the times those -- but -- the hardest hitting nasty it can't but ever seen. Was Tennessee Titans I was there. About a week -- -- and they absolutely even in shells. There hitting hitting hitting absolutely vicious there and that amazed me as well at the patriots camp. To me is the most. Chris bid I've seen I think the that's stands out. -- recession recession recession. Very quickly the temple was and and that's where things stand out to meet in contrast these other it. Where's the words can't you've been there. Real I was asleep Matt light but it was too chaotic not organized -- So lazy really there was at least eight they just look at it first to what you -- and defensive climate joining -- Marcus Stroud. And so there are other you know defensive lineman. Ray goes Bogut Bos -- -- -- over there like he'd just go about the cost it. So like the guys stand there and then one guy what is so. Tag I pulled open economic I'd the altering of the bad to have these guys to. It's really -- -- come up alliance and still women who walked and then in the -- that. The hoping of the bat probably took about a 170 -- And usually you know you'd think you have -- it was setting up the it was partly it was to the Netherlands. It was the pitcher -- but -- what is now that are ready for the yeah. But you cannot argue I'm not going to sit here and dissect and analyze the jags all morning long with you certainly cannot argue with the Jack they'll -- success I mean the guys. Is that a pretty good job down there for an experience that currently guys still pretty young guy. Well what 12 of what made me -- on the ropes will what I what I've done is try to go to different places where -- coach is there -- -- some. Push their trouble -- Louis so what the Cincinnati and he around. No rest but I mean it they're actually a fairly likable team in and I think that team that he sensibly. Could surprise some people but I think that you know he's got a lot eject so real -- -- hot seat. You certainly -- to visit Cleveland then and it brought Cleveland next. We -- not -- fortunately Cleveland's got the rock and roll Hall of Fame Tom my current -- unfortunately -- -- -- just. -- crap you -- -- -- make it more palatable with the brad Brady Quinn say he's a little rusty is on a shark. Well it's it's amazing me away that that all malvo unfold you know wait. He didn't impress me all the press conference you know speaking is that all boat. That was precipitated it was something it was totally completely beyond his control in in the -- if you expect to start lose here you know. Absolutely it -- yet as the -- at all and while that's terrific. I think that we've taken that number one in training camp in that. Is disrespectful which I would try to go but would -- they're real if say what. And radio again maybe amused the patriots -- so that'll -- news to those who wait guys thought about it seem very important. And -- -- they'll stay -- You know he just say I can't control other not a it's going to be a coach is the you know there's social or two guys were willing -- -- you're not -- hearing. And that really are -- billion politics. Do you really come away with after visiting a lot of these teams with the new respect for ballot check almost saying as much as you don't like the way he does some things around here is -- you know it. I kinda understand why he does things the way he does. Yes well and I always -- when I was -- it has you know all the the people who would come in national league would I would. The beat writer strictly for the patriots made about the access and the lack thereof I can see what they're -- now. Because you are or a couple of practices in other places and and the patriots it's very corporate image. Situation they're the period every place else it works clearly and I think that there is. Serious so what order to what they have put together in terms of dealing immediately active players value local vote. Are there individuals who picked up quick is that it's gonna prove its record the but. You don't have the access to -- do for instance Pittsburgh where you know you're on the sidelines. Against the sideline during practice at the end of practice you walking on the deal with the players are you can walk up. At goats the offense would do what you want and -- all Clement or -- -- or you want. Yeah remember doing it as a a cub reporter back in the early days on the New York Jets practice facility number the go about Walt Michaels. I don't waltz is the radio guy with a recording just walked into his office hang out of them talked it was the nicest guy in the world maybe not the greatest head coach but at least -- was. Accessible and -- I think about nick of foreign didn't nick leave the patriot beat basically because he had no access the bill bella jacket after three or four years on the beat. Well yeah I think it was so horribly but it was something that and nick is an old friend of mine in and he would you'll lament of this great -- He was collectively basic as that run well what does -- -- And me having. Static every patriots in 97 right after ourselves you know writer after -- -- In what spell checked but it wasn't horrendous to me because they had seen -- -- chuck Fairbanks heroes run air carrier the run -- era. -- error and courier yet -- talk a little bit about Pittsburgh since you were just there and I'm reading your piece today on NBC sports dot com the other guy that two head coaches want 30 years something like -- all their glory has come from two coaches in the five super balls. Not bring in a 34 year old guy that really has had very little experience at the higher end of the flow chart. And take over one of the great franchises in history -- top. -- second world it's been. Well he has definitely excused what -- deftly turn the page -- I think it's going to be a distinct watch. We're out of fault. The interesting thing about how you operate in you know if you remember or so boats -- you talked about. One major mistake fittingly but it what you didn't spend enough time delegating yet that was in an effort and you regretted not giving he. One more opportunity. To do their jobs in the -- to delegate or receipt. Was horrible it was amazing to me watching her practice because it was kind of almost -- while and he let. Is what meters one there side of all and he does not very experienced wouldn't it the boat -- it vote Cincinnati's -- want and if -- would it -- and experiences the offense would fair -- four. They're running this side of all of well you know what the war opportunity you'd give guys do their. The greater -- they feel that it but that was very interesting I think it's. He's been impressive that I think you organizations in the press situation although. It's interesting if you go around as well watch of first round exit developing Lawrence timmons of Florida State. I don't know if you guys verdict not yet to clear up one yet a predictive work as -- in the first spring practice yes -- well yeah well. I'm just wondering you know it's only two years ago that the Steelers won the super ball and I hope they were going to be yet an obstacle for the patriots for a long time to come. Are they back at that level or is they're going to is going to take some time before they become an elite team in the AFC again. I think it's going to have to wait I think you know the -- you know they probably just. You know Joey porter I don't think is is nearly as it is. Is part was real reaction we -- after the despite -- to think the city of a deal with with his gaps of almost the one of the best -- parents that the world -- Guys up front case yet as well as those apples. But it'll be interesting the other offense all under area because -- what -- -- I think you know it's been carried in the in the past -- Is that accident now very much in the rear view mirror to extend the metaphor a little further with Ben Roethlisberger thanks up. Yeah it looks great really I think it's very article here Pittsburgh is not below. A lot of people don't have a high opinion of is is -- feel that is. People that are American understanding you don't but not to a man but in many of diplomacy that built -- -- Pittsburgh. It what you fear that -- spurt. -- because he's not Terry Bradshaw with the problem there. As I said what's the probable -- great thing -- Florida I can't. Oh you look at the quarterbacks around the -- who you know who. Are successful. And I think that there is certain charm to -- -- Brady. There's deterrent to and I don't think -- that rough verdict was they expect -- Hasselbeck to roll right through. Any number of work better who were pretty good principal. Tom what would you say some of the national stories that the most interesting this year for the trivia master for probably I watched the some of the Indy game last night and who -- the left tackle replacing Terry gland I certainly wouldn't feel I wouldn't be sleeping too well from me -- inning right now. Well I think that. Take a story like that Indianapolis and I wrote earlier this week they're really what they away most of all I'd. Last year -- only. Herman Edwards would take right Reno well but that was -- horrible this. And there are a lot of people to out of -- remember -- Kansas City had the colts number particularly on the ground and right calls are going to go down in the first round. And the colts. You know -- just floated up dedicated to stop out of Austin as a comeback. I don't think it's sitting in his BR the first doubtful they Sutton spoke with what their. The next round the patriots of busy talk about most talented team in the AFC in India go out would've actually gave -- They had typical in the next round in San Diego patriots taken them out. Well the ravens are are had a pretty that they'd be there political. The patriots who will be able blown call on the old spots touchdown of Vienna well actually apologizes or by and you know they pick by the patriots in a situation where. -- -- effectively -- pretty but we did and what they they were fortunate the same way the patriots have been what some. I think the first patriots super more you have to look at a quirk of fate to say the least. Oh yeah. You know there's there's a lot of it is. But was superbowl I look at what the patriots. -- ovals simpler rope but it -- was making 96 because Denver beaten him not stop them by Jacksonville that there is no way they would be but it but because it. -- is there a formidable opponent this year coming out of the NFC. Not that that's pretty said he had a C -- the NFC -- to remembered is that they still play in the National Football League a league debates yeah it's the and it has CNN now pretty much the same thing. If -- felt that he that a -- itself -- lived there is. Derrick changed which inspired some intrigue I think Arizona Olympian what are. The most readily. Point 82 teams Detroit would Tatum Bell having edit it and bell running back albums or -- the Johnson I think that's that's team that it's pretty intriguing I think if sisco could be pretty good. I think Alex Smith was -- -- appeal of a really good player and frank gore was you know. Under rated the meeting -- I think it was -- is disputed in so what. There's holes everywhere I think the best competition that is being. Flying under the radar for the patriots then it -- they edit reply. Did you bring him in new Graham they added I it's -- with the running back they and it would it would suck popular got straight flag and Adam. They had a really that -- these I think -- -- look at them. As being a team that would be favored the AFC west because of the people who view the charges were. Talk about Travis every -- Travis and I epicenter. Bob Denver's not on the the regular season patriots schedule which I guess is good for the patriots -- it looked virtually unbeatable this year. Obelisk go back to the the conference that does matter. Is it going to be basically the three teams the defending champion colts San Diego which probably should've been the defending champs and of course the patriots have done. So many things in the offseason to shore up their chances do you see anybody else besides Denver anybody else kind of slipping into that elite circle. You know I think that the jets and the ankles will probably probably be in the next year and I would put the patriots though it in kind of Italy here maybe within the right kind of really -- in Diego until proven otherwise but I would put Indianapolis the next you're as well they they suffered so many losses. Whether you're you're you're handing the entire. Our sense of running -- just that -- a guidance but Aires named Mozilla feel I think it's great players not that yet you know. But he's not that big any not a guy as -- the world Dominic Rhodes is one -- -- -- -- Eric quite as starters as Rick mentioned -- -- when you know what Apple rookie would suspect -- there. They lost you know two welcome McFarlin bloated me last week is voted best of violence you know. So nick harper Jason -- this batting orders and are replaced by a couple of you know. This bodies in marlin Jackson so an eight so. I think Indianapolis is that where they were last year at the end of the regular season -- or -- dams stretch but. Series it'll last period more demand. Any holes on the patriots. I think that the linebackers situations you have to keep an eye on in terms of the age there. But I think also that as -- Alexander looked -- -- system. For awhile now and are smart guys are probably don't want they get on the field. Is that that's a hard time both that that -- back of course those guys so dependable you don't want to take tomorrow. But at some point you end up as it happened in the last sure you know final playoff in America -- interim roundup it's the first. And he had a really good game actually and apples but it was going to remember -- -- but I -- -- that would happen anybody that's what was happening and was newspapers he. Earlier in the act in that it worked but. See that's -- That's why I was saying maybe I think you underestimate the potential the colts as being a powerhouse still on in the AF CB is is walking as you have Dallas Clark and that wide receiving corps. And the patriot linebacker situation is still under question. And I still think the -- going to be a looks like the patriots at least in that area that's a pretty -- -- Gary. It's -- -- -- the patriots went back the course of the question in number but by the time. Anywhere rolls around new marble falls is about 32 year old body whether. The -- -- that bothered by the in the he's last year which it was it was you know. Whose game has always predicated on speed quite frank we have archers as quick as he was three years ago. Didn't have a situation but right now I think -- -- relegate. Though the patriots to match up very easily with colts offense the only reason the patriots allowed whatever was. 30 wants when he. Aren't -- there about 31 point. Diego little -- yeah yeah. If there's 3430 -- -- -- Tom I was kind of surprised one of the concerns people having it is Laurence Maroney with a shoulder in the running backs -- that that the backup running back. That they have year but I like the jets were able to pick up Thomas Jones from the players I'm I'm for almost nothing and you should that be a concern for the patriots the running situation. Yeah I I think it is I think they would have been pretty well -- they've found somebody. Address the -- they had you know because Kevin Faulk is probably -- mean. They'll all area that's more Rawlings runs violently it wants a much punishment with his style. That you have to be concerned about mr. ability here in the fact it's different injury -- so. You know get an 183 down -- is as you changeup and that David Morris who you know. Has done a good job in the past really hasn't -- I think a lot falls to Syria Morris was 2007 patriots. As -- how good he'd -- because they think that. You know you'll wish that someone was gonna have to emerge if you don't really consider expanding -- to be yet. Well -- had terrific game against the patriots in the regular season one of the few patriots setbacks in the regular a year they did not play well. In that game and you know Sammy Morris offensively as one of the reasons why. I the other question is -- with the patriots another major concern is the cornerback situation do you think Asante Samuel will be coming back -- going to wait out of ten weeks. What I heard this rumblings that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it. Doesn't make any sense to me but -- four I was working artists politically I think we wore. Situations rather ordered him test there's Samuel Larry Larry Austin so rivas and in New York in Jamarcus Russell and I'm like you missed them. I don't get that Jamarcus Russell thing I I these quarterbacks a whole filed if it's crazy it's an end to say that you know when your number one pick in the draft. And you're not eight. You know I don't lay up franchise quarterback battle -- Jamarcus Russell live I think -- -- bust -- open probably get in their -- shut people up as quickly as possible is -- of I mean some guys I think you know upper upper. Is it -- quarterback hurry -- the -- -- -- -- or out of position you can never recover from missing these practices and he's probably well. You know point practices he now that he missed training camp. He's going to be useful he's going to have eight -- these. Because the buses already -- station in gave it to the they'll let up on the boat up to Mark is. Rivera backed on to the is scientist Samuel situation why would doesn't make no sense for him to report after the first game. Well it. After the first receiving seizing. It makes -- to -- if your two main. If you take atmosphere has. That should go although the week and -- that although that we and I mean I don't know what changes let. -- you lose money you don't hear that the cash register keeps. It was money but you're you're profitability Europe. Your marketability. -- demand for your services that would not an excuse is that we're going to be. What I understand why he would do what I meant it to be eight million dollars. But I think that if you gonna take it stands -- -- in more of an immediate you know it's just. What I think makes -- -- -- I'm overstating it makes sense to me why would cement -- -- -- very potent. Chances needed it creates some of some assurances about maybe not rich next year. Was something on the road but you know I think that. I think what hole but based in -- although. Doesn't make a lot of sense because there's this eight billion dollars or -- for silently that much but when you -- people read it. Not to me Italy quarterback in the NFL but -- right now recognized as such as such of the 2006 season. So that's why it makes some sense to me it's your -- they look I'm never going to have a IQ rating. I might as well try it all up the patriots or at least was but -- free -- -- You have five star hotels that everything time. Well you know why they -- -- be your colleagues you got the scoop on that Pittsburgh mascot steal in the -- I can't. I had no -- that was big and I spoke to steely afterward -- in their mask on Wednesday -- Larry the al league and would like to do -- -- the only the very -- -- parents so. It looked like apparently according to sob I I looked him up on the website it looks like homer Simpson on steroids going to. Why does this really concessional this is the crowd Pittsburgh the blood guts blue collar. Pittsburg Steelers don't need a mascot I'm like that's the only -- team. Didn't name the name been dealing with being it's been a new out here but opal moves well. Front page story of the -- post gazette dispute the game. -- you know him being exactly -- those that are that are you. We stop the stealing it being could be the key to a Pittsburg resurgence. Over there -- Heinz Field Tommy everywhere -- -- on the big show -- and I continued safe travels as -- around the league. Aren't -- bank slot. How to fund had a lot of our -- All right Todd -- car not to be confused with Tom current joining us from NBC sports dotcom era of Sports Radio WE

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