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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox clubhouse unhappy with Lester offer, 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Buster Olney joined Mut and Merloni to discuss the Lester contract offer and the trickle-down effect in the clubhouse, the defense of Xander Bogaerts, and the slow start

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Every Wednesday at this time. Kick off the lunchtime hour talk baseball with the buster all the of ESPN buster has brought to you. By noon turf care and by Toyota of national and buster joins us here on the AT&T hotline buster -- and -- -- Christian today our -- What's happening guys that woke up today and I don't want to let my caddie -- doorstep and they look at me like what are you kidding. They do it and just know he. Welcome to the northeast -- gets asked is up here bus -- asks if you -- scheme it's great. I want -- and I track it's actually happy. We were a lot to discuss with the gave -- -- 59 for the Red Sox went back and into its research to back to a gets its 2003. The finding a World Series winner of -- started the year under 500 that you're the Marlins running for the twelve and thirteen of thirteen fourteen. And it feels like getting out to -- good start. Is sort of a precursor to going on to having a good year how do you view the Red Sox by the nine start more about injuries or more about the way they're playing right now. I think it accommodation brought the game when you start with the -- situation. And you go from there I mean that's obviously. A concerned you know I talked to David Ortiz over the weekend he talked about. The idea the effort to get his timing back the offense which was so dominant last year it hadn't gotten on a roll yet obviously. And an -- one of the Red Sox players mention me over the weekend that you know we're still trying to find our our identity. The good thing is is that the -- the division is pretty much in the exact same boat. So it here you know in the Red Sox clubhouse. You might not necessarily be feeling great about what's happening right now which you look at the Yankees there infield situation completely at Tampa Bay's rotation is in tatters. The Orioles their rotation issues Toronto you know a lot of questions about their rotation. And you -- given the range of problems you might have only secure the red sock Q you probably feel and better overall about your situation some of the other teams are. Filibuster we're talking a lot this morning. The bullets into Bogart's last night you know strict all before made that there at the end of the game and and and Alice got it I don't want Stephen -- recipe if you want Santa Bogart's assure you need to realize that there's going to be some growth there's going to be some mistakes. You -- there over the weekend what have you seen from him both offensively even more so defense. You understand perked up offensively. You know in general -- we've seen. You know the patient at the last year and I think they they feel really good about that -- interest thing. That in talking with some of the people in the organization. They feel like that that hander -- offensively is comedy is on defense. That's. That's more something where he really works at it in terms of his effort. And -- desire to be great being kind of a grind form and I don't even mean that as a negative in I think it's. To that question if they offense probably comes easier form. And I asked Brian Butterfield the third base coach that that the other day and he said. He can yet he's pretty he's he's a pleaser on defense he wants to work everything it's so he put pressure on himself. He's such a young player and I do think that it wouldn't make this transition into an everyday shortstop. In the big leagues. Probably he's page reflects more on defense than on adopt -- -- -- and never won a cocktail they feel like that OK he's gonna make mistakes. But that they think he can be a guy who's going to be over the courses he's someone is gonna help. All right so now we know why it no one has repeated. And World Series championships and been in the last fourteen years so. So now with with the Red Sox being what five and nine and four of their nine losses have been by Iran. So what's the key to get through this you know it is it just to minimize the damage until everybody gets healthier -- DC it. Offense I and I I don't have the numbers in front of me but I know going in our game on Sunday night. You know they offense which outscored every other team in baseball last year by 57 runs. Ranked seventeenth -- run scored. And you know that day in and day out he gives them so much margin for error did last year and they have to get that going now right. You know I I do wonder about Pedroia because. Well we believe that that it never. The obligation to team the players tell us exactly what's wrong. But that's said it means we don't necessarily have to believe everything we're being told the and so when they're telling us it's all good. In its offline. You know let that's the -- is like Derek Jeter and he's one of those guys -- these garments hanging by a ligament he would tell you he's fine. So I'm gonna be really curious to see how he does going forward and I talked to so many players through the years -- didn't speak much more to this -- ever could. You know how troublesome wrist injuries can be for -- and sometimes they just don't go away during the year because what it really -- a lot of cases it. Out and out flat out the rest and he's not gonna have an opportunity did that. Now we're talking -- is different from -- Well we heard the news yesterday delegates at the big story years Jon Lester the offer the -- that report came out of four years seventy million dollars I I got called it laughable. A little bit surprised how low they came in in -- first offer but thought maybe spring training you would be the it would BA final offer and obviously that's not gonna get it done but our people. -- haven't told that maybe some guys that locker room a kind of shaken -- has -- that offers well do you hear me that. There's no question about it and you know we talked a few weeks ago on the show about how well it it was clear between you know what Max Scherzer went was you know what he turned out from the tigers. And where the retouched where that there was a distinct middle ground which looks to be about five years 110150. Million. And I and I out of play that kept my conversations -- -- some of the Red Sox people over the weekend down here in New York. It would is going to be important for the Red Sox ownership to put. At least -- represented -- offer out there for Jon Lester. Early in the year and I I don't think. Noted that based on the response I was hearing it Jon Lester ultimately that you know what that's not -- up on the go test the market the way scherzer is. I think the players would would get that may be OK with that if you left under the circumstances. But if he leaves. With the Red Sox firing a seven million dollar bullet -- -- -- -- -- Satan wanted let's say eighty million or 85 million. It's not in that middle ground we're talking about. I -- they're gonna have some unhappy people organization -- any organization should be run by its players and its sentiment. But given what he's -- into the Red Sox you know two championships. Leader of that staff last October. How much -- -- the purse in the fact that he's done it in Boston. On top of the fact that you know they don't have Dustin Pedroia under control immediately of David Ortiz under one year deal they don't really have other long term obligations. I think it's going to be really important for them to at least any you a point that the players can say OK you gave that shot. So we say -- member of the organization to YouTube unit did hear from the players themselves. On -- specifics but I would tell you that. I think within the club -- it would mean a whole lot. He has been a if they make it make it represented of offer. It seems like you know those players sort of wondering where this offer came from that he. They figure if -- player if you're in the media buster if your front office person you look at a four year seventy million dollar offer. And it's it's really not close right in the game compared to what Adam Wainwright got a year ago compared to what. Scherzer turn down -- event. A home -- Homer Bailey -- CJ well may go up and down that list. It did the players are scratching their heads I'm curious. What are people around baseball other executives and they were told about this deal what was that response like from other GMs of people around -- game -- I haven't put that question directly to people since the news came out from fox sports over the weekend about that decides to the offer. But I mean your point is very well taken when you think about it you know two springs ago the closest we've seen in terms of the comparable situation. Was -- that -- of the giants. Who is right hand yet the left -- typically get more. When he signed a five year deal extension that was worse I believe a hundred. And ten million dollars 112 million dollars in the spring before he became a create its own terms with timing the service time. That's where Lester isn't that the closest com. And you know certainly seven million dollar -- eighty million or whatever the -- Keeping close did that and it really putting context and I know that somewhat apples and oranges because Kershaw a 26. Mean the Red Sox offer to. Kershaw was -- to Lester was 13 of what -- that from the Dodgers and you know it's as. Players pointed out to me. They really believed that it Jon Lester pitched in the National League west he would cut up that division. With these airlines with a pitcher. With a bigger ballparks. And they say look he would generate a lot better numbers then what you can get in the American League east with the lineups are obviously. Deeper and and better. -- -- -- want them discrepancy replay angle back to what was left him a political pull my hair out so it took two questions here one is this worth it and number two. What was the outcry to change the ruling on what is a catch the middle for a hundred years in the game of baseball that one pisses me off more. The new rule that is the replay but is it all -- Yet at the challenge one. Eddie immediately transfer one I don't understand I get it probably and out of that. The fact that they knew that they were going to have some calls that were challenged around second base which you know you know that's where. Most the time that comes -- issue because a -- the middle infielders -- ricochet the ball -- they're palm. Indeed there bare hands. I I like seeing them like -- getting the. But you know there's a catch by a write the name McLouth playing for the national than watching game let's try to. But buried itself in his pocket he clearly -- reaching with a -- -- all the caller did not catch me like really it's like. It's become baseball's version of the top role. That said separately. I really I like replay I think it's an important step. I think the fact that they unrolled it without really testing and in not having it in spring training. Gary -- we're gonna have some of the trial and error happened in front of us rather than. In in some sort of testing ground I don't like particulars of it but I think big picture there moving in the right direction and I also understand. The frustration of some of the managers wondering about the inconsistency. That we talked to John -- before Sunday's game in that. That thing that I think that will really bothering him the most was we don't know what we can count on when we have these discussions. Will there be a mid season adjustment you think. I hope so you know could of made it very clear and give them credit in this city and rolled it they said look this is a work in progress. And the one year cover the NFL 2002. I covered a playoff game giant 49ers. It was the botched call the end of the game the next day the NFL came out and said the call is wrong we're moving the -- just two different placement field goal attempts. To address this. That means what baseball needs to do and they need to -- to transparency and it's so that when you have a call. Like the one that went against -- the reds but last Saturday where it's not well we don't have the angle casino -- That's not an acceptable answer to me that you guys saw I saw -- like. Come on there's got to be something deeper to attend that. For the reason to be bald and I wish they would just be up front about it. While surrogate -- on this Hubert about replay a lot Lewis knew this talked about his displeasure a privilege every day with the system. And you wrote about managers and and there are reaction to this and and John Ferrell. What about umpires. At some level I got to believe even the umpires that the goal over there that little bag phone put the headset on wait for the response to New York. Are they okay with the way replays being held so far this season. Well I think going into it they were and let's face it they're kind of out of the loop on this thing -- going to be issues between the managers in Major League Baseball. And I and that's why we have the -- started getting -- like Bob Davidson when he ejected -- for Algiers that had not many. And it's funny I've heard some great descriptions Brad also missed. How the tigers manager told me that -- you know going out there are now you argued call it kind of awkward because everyone knows -- you're trying to do is to buy time. And he said yeah you just stand up there they get the thumbs up dumped out of forget I don't think I told these guys this story this this story last week. His -- he told me. That he went out to argue a call. And used you know like a lot of amenities now trying to angle his body so he conceded dugout to see whether or not he gets the thumbs up thumbs down the challenge. And you're looking Chris Guccione the first base umpire and it. Hey you know what I'm just -- you're killing time until we hear from the dugout Guccione looked over -- sit. Well you're not challenging because he's got a thumbs down from the dugout and boasted okay modeled actors are. Lot of back to that big edit is -- -- -- he Tibet buster is always great stuff on replay a lesser helpings baseball talk -- next Wednesday. About buster only joining us from Boston joins -- he's brought you by new turf care. And by Toyota national.

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