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Crystel the Tsnarnaev defender 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Crystel called in to defend the terrorists.

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We are dying to speak with crystal clarity and she joins us on the eighteenth -- like -- this is John and -- and -- in Boston -- you. I'm -- yeah that it just say jumping off point. Give us some sense as to what your fascination. And your support. For -- car -- idea -- is all about. I will think Paul is -- the nation yeah I would colors. I support him -- under this -- And no I believe event -- brother and -- forum and I'm not going to stop and they'll love it prevents. No matter how long it okay. Are so you don't believe that the starting your Brothers had anything to do. What happened in this town a year ago. Now I -- that I believe they're completely a 100% and that's -- Tell me why what what what what. Give -- a shred of evidence that would indicate they did not do this. Okay. Perfect example. How many marathons have you back -- two of those 5000 troops in Bayern. -- thing is. Backpack what was blown out it was clear black. Those same backpack and that that made me feel -- -- Part of that quiet backpack was white and brain. And that has little backpack was great so. That number law. Number it's is there. And not saying it does the government that CIA or anybody has slowed. Any body as -- Let me and then acting clear that you know has been and where how long now. And they ga has yet she won't buy it why you think not bury it. What do you think did it who blew up that the marathon crystal. Then they need -- it'll call but why would why would they do curious. And the big they weren't paid a -- Obama and at PI should get a. I out of plywood and why would they pay a -- though that's fine -- did Obama pay the Navy SEALs to do it. And overt gun control of you think about it -- the 9/11 happened that is everybody's still believing events as real it -- not. You then. Boy admitted and that it would not. That's true thanks for you you're you're 35 is all right crystal. Yeah you have children. Yeah. How many. I have children are you raising them to believe this kind of wacky stuff. You whack and wider view -- because we wanna hear a logical. Well thought out explanation as to why somebody would travel three or four times from Wisconsin to common support somebody who -- like -- enter this. Wrote a confession on the inside of a boat that said he did this. By the way continues to step say in his sell out at -- Evans. Bet he is part of a Jihad he's happy he did -- he felt he was successful and was pleased with his performance a year ago but took the lives of four people. It didn't need personally. How are you better. Know what I'm a lot of quality time together crystal you don't believe that. In mirror we're turning now what the government is how long until you -- best on the boat -- right at the right thing audience out of the end and Oprah being guilty person you can't. -- you've gone. Public our entire world I hired the main thing saying that he's guilty. -- what what Latvia and know -- crack in the about it. You -- -- the media that you put into that yes they have to be like I did it is ridiculous. So -- eleven was a government job to -- Yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you stupid or you insane and it's just it's just sounds like he's got a little bit I want to -- -- coach know what. She that the down time back -- return to tour it. Read to us would she write -- ha -- do you think it's cute. I wanted to exactly and well I was sexually that you were distracted. -- his job. That's a good clean needles wondering you were asked I have two questions do you yell rob who was. Only to you we get these wackos on the air equipment breathe can't do any -- you're good Jerry you were for once actually -- -- -- -- I don't care. It should get three kids you know. She's she's living off the government is no question that we what was going on some protective services these little in Eldorado house -- leave me alone so I think she's back to you -- she says half off she lives off the government he's being we're paying for him the government never. -- -- governor on my way of economic. On this the day after texting. Dexter says their personal McChrystal or last name is met. Crystal meth problem I wanted to know noted rule would ask her she'd listened to Alex Jones -- she re anyone in particular. Does she know she Stella Trombley you feel -- how big is this under ground who moved there and will they be represented on Monday. I want to -- after playing Obama clip now knowing that he ordered does well well I got a chain announcing guys in the group -- Cambridge ma and thought you know that these. The common -- is. Everything's -- -- you could ask her about anything about. You know that the levees in New Orleans levees the middle of the guys in Kansas City shut the anti -- Column -- -- a couple -- in a -- is sandy -- Columbine. Fort Hood. They're all conspiracies that's Alex Jones calling card is whatever you see it's not what they tell you as the government. Is that the areas and they're all gonna Capitol Hill good line -- -- she's in not but and there are people who do these crazy things in there that crazy that's how crazy people actually don't even know if if -- We column -- Evan Evan Hansen believes Joseph ours in as he never says that does the he doesn't say he's in this that he says dream he just likes to -- she admires someone born saying crystal meth. -- Temple pilots I would say it was scary it was more dangerous he's. A he's a performance -- performance artist he's not ready and -- nauseating thought she -- three kids right so one at least three occasions less. We put that twins here. Some guy. Which you look -- -- I knocked on Christmas and there's always just opening a -- I mean you know a couple -- and our last call that she's familiar ruptures and an Italian -- which publicly get a picture ever -- looks she -- she's a -- Tuesday. She's a four after a six and looked at one point zero -- -- -- -- he wrote this not the peace and her Mel crystal clarity it says right there should -- there. -- It's crystal clarity. While the shuttle is excellent at these Olympics is now. She sold the he wrote to bloggers to attack camera ones aren't have been jokers on your part in this -- -- -- wrote. -- -- innocent is innocent and that have a blast of the merit -- wrote there. How to blast in America he wrote that with it's. Maybe these two deserve each other but still the three children. -- there are not unattractive woman obviously. Not a tragedies he wouldn't quality of care about -- is like -- Its troops thirty. That is frightening and she's not alone -- like or volatile question stupid or just like the following weeks perceive the creeps that -- you know. And that's more and more nations that oceans like 3040 -- yeah. These these people procreate and they find each other and there in the comfort each other name on this whole bunch of them out there. Will we hear from them this weekend oh we have no no no it's not another venue and Alex are we there yet to be real vocal during the trial certificate for -- plane from walking to wherever she defiant to. Wherever the cancers. You know like rent com and private hearing is the marry -- plays red as much when it. Economy. Legitimate stuff like what you do for a living do work. Hold your kids. And cute and wanted to say she did she caught up I said you think 9/11. Tuesday calls already said that the -- you'd probably another problem is there any position kooky ideas to which did you said you said. Don't know who caskets. That she's fine but I didn't ask her if she's opportunity Joseph Carr was attractive. -- -- -- words for which is in your visit India third man could see here with Monroe. It's here with alcohol. And not bad for -- for. You know I listen I would US. While. You know you have to take a break I don't have that and we take calls America's says. Sugar. Of people going -- will be -- purple. So not eleven was a government job to write. Yes. It is now. We're going.

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