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Michele McPhee on the nutjob at the finish line 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Our friend Michele McPhee joined the show to discuss the latest with Kayvon.

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Our 3-D. And C I'll get to some Red Sox information will bruins' playoff talk a little bit later on the program Horry talked with -- Watertown police chief edible. In studio rejoined us at 7 o'clock. I -- after all of that yesterday all that poignancy yesterday. If that makes any sense that your saying. The following -- on -- decided walked on -- and street and drop a backpack which petty. Rice cooker in it and some confetti as well a friend Michelle would -- Michelle pretty columnist correspondent. ABC news reporter she's in town this is her hometown anything new on this Michelle. -- -- editing -- at this hour show. Well you know our guys are completely you know that the -- from a rap sheet includes. One man being obsolete starts and has apparently hit a wedge and it gave it. They're -- guys have been arrested and convicted he must have really tormented police are. And it's how I mean there are so many stories that we're going around about that as saying -- that a chicken had their biggest threat it's so don't family. I mean he he clearly has problems at. It doesn't exonerate me I know why -- -- -- well at all. Upload RB testing video that has always been watching on one anyway any any -- -- you know. Link that it really was disturbance -- the idea that the points to just our. It and it then. Which is -- -- bomber and a big picture. Just aren't as it is but it was. I had a blast that the marathon and not act greatly if you think being cute I don't think it's diabolical way. Have you seen his brother TJ at -- FaceBook posting. He calls his brother a different kind of sick he's a sick person with multiple diagnoses. Abnormal behavior he's a dissolution and very sick individual. He said my family has done all we -- to Foster Kevin's mental health. Thank god he did not hurt anybody so I guess at least in his brother's mind Michelle the potential for. Somebody getting injured may have been there in the sick person's mind. In the big question you know -- becoming a bloody awful tragedies like Andy working in had been. And sick individual users don't want word. Pat on the bigger that the fans aren't you in Baghdad after that out yet at the spot where Joseph Biden apple app to be here at the glad that. You know -- -- -- -- Joseph Biden and city officials but more importantly. These survivor the people aren't aren't drove the car engine and the rehabilitate it -- inning and a -- -- -- -- -- As I was saying that Michelle we were a morning person that could have been much worse because. I can't imagine what it would have been like to be disrupted that ceremony with the Richard family Deval Patrick crystal Campbell's. Parents -- -- of service there it would have been -- -- -- viral around the world a matter of minutes fortunately he slept in and did it at night I mean it wasn't to a the best time because the Norton's just finished there walk but as far as you know Michelle he acted alone correct. He had any act a lot of -- I think everybody is saying that it hit mental health certain payroll that big Mac -- and you know the bomb squad and I have that. They have been backpack. Right on the senate side and inside it it's going to be accurate it would be repaired and put pressure preparedness is right but -- The rhetoric -- the confetti to proud and I mean right now we wouldn't expect. I know I I just wanted. Mr. Kerry plans to charge him today he's going to be arraigned in and bought it looked like a CEA spokesperson played out that there as dummy target that they haven't really listened to react. There are lots and select the target. Late doctor from Bridgewater state hospital called us and although he didn't go on the air he said what you said he will be arraigned today. They expect him at Bridgewater for at least thirty days of observation sometime midafternoon Michelle. I can completely see that comment in this it has any lawyer let what happened brain was sentenced suspect yet to evaluate him and I think in this particular case it's not just an attempt -- -- I have a -- It's actually keep it that I have a lot mental health history and against wild men and helping him. They're like why wasn't anyone helping -- wins out that's gluten -- out of India news. Sit and her movie theater I mean did I did see people walking on my -- among us and we want to talk about the fact that we shut down every single mental institution and I that you. And we can't involuntarily. Admit them there and 125. Yeah there apparent white kids who do want help for their kids that if you talk anybody who has -- let substance abuse -- -- Our problem it's nearly impossible. Impossible to get them out. Yeah we've read so New York Times story yesterday talked with that woman in Wisconsin who's in love with Joseph Carr and I you have. This guy who who wrote happy anniversary paid yesterday next time I'll -- ever for our Love -- It even token -- -- it seems like there is sort of this underworld of people around how big it is. That are in love with this guy and think he's sent. -- -- bigger than you'd think it'd it. I seemingly huge the world but people were -- as an editor Matt -- -- allowed a letter isn't good because. -- fed and predators who don't want him getting on the they have now. He has seen him with his apology I have recently got authority to use. About these kids from Chelsea. That out -- sister and Margaret -- has started the region are also media site here. And that mr. -- how. In Chechnya actually went for vacation never came back and and the FBI is concerned about the post insists putting -- an -- it but NATO and if that's appointee. Probably younger brother. This game is you do Barack. He graduated from Chelsea heights or -- -- and let our that I have been less accurate are beer riot. Very inspirational quote -- I shall speak and I watched my strike yet familiar because bats which are needed to is that he allegedly got the act act. At the feet of -- blanket. You know if if -- psychology major -- for Ph.D. or already had a Ph.D. wanted to second one. -- an interesting and fascinating study to find out what is the genetic or DNA disconnected people who support people were clearly guilty Donna study on the thread that connects somebody like Chris call area that Wisconsin. Well she flew here. Michelle for the arraignment -- Every. Scene and here in port act as a parent. Yet today to single mom and her four times. More time. You don't you -- -- What he -- Bad edit content read it and all of them they'll lunatic but did god put that lonely cat -- also. What will they show up Monday that's the question whether it's a hoax thing with confetti -- real bomb I mean will -- be. And disruption by the free job art crowd on Monday. I certainly hope not but I I I get that and say we have unprecedented security -- back and remember I really believe. At the data that got a lot of last April 15 and the reason that there was so few people who has since come to their injury is because of the unbelievable. Response emergency responders. It's true it's a man. And these guys an -- did they going to be. So our guard caught in the NBA out even yesterday that the -- at times and that was there. Undercover in the rabbit that it happened to recognize that you have to land but there were some. And so undercover police presence and act out even yet. But. Look what look at this clown did look at. Cave on this league right now liberals not a Secret Service was all gone at that point well -- the official but this close to the -- -- implosion of the middle -- street last night that would have been gone around the world that would have been. A quite a disruption quite an idol. Apparently thirty thing and everybody but what actually bought the right now about what does not -- it is -- -- -- what on the screen. I would I it I think next week we're gonna haven't played. And it -- state attorney any link in about the marathon. Police checkpoint you have to really get anywhere -- one. Hey did you see the New York Times story yes that surprise -- and beaten to the the conditions that -- We did that Bryan talked editorial today they did that he has I don't think the time -- -- that he has not one mile. The weird according to live on the law. I had a dietitian and left that out nutrition and I'm sure they knew that but they left the -- and special meals. Being right or are you on day doesn't get any open Intel. Anything it is that it's -- And Michelle just you know before we hang up you just -- all the cap people that's all I've a castle would be a terrorist they their senses and their sense that a lot Michelle just know that. I -- you know what I met and then I Ted Barrett the fact that I think law. -- -- Cap people who work on his show had a crappy bottled water hole no I agree I agree to catch people are the wars. They are the wars I don't know about people around like thirty cat that he'd beaten them and end it doesn't somebody to write an article and it psychologically today a lot of -- That's the reason -- can figure out what happened because all the cat in there does make them quite literally. It. Yeah that's why at that we're adding. To Michelle -- thanks for tickets that timeout. Well thank that in the act they are -- -- but which would be on the AT&T I heard that last on the.

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