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Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Watertown police chief Ed Deveau joined us one year after the bombings.

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Quite -- day yesterday commemorating the one year anniversary of what we all have been paying attention to for quite some time. I am very pleased to welcome to our WEEI studio somebody we've met a year ago and quickly came to like and respect police chief and the ball from the Watertown police department chief good morning how are you. I'm great thank you have as a jumping off here. Overview picture how has your department as an entity in this last year changed and -- officers specifically as individual police officers changed given the events of the year ago and coming forward. But -- Obama -- is doing doing well indeed it's been a long year it seems like it was just yesterday. But we've gone to a lot. We're about a police department now we've gone through that. -- we say that it shouldn't take something like this for the you don't look out for your local police department you pass the baton we've gotten that. Over the last year. In even before that but for everybody they you know they weren't the night's two weekends or holidays or Alter all the time. -- and I think -- focus became a law enforcement through this whole year. Was -- strengthening of the bond because when there is a shared experience as dramatic as what you're officer shared. I would think that either tears people apart or brings them together my guess is it's the latter with the a lot of. Rightly I think you go either way yeah and we've become you know tight I'd love to be around the the offices that were real volatile issue -- in -- with the boss -- animate just they're just humble regular regular guys. Gone through with the biggest challenge of the Korea's. How many of you guys have signed contracts to you know we have movie's man of your lives that depend on anybody who's gonna play chief of the movie I don't think there's a -- -- -- I think you -- your -- as professional perspective we were all kind of freaked out last night watching this lunatic rundown on Washington street. Scream in Boston strong in a dress with -- -- with a backpack barefoot. As a -- you've seen a lot your days practices insists they Cuba some practices blow your mind a little bit too. But I think every police department kind of deals with these people -- these -- can't -- -- elected like this happened yesterday but it's unfortunate. You don't particularly a couple of days before the marathon but I think the Boston Police Department did a great job we have. The equipment that we have nowadays to be able to bring that in and admitted that the -- safely get to street back open. And you know he's under arrest that he's the rest of profoundly twenty a felony. Hope we don't hear too much about the. Always a ridiculous -- -- right so we go for twenty years he has. I'm sure -- his mind will be straight after twenty years you know I mean you know when guys -- it's pictured on the suspect. When their insane when they're not right now ahead. Did you think this right away and so on this -- face and on to say that's just the guy with mental. Well I mean the biggest show a lot of thoughts go three ahead and I'm sure you know. You know people that would be Iran's closest we have very concerned he'll look and you know from while of course was simply you look back and look at him and it looks like he's just looking for attention but you don't know that. At that time. We actually heard from a doctor Bridgewater state who called it didn't wanna go on the air for obvious reasons but he said he will be arraigned today. And he's he's expected were talking about came on -- and at Bridgewater state. Early this afternoon weather will be at least a thirty date alteration Welker it's at standard operating procedure uses. Out all of the Watertown police role. On Marathon Monday. Both of them the marathon doesn't go through -- it right so we we -- we play abroad backup role we're going to be sent about some of our offices. The -- of the law enforcement counsel normally go over to on new things with them and have much more loft was along the route as everybody knows. And wanted to be supporting the new police department that role. And then also we're gonna have a number -- offices that run the road race you run the marathon on Monday. Including you -- sura and you going to be mishandled finished 11 goal. Have you done it before I've got a three times while. You're here you're tall for runner. I'm not going to be to Kenya there anything it is now only what you goal judge this year I mean I always had a goal a one time I ran of the four hours. I'm this year as wanna go to -- to width width of my offices. I'm take it all in that we just wanna finish -- -- we everybody's gonna run -- different paces but. I just want a rundown borrows a street crossed the finish line tape you know which was the large officer was Reynolds who was on the tree -- Them. And economy of the book. The thing the whole stores in the Ugoh did the tail. About the the shootout was -- -- degree you're the first two offices -- -- -- who were moss and Joey Reynolds and in -- and John McCall in the tool would behind that tree on the sampling yes you can John playing be over because I thought I was behind the sequoia. Chief and then we went back the next day in the the ones who fit behind entry. A -- running. Note -- not running but they've been served very supportive Doug -- gonna drive so let's go to the start line in municipal along the way if you places. We talked about yesterday sergeant we talked about yesterday I said you know I've -- and got my -- -- America I'm I'm not worried about I mean I understand things can happen and I'm just not worried about it took its can be secure. But then you see something like last night just some maniac walk right in the middle of the street while this is going on. And you think I mean is this going to be safety in Monday's going to be. A safe day. The the whole police law enforcement has been getting together for years now to plan to make sure that this is a celebration. The plan that they have in place. Utilized a talk with them a lot of lot of them yesterday. You know full confidence feel we can make it a 100% safe but I think -- a great plan in place. And this is gonna be a marathon you know more people have a running what people along the route in and -- I look forward to it I think -- Greater Boston should look forward to. It's it's almost an unenforceable. Event because obviously it's only six miles long. I was I would suspect the vast majority of the resources will be near the finish line including a hundred new security cameras. Bright to me if -- -- the finish line you'll have a lot of things that look in a lot of manpower there a lot of technology. But it's going to be compose the longer ruled you know -- Hopkinton to be a little bit different this year and in all through Natick and Wellesley. In new news is used to -- might not see it all but it'll be. When you're running what are you look at -- as a trained -- law enforcement professionally you look at for the guy who's not smiling you know like last year. What happened was these two guys they weren't there watching the race there watching the crowd they weren't smile that weren't have a good time those. Indications as someone's open -- that yeah I think is going to be a lot of under cover of you know we you know on in uniform in the crowds along to all 26 miles -- be looking exactly for that. Really -- the undercover what state troopers but the different police departments of state police has as it is. A lot of people did that this throwing towards this Phnom. A lot of the ominous for -- supposed to bring in in local police offices from surrounding communities and -- is a plan in place that to protect our citizens -- reading the the account of that day that ended the shootout today in Jeff Bowman spoke you to come out there and you actually went through with them -- fascinating. Is it true that none of the offices ever fired their guns all my offices of seven of them that shot on that street. I think there was I think we added up to one point two over seventy years experience in none of them have a shot none of them ever shot one round now that's amazing. And they did I mean you. When you reenact that DC things you could have done differently or to vote. Yeah I I think you know there's always lessons learned that we talk a law enforcement circles -- things we can do better. But I think what John and Joseph adjusted that they you know they didn't train for Jerry rubio they have bombs thrown at them in -- act the way they did. And I was just proud to bring young gentleman down there and walk. That NC. Who had -- -- the street and people just Q what was -- and I argued Jeff you know ointment recognized him it was just knew that was a very moving day -- to bring -- down. -- their new aspects to the Watertown training or any police department -- based on what happened a year ago I mean obviously it you don't trade for having. Bombs thrown at you is there a new aspect to police training in Watertown based on what happened. I think he's is going to be. Training go across the country and I think we did a great job Bob I've been on the job for thirty years and that was my Protestant law enforcement. But we had so many offices come to Watertown I think when it happens next hopefully it doesn't happen anywhere in the here but. I think it has to be coordinated a little quicker than it was you know to get everybody on the same page. But you know -- nothing goes perfect when the patriots won its receivables not everything went perfect. But they want in I think we won that they even though wasn't perfect we have to go back and look at that'd be honest with ourselves what we can do better. How much blowback was there from the Bill Maher -- of the world says other kick -- and -- at least eight. That was unnecessary. Did also the -- for its residents to that that didn't seem happy with with the way it was have also. I still I haven't met the first one at town residents this has said anything to me except praise you know so I think you know. Bomb across the country there might be some people this at -- how can shut down the city how would you go. That I've gotten so many compliments from the residents of one town. About how well the laugh was manhandled them how they treated them they treated us well yeah after the if they -- -- house asserts we did it. It then most of time they invited him into used to bathrooms to give him drink water and bite to eat because it was a long day. It was a great partnership and I. I think the wanna -- people -- for standing up in in helping us through that very very difficult -- David and a better get a new boat yet. -- Dave Hansen -- vote yes. You know -- in the -- but it's in the same squad and I'm sure we can't wait to get in Ottawa is that he is that a bit about. He uses tells afflicted tourist attraction I mean people know where he lives both sitting there that's spot right. Yeah if you know it's it's stare off Franklin street and Wall Street of you know people to come by and if they do I just asked about respect the privacy if everybody there -- days of this. Gonna require some speculation on your part chief would last night's appearance on -- and street by that maniac. Have ended differently had he done it in the middle of the memorial service with all the people and by the way the Secret Service nearby. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they know it's being held the his mom I'm not really sure I don't think it's been -- But the confessional. Cholera and I examined the news is on there and we expect to see that in the trial. Sodium you think come you know it's in stores with the FBI how the human and so I'm really not true. Did you get the new -- -- last -- we -- cruiser sort of shot up and you have probably shouldn't say no fly zone John McClellan used his crews are for protection you've got shot up in -- windows but blown out with a bomb that went off. But you're so we had three cruises that were. You know we knew we could never use again we'd have been replaced. We do have insurance so well we're happy to have that. Are these people what are police chief at Novo but happy in studio good luck on Monday and whatever you do. The minute and the finish what your goal which is the only -- time at all not one of them should I just to you know you mix in a big thing you watch I just want to finish well I. I don't -- you've been running for a -- When you Wear a watch torture reduce the food you've been running for both thirty minutes to look down respectable form it's the -- can be a negative thing to have. He has yet to be put on the clock to send these guys these idiots yes it is -- -- five -- -- well in the -- you have to stick with your guys any of the guys we're all going to be the same row so we're going to be opium -- and spent some time together. -- -- -- probably break up and -- different paces but you know I think I look forward to going up opt into with them reports and then. Little time before the race. You can't hang with commissioner Evans Kenya. It's like running a -- got -- and Hillary get up and running Facebook's users yeah yeah who do you have one guy that is era. Leader of the pack you we have worked -- cup roster and atlantis' probably Tommy -- he's one of us what guys in the he's in great shape and who currently use. Good luck on Monday on thank you thank you very much of Watertown police -- at the -- with -- Kelly Rick deceit and and brought up. Well -- -- topic about warrant using it as well -- about a couple big chocolate -- you looked really -- -- -- 67777937. Break early we'll talk go with few on the fault lines we have some more information coming in about the sin family fascinating. Fascinating. Thing pretty yep pretty well no I say we just all of this in the wrong -- as an area that since this is fast this is they've fastening. Development and it's there's a sports connection there is sports connection to local sports team yet as a matter of fact we'll be right.

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