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Keyvon is a moron 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the nutjob who left a rice cooker at the finish line.

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You know based on the poignancy. And the drama and the emotional accuracy. That yesterday's. Guess it would be cold a ceremony I suppose and remember remembrance ceremony how well done it was almost at every level. Reluctant to get into the extra story that came on top of that but I guess we have to because a lot of people one and all about it in a little bit about it. I would only say this this is going to be a strange non sequitur. My favorite comedian in the world -- name on white. He has an entire section of -- show that he's turned into his entire tour and it is that's Wallace. There is no picks and stupid. What's all the things in the world can't be fixed but there's no Dixon stupid and rob white came to mind. As I'm reading the details of one Avon and Edson. From Wakefield a 25 year old performance artist who on that day. After all of that and I have no idea how much paid attention to it probably not at all. Decided to end -- -- by dropping off a backpack filled with state rice cooker and confetti at the finish line -- boy. Auto -- he would like it is nice black dress on him dressed for the case shall -- is -- And forgotten shoes. So bear creek in black actress and -- screaming Boston's strong runs on boils mystery that to me. Is frightening image for anyone let alone the victims. Norton's -- finishing. They're 26 mile walk. I I'm thankful one thing that came on and Kevin. Number place that girls reporting and Kevin. Are you being the performers artist he says I -- by the name and it's not it's not on dramatic and so we changed it to cable act. Ten candidates. From both need to boot. Will play some more of a blog and Edwards that's him that's the voice. Voice of Lewis -- But -- one thing. -- Edson is not a morning person because the the ceremony included Jane Richard Henri Richard yes the pirates of crystal Campbell I mean it was a very emotional scene at the wreath there. Obviously the usual politicians walls and Patrick to the families who we haven't seen much. -- can see a lot of crystal Campbell's parents believe. There were other victims and survivors and their families there at this lunatic shows up and at least physically subdued probably raised -- well maybe shot. I said I was told but after watching that great. For his bunch of friends whose brands. Be there when that's not random street to -- Kevin yet to create. People on which they hate cable on you thanks in that dress. But I soon we're gonna learn more about it we get cement will learn more books seems like his motive. Nation might have been well yeah and he has run something called natural selection at his website and web pages updated. Received several pictures of our Joker under the headline sexy bomber hash -- -- bomber. Happy anniversary babe next time I'll cry a river for our Love Boat and note accompanying pictures up -- is a big fan of palm -- -- -- -- Johnson -- -- other. Where we assumed that this woman in Wisconsin and we're trying to get -- her in this others we've seen in the free -- are yet crew. We didn't have picture local drag -- -- being the real. Known -- vote okay 00 that scumbag and I guess he's not alone I guess what we've seen the woman from Wisconsin. We just assumed she's one of few and there'll -- this one right here in our backyard and Wakefield. Which is it the next town over from stone on the yeah remarked to grow real in the Norton's our problem. It's amazing that a guy could live here. You know breed the same air we breathe and think it was appropriate to do what he did last night didn't understand is that attribute. The Joker that tribute yes to the scum like. It is going to find out that this is -- about fix stupid. This is going to be about fixing insane and I think a question when you read about this this is clearly a deranged individual. Whose whose brain I suppose is always gonna learn about a family that's at the end of their -- the government you know. He was Medicaid. And what do what medicated yesterday and -- -- the property taxes are supposed to be on -- he was supposed to be seeing doctors and therapists and he was Tuesday loose -- out there is an extensive. Digital trail. We are cable on Evan -- from week documented his activities as -- performance artist. Which have your -- go to college and -- performance artist major loss of I would have rather have Mike he would and the -- -- applauded the Daytona 500 on the auto formatting this on his FaceBook. Page. Features. One about Brothers -- -- marathon bombing. He had a heading Overton had a blast at the marathon and that's stare -- if you want equality -- same exact wrong time a company that -- some FaceBook page described him as being from Boston mass a student at the fashion institute. Of technologies that made up. Are what -- -- two -- that real -- -- I I don't know but I I understand at a low of Washington's status like Fashion Institute of Technology. The letters are it. FIT. There's an expression used any particular community about its. -- in trading. That word out Tuesday. In training I don't know fashion institute of the technology really exists or he has suggesting that -- as a if you understand and -- trouble pictured him in school. In an extension taking -- getting degree it lists is occupation has sole proprietor designer blogger at something as a winner now called natural selection. The FaceBook page for natural selection features a video. -- man who appears to match the photos of the bombing hopes hoax suspect pretending to rip photos. A pop star. Justin Bieber now the good analysis -- up until there is a good. A little audio from the -- -- this is made up this isn't some sort of oaks on our part. This is the audio from space page and other places where we vote. From delved into who exactly what he wanted tennis and her sister. -- -- -- If you flatter. Sometimes Samir. Ernster about the natural selection web page was updated with several pictures of ships during Tuesday under the headline. Sexy bomber and there's another picture of him too sexy. Too proven innocent. This guy -- way. Off the rails are you better watch the bleep out he says goes I'm coming for this is in his blogger is warning. I'm a fashion designer and entrepreneur or -- performance artist a mental patient. -- it's all making an entrance. A blogger blog wrist AG already college drop out and -- drag queens he's in jail. They called -- In jail the call -- bird man no fix it insane how. How many people are likeness. And other toddlers are -- -- -- around because he's read all this stuff before SE rural all the stuff was out there -- -- I mean how many people -- good doing it. Doing stuff like that's like Ukraine is not -- yesterday where he lives right there is not like place fifty miles from here in Wisconsin. And let's write new year. Few you know mark for career miles probably ordinance and so many others it's frightening. -- I'm blown away by this guy because. I don't know his goal and those -- clearly he made a spectacle -- clearly he's in the news we're learning about him he's you know sending a message may be thanks to. Nut jar that's to go voices few -- -- he called. And maybe his legal team maybe this is his way of getting. Attention from his his -- love of his life but what was -- Getting a rice cooker. And filling with confetti and put in a black back part. What are your mindset as you're doing that and I'm going to be on the new music prop he called he told cops it was a proper way what is the difference between -- rice cooker and -- pressured the biz say thank. Probably Rezko was cheaper to them -- money for the problem. Is I reserve the right schools just. It's just the prop up -- support to prop eight -- can -- -- with confetti news. And then and then what. -- -- obviously blogs cut the bomb squad comes and it's on the news world watch and the freak out a bunch of people include in the Norton's. Bowl -- What's the end game he's gonna go to jail for me this he's gonna get. More time than Donte' Stallworth got for killing guys you know that right now he's go to jail where he's been before. Apparently said Joseph -- he's jail -- says he's been to jail and is diagnosed bipolar the column bird man right I think today we're gonna learn and I don't know who's gonna break it maybe Errol maybe. Bar stool learned that he's got along. It was a rap sheet a criminal charges but he's got a long and colorful history knows only 25. You'll find out about a family at the end of their rope friends who were scared of him. -- neighbors who were freaked out by him. And -- right Kirk -- that it was they have a whole time writing these love letters and it's not enough and and and and say it's celebrating the bomber meeting is is underground world now this community of people I know we we beat. Your brother wants -- is a legitimate group of people with. No I don't I don't have I think this guy will be. Approved to be eight insane obviously miracle patient. But they alone are out there all by himself and anybody who knows him will say what right parents friends people Wakefield people who went to school with whatever -- we knew he was insane from the moment he walked into the room I -- because it is after all all about an -- It's he doesn't have anything on their that I see about a -- Hoechst -- He loves him he loves you know ship staying in -- he loves in on the attention but. Where does he say like getting into that hole that no political false flag nonsense. That those -- are out there and there in big numbers this guy I think you're right you know I think he will find out he's a look a loner a loser. Then have a job a lot of a lot of Jared Remy and him. You talk about frightening and and -- back up the second I was very disappointment -- told me a number of hours ago. The two are scheduled guest who were supposed to be in studio with us today Brothers Paul and JP Norton from stone them are canceled today. And when I first heard that they canceled obviously I was disappointed people before meeting them shake their hands and having nice conversation with them. As it turns out they canceled because they had just finished their Hopkinton to Boston family and friends relay team. And on -- bus getting off of -- -- boy Alston street when the Specter. Of this maniac and by the way you talk about frightening. Go to page five your Boston Herald titled it's in the online version there is a photo on a frame grab courtesy of -- leadership. And suckered took this photo that is chilly. Look at that. That is chilling yes and no shoes oddly he's got a long black dress well with they big bail and a -- on he's carrying a backpack he looks like. Grim reaper walking down -- Austin street but -- backpack in his hands and shouting Boston's strong. And that is what Paul and JP Norton from total sought right as they got off the bus I understand why they canceled all week long right over the top. -- out via video -- that some video where he runs -- on the street and it is frightening. He's running down the street can really hear the words was -- Yelling. He's running at the -- it's -- -- the hello. You named horrible and aim at them and places where it is. You know slumps spooky freaky -- -- ghost like figure. He in the black male black dress and bare feet I mean if Europe if you're rich movie and I did it again. You'd say this is -- and he's probably looking at the same. Characters get no shoes on. He's got face like Chris over Andy's got our -- a -- and he really went. Put a lot of thought there was outfit to freak people out and that you point out the boards are just finishing this dramatic emotional. Walked from Hopkinton and as someone wrote this morning there's no police detail they didn't think they needed one now I mean why would you. Mean they weren't and they look at him. And I don't blame a man even if you think it's a few notes hoax you look consent. There are some scary. Nutty people out there looking down the -- from the Boston sand. What does he do -- the -- got a black backpack all up short it's full of Freddie. The Herald -- causes security breach and I do wonder should they be around the clock increased security. The Holocaust I well I don't they have -- eye opener of their earlier I think that where our history has got his walks out in the middle of the stretch and it's different. -- an event he's just an event he'd just tackle them don't don't you don't have a lot. We talk a little critters we go back -- say the backpacks not in his hand you know drops -- that what do you do. Just -- would you walk up to that guy you know incomplete hospitals around you're gonna be okay if you're costs officer. Now I -- -- his leg of the five and honestly I reload and can't do that. Security huge issue and so what are you supposed to do I don't know I am not -- laid out its. Yet they target them and I assume he said as you point that due to prop didn't say it's a ball. No but then you whatever test you'd do you'd blog squad -- you touch you movement. And will -- that the liberal TV chemists and TV stations to shut up there cameras because they want them to get video. Although bomb squad again as I'm blown off but they touch -- -- prodding it to kind of figured out and they find out it's a pressure cooker rice court -- of Al that is. Find that out then what you assume it's -- at fed. No right. I'd I'd just between the -- between it's video of this not. I don't it's too kind you know not. It's just took and to benign -- that is this video or photograph whether it's video. And and he's just running down the street yelling you can't hear him. This and and it is like some kind of ghost like thing heats or if his. Goal was to -- -- attention. And just freaked people how he succeeded and what the punishment is it's obvious hoax on for a moment is a crime it's probably felony probably. All federal crime if you if you work hard enough here but. Then what he goes to prison he's charged with disorderly conduct disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device. Is disorderly conduct is felony -- Disturbing committees elderly or misdemeanor well I bring this suggested a hoax device probably that's probably -- your backpack on his back. -- of free right. These prevails over his face. Doubles -- -- took the church. By the way which was happened servers did you see that they had all these people on the street to hold them back is -- away from the backpack. And then they go to camera. But the consulates in New England cable news as their letting the with -- can elect keep an of people in the church but one that's even scarier stay ears stand down. Shelter in place so that let him out. But that let amounted to kick over there progressed as a backpack in the street these people these family members. The survivors who were in church come out to another packed packed it it is he I don't know. What is goal I still like to know his poll. Is it is instill -- -- or just think it'll. I think he's when you're insane but yes it really in his court he's not my Bible whoever crazies trying to get the attention of his -- that he's in -- our nominees he -- just you know David Diaz and I read the stuff that seems like he's. In love was -- -- in the -- trying to do something -- to get this city of ready for a thousand stores about does not thought I was diagnosed by -- Cave on don't please don't call me Kevin it's and was arrested at 650. As the bus carrying JP and Paul Norton who both lost their right -- -- bombings pulled up at the end of the walking relate to raise money for a priest addicts. Their uncle Peter Brown. Said it was alarming it was crazy it was some whack job. Boston got to do their job it happened right after we finished our walk the cop grabbed him but I am pissed. Eyewitness told The Herald he saw the suspect walking right down the middle -- Austin street. Shrouded in a black male black hat. Wrapped in a black body suit Channing. Boston's strong Boston in strong Matthew -- we only eyewitness said it was something right out of a movie it was a real walking. The see this guy walking down the middle of oil and street and if you wanna see the photo. -- -- you wanna check it out on a Twitter page five Boston Herald has the photo. Of this and we just we we note the video which it's not launched him walking down the street like. With a purpose backpack that's the backpack or Pakistani of the -- on his back at this point. The big floppy hat and the -- the black dress and bare feet. Now normally when we do these stories it's about a guy like this you know shoot the movie theater right now or school. Should we be thankful that he so unhinged in and I guess so. So loving that he just wants to Austin notice and we didn't like killing what he'd hit Inglewood with theater in Aurora Colorado. And that -- was absolutely insane here you -- out -- -- when it doesn't have pitches he might get the semis yeah. He's -- I I I agree is certifiable. But he thankfully. He's was looking for a against -- That would look at -- he's a performance artist right out of the he's like a street mime -- at Faneuil hall. You know in drones have arrogantly and get them them but to change in the pocket as a citizen Andy Kaufman thing I don't think this is a character he's playing I think. Certified legally it is we don't hear a five word phrase today I guarantee we will hear we will hear of our show gets off the year and come from law enforcement come from somebody that five word phrase is. Sent to Bridgewater for observant yes that's that's what's gonna happen sent to Bridgewater for observant and I think. Today probably hopefully you know before the end of Russia will hear more and learn more about America's people went to school them and Wakefield I'd probably people went to a you know. And private schools after him roommates and he's right there -- -- may hear from some of them and all frightened watch if the number Dielman who hear from a now 61777979. 37 and out of the four minute. YouTube. Performance -- from cave on. He's hoping the tarnoff calls Avon you know we finally meets his hero. I almost feel better known he's insane like he's not. That the people account that he hasn't thought this out yet exactly. That there is no real plan committed doesn't make I mean there are other ways to get sex change surgery. He'll have to go to prison as a -- point means that the that the goal I don't know yet feel like you can probably just maybe. I've it's easy as the good morning Washington as we pay for sure it and I know his hero and a Muslim fanatics that really sympathetic to a drag queen ball cross Dresser almost without fail yes that they embrace them they love -- they're all together. But we should play I think he is not like he. Again in myrtle roomful of people you know it's. He's just nuts and you can make your own draw your own conclusion when you hear him because we do have lots of sound from him. -- we will play that when we come back 6177797937. Sadly for reasons I just explained the Norton Brothers Paula JP from stone will not be joining yesterday it was a long day for them. And they trying night when they pulled in the -- -- solve this maniac out there however. Our friend Watertown police chief Ed the -- Will join us tempted -- -- -- -- -- -- -- vote let's about a half an hour from now look forward to seeing him again. And we'll discuss what happened in Chicago seem like nice weather for baseball doesn't it here or Chicago that was -- commute in this morning off if you're just wake it up. The go back to bed after all the covers over then go back to bed I looked out on my back deck. There was an inch of snow. I stared out the -- out as an look as the show was warm and open look coat. Proceed with the weather area and I'm connectors can look and that's. It's that's all YE a -- that guy that commercial deal. That the yellow and cholera. And everything. It's just -- -- GM wind here. This is a burger I did like spring it was a good season and I thought that would right -- -- play worst that's not the more difficult the -- spring sports season. And I haven't softball baseball. -- this season lasts about three days and then it's still think there's a reason great baseball players and great golfers. Rarely come from New England yes yes yes they can only play like -- minutes a year that as a reason the guy from a rumba. Has trouble -- and 27 degrees why should Chicago moved to mistakenly goes ever with a stick like that what is called -- and take virtually taken him why -- like a good place to me are deep in the job of your years. Yeah when dot duo obviously a lot on the back nine I think you're on the he would fifty really 5013. Thirteen but at the gallery they had a poll you've done well for yourself for a financially secure. Here though. Believe me I asked on the way. Question he's not -- it goes there because he's gonna fall in love you enough of the good things about it yet gonna. Would ever see that place that green place and come back there remind him. You gonna go back and you're gonna come back physically but emotionally mentally is still going to be there. And I don't blame is a thing as an ISDN lines that works of Turks in those. No I thought the global. Tonight Rush Limbaugh lives on the beach in Florida and how we how we hampered his movement out Florida for the winter shows you could. If if if I just work here as a yes she did you hear my voice -- the whole thing that's sure I -- -- outline for the thirty minute -- obese or. Technically -- for an -- but. All eyes are open we'll talk with you as I said she had to boil water to Watertown police. Watertown. I don't have the tolerance and people say you shouldn't talk about it you to scheme in the tent and people -- know but so fascinating news story breaking news story that we -- -- -- idiots and he's a buffoon but it's something that -- talking about which was written -- that happened -- it's it's one of the most bizarre stores -- mean when -- that said -- real and I'm sure that's the -- thought and everyone else. And then it would you were getting tweets people going. The most as a they're there watching this screwball rundown on the street -- -- -- fail at backpack Stan. Oh which is in game what's his goal -- try to attach some logic to maybe that's who -- the comic next big mystic out we will hear more from Kevin cable on Edson. A 25 it'll -- we come back at the ball Watertown chief will be here full calls as well questioned police -- and salt. So far on this April's sixty week. At a fashion designer and on to -- Performance artist. A mental patient. A blogger blogger asked. Me jail bird. Any college are. You and me drag queen.

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