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Matt Chatham with Dale and Holley: Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

We speak with Matt Chatham, who re-tells his story from that fateful Monday and looks ahead to brighter things, including this year's marathon.

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The part that that professional sports played. Right down to the point of helping people the the iconic image of Joseph Andruzzi. Carrying one of the victims away from the finish line. One of our Franzen and a guy who co -- NFL Sunday with me every week. Was also there to help then was all with the Hynes convention center earlier today Matt Chatham joins us on the AT&T text -- and Matt. A court -- How Rio. What where. I gotta say we were sitting in the office watching what you were watching down there. There was not a a sour note whole that whole thing was just perfect. Yes not relative to. One of those there's so. I RE are probably one of the more. Sort of experts -- and you know really realized who. Just horrible human -- Russian backed. It prior to that story of all the you know the good things that you feel about the community and the school district to little criticism in -- intermittently throughout the last year we've got together with a lot of the old survivor of the -- Thursday. We do sort of for a little dust collector who ordered experience with a tour card so any time -- your part -- another group. You know -- we've been talking just the last few minutes you're talking about some of the things -- the stories of of strength and resilience. From the survivors and -- out of this tragedy. Some some powerful things -- messages and some foundations. Have arisen and how they one of those powerful things is. -- your relationship. -- what the person you helped. Rescue -- talk about how that relationship developed beyond. Hi April 15 2013. Well governor -- very special lady and you know our our curse god and whatever. However in order of the person -- like now could be out here. You know we're fortunate my -- you know person or -- sort of its creditors she's she's. Convince me and sort of a -- -- -- way and sort of smoke and it's there to stop trying to run up front little people there and the comeback because the that's who and you are open I didn't by the ambassador to the -- throughout -- and we saw other leg. Brutalized or what the issue what was it that -- and she told extraordinary that aren't yet herders -- who spoke about. The terror you have on Wednesday. You know -- just as much as wondered what it was going to be okay but actually they're ordering it and it almost it would stop the drop. Parachute should not ours was some people should still. We're -- now partnered with compartment -- -- they memorize some of them thought. So you know something drew me to overturn or Kirk Muller currently a grouchy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paul. Was you know it was a lightning that hit a lot of good -- year like this but. You know loose a lot of people did just -- and the government that the great. -- from mark -- you know I'm. It's not just can't answer that was equipment -- -- you statement that say that there are heroes because I think logistically realistically look at the situation. We'll tell all went -- and they're starting ordered our world world for the proximity to. YouTube will sort of lapse in court prior plus interest income and all these people and Carlos orbiter the repeal the worst of the so. It's not just -- so heroic on the facility open year are you currently these people want to -- -- -- -- Two. You know parole -- the -- Britain or travel issues. Were crushed and then all cement is -- recently. Beat people. You know really carry the -- -- it's not just the not just throw it on but just remember these cars are always victims which is not the sole survivor now. We're carrying on a continuing to sort persevere of these people these people have the whole lot. Ultimately to -- the -- unknowingly not so they eat they carry the burden and we are all extremely critical. Their really arbiter. You know I. I I don't know Heather Abbott the way UN and your wife do. But every time I've seen -- publicly I think this is the most positive upbeat person I've ever -- I'm sure given what she's dealt with physically over the last year she has bad days. But she just seems like the most positive person I think I've I've ever seen you know or better than obviously we deletion like that in real life. She's incredibly composed and you know that's. So Olympic struck well -- Ireland and slows looks terrible first moments. She awake and they concert straw that action. Some of the gore we were built at that point. If you would understand sort of surprised that mean of course she was -- -- in horseshoes. You know I haven't and terror grown they're at the time of pure electric on fire what should stay -- -- way to -- me in the way to remain cartons and it. Sort of -- the situation. Needed an airliner are The Who have been sort of turmoil altered she's she's done what needs to be conscious -- pot you're. I'm a number of times we've been together we're of the -- Well -- interviews so like that the support from the movies these knows who covered armored guys and wanting to go down the road. You will diverts Arctic are new to attract that you know big virtually no place in our market. For those you know it's it's really just more about. What happened how we're gonna go over comments all the other occupant who look to just little so much you can pick up. And we'll question them I think that's who would have rolled out pretty good -- goal -- -- Steve Lyons and I just want to you I'm sure you've. Talked about this many times over the years now with a year to reflect on it. -- reaction of how you found yourself in the middle of that and how you at least -- related athletically at all I mean how to do. You know some people would turn around some people would -- or other people jumping in and they're not even sure why have you. Come to grips with why you did what you did. You're I guess. -- suggestions. Something that then yeah I guess so it's not. Editors the muscle -- my -- for anything like that we generally gravitate towards people occur are reforms to go into. All the people who -- enjoy energy foundation -- People that are -- -- I mean just yards the other thing that strikes people as well heroic I hope people look how cute fellas. It just -- -- -- agreement -- minutes imagine seeing that over someone else to me that would be. Come -- that sort of Hart's formula no you know one of the things that you notice from let status. You know I'm going to be right on the act that would put the -- expect both of counsel nor helpful way that I would but they're the hundreds and hundreds of people that their. Doing what they're you know that particular body type for their particular. Sort of another tournament that people just hope for in people people praying over people people -- -- -- people really doing whatever was needed I mean. The idea that. It was really just a community of people cheering anywhere record overruling -- superstar who -- know. You know stand up and let -- -- and really -- -- -- comparable to try to talk about -- to retreat a bit such such real. And I think you'll sort of be a part of -- -- Matt what are your plans for. Marathon on Monday. Well I think that -- cute little my wife was running. Sure you're aware of that what my -- right and she's not America. Which is worker bought off and she's she's. She's ready rule and a cool little twists this year. No other has been. She's gone through you know multiple legs you know she outlook aren't you -- -- More work out where it should know one of the running later Chicago waterway which into the water almost kind of thing -- She's been doing her work diligently with Korea and -- -- the fuel to the year Austin. America on. Or -- from screw American technical but. She's being allowed to run prepare for her street dog while. So when my wife. -- there are certain that the world and she's going to be meaning -- there -- so stoked public record low scorer those among. Going to be an electrical will be just broke my wife gratitude to that point she's doing great good. Ready to finish well the virtual so. -- is going to be a day of fun and the liberation of wildlife and albeit formal all the people and foundation and -- -- grandstand ready to cooler weather shall. -- -- -- I know you've got to get to another event here as part of the of the festivities -- festivities is the wrong word you know what I mean and now we appreciate you taken a few minutes for joining us. And up please tell Aaron I've I wish the best of luck. Or regret all three or -- thanks Matt thanks for as a former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham. Who picked up at the rabbit. Inside the forum. Restaurant which is where she was. Game. Life threatening to -- Narrator to the ambulance physically carried her until they got the medical tent in the ambulance. And wooden sleeper. Until the -- doctors with her in the ambulance so that she could -- call and she knew that it was okay she actually know who Matt Chatham -- She didn't find out until later further on down the road she she didn't meet -- again until. Almost a week later I think when she got an opportunity to thank him for what. He did -- and in in her words saving his or her life. Well I liked his point that didn't matter who who Matt Chatham was or anybody else was nobody was his line there were no superstars are no standout who's this everybody. Are doing their part. Doing what they could to help whatever was in for him he's big guy. Play the National Football League so for him it was. Picking somebody up there and and carrying them to safety and for somebody else -- May have been. You know tearing off their shirt tearing off their belts you know trying to trying to help -- a tourniquet whatever whatever they can do -- somebody was cold somebody. You know needed help somebody needed to. A wheelchair. It it sounds like a bunch of people to try to do. Try to do the right thing. -- at 249 today there will be a a citywide statewide moment of silence we will participate in that moment of silence as everybody else -- these parts to 49 is when. The first bomb struck a year ago today. We've got some things that we will discuss throughout the course of the day -- David Abell who wrote the remarkable two part piece in the Boston Globe about the Richard Stanley. A will join us and talk about that family and how their healing it's dale and -- Steve lines in the house as well Sports Radio W media.

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