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Joe Andruzzi, Former Patriots OL: Reflecting on the Boston Marathon, 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Joe Andruzzi witnessed the attacks first-hand and sprung into action to help others when the blasts went off on Boylston Street. The former Patriots OL joined the show to discuss and reflect on that day.

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I joining us here in the AT&T I'll we'll get back in mr. Bruins issues -- Red Sox these next hour. Joseph Andrews who is a nice and up the Jonas a former patriot who. Was their right -- -- restaurant as this haven't went down a year ago today. Joins us on the AT and spotlight you're up like -- and Christian Torre today how are you. And I don't appreciate taken a few minutes. We asked the question earlier asked months ourselves you know what this last year has been like none of us were there. You were there and an all askew as you get cute today a year afterwards and six days away. From the marathon as it then -- more emotionally thought it would be less emotional -- -- beat these last couple days leading up to today -- Lot of emotion he Caribbean and tribute. It -- one of memories. Trigger. In your brain and -- compromise and he you'd think border conflict and in. Diego percent of and try and go out and be pretty decent campaign. Being. Partners. Hearing from their Horry -- -- -- On what could definitely year. And a group of dignity and aware moment voted. All right dorm -- and we haven't gotten. Stronger and there. Aren't. Or or no -- a lot of people in the city don't consider you one of the heroes on that day in helping others out just curious how. How many economic times as a test -- -- run that day over again your mind over and over again and in wailed question maybe you could have done this that could go and economic times. If you just sat there and thought about those moments. I've -- -- different -- my wife. Standing right on the -- on in looking our runners. -- -- -- -- former strong and -- I'm -- -- -- right again you know I -- the market and auto. You. -- -- -- one of our youngest runners on coming Bruins probably a half -- befallen these. -- -- we chose to go down the peninsula. And understanding about why we ought our arms and he. You -- -- Are being brought a basketball -- make -- a vacuum or. When my -- pointed out of three young girl trying to carry woman on the back. Expedia and that picture you your vote in it. You know Campbell ran over him in -- open. There you have the pick and done that are getting younger in the pictures obviously in. More of the story about thirty. The Internet and everything that was going on at that moment. And then finally you walk her immediately began back at all. And finding out. -- -- -- or. Pretty hard to. Know that -- holds. -- members can be back at the patient all runners in the air. And you don't know her body was OK excellent -- pretty scary. And on that apparent reach people -- -- old men only one of those and I know that -- was time. You don't that's that's my that's my question dear Joseph do you ever sit there and look up to the heavens and ask god it is he testing you is he challenging you because you directly related. Connected to with you know 9/11 with your Brothers -- America. And then he go with. The bombings of the marathon meet you figure more equipped mentally to handle with distance you can have a history in the past. And -- moved up which entered treatment could you know and and audio from -- let me and Mike almost seven. And through last year and news. Mr. Take that negative and make a plot. To move forward board go on and -- -- anymore paying. Our. Own world when you are in Cairo being a part of it and during -- stories he and British. Partnerships in the big and in the year. You could. Truly great. And I -- a -- foundational philosophy. Is our beat cancer and and all -- brought about he had a -- of about. Being grumpy he improperly he -- -- -- is hooked up times. And knowing that increased impairment. You're dead music -- current. They're trying to. Turnaround and -- sure that there are certain -- that they are prepared America Africa. Your foundation the -- Jersey foundation wanna direct people to that and what you're doing is part of this year's. A team JF marathon run as well it's there are many other people from your foundation that were with you there outside for amend. I'm curious what is the relationship been with that the people you help that day from the victims the sixteen amputees what has the foundation your relationship been with. Those not victim -- called survivor's. On this last year since the marathon a year ago. Yet there are -- -- vibrant and and there are some. Got to know had to have been pretty well -- true inspiration. On stories pretty amazing. What happened last year you know where should publish and he -- Greater prophetic leg. And -- you know and that it pretty Ukraine be they and everybody else here -- Parliament that they are still strong and missile with a polite. You're trying to get back to personal -- almost hear it happen and you know and my step still ought to close it got real close -- -- or -- that there. Or members of their -- Or chose to run this year. -- just go basic or ever -- crap out on that will be back there again next Monday. Cheer and all. Pretty -- -- -- -- 36 run CEOs and the those around. Are pretty much not view the runner and he the runners you have to -- chose to raise money. And -- hope all the -- boundaries and chip do you mark if you don't -- runners will be up there -- picnic. And he's been an individual sort of camp battle so. You know terrorism and commissioner Joseph -- a species dot org. Do you agree event coming up rock trio all all this Thursday and upbeat confident I would. Good friend money caulking -- much agree though they should have a great couple events leading up and America -- Should be a great day chair on all the problems. There will be an amazing week to lead up to oversee the one year anniversary today. Have you start to think about Monday Monday morning driving in. Being there watching it with that will be like. A little bit and -- -- more marketing group is very. You know from those memories behind in the making new memories now and believes Olympic course you know once and you can live and that's here -- Arab children you know prove people wrong that we are coming back there as a community. -- are stronger than ever and -- the true word. Joseph is -- are burning question in your mind that you'd be back there today did you ever say well maybe I shouldn't be back after what happened last year maybe take a year off. No matter at all they're new breed. So none of them are marathons he. That would go forward and you know they wanted it back we want to be back and you know we -- official start of last year. Joseph it's it's a pleasure to speak with you today no it's busy day an emotional day and you mentioned Joseph -- foundation dot org. Is the website you see a whole list of events they're putting the event on Thursday the team JF comedy night. How old -- out Joseph in Jersey foundation dot or people can check this out and we appreciate taking a few minutes and we will talk decent. Margaret. I don't -- Jersey and I have to -- a site here in the eighteenth the outline his website with the model up beat cancer. Which you'll have a a running team they'll have -- team JF tackling cancer. The erotic in the marathon they of their team Jennifer in Jersey are part of that team and some not others here listed as well. Aaron Chatham and always on that list as well and you can check it out and -- Jersey foundation dot org.

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