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Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombing one year later 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Mut, Merloni and Christian Fauria reflect on the tragic events on April 15th 2013 at the Boston Marathon and discuss how the city has changed.

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This was a heinous and cowardly act. And given what we now know about what took place for the FBI's investigating it as an act of terrorism. Long -- First bomb went -- I knew right away when it was an election being a problem and we need to leave. And not my -- -- we can't leave France there in the the second bomb went off. She got pretty hysterical home. Didn't wanna leave his sister and you have to -- but there have been -- it I got a call on the telephone from the tournament director and has an incident that was my -- can't really -- When that phone rang and you picked it up fortress on the feelings they had. Just don't release -- just have to cry it was cricket crazy about playing I was. But does so far no wallet and -- things you know I can help me at that point and I went to LA hotel make an event more accommodating know about an hour and a half. Later write how I wish I got on the landline and that was pretty much out of my day not contribute 25 miles you know and ensure that a little okay. There's this huge drop from school. And it's you know the Red Sox are planned to -- -- games everyone's just proud to be a new Englander. I know this has been impressed I know -- tried we'll continue throughout this region -- Kuerten tomorrow you're one of the first on his nine elevenths. Yes it was and you know -- most -- myself but down -- -- feeling down in New York. I'm sure as you're going that they -- and -- And you want somebody pushes us down. We're gonna get back up every time the not a war it's. The American people refused to be terrorized. Because -- -- world saw yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness. And generosity and love. And there is no don't mind my mind without hesitation looking -- decent police are simply assist us to do words. You know -- You know traumatic amputations and they were bouncing so fast and treating these injured there's been so quickly that they -- close -- that no government that it does certainty. You know -- Framingham mass. The end of my road was part of the room right -- framing him. Wake up as a kid going down Marathon Monday with a bucket of oranges it's what we've seen it's it's ours and for someone -- -- you know to try to take that from us. Particularly that innocence. He grew up here -- we all know each other the only the passion that we bring that we follow sports that's strength that we bring. How -- we feel about one another the toughness that we are innocent that's not going away. Tony gonna get stronger -- and give better in the support for those that are affected our hearts go out our prayers go -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Red Sox. In the normal patriots stay marathon game I don't think anyone knew that. Just hours later America I'll be changed forever -- and -- 937 WEEI Christian for Z spot in the house here as well and today we mark the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings and there -- some amazing amazing journals and today. I'm -- the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald some amazing TV coverage radio coverage here in the station. Early this morning and it's a it's a reminder and it's a reopening of a lot of emotions that we felt in the week following in the bombing of our event. You know hour marathon the Boston Marathon and you know a year after the fact they'll be a lot of tributes and it will spend a lot of time talking about it today how you feel now. A year later whether your worry a spectator watched at home whether you were directly involved. With the events themselves. It's hard to imagine anyone -- feel exactly the same because this was an event guys that. As we talked about the with the time a Christian we've talked about what you as well. Change of Boston Marathon and affect the lives of hundreds. He's in the city I almost feel like it was a yeah you know you notes coming you know you know the marathon drone according to a one year anniversary grown quarter. At any wickets Sunday morning and you've got this. Unbelievable piece about you know the mark for a -- Richardson a Bill Richardson and Neeson and all the kids and other going through things -- Henry in and and that was it OK here we go. Ago what was like that that the punch in the face as far as this that is what's going to be like this week you know all the emotions come back out again. Right the sadness the pain the anger all of that stuff and it that. That was the beginning yes they just continued on how to tell you read. You -- the last two days you read that -- you know on a -- -- Richard Daley labels piece in the Boston Globe -- and get -- I believe you know I mean interest just diskette Pruitt. It's here we go this is this is what it's going to be like this weakened and remembering. And honoring and coming back together again right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do kind of forgets. Not that not the event as a whole. But what you tend to forget what would tend to get to blossom -- in the cracks is just the stories all the stories you can't look at the paper. The Boston Herald today. And every single page is a story that somebody that you may or may not heard of you'd you'd type in bit Boston Marathon. Anniversary of the result of a bunch of other stories on the and everybody seems to know somebody. Who is either affected by it at the marathon but everybody's got a story to tell. Everybody's got a story -- and were were you that day immunity. This from Gaza -- you know obviously but not eleven different impact different situation. But everyone's always talking about where were you that day at that was going on what were you doing that day about got a story so. As we wanna hear you know it was a story. The world -- Because of me from -- Jersey who saw the of the day or are we were -- -- -- we root root trying to you to call in. With the -- I. I know I know you got out of the exit duo would just big -- Joseph your phone -- your phone -- attacks Emporia anger to what we're doing well Leo. I was I found that day I plan. You know for I was going into the city for. The first every every year we try immigrant front trying to plan a night in the city -- -- -- had -- all that stuff from. Plus we're doing we're gone in and casinos happening shut the city down so quickly. The whole tell that we're seeing now they will let anybody else they wouldn't let anybody yen. So the whole day and a whole night Diana watching the coverage on TV at all I did. It's it I mean in an in game to the next day and her my kids freak out my kids are so scared. Of everything that was going on me the windows -- -- my oldest is thirteen my youngest is two. You know so there was this there was seven year old in there there is an eight year old and there is a twelve year old and there are sorry they were. An -- there are freaking out I mean literally like scared to gold -- trash out. To mystery that's -- freaked out there because they thought that the terrorists were calming down. Two in our air 'cause no one knew where they were going -- their -- candidate record south and nobody knew they weren't. You know so every dollar Bosporus so I -- know user and I'm. I was like COLT league but I would see something. And that that -- be able to -- you react or just a ram their car I don't know I was well to do whatever was. I was hoping they were coming my neighbors and has sort of put my hands on. You know but -- relate to having to explain it to my kids. -- what is the what the real store wasn't it wasn't that far what they -- shown on TV. Again there's a lot of there's lot of talking going on there is a lot of explaining. Lot of common down. You know and I guess that the before my -- on. The data we we did we did that show that did that awesome twenty minute show. Right right there when he minutes of the right -- ended it was you know you gotta go to Fenway Park and and we had plans my wife's uncle actually ran and it's so. Her father her or at the finish I wanted to meet him after the after the game the night before whether it's social hospital to about 1:30 in the morning my son had like an infection. Had to give immediately known -- had to get like this. This little thing removed off Christian and it was just undecided as my face and it was awful awful experience all night results reflect five hours. He's scream and yell at my wife screaming you know there was screaming on -- an emotional night the point where. Are -- are not doing this -- up normally good out there and do the show would come right now make sure everything's good. You know so we don't go to the finish line we don't go and sit and wait you know and in her father her onto her. The early the block away running down the street running over across the Charles not knowing where they're going to know what they're running into. Right in -- going to anything huge running. And by some for so it was. We knew what was going on to the TV on back home. And it was just for him even now this week you know he sees this coverage on the on. On TV and it's -- is that. That's from the fire. They fired Boston you know the smoke that's in the -- there was an iron -- that that's what it is to him you know and did you immediately start talking about Boston strong. Right after it but it's it was it was just the fire that was just smoked -- you don't use for not 7812. And I got to sit there explain what's going on right. Yeah I know it it's it's amaze me you sit there do you think about you -- -- us. This how people's lives change there's this movie called sliding doors and -- about this this couple how they -- And how big guy got on the strange if you what initials to different versions of this life. How what happens when he got on the train and -- and his girl who's soon to be like them and what happens since he missed a trade. So you think about you talk -- go to the finish line no I -- in my we have -- -- what happened with you that day but just how different. Things happen based on -- small decision makers the cutters all these people. You know watching the marathon at the criticized for one reason or another and how their lives from one more in the wake up everything's great bat we're doing everything great. It makes you know -- it just completely changes. Yet the attitude. They'll do what I find it courageous gratifying to see -- compelling is just the attitude -- got a fantastic attitude. Fantastic attitude where they could easily just kind of just put their head down -- -- for the rest of their life they don't and that in itself. It is you know it is -- the reason why -- it's if it affects so many people. You know you look and it certainly is the rate to 9/11 how many people that affected in that city you know outrageous -- You you'll you worked in their building. You know we didn't work in the building you know you gonna believe get a reading go to building every day when it came at a marathon. Is there anybody around here that has never gone the official. You know is anybody that -- -- -- -- god or gods -- we are thought general yet you go public -- -- reality school Colorado and everything else and -- -- people that it is more of molecular gossip battle we have moved the at a 1012 years we haven't gone yet. But -- what percentage wise -- Everybody embraced our band that America. I've been down that street I've been on the corner. You know -- in the randomness of it was at the stores like I did you know I was going not going. You know all I was there ten minutes earlier. I was there that day via an apt to be over their set across street -- little sleep so you grow so close to -- -- every -- that's how it just. Academic news talk about it and that opened the end of my street premium just walked in a -- but a gorgeous every year marathon record industry. Each cell number and amount to the heart attack I don't know why don't you okay. I demand for water supply demand or you don't clutter it's kind of acknowledge that that's where it hits everybody. The -- that this everybody's. It's been in and in that spot via and there are. It's you know did the twenty minute show and my -- than four months old was by white school first with the school vacations I just left the -- -- he went home. And -- lock able to -- funding quite frankly bitch the traffic rerouted rightly felt like OK which way can I go get a marathons like only go this way to get Holman. You start -- and the Texan and tweets in the -- explosion. City a manhole explosion of people thought at first it was just utilities or explosion. And you find out that it was an attack on the Boston Marathon. And you find out afterwards that people died in the -- at one point there in the at the amount of critical condition. I think the number was close 200 people in critical condition. In the hospital most people. Have made it in those people maybe -- to be hired death pool quite frankly. From that and that Israel's nation that OK we gotta get these guys and that led to the rest of we talked about look outside unseated the rest that week which led up to -- to -- Friday night or read to open it worked out Friday. There was nobody on the streets in its sit in Watertown to shut down as the shoot outs one on. But the beginning of the dead a daylong manhunt what a strange -- those guys those Friday morning ask a little work to do the show. We what do strings drive -- -- Friday morning I don't know company and you know we actually we were on the year some more we work. But driving in here in the -- manhunt is going on. And immediate firing Iceland have remembered driving interest what's -- kind of got the pike and hearing it would frighten -- driving a kind of my head there's always here -- -- I -- he just kind of look around you look up rooftops right -- it really emulate. Exhibit there you know it you're just you're looking. You know all this gold on is like a ten minute drive based in the -- a year whatever it is but you just look at her -- I like you said got to -- spot -- because somebody I don't know I saw somebody history you know all -- that area. But. Just empty nobody and wrote nobody out there and it's anecdotally walking down Lake Charles. Oh yeah it's -- it's just it's just so everybody. Is connected to -- even my son had this his muscled coach. Was -- where works for some telephone company -- -- doing some kind of electrical work and he was in Watertown. During the shootout. And he's he's talking about he's here in the gunshots and he's quick on this one almost all he's trying to -- work and is and it was tells a story were all the proceeds went why that's -- real he's and he's. Up on a telephone easily Portugal -- he works like always you outscored on networks at night while at at -- worse all of -- are where the AU basketball game this tournament. And where were all of us and exceed all Somalis so somebody else -- groundless in the next some comes groundless and everybody wants to know will -- One on you to say accidentally to stock -- I. It appeals to a dollar and everybody is always cares out. Nobody cared who's just it is one off for so long it was just amazing how just. It is for about six degrees of separation and it's. One. -- as you said this is and at that we're gonna remember today -- more to take your phone calls through your text messages. -- throughout the course the show at 6177797937. Is the phone number the AT&T text line. It's 37937. Imagine today there's is amazing journals and everywhere. Maybe policy at the top the list because that I gets there's a lot of things tied for number one OK and we -- like things are tied in sports talk but they're a lot things are tied for me. And right there at the top of the Boston Globe covered today and it's got a picture of one year one city and today it is a group of people affected by. And -- with the marathon and the attack. All taking a picture there are right there at the finish line and inside there the inside cover. They talked to different people involved and just get there their take on you know hobble last year has gone. You know what what has it been like how would you change you know court Christopher Loper. Who worked before restaurant you mentioned. Joseph Andruzzi before -- Jersey Matt Chatham were right there. In around -- form as that second bomb went off Christian -- -- Loper saying I'm a much greater appreciation for the people I work with. This year's marathon is going to be the biggest and most emotional marathon. Yet. You have other people that are are listed here. Chris Troy Donald who works for the marathon saying have a chance to bring this event back to what it has always -- it is very important to us. Ops yet these different perspectives here for people that are involved people that were there are specifically. That day. A man in the camp physical for therapist I'll be running this year for those who can't. In memory of the victims families first responders and runners who run together this is out or race. Outward data gonna read these drop the course of the show -- -- jumping off point to ask you guys. You feel any different a year later viewing -- an attack by two terrorists on. Your city the city of Boston any sporting event that that -- said I quite frankly took Randle get that part of it but. You grew up right near there has been apart the fabric. Of the city of Boston a year after. The events. And we'll get your response in the phones in Texas well. You feel different at all on April 15 2014. After the events what happened a year ago. You -- is any gift. It's in -- is their big difference you sense and I I've does it feel like IKEA I took a closer city you know me it's -- -- During the Olympics. You know everybody's patriotic right everybody's USA you're watching hockey USA I feel like the city of Boston all of a sudden. We -- below moment knows about your city was a ball the pride. That you had here it was about actually you know senior you know it's always there. But seeing the people of Boston. Going above and beyond doing whatever took to help those that are in pain you know that was bureau policy. So I felt like you so you right now I feel like you have a closer city like -- -- I mean it's even 9/11. The reality is is you know you do forget in you know here we are now a year later in -- it's a possible forget now -- were honoring the way we should. But she's doing time you know what was it like three months ago that I have that same feeling three months ago that word a tighter city. You know here we are again this week -- -- comes back together again I think it's a good thing. You know as far as in how to -- as it changed my life I know it did you know immediately following. Right is it human nature -- Popular that's 68 months later but right away -- -- didn't affect you when your life in your family in the way you look at your son. The way you look at your wife that we looked at every loved one in your fairway you looked at doing normal dated a finger -- -- for the next couple weeks are you looking for backpacks I was who's got the back but I just look around we'll look -- -- -- you feel now and December. In November. -- certainly for me not every day I think going to endure the Red Sox World Series games and if you walk up if he ever tip that the. In an elevator up to the press level org to be different public likes of staff flights of stairs but there -- of that they're -- you gotta go up level by level. -- right cross the street from the top level. There -- these snipers. All around Fenway Park made there are snipers. Everywhere they're quite that we're building directly across two snipers in full gear. With their guns position and just another got two guys -- binoculars and a total look and that was the reminder for me. I can't think public while bases. The south going to be for major sporting events now in this city you know whether -- Dubrovnik a Stanley Cup on the Stanley Cup finals to have just a -- -- there that that feeling and talking about tickets. Actually feel it it's sad right that we do Politico. Because. You know if he did live life if you remember how you felt a couple weeks afterwards. If you could live life like that. That is awesome. Every if you could just live life like every single day wake up and appreciate every single thing around you no matter what it is. That is awesome. Fortunately. You can't or it's tough to the net I mean it's not just actor's life gets in the way right because your kids get in the way we're doing the -- don't ignite it pissed that you can't be yeah. He's obviously yeah it will. Not recognize that -- ago I. Group and LA but there's really no. You're from LA it's very it's a very transient city right so there are some people who were born there and re either but a lot of you'll come divisional no love affair for their teams. You know that's what is NFL team there dual goal of the lakers game when they win because it's indoors they can dress up and they can be seen. Go to -- USC game or UCLA game in the summertime the places is empty in September and October because it's hot it's staged by smugglers. So I take from this you know you talk about -- your city you go around anywhere in the world. You'll see people with Boston Red Sox hats on out of here where you go you'll find them. And before it was always an -- connection. To a team there was. The boss think to me the Red Sox had represented the patriots are represented the Celtics. It represented the -- represented everybody sitting they've already Edison middle and it but it really represent all of this team yes because it that's just the the main hat. So now. When you go around. It just represents something different you don't need to have a Boston strong -- on it you know it doesn't have to have a you know -- and it just tests say Boston. Red Sox who will be. But I think it means something to anyone who's from the -- and if -- go on vacation or you take a trip on an airplane you go somewhere in BC somebody else. I think there is a more of a connection. Collectively. As to what the city itself means what that day means what. What what impact he had on you so. And in the that'll be a discussion that'll be summoned -- -- bring you closer together for whatever reason I don't know but it's not some dignity in significant. It you know arbitrary. For him. Sporting event that then that that it represents now I think you mean something different. Yeah I feel like four. For periods during this time to lose right you'd it's tough to hold on to that feeling for an entire year and it's it's I think it's just reality of but in the aftermath. I think it made a really big city. Seem smaller. You know it made it seem like a small community times when you would. You talk to people who were involved -- to it if anyone went to some of these -- -- for some of the victims in the amputees that where there in the support. People came -- -- -- -- -- small town in central mass and so when it would someone. Someone got some was hurt in there would be this huge sort of responses somebody in that town in Boston -- -- like. Also has Aussie Taylor but -- a huge city. Sometimes things kind of slip through the cracks. I felt like this he said brought together. It made us feel like for awhile and not the entire year loose right. But it ties made it feel like a small town the way people responded and help out others when he read the Richard's story and you read that. They physically have so much money -- or how to deal we don't want to do with that because somebody people help they come home from the hospital. And it and it and the -- families. Bill Martin's co workers have come. And basic picks up the whole house probably nuclear flowers -- -- Richard pharmacies make it to end of flowers or painting the house. And you go. It's a reminder that yes it's a city but it felt. Another response to a lot of this to be felt like a small town and it was a reminder -- the motives there's not always visible like -- but sometimes. The way we respond is a city. Bellic a small town and that was my. That was my response last year -- so. And I made you sick or should I mean there are. A lot of people who wanna talk about this a lot of people who either were there that day. Fred transit -- that were there that they make a marathon a yearly event it will still be part of their yearly events probably. Our next week will take those phone calls. Off throughout the course of the show at 61777979837. As the phone number 617779. 79378. TT -- line is 379837. I told jet. I can't pick and choose to their 345 things that are tied for the top my list of the must reads today. Well we'll talk about we go back is Jeff Bowman who writes a thank you letter. To the city of Boston -- Boston Herald that is an absolute must read we'll talk about that get your phone calls -- and Lou and Fauria 937. WE. It's something that. What we do. And is something that is the -- nation. Is that content suffering. The pain. But some -- coming -- and some. How many. Some. What happened on the field. This effort. In. It's on and this I'm. Struggling right now but that. Because.

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