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Barry Melrose, ESPN: On Bruins RedWings and the Playoffs 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Barry Melrose joins the show to discuss the Bruins upcoming series against the Red Wings, the possible return of Dennis Seidenberg, and the NHL playoffs.

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One network. -- and -- Christian Fauria 37. WEEI -- A lot of the -- they remembering the events of one year ago. The attack for the Boston Marathon with prospect will be one of your way through if you will join us as well and also ahead. -- Friday Sunday first few games for the Bruins and the red wings were struggling to Rio for. From the Bruins I'm curious to Barry Melrose of ESP NS with us today on behalf of enterprise won't get to that. Feels the same way that -- what I do for sure I'm not sure about -- but. This is the worst of all the matchup she could've gotten between Philly in Columbus and Detroit your award for the trophy go a best. Like -- NHL. Is Detroit Barry Melrose joins us -- -- Lou and a Christian today Dario. We have -- spent a couple of days a couple of weeks saint anybody but Detroit bury anyone but that red wings team in the first round. For the Bruins what was your reaction now what -- Reaction was to get this veteran team getting injured players back this first round -- it matchup. Although -- make my assets when the presidents' trophy away and you. One of the strip for hottest teams in NHL come to know the Olympic break. Detroit been great since then I think it certainly need to increase since Olympic break attitude back. That a -- got to be Colson during that period there's -- an emergency at night -- submerge you have targeted emergency. A -- called salt to go along with the other players they added they wanted to deadlines series. You're exactly right you know it seemed like it's not fair that Detroit is it your first match -- not saying that. I don't think anyone can beat Boston -- I think he bought some common blazer game. Which they've done the last you know three or four years and play out again even does he try to beat them -- -- at the right time and had a great finish to receive and -- relatively healthy as you can be in the NHL. Great goaltending great defense. Four lines you can score and they got -- power play this year for the first time -- for -- -- And I I don't know if you're -- and you're certainly so did you get Detroit but I don't see anyone being bought. But yeah IC just kind of he's used follow up -- -- -- my question is who you're talking of the NHL's best record for the bronze in a four great lines one of the best goalies in the NHL. But there but the rules are one of three -- season against the -- Bradley's. Everything you said convince me again why this wouldn't be a problem in the playoffs -- they obviously could figured out during the regular season. Oh yeah and it didn't. Things happen in the playoffs we've we've seen a lot of upset and image or seven games. You know we see teams that are finished seventh or eight go onto went on the cut corners on the cup finals so. They certainly can happen our sport is it more to do that because of the parity in our sport but Boston. And intensity are during the regular season. Bigger ratcheted up even higher come playoff time Marseille becomes more of a -- Bergeron becomes a better two way player. -- becomes an even better second center the fourth line becomes an even more dangerous for blind so. Nobody nobody. Comes in the mortality and -- in the Boston Bruins saw. You know they just have become all day -- -- -- -- to stop the -- -- control that student they got to control obviously and I quit now and let those guys beat them you try to trying to play a very fast game obligated to get away from -- more of a grinding physical game. I got I -- you gotta be a dominant force at both ends of the ring so Bruins know what -- have to do today. They've done it over a number of years now and then -- they always have a degree in -- blank arguing and agree. Preparation coaches seem to always ready to play mentally and physically saw I I know look bad and -- mostly. Do you -- we don't need this but again I called him on being bought -- He'll bury you we look at this Bruins team and obviously very very solid team with the season at -- has epic was outstanding regular season. One concern which you look at these defenseman and look at the lack of experience to date do you have going into the post seasons saying if they weren't a stumble. That might be the area. All these years. You know we sit out last year to -- and the young defenseman played very well for Boston. Boy just -- had a great -- for Boston he's really. Since Seidenberg went out he really. Increases the level play. But you -- -- strength back here you always got Chara. -- -- -- You can't really reluctant and you can't have the best of everything you've got the best -- five things -- just mentioned we all. If you want arrogant and you're not maybe as good as the mother looking to manage -- -- -- -- the -- -- and obviously -- -- Without making a big -- but -- -- -- back. But it just means to board technically better and he did. We're talking to Barry Melrose -- piano wanna talk about Tuukka -- -- per second -- you're always. On there with Steve Levy talked him goaltenders in the NHL -- the running when all last year. Put a lot of people eighties here Bruins they OK were passed. Tim Thomas Rask can be the guy. He followed up pretty well this year to I'm curious where you rank can be easy. In the top three is the top five at these last couple years how -- would you put to grasp on goaltenders in this league. I think most people that watch hockey. A lot. You know also called expert could have minute talk street. You look around you know there's Hendrick Lundqvist of course although he never won a cop. -- -- all you have is Ryan -- -- -- -- more about -- for a while but he struggled down the stretch. You know all added but I think when you're talking about the arguments of wobbled and he had -- grousing -- stop. You need to into the finals. He'd -- got to go under and regular season. Very rarely plays had a bad game very very consistent. Has done an international stage so. Two grass certainly are right up there and anybody else in the NHL. And they're ready to look at. -- side Burk situation on -- way you are with this but the I don't think they're counting on him but he skating now I don't know that he's bored or what but. Any chance at all in your eyes he could see this kind of policies that make a deep run. We -- just -- prison -- had a stroke he's back playing right now also loved the guard and treaty. And you know as far as I'm concerned. Bosses say in the old old old but if a guy skating -- -- he's not that far and come back so I will not be surprised. If you see seaside -- all the world grieving come down there's this and in the Boston garden and jump on the bench and play salt. And did an amazing sport guys played well wolf -- London last -- injury he played less salt. I think cal none Seidenberg I don't think so but as legitimate guys skating he's not that -- compliant. Are you talk about the craziness of this Borden. And the parity so what forsee has the best chance to to -- put up to pull off an upset. I would YE I would say. I look at -- this a -- -- -- possibilities I would say. Columbus. Give you look at Pittsburgh. That the -- situation. Haven't played well last two years. They being the head -- so we're getting guys back. Columbus who got but Barack inept. A very hard goaltender. You know that that could -- -- -- -- -- upset that altered and see I don't consider fighting for an upset in the NHL sometimes even. You know all is. So extreme because of their good point or not that much difference but you know home. I think you're you're looking at a real upset you I think Columbus -- -- he had a chance to get good for all it can handle. You just got to look at what -- did last year in Pittsburgh for the six games. Two of them in overtime. You don't worry does not have great mold your right now in the playoffs so I don't promising from all of this horse enrolled early. Also the people start saying here you go again well. You know you'd be booed everybody it will beat everybody in the NHL. Go back to that they'll -- talk about the parity you're not the only one I've heard -- Columbus over Pittsburgh here in this first round. The last eight years twice as many four teams who won the presidents' trophy. I got knocked out the first round and actually won a Stanley Cup it supported to. Why it why is it's still parity filled what you point to that first round and makes it. So tougher teams that are great in the regular season the best teams in the NHL the regular season. Are twice as -- last eight years get knocked on the first round actually win a Stanley Cup. He got a lot of times the president trophy winners articles into. The playoffs not playing meaningful games where it would seem that any city would probably have to gold. Seven entry in Alaska and injured in all. -- force public had to get into the playoffs. So I'm big believer is much more important -- you're playing going into the playoffs. Then where you finish. Sorry you can't turn good play on -- not he just can't. Not played meaningful game -- Ten games and and all the sudden put on your playoff had to be ready to go also. I think that's why and you know we got good organizations who have -- organizations in the NHL we got. Everybody veterinary -- to Smart guy. We draft well. You look at Colorado Colorado. Yeah supply -- to. Person -- a prisoner at a Saint Louis and ahead of Chicago also everybody is Smart guy in the NHL around degree rendered teams and and go to Drexel now that coaching in the NHL is so good. So strong. There's just no bad coaches union NATO and -- -- there's no there's no weak sisters to beat up on everybody's everybody appear ready to play holding neither well from -- you might need. Better teams but mentally physically everything seemed to be ready to play the opening round of the playoffs. All right so you're already on the record Joey let's play for everybody -- prediction the Stanley Cup -- -- playoff run Chicago Blackhawks are coming out of the west. Because they know how to do what they play for the Stanley Cup the last four years and oh by the way they want -- to allow for years. Keith Seabrook came cave. Sharp holds up and their -- -- Crawford have already wants them up profit and same thing. Great goaltending they've been started up to a the last three years and they won one that's of deep across the Bruins team that. Great on special teams great defensively. Bergeron in the middle crazy in the middle -- of supply and the muscle. These two teams will be playing together against each other in June and is going to be the Chicago Blackhawks in seven games. You ripped the hearts out of Boston -- -- Melrose politic and so up close to a game seven last year pretty good about what I just. I'm thinking of the Stanley Cup and then we'll try to prove you wrong -- weren't at the that's all. I have I have lol I'll probably you on -- in -- could easily listen I think they're -- lived for five best organization in any shelf. The Bruins are all different black caucus certainly. As good if not better. And organizations all. Would not be surprised to -- here and a couple around either from black people and point of view. I would love that matchup it was great last year to be great this year. Very witness a master enterprise rent a car what do you have going on with those guys this week. Or apple put up bunting and -- president of partner advantage over five years -- means let's do some fund an abandoned well we came up what was that Patrick challenged. You -- the web site -- -- NHL dot com. There's going to be three questions every day the player restaurant every -- and you know after two months and if you have just requested very few good actress. And at the end of the durable Patrick. -- -- -- to the all star game in Columbus to free -- to the all star game in Columbus I'll be doing it all reacting quite a hundred days I challenged me to be with me. You -- -- -- your body can get game couldn't be with your family it's all -- on. But again it's just a way to increase the level of little participation in the blast and and -- hockey fans have fond watching the games and answered some questions sold against Patrick died NHL dot com I'm a single look I think you'll enjoy bird on every day there's a game out loud talking you know allowed for a long long. -- -- it's two months that this is like a hole the prince he's not only -- very odds very easy it's two tickets and a trip to the all star game next year it's Patrick dot NHL dot com and he's got Blackhawks. All the Bruins Berry thank you so much enjoy the play also -- decent. What are you -- here.

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