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Shawn Thornton on the Red Wings 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to preview the upcoming series against the Red Wings.

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May fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan and yeah -- is here as well our conversation which are important. Is brought you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk power equipment Sean has always joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning to support our U. We're all we're doing very very well -- we spent the first three hours of this program sort of reflecting on. The changes to individuals that changes in the city and -- the light seemed to be out shining the darkness based on the one year anniversary. Of the bombings at the -- thought looking back on that day and this year shot special observations from you and your teammates as as you and your team. The Red Sox and that organization. Played a significant role in the healing process in and around these parts. -- Like hearing that but also aware that we'd just like. What happened last year's result license. A lot of people were. Affected. So it's it's really hard for part -- history. We're happy to be a distraction. About I -- Try the product out there for three hours. People aren't aware of what's really going on it all out out of our. In the day we we just break it so. Well. Which you are for you personally and some of your teammates personally as well it was more than going out playing a game at the garden there were there -- hospital visits there were phone calls there were there were personal things that you and some of your teammates did that I think made a difference in people's lives. I hope so. A lot of people around the city that a lot of things. How -- you know we were happy all of our. Yeah I know you lived near a live near Spalding and who was convenient for you what you did. Make a number of visits over there can you just tell us one or two people that. A left main impression on you and and what was it like to see the progress there were making as is you went over there on a regular basis. It was. There are a lot of flooding perspective I don't all -- a true. I got a lot of pressure. Forgive me I don't numbers they're one of the guys don't. -- know -- was. I've gone out and keep the drop its I think he's spot as. Part of the bands they want to buy apps. At an outdoor is like all the garbage and question how is it that you you bought it to recognize that person. I think the Gordon Brothers. Are correct yes yeah you have a chance to talk to somebody Walter Reed a couple of weeks ago right with the Ortiz Ortiz put. You're in the form on the phone the fan. Yeah. Pretty that was pretty cool spot a spot equality. That there aren't -- very rarely that all elderly are quite. But whatever wrote it -- like I call it must be important sought picked up. I think it offered stock based all aspects but not really a baseball that -- but well. You have so that is Greenspan octave and then. A telephone news I guess who's happier approximately one. Well I got to marketers conjured up the cup. They are you aware of that with all due respect to the Boston Bruins some people some hockey fans do favorite player in the NHL. -- a young guy by the name of Justin Johnson you you started to meet this to me yesterday and I checked out. He urged a cigarette he knocked the crap out of Jon Scott. He. US and its. It's ever. You might not in -- out again. He. In the -- -- evidence that he thought Obama chip and you'd you write about items that matter who argue that it had to -- -- gone a couple but it. Was is Justin Johnson a known commodity if you wasn't he has now. What was his reputation. Well I think it really -- HL. It's up to me -- -- NHL I was out there. Talk in the public. They call a a lot. Not a -- -- look pretty good reputation dominant view in. US lefty did you not against Scott. Right. That's pretty that was pretty helpful to him and it all begins the second season on a Friday night it's it's safe to say that of all the the teams you could have drawn. Your first drug experts say this might be the most different and beat the certainly one that had the most success against you. -- puck control team a lot of speed up big and physical at bat like the Bruins it's are lucky European team player on Friday night right. Agree that there at Morgan -- over the video but Tennessee's mullet style of play is -- but I played there are very skilled very -- all the puck a lot usually try and but it back regroup and to speed and puck possession. Well -- the power bill. Where a lot of effort we were more crashing back. And yeah we get back. So it's -- in match up well. We like it and equality that there are so. World -- that was what we we worked hard. During the regular season. -- shouldn't matter what you -- -- or -- -- -- yes. I know you won a cup on this team but it was a struggle it was a long drawn out battle for the playoffs right now what you see here. On this team the 2014. Boston -- -- feel like. The best Bruins team they've ever been a part of John. I don't know what's on here. And I thought they had a playoff server. A battle. -- year. I think if if you're lucky at the end. It is a war that there I don't expect that be any different if we're fortunate if their share. As a matter although they beat -- three out of four times this year from your perspective for their perspective when you get ready to play Friday night is that any factor at all. It's a difficult is that he's an -- that -- as quickly and it was really doesn't matter but. Thought it. -- -- jotted in my -- -- radar a little bit knowing that there are challenges you know not just gonna. So well -- where -- -- Our -- response early all the challenges so I don't like actually. By most accounts up Las Vegas included and all the hockey experts as well. They have the Bruins as the most complete the strongest the toughest in every single almost every single aspect you can break down a hockey team. As the best team in the playoffs right now is that a good thing or a bad thing for this team psychologically we know coaches -- Belichick probably quote. Liked to play the disrespect card nobody district but this respecting the Bruins usually out of the playoffs. Honestly. Indifferent are we we don't really its actions that stop civil. -- favorites underdogs. Even money -- it doesn't matter where. Really just oracle going out playing all the other stuff. It talks about the way. -- sounds so cliche true that's -- that's success that we just we really hope so what's going -- courtroom focus on. Belonged at the -- -- that but the evidence. Obviously -- has done an amazing job this year and no one's questioning anything he he's doing anymore. What's -- like in the locker room does he have. His herb Brooks moments -- league that you guys all fired up before you take the -- on Friday. -- Also our room he's been here for now 78 years I've been here. He's an amazing coach I think that. The workforce. -- -- guys around a long and he doesn't need to do the rock rock rock. We take ourselves be ready small arms. But that it -- where we're already EU will let us know. I'm not sure I have watched. He's the country's media is more. How -- he can be. I felt so much criticism for those sort of locally get fired up because it. He's. Got a really good feel for letting -- You know what is believed in. Honestly and -- not we are. It really really good for us every year violated if it was sort of realize that. Let let out. What's an example the coach cold or somebody else not being honest was at me elect told somebody had -- fine when they're not I don't get that would that mean. Be sure but I don't I'm not vote for sure but it is. It about god and how he's not currently is supposed to -- during -- it's. What are caught let the light so. Spot. I'll not play well clear up player properly here or not let Butler. Hit by a player -- He has no problem but you know but it -- in the right way if I don't wakes up. Which are -- played a year now with him I'd always been heard of sometimes he's healthier now to -- to -- -- -- with Ericsson now for a year what's your impression haven't played with him here for the season. He's got the best actor ever seen as far as turning pucks over and I've never ever seen anybody picked off or is. Or pocket and you don't. Played against ample signs before and getting Ares. Really Smart on -- skill. -- is forever think that is just. Please -- -- and they showed the little things he does that really. Felt my mind duchess picked up fox that could stick it up around people or it goes public order don't. Just. I know the Bruins have a day off yesterday you're back at a today so this might be a more fair question -- tomorrow or the next day the day after that when -- breaks down the footage. And shows what the priorities -- personnel wise on the red wings. Is that little speedster boost off night -- near the top the list of things you gotta be careful of. Probably your answers. In your question answered Portland -- paper. I'm sure he will -- that -- Ortiz opened whole place up in just a ridiculously -- you know you can't. To. If he's a special talent they've got a good job quicker at getting ready in the -- which is the real deal so. I don't play negate that a lot yeah -- opportunities appear. He's. What -- -- -- -- guys out on the outside I'm not sure result you have an -- I think that they're -- -- dangerous. If we put the radar gun on skaters pi day or night -- wins. I hit a courtroom goes -- public. And how -- is. -- -- If you're Mike Babcock final question and you were prioritizing guys that you really have to handle the Boston Bruins. Audio listed and in what order Chara. Again look. Bergeron will forget took -- the goaltender out of this think who would be the most important guy to shut down if you're Babcock and red wings Chara a gambler Bergeron. -- other myself out -- yourself. Not. Bergeron I think that. Is without a doubt about two way player and Eric Shelton the I don't think it's almost cracked. She's probably. Well second I think it does -- -- get caught up. And now as far as of -- defensively -- -- sold -- -- about what people forget about it but he. He got a lot of what you're what you wanna -- but he chooses to play defense first and. Nice job at Braintree high school yesterday at the accused -- paying attention what you had to say. -- For. All -- did anyone know who John Dennis was in these you know. I was elected editor what we would we want us. The F 14115100. Kids in the gigantic gymnasium and we walked in and there's a standing ovation I looked at the ornaments that. I feel like I feel like Jordan speed walking up the eighteenth the Bubba that they're -- for -- remember you told me that story while you're texting you run home an anonymous. We don't text and drive do we shot. So right Edward we have some good news shows and join us sought after every bruins' playoff game between now and midnight they win the cup the day after they win the cup. John back to work we'll talk -- down the road. John Thornton with Dennis and Callahan -- conversation with -- is brought you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk -- quit.

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