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Boston Strong one year later 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Our montage to honor all those impacted by the terrorist attacks one year ago.

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The world some -- explosions. The current. -- and her song near the finish line. These explosions occurred -- few hundred yards apart and didn't seem. Resulted in multiple casualties. Stay what did you see that wasn't on your video. Wars of blood and badly leading people. Relatives legs everybody. What are body parts those types think. -- on the sidewalk and why it was that big. If he were you thinking at that point you're gonna make it not really many you know actually when Carlos -- happen. Threw me into the wheelchair then that's they're not minorities. Yeah I ended. And so he was on his back and he hasn't seen what had happened to his lower legs is that right Carlos. It is trying to buy I avoid -- be to see what happens -- -- You will. Turn every -- -- people responsible for us any response individuals. Responsible groups. Will feel the full weight of justice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you gunfights cited in my in my series a lot of exchange. Rounds at some point people behind. And the second vehicle Honda civic and they had via open the trunk in connection playoffs concede something being hurled at them. In the end is a huge explosion. In. That turn out to be depression program. Mom and all of -- -- I heard very loud. I never heard a gunshot support that I wasn't able to it immediately against diet after it kept getting louder and louder and put -- I started here Bojan and at that point I realized something was wrong. We found out that guy you saw -- Run over literally by his brother. Without problems. He did you know ability you know yeah. That's -- -- I just get choked up every time I think to what they did what they've done. That's Friday morning Dallas site. Just incredible to me. How -- home -- they weren't too feeling -- like they were in and to bring these guys to. To justice EMC and still be alive for just right. I don't -- yeah subjecting our city. -- -- -- There and.

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