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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Repetition Edition 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

We tackle four topics relating to the struggle of repeating in sports.

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Well it is his first opportunity to experience what we like to call for a four. Not calling this. -- -- has brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible. Michael prince let me down today. Listen. A genius like France. Expected genius to be on all of that -- Has -- share of clunkers but it -- the beauty of being genius bar. -- -- -- -- -- So that the topic today is about repetition prince's -- uncle Julian repetition figures be perfect it's the slowest. Office ever. He's trying to make you understand what differences between February repetition that you listen to the reputation -- And -- rejoice there. And wait to be patient. -- elderly patients -- and these attributes real. Played if you want Michael with you know note yields were. Now now. All right question number one now -- Red Sox are thirteen games into their world championship defense. Everything has been the better is the biggest obstacle for this team to overcome and fulfill their goal of repeating end they repeat. Like I do get a kick out of the fact that thirteen games into the defense in the world championship and oh by the way they're two games out of first in the American League east. And yet the hue and cry back in Boston is it's all over it's not one break it up. It's pretty simple guys health. May have dodged a bullet here with android hope coach he hasn't hurt very watch in the Red Sox are hopeful as well help -- the issue is it. I think that's a big one you know I also think baseball's not necessarily the tablet game where. The best team wins the World Series I think does the most brutal struggle. Is a 162 games it takes to get there and as the hottest team that wins. -- I mean nobody is pull the wool over anyone's eyes in this city. When last year at this time right now even though they were off to a better start than they are now. There were very few people outside of that Red Sox clubhouse. That thought this was a World Series teams so. You know what they did last year was extremely special and I guess basically the same -- a -- coming off of a World Series. Season where I think the biggest obstacle is the offseason for you it's shorter. It's filled with parties are still on the rubber chicken circuit is harder to get back into the routine. Jonny Gomes told me the weirdest thing he ever experienced -- after winning a World Series is that every other year and his wife his last game was a loss. They finally get to let it go. Clean out your stuff and go home they never lost their last game was a win he experienced high for almost the entire offseason. And it's hard to get back into it again. You don't want cycle I think that the biggest obstacle. Will be one that won this tangible ones and intangible intangible. Clearly is the competition. -- -- -- The -- least -- and other two games out of first place but. You've got an improved -- with Tampa in Toronto in New York who just took three out of four from new. On my Orioles haven't done much but I think they'll be heard from before the season is over and I think the intangible was just the tax. Of of trying to come back in and repeat as a World Series champion mean cycle has broken down like some of the things that are difficult to do. When you're a player does that mindset of getting ready for another season -- Red Sox they turn the page. The reason they have -- on shirts and the reason they talk about it all the time it becomes very difficult to do so I think those two big jobs. Yeah yeah. Yes we are Michael what is the greatest team was the greatest team in your opinion that did not repeat as champions that should have. Can I take this and can take this in for John right. You know I know -- I talk about hockey all the time -- -- -- probably it probably bothers you. But this disease and go back we have the exact same answer to this one. I'm going back to the 1971. Boston Bruins. They were noted. They were young Bobby your with just 220. As always 28. Eric Sanderson with twenty -- they were say they were -- wagon. They had a 121. Points at all in their regular season. And they lost in the postseason there's no question what we came back the next year. And and won the cup again so they -- 7872. 71. That team was just as good if not better than the two champions. How there was some some guy named Dryden who sort of messed things up and I happens it happens now you you and -- on the same page you -- -- -- site. I was gonna say that should've won it a second one and didn't. And I think the I think the dodger teams of the late seventies they kept matching up with the with the Yankees they should have been a dynasty in one through three in a -- And also speaking of baseball. Anyone of the Braves teams have won their division for people have to here's an -- on -- World Series title. They should've rattled off three or four of them themselves with all the great teams they had their. And you could look at it one way to say well they were really really good -- it made the playoffs every year but. You know I think most base -- players at table. And it choke it off because you never won the big one except just wants. You know -- I thought about this I don't know why -- restaurant thing about the Atlanta Braves. But if you go back and you look at all of their World Series losses. There are really many of them where you say -- Lines were clearly the better team they should've won it and it's amazing. That you can. The kid wins so many games when so many division titles and they get to the post season and look at and say well yeah you lost and which lost a lot of times and I get to the World Series. They lost they lost the Yankees the last and they -- the World Series loss to the Yankees correct that the left and they went six. No and it is yet 992000 -- right around there so. The loss of the Yankees a couple of times. In the Yankees -- they were better in the Yankees in Europe to exit from the first one or better. I admit there -- one of those teams that won a bunch of games. And and had a lot of division titles. But they weren't quite. World Series title material. Factory. A lot of every. Every professional sport has its challenges why it's difficult to repeat based 462 games for -- of the health basketball and hockey you have the extended playoff schedule. Which sport do you believe is the easiest. To repeat as champions. Are -- don't we have to start with the premise that it's not easy to repeat in any sport ever now that these days it's basketball. I mean argued the in in in the waiting game is changing and basketball all three superstar played those -- three superstar players one -- can rebound for it to guys can shoot. And and the way it is now three guys get together it's a world go to Miami. You know they'll take it created here I'll take my talents -- I haven't. OC guys so about a three guys are gonna get together and say they're gonna go somewhere else New York Phoenix of someone. -- they -- BLA but bottom line is the game has changed so drastically that the players now can dictate. Who wins by the -- status and guys that are friends to get together and make that happen just like they did in my hand. Well I mean I think he's got to go to basketball and just look at the the numbers lately. You know LeBron James if if they don't win this year I know there's some teams in the west that are that are very impressive. And Indiana's got a lot of -- the number one seed in the east and I think -- be surprised if Miami doesn't repeat. As champions and and before -- before Miami. Or Tim Duncan in the spurs they repeated that you think about Michael Jordan three separate them into a separate three -- It's got to be basketball. -- When it comes to movies often times the sequel doesn't live up to the -- of the first movie often times. Almost every single -- idea on occasion the sequel proves to be as good if not better than the original so. What was the best anyone's worst sequel of all time you -- name one that. The sequel was better yes yes empire strikes back was better than -- -- so hours. No one disagree. No one will -- No just there's little doubt please note at Emeril live and well yeah every once these movies the same way so absolutely right and mad at. Not bothered to now. Yeah godfather two I would say is better than the original yet. I'm gonna go out and that's my answer for the best sequels of all time. Monday Tuesday Wednesday. -- After day I I can't come up with another one felt. Better. About terminator two. Terminator -- it was another good example yes -- Today. He came categories it's. About. Your favorite movie in over. Over. The month might be I don't know that -- And I'd hate it I just thought by the time I sought -- -- people told me phony. As those described it another one where the the sequel. But paled in comparison anchor -- And -- while I like anchorman. You know it you know it's funny. -- this happens you guys when you go into somebody told you about a movie whether they tell you. And it's it's great they build it up and go in and you're disappointed. But the opposite was before I saw -- to so many people told me how horrible. And they were ahead and I had low expectations. I actually. I actually did not hate it because women. With all -- bad information and I left a few times in the first. On that happening and I gravity rallies -- gravity of -- great movie I was bored to tears. Those -- don't -- and I hope to make a sequel this one. All is lost. Robert Redford hanging out there on a boat all by himself said about three words he's -- -- Yankee guy. Like. It was a little bit Oscar buzz for him about that he never said a word it was like 45 minutes into the into the movie before the first word he said. Start with -- -- and -- they get said that you don't. Sat -- the -- was and he deserved an Oscar for that money honey -- -- the kids two that was. It. Texas -- the most jobs -- not movie sequel to dale program. Rock and you can -- agree to his right Rockies it was so today -- while dark -- terrible Dark Knight was -- it now a lot of people said was was better than the -- thank you for example was terrible oceans twelve was -- music and stupid European -- -- want to get together party did get a big. It. Jaws to that was awful -- -- the -- -- and fix the opposite that the matrix who has been in the first throats. Well okay -- I agree the arts. Matrix two I didn't hate that is that that was reloaded or -- which one it was but you know loaded okay that was good. The matrix they originally was the best one businessmen close. -- that's four -- four for today with a guy who act like in the name now it is terrible it is and maybe was good because he's so most of us. -- yellow yes -- It was perfect for that yeah because he played like an emotional have to do that did not look right with brilliant I don't all brilliant cycled away all the UV was supposed to act like that the other movies did you get an idea. It's the same guy. Received those that advocate of that movie. Devil's advocate now with. You know all right so it was all right that was me and it's -- and. He was in it he was -- -- -- but you guys on what's the mood so. The question now -- -- get it now. 6177797937. We had an issue -- built phone line earlier we'll see if it's any better now I bill. Thank. I'm sorry about the last -- you guys try again well I'm glad I. It's on Barack Obama -- accountable -- -- replay. If you're up in the game is Bob ball strike. When you have a game like yesterday. And you watch what happened. I was not great side more relevant -- ball side to come -- they come inside there it's not. I I. I know that technically they could come up with some sort of an electronic ball and strike zone. Like in tennis for instance you know when the when the service long the little beep goes off they could do that yet don't actually not because I don't think I'm not sure I've that I want them to. New ago it is keep going further and further into the abyss with the -- I mean I I won a narrow the scope of instant replay I don't want to broaden the scope by I I want it to be did he make the catcher did -- on a trapped ball in the outfield. But is it a home run or not is it fair Fowler not let me get what would. Would Maddux in the hall of fame if they had an electronic -- strikes on. Was that the master of ending the strike zone bicycling. That he knew where to throw the ball -- -- was pretty good at it seen yet and there's a bunch of guys there's a gamut on its right now. It's -- why -- he cannot expand the strike zone he can not win. And I love watching him -- because that's what he has to try to do once and umpires are. They're human which is great because that's ornaments and do not take the human part of the game. Umpires respect the fact that if -- a pitcher is is hitting me outside corner of the play with regularity and he has the ability in the composure in the control in the command to do that. Then if you run it just a little bit farther off the plate to give you that one it's a guy that liked. Throws the ball up over someone's head then those four inches outside then bust the guy inside and then throws and you -- on the black and he's crying because he doesn't get that call in your personal account and and said I needed a club is you don't know Ward's goal. If you proved to me you know or you're gonna throw the ball you're strikes don't get expanded everybody knows that's gonna happen including haters I hate the idea. That and umpires and expand the strike zone because you know which -- doing. Mean I it's it's exactly the way cycle it would create -- and has -- an umpire says -- cycle I mean I don't think. Source of that when an umpire says might strike zone drives me crazy. It's not your strike zone there is a strike zone and baseball policy that's -- you ought to -- is -- to get back to -- you know the whole -- violent umpiring. School it's a lot harder than it looks. You know the Sony things are thinking about there'll and the guy throws the ball sometimes you forget to call strike.

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