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MLB Instant Replay not working 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Mut and Merloni talk about the disaster that has been MLB's new Instant Replay system and discuss all the flaws it has.

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Who won non grounded to third grabbed my Roberts fires the second count on their plan is planning posted first finale. So glad she goes now that he's hurt Girardi he's out he may want to question in this and they are looking at it. They're calling him safe at first it. And arrive here. John Farrell. John -- thrown out of the game. And I wasn't very quick injection this is this how has never seen John Farrell. 321 yeah. It was the easiest -- breed of all time. It during math and last night I hope that when they replay that audience being an ass and actually bleep it out for the kids at home because at some point. You're the F Florida the F word and then I believe Brian -- was asked to put the replay system. There with a sun don't shine is that a fair to -- John -- last -- So that a -- Bob Davidson and prostitute him. Not quite sure what it was but the actual the finger went up and -- something about it in the system. It could take the system in in shove it somewhere. EA Iran is -- thing. Based on wondered if you're ever gonna see you manage to -- tossed again privacy that pure emotion that excitement of the game used to bring one point. When the game was the game -- -- price a year ago. Back when men were and now I mad were mad that you like you wanna talk about screwing this thing up let me tell you some people. It's only starting it's only begun. This is go OK. This is gonna get worse wait until this bowl. Transition play panic comes in a Red Sox game and you really sector -- affected by. Day. I'm looking at this game is set right the it and obviously comes off the bag. Does that is that while we -- in his -- For play like that. Is that what we're doing it only brought instant replay and on yesterday to me it was obvious that he -- -- the first of early Wednesday for the third replay that too bad angles of the third angle they gave you on ESPN. The third angle told yeah. They're really say funeral Ronald wants in the outfield he state that runs and score right -- yo what what. I just don't like it I felt like -- -- guys are up they're playing the game of baseball militants try to turn double plays. They are just sort of experimenting. With this instant replay. And guys are out there you know errors guys -- -- -- gave you which. Calls the changed runs scored. It's taken away hits -- given. I don't like it. All right and if you're a guy that loves its three like -- you wanna go all the calls right. They'd give all the calls right. If that's the case that that's why you feel that forget about the challenges from the from the managers forget about it have a little buzzer African hip. -- got a fifth umpire there every time you watch a close play call about called safe do what you bought the guy's gonna talk to look at it that replay but yeah. At any at a kind of get together is an Italian you got that went wrong he say OK both say put him back on. Let's move on with this thing. I tell you what that this instant replay is just it's it's changing it -- you much. It's imperfect game. The trying to make perfectly and it's frustrating I I saw your tweet that OK and a. I think you're wrong about this -- a replay is not the problem. It's the people running replay highlight the idea of -- like -- actually can read and we talked about this at all but -- reading your tweets has -- this is when you broke. -- ever give up the only one the people all the sudden outlaw replay out of the game forget it just too much and all. I wanna get the calls right. I don't like the pick up the calls right the problem I have is that for every play you get what they got that right now runs scored yesterday. Right they they it would Red Sox fan Yankee fan I have Red Sox fan a cost to Ron. But they they missed that plays bars I can tell on the fields are really safe -- the run. It's the day before on Saturday when you say and is up the base who cares I care because when they sit replay has got to put in place. They said you would you -- the correct call they're now messing up replays the way the NFL all the odds. It's not replay a matter it's the way they're instituting it like you're telling me. That -- don't allow the people in Manhattan at this replay senator. Had every angle of the video. -- what the hello we deal would hear if you're gonna -- replay. All rushing. To get it in for 2000 fourteen. If you're going to have all -- stoppages. Get the freak and things right like it's I said it's embarrassing that -- the Red Sox gave Jon Lester. It's embarrassing that MLB has to come out the day after Sunday morning and say. We concede that they call was missed in a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees ESPN New York had a story over the weekend. Watch on the yes network. -- enact game. Like OK laughter and all this will be -- played Deanna came off the base. Try to turn it the -- up -- not slides in pops off at the tags and get some. Carol challenges like -- halt slam dunk that's and how easy. -- they had to say afterwards. That the call shouldn't overturned and it was not overturned in the field quote. The conclusive angle was not immediately available. Wasn't available. You have to work doing the game why couldn't MLB. Look at every angle they have available to -- -- What are we talking about a year this let me replay is a necessity. But when you don't use it correctly. You will bear it's a sport -- that football the next day. It was that -- they were that easy to see that black and white on my TV and TV Yankee fans TV. And -- still -- -- right. And baseball like act sorry -- You know waste our time and still get the wrong that's a -- -- yeah it's clear that the that the replay it was inconclusive. -- and the frustrating part is when when this was rolled out -- explain to us particularly on the throw received by the first baseman. We we were instructed that when the ball enters the -- not that it has to hit the back of the -- Is where the that out is deemed complete. At the same time you know any angle that we looked at you couldn't tell if the foot was on the bag behind Mike nepalese -- so. Where this became conclusive for it is a hard pill to swallow and on the heels of yesterday. It's hard to have any faith in the system to be and so. -- Barrel off awfully critical and as the base of the plan Saturday I'll get him to imply that I think there was more frustration from the night before in the whole system itself because they you know. I this whole thing again I don't know MLB news release a statement what do catches. I never thought that it was when the ball enters a glove that's when you secure the ball in your club when he hits the back your glove and you actually close the glove. That's what -- catches. This transition rule now starting to affect games all over the place -- -- double play -- days old wrist in Tampa Bay. Underhand flip he gets sick clearly with one hand takes a step to go to throw dropped the ball safe. It was a playing Cleveland last week Bob Davidson actually made the call. We Elliott Johnson went up against the wall caught the ball the track. Hit the wall came off the wall to -- a three steps that want to throw the ball into the infield and dropped it. Clear possession. -- So not only do we have students -- replay. But we have changed. What he. Catch is in the game of baseball. Over a hundred years this game's been played and if you catch a ball with your love. And you close it and have control. And take a step all whatever it is that's -- catch. Okay that's a catch I just. I don't understand it did a whole instant replay thing what is the difference. Shortstop throws the ball to first base he catches the ball with one hand. -- -- It goes to throw it around. And drops it. Safe. That's less -- That's gonna happen we talked about this after opening day and and I introduced this this transition roll -- people. And that's not true that's dollar is an all buyers to exit of people call and am telling you they have changed. The role in the game of what a catch is in the game of baseball could be an embarrassment to professional baseball they're like yeah. It's like it's just the replay system I. Meanwhile there's calls out there that are missed -- they're actually reviewing. This calls up there that amidst the -- review is demands are used this challenge. This isn't this isn't baseball we don't I want replay but they have botched electrocution of -- and to that point you you mentioned this before. Not knowing the rules let -- a case of the plate last night cost the Red Sox Iran. Give -- John Ferrell Joey Guinness is John Ferrell after the game explaining what he thinks constitutes. In the possession of the ball at first. When this was rolled out -- explain to us particularly on the throw received by the first baseman. We we were instructed that when the ball enters the -- not that it has to hit the back of the -- Is where the that out is deemed complete. -- to the ball enters the glove the out is deemed complete. That's -- the manager of the Red -- to what he said he was told about the system lets your John crock last night. Explaining what he was told in ESPN broadcast Booth about receiving a ball for space. Remember we were up in New York for these meetings that they say that the ball had. You can't -- just in the glove it has to be secured in the glove. And look like what's your -- could hit that Napoli hit yet the closest -- it. -- -- and Farrell -- told the exact opposite thing for Major League Baseball. Which one's true. When you're playing -- which was truthfully Ferrell certainly crux that truck. So how does the manager -- Wrong I don't know ought to -- does goes to -- because I don't know how anyone could rule. It a catch when the ball enters the -- area of enters the glove. Get a secure the catch ya it's got to hit the back you're glove and you and you gotta squeeze it. Okay that's what he catches. And once you squeeze it in Chile who have controlled the ball in your glove it's an out. This gig got it you can't catch a baseball -- three putting your bare hand to throw. It's somebody explain that to me. It's not a catch until you put the ball in your bare hand and throw it in a direction. That is an afterthought that is what happens after the catch. And now they're telling me that that that's part of it actually being a catch. It makes no sense. The raid that kind of stuff you know the transition -- didn't really happen to it as a parent can happen with the Red Sox. You know quite yet I guess you could say -- I think that was more of the ever have control of it. But it is it's gonna happen. In a ball in the dirt the other day when Brian Roberts obviously filed -- guys said it caught a year obviously didn't get review that don't know why at that we're trying to go calls right. -- Texas as you want it to replace you gotta stop you bitch and I never want instant replay I did I was can relate to open up a can of worms and it has. Now all Ellsbury can lose weight try to play baseball season -- -- -- game. That of the -- this game for a long time managers that in his game for forty years. Don't know. What do catches anymore. You know when -- talking about something substantial has reported being brought in the game there's going to be some a learning curve and everyone becoming familiar puts. Again and there's you would think that video replay would be conclusive or there's play is where it's not conclusive which is tonight and a fortune on the wrong -- of football cards. Frustrating for me the yet to different TV stay told me and never got the one on Saturday didn't affect the outcome of the game with the bigger picture folks -- baseball. Are they using the angles they have what the hell they doing and a Manhattan office secondarily. Listen IE here -- and Ferrell again it's a small point but we did both guys at their word. Tell me baseball could explain -- credible the manager and it a guy or three SP and a former player. That's frustrating to me. That's an embarrassment the baseball -- likes to say. Advocated get the communication to the managers and or media correct could be an embarrassment to professional baseball it like we're guy who played. The game is now on ESP again. Called the games says one thing. The guy managing -- -- -- group also play the game says another (%expletive) they were explained it the opposite thing by Major League Baseball. That's in about -- meant. It's -- it's I bought for his replay I like replay. But the execution of it and the the things that are not every play. It's not -- -- baseball fan. They got to tighten this thing up pictures of the got a call I'm not regroup -- at -- clearly what. Second time about it in net and get regroup and is at the game more and that -- position thing earlier in the game. Alex Gordon caught a ball got to left field line caught it. Obviously everyone who's ever seat watching a baseball game caught it hit the wall. Belted a ground rolled around for a few seconds. Actually stood up. And they want to throw the ball in and dropped it. -- -- and Joseph Maddon you know later on the game they -- about the sober play went out and civil. I've challenged. Alex Gordon does I've played in the -- a long time that that was attached to Bibi tell me that wasn't a catch. And the guy actually said not -- that one probably was. Because you Willey wrote on the ground for like kind of headed for a long time. Up before he tried to throw it out. That's incredible skinned and so is terrorist. What I catch a third outlined drive and pass -- just run and all the way with that brought to be careful when a flip it to the stance that I don't drop the ball wanna put the to a fans like there's a time limit. What what can we just released a statement. And look for that a change G a rule that's been going on now for 130 years. -- -- announced the new rulers so everybody is understanding the fans included. What the -- a catch 61777979. 37 a phone number AT&T text line is 379837. -- not cost the Red Sox the weekend. They're -- plays and decisions emitted from Boris or position that cost the Red Sox the game. But the bigger picture is number two weeks sample size a replay will never really wanted to I did. Angle of us agree it's not being good and baseball has a lot of explanations to make about the system. Is their barracks in their game right now the weather X acute it pulls in a car waiting patiently atop replay Paul what do you have. These guys aren't really a lot of plays in the history of baseball the last thirty years. If I'm wrong that -- change of course like to pick him maybe about work separate. Sort of bit players -- umpires the movie. Yet. Rush late last year from the World Series they -- to repair person call. This morning that it's a place and I needed for the big long calls. And the challenges you're right it's like to show. A lot of -- -- important to -- to support this limelight. Being. Away. Just competitor go out there like what -- I'd like cute that you look at this it's available. And attitude right last year. There -- great guys aren't out to -- You don't you about managers now I think going out thanks ball. And go against their better judgment. And challenging certain plays because they now know that. Things are different. You know they'll go in. Knowing that the guy caught the ball but -- -- disable you know what I know he got the ball. I'm no baseball for a long time but with the new ruling I don't think that's a catch on -- to go and try to you know take advantage of this. I think we've gotten scared away at its its like to we have always threatens. The -- is that replay in the NBA if you expanded at every demagogue to the ball in the hole. And a call to follow these guys that idiom and coach -- I want to replay that because I think my guy got all ball. Well let's go check it out. I mean it I must feel like baseball is like that MBA like you know you -- -- follow on got all ball our own that's what challenger. Let's go look at it. It is to get that mistakes. Like the home run calls I get fair foul balls okay. But whether dean and -- put came off the bag slightly after a slide that's why instant replays here it's not. But yet. Open the door so now I can challenge it. You better get a right. And they still -- That's -- frustration for me I like that play like dean in a plays -- -- the guys out I want to be called out but you have to get it right that's you -- if you're gonna do it. Do you take -- manager's hand the umpires hands. Let's let's eighty matches before and this is the way -- should have been -- -- we agreed on this -- from New York coach -- it go look at it. And -- look at the right angles. Like you tell me you -- ready -- baseball but you guys on the angles look at even though yes network has the -- they showed over and over again on on ESPN that day. That's a rush job by baseball and it's costing you -- credibility when it comes three play. With your fan base bodily 61777979837. Out of the phone a breaking anti tax law. 379837. You guys stacked up Aguirre -- your phones you're a Sports Radio WEEI.

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