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Bruins V. Red Wings in first round of NHL Playoffs 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to preview the Bruins first opponent in the playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings.

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Butler -- ID 37 WEEI. Bruins and -- way and -- -- very many -- -- -- I know what all that they would then let's take it back into October 4 first game in the 2013. 2014 season NLD's homer. I'll -- Obama picked picked a -- -- and win the Stanley Cup open it open when enough pledged to -- dude. Well let's second presidents cup that we really get uncomfortable and it copper presidential. Whatever it is it's -- -- Stanley Cup right it's a great runner score in the -- whatever -- hate -- not enough anathema -- you hold the presidents cup because I held the presidents cup in 1989 and still called the presidents cup which -- we just says that your -- Google. You -- -- -- America -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that the captain Dennis I was like I was in the vicinity. -- in the rink it. They did a third -- -- still -- it they dark every day it has the format used to say they are the number one team in the NHL and they should be. In my opinion should be the favorites to win this entire thing the best team in the NHL I don't know what the record set consists I. Ultimately consistently the best team in the image. -- five game losing streaks no craziness like that. Relatively injury free you know won big when inside Bergen and her two big wins it's on -- -- but. -- a member of the Bruins organization built you know amazingly strong throughout rate through Providence through the big club whenever anybody goes down. They step up and and an anabolic teams that they gonna face. Sing god damn thing and try. The top players go to these I come three -- -- so I'm retiring and in in and I course the three thomas'. All spelled TO MAS. -- believed primitive -- and they're they're they're playing out of their minds and notes are probably did not have a but again you gotta give the you know. Mike Babcock wasn't you know -- -- coming -- to her best coaches -- in the world in anarchy. And you know two of the greatest organization to two organizations like you know I got to give cam and -- Sweeney and Jim -- and Peter Shirley -- a Honda props because. The you know they have so many young kids that are ready damage already. And the same thing in in -- like all the you know were surprised the holy cow and I -- thirty goals he's on -- yeah in only one called a couple of with Qatar and and -- Callan and a bunch and then have to Nocioni Joakim Anderson in Grand Rapids for the reference in army -- to be an awesome series. Certainly held in dual weeklong. I hate this I commit another started I'd like I guess it's five days months five days a preview you know to -- he became what they're constantly gets back a little bit -- He got the Red -- any replays been blowing up the Major League -- face. A make what on what armed I have to go into the Booth call New York. And have some other guy. Make a blow up blow the call when he only had to do is look at the Jumbotron receive it through every guy's fault wasn't on the back networks and then as it is this is -- you we're just -- -- those guys guys that's what replays all bosses say. You know wait wait you can't nitpick the re placed you know that shouldn't be that if they're -- -- it's their baloney. To replay of the blown it. Well what about the -- -- let me ask you -- the Detroit Red Wings as you mentioned Babcock -- you keep that team together. And a lot of people like guy rarely go I was all concerned about Detroit got. Yeah are concerned about Detroit because again -- get some guys back outlets is an airline now Datsyuk Zetterberg ethic is still probably gonna be out. Right Howard's got some. The pedigree there. Why us and we got to make we'd probably get it we -- Turned Jimmy Howard into the Jimmy Howard which used to morning 22 in his playoff career that you we wanna turn Jimmy Howard into the the 500 these sub 500 goaltender they can be. And their. Yeah yeah yeah you know you you know you play any answers these guys got a lot of experience I think you know again it's that suited their first ride in the NHL playoff. So you might you know the nerves are going to be there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's he says screw them. Say you love it you are the you win the president's. Trophy. And this is what you get this first round yeah at. Half their team a year ago. Was part of a group that took Chicago the -- Stanley Cup winner to a game seven in the second round. And don't forget they're the guys it to -- they can actually they should've beat the Chicago Blackhawks are three times to do it made in their seats at that -- the positive spin on it see that you are the ultimate. Optimization and you might over fears about this first round here I think -- I think it's a great match agree matchup for hockey. I think the Boston Bruins consistently say you know that's that was a problem with red wings that's a problem would Jimmy Howard is inconsistency that not I'd look. It will what I would I be surprised if it would be. If -- -- the brewers -- six games. But do I believe -- they're gonna take the -- six games I give the red wings won one game in this series -- I I really do the Boston Bruins are playing. Social well. They're getting such great leadership. From Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand you know as much as everybody. Loves to hate the little past the guys his game is as good as it's ever been in his career. And in -- -- you know everybody's gonna be rested. These are off today I think the only there happening there reserves are surely press conferences some 11 o'clock. But I didn't to tune in now but but again if you just look at the Boston Bruins overall as a package. I -- you know like I said their tenacious fortunate the way they they get after the -- I think that's -- do you try to possession. -- team just like the Bruins. But I also think that they you know you do they can be abused as far as the youngsters in and when you know the Brooke the -- under such a great job of when they get the turnover. -- day you know just just. Tenacious to the -- everything goes to the net and that's where it's gonna pay off. For it for these Boston guys I don't think that I do not think slash shopping and a cat Kaiser in and company over there. You know they they got the big guy cry on wall who runs a whole show he's he's and yeah he is exempt but. I think they'd -- there's there's they can be they can be beat up and and and. Don't be shocked to -- not always separate entities that -- a series of jail the eight to two runs you want Stanley Cup yet. Those game seven overtime against Montreal. LSU got the Stanley Cup but it was down 41 the Toronto game -- so me you know it's that first round. We talked about this yesterday presidents' trophy last eight presidents' trophy winners are now four of the lost the first run out. I think a lot of that you've you've got to get that point in the -- last two weeks let's face it they won the trophy. They're kind of you know not screwing around what they're doing what they need to do right there Reston has got -- -- that got you bet I -- -- this thing up BF five days off. Whatever his five or six -- -- crazy if I. I don't find anything I don't even understand they -- an -- I just don't. Don't understand why they wouldn't watch the Bruins on a Thursday on Wednesday or Thursday when you want splendid -- -- on his NBC 12 not a lot of it -- -- -- -- you know regulate you know it is what it is what it is you know. And I it's -- again I'm just I'm excited. I'm excited for the NHL -- you know the way -- -- a great job by a chameleon not all the border governors coming up this playoff system because -- That's some seriously awesome matchups for her first round of a league's playoff season it's just it's it's it's phenomenal. So what do you make that make of that mean Lou brings it up and it's it's one of the things that I can't account for well -- the 3 PM Sunday certainly not to ride my motorcycle into the game with my -- Richard should be it's a nice Easter Sunday -- yourself in their. Since at Ali as of last eight president's trophy winners. Staff -- -- for the first round two once Stanley cups so wore a double the amount of -- teams that actually knocked enacted the first round. The won a Stanley Cup. Since 070 wait I -- back in the Blackhawks a year ago became the first team what is it. Out bulk up pressure likable candidate ESPN preview -- talk about the pressure right being that the president's trophy winner do you believe that pressure exists he said he 8990 -- You believe there's a pressure being the favorite. Going in his elevates the first round so confident even of that year. Was -- a seven game series it's hard for yes now it's a long time ago but -- your best team in the NHL -- -- -- -- harper to get a seven games. That's one of those things -- is that the pressure comes would be in the best I mean -- you know when when you're the best everybody brings their A plus day that's that's just the latest. And when you're talking about a first -- first round playoff series retired about a team that has zero pressure exerted pressure on Detroit right now besides the fact that. Every superstar they -- is hurt so you got but -- kids from from the NA taken on a -- we get -- and undesirable again Amanda. -- play I think maybe a little bit less emotional about you like Columbus Columbus happy to be their first -- Detroit I think they're Detroit Republicans and say. Well that's -- back if we get Zetterberg back in power plays well. Why can't we compete why can't we may be make this thing SE articles the present at the -- -- -- and next -- and and by the way let's not go outside is. It turned turn away the point that the Detroit Red Wings. Have a chance to climb the ladder and put put away you know they they ended -- moving backwards -- standings. When game maybe to hit. They did you know so these these guys can -- had. You use your -- like I said you have to play on -- the inexperience of the young guys there's pressure on them to. You know but again I think it's it's it's the bruins' forwards. I'd I'd just. Do not think that did Detroit defense can. Handle. The wave after wave after wave of the -- accounting M and -- let's let's you know Jarome Iginla you know. Since ninety. Where he can -- Pooch can say that's one thing to drilling and any and any so you don't wanna say wave after wave you know their first lying -- are gonna get rocked by our first line guys give our. Our our first two lines it is as as well as the jazz score goals to other things are related series that does Bergeron goes in the -- -- Preston is its best he's ever seen ever. Period typical was obsessed that's seen employed sake turner now -- -- -- that there and that and that's I think where that the strength of this Bruins team is just four lines now Chris Kelly. Will see Daniel YA will see better iron this out yet this rest this five -- can be helpful both of them huge and you give it but I do think that. They'll forty's -- defiant new graphical one on Thursday but that's their strength of four lines you know let Portland they show -- in the post season they give you the end -- bat and their school that's every -- I've been none of that is -- so I'll just say this Lou is. If these guys can only beat themselves like -- map Marcos being you know and now we don't major offense but. We need you tough when your stick in front of the net we you can't lose a battle you can't lose one -- can't lose tonight and I Questar to -- your own and with with space they're gonna burn. That you know that did you know the -- -- to -- -- -- the Boston Bruins hockey. Is you don't. You don't turn the puck over you don't. Make the blatant mistake we don't weeping -- bandage up the little ones we've there's always someone that'll pick up the pieces and make sure you don't get totally -- And he got to go back there again you know. It's it's equal to still do more just sort of -- -- it's a huge X-Factor that you've got you've got to cut. And you've got you've got a Jimmy Howard that in the in the playoffs I think his goals against is over three. -- birthday you know if you can do that. I -- this series returned for the stream -- the -- this team has really changed you'll -- -- this thing plays out. But you still have. Doug Hamilton -- our counts right Kevin Miller right and -- -- he played last year. But still there's some inexperience -- improved as much as the guys. There get their first look. Be their first grind out post season look -- that's that's for its event for a lot of sex yet so we know that that's still. I still look at that defense it's ugly to offer to -- the ball on the of the of the of the ice whatever it is cruel OK we get it -- -- I get it but defensively. That's still remains the question if finish strong in the regular season -- post season hockey is different. I I didn't look I just. If you give it you give to tar night Quist. Franzen you can you know you get goes to the young water bugs and yet you give president of -- great player -- while another guy the contingent to. All bleak and end the biscuit and put in the back Internet if you give guys those those guys that space. You have to you have to take up that space you can't allow them that one on one. Ability the two long ones you know they're gonna bring. And so it got in listen you gotta be dedicated to the game that the broad that that has made the runs so successful let's. You know take your body get the puck move the -- out of the zone the united I don't know -- around no DDD behind the net you know and it's in its in its he would take possession. And keep possession and and hit the offensive. Its own line when you will let it let Lucic and and company do their do their job ought to go to the net abuse our. I think Lou -- huge price -- what's setting the tone musicality early in the game ended well before they shut down for the year. The chief was on fire setting the tone for this team early games not to do that against Detroit like you said with those waves. I'm curious dolby C the four games they play in the regular season Detroit took three of four out of the worst bruins' loss the year back in November -- -- at the hands of the red wings. What the red wings able to do when those -- to about three out of four a dominating win was there one thing you saw the Detroit didn't those for the -- at the clone is focused on. It time for the series beginning on Friday night. Other position their position puck hockey club it just like the Bruins are and they got guys can bring it I mean not now than I was I was looking ahead this morning. Between between -- Datsyuk and Franzen. 10909. Points put up points in on thirty year old Alice Baxter Max over here auto. That's what number I just trying to recognize that I just don't know I just talked about it I talked about. You know now right now. Now you you don't have -- that are mergers do their queries that are there you've got the youngsters you can't you know they they didn't do a good job. I've kept not allowing them space and to making sure that date. You know that back pressure. You know backed version neutral zone in this series shinji got that back -- And I think that's where about you know I think if you have that back pressure and you get the turnovers and you're going back on Detroit's. It's it's important. These guys. They've got on a talent -- want. Detroit better these -- and texture I don't think that's one I don't know how good you know what is going to at any point in this here you gotta hear this all week OK be prepared -- check which gave her body. Toughest first round match up playoff experience the one team you wanna see I you're not gonna get. It's going to be a rarity might just get one Bruins fan who's even LB saves -- a 41 series. It's about as confident as any Bruins not not broad -- but Bruins analyst LB but I've heard it'll be a record five game of course you look at. You know I MI MI a little cocky -- -- a little on the -- -- -- -- sport so -- for it but I'll just say this. IB he. I don't know why people you know it freaked out you know it's Detroit and now they've been -- -- the -- -- -- do you think the LA -- San Jose match of his any easier. For anybody you know. And that no one's saying Detroit Sox. Op Ed but I'm I'll say it's a 41 series and every -- a one goal game. There right at the problem veal would there be different motifs. I'm not gonna be surprised I'm just aren't you that the Boston Bruins. If they they they play with consistency in the his county in the town that you've watched over the last. -- the idea Olympics. You can't convince me that it did Detroit's gonna beat the Boston Bruins in a playoff series right now. On. A lot of journalism I'm not -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I split off. If you do -- -- -- Bruins at city the president command. I would LB is with us he's always brought if you buy bread and smoke shop and buy LB -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Your phone calls he got a lot of the talk to LB 8617779. 79837. In the house talking Bruins and -- to view Iran 93 point seven WB. Yeah LBs a homer. I'll -- Obama depicted at the brewers -- -- the Stanley Cup but what do open enough pledged to meted dude LB -- a virus and how superior Bruins and rightfully doesn't start until. Fri day although we do get -- attempt me much Rollins and that's good when it is one of the serious threat. And plans -- Blue Jackets my call Blue Jackets. Take -- series and six they are upset special of the ins outs jackal at a pretty early in the first round -- Columbus is playing. Awesome right now. And then there the -- they're getting goaltending their young guys you know it. It's pretty crazy meant to -- -- what happened you know last year at the Bruins from the veterans went down and everybody the sky was falling and and it was -- albeit all going to be over -- -- -- stepped up her -- -- Hamilton -- I mean you got to look around the NHL right now are you know what's happening in India trip we've just been talking about it. But double vision and and the other kid. The superstar there he's they're both hurt. Yeah yet -- I came. They got their -- you know kids kids are from my BA. Get it done in Chicago it's it's happening all or -- Columbus all these youngsters always. Young superstars -- Bob blossomed decide this last bit after the Olympics has been phenomenal for the NHL. -- your greasy I'll be able watching Columbus holier than they win round one against the penguins. He rips on the subject tabloids is a choker. People hurt your name's Ryan Johansson cam Atkinson and the two guys that are text to point three degrees -- be upset. There in the first round Jerry's in a car driving around with a thought on the Bruins -- Jerry. Get up and -- man what's up kid you're not the means. Either they're gonna get it's it's my back in my -- In my mind I'm I'm Myers good enough enough that nothing happens glitch we're not yet. So there and what you can -- -- in this game and it it's been bothering me for a long time that the breakdown. In the article about the merits of a period to admiral Albert -- are going to go out I don't know. Why they haven't. And it's legal and you know just dropped last month. Spent a long enough that they surely has some time to work on the practice to rule out that can't. I don't know that nobody is it a mental breakdown. -- -- Obviously it is I don't think it scares -- area it would scare me us. If they you know finish to a third knees -- fourth in the east because of that breakdown at the end to -- a period during the games. It's summit gets in your psyche you know it's it happens and it might be the crime that did bothers these guys and they can overcome it. -- one reason or another -- -- -- again it's hard for me. To. Make it a major fly -- they finished first overall on the image. I think did you know that -- of the -- become meant to write because if you start doing it. Now also the Cutler's go to one goalie now you think it turns out we can't give up another tying goal -- -- Elvis said now you definitely -- tense. And you do stupid things. Right and and we'll again be the EU aid that's a little worried about. Warren trouble you're here here and here in world trouble because if you don't come out of the gates ready to go. Against the Detroit Red Wings you're you're gonna be behind the eight ball you're going to be you're gonna be on. The PK a whole night because they you know mark and I were just talking about these guys one on line have so much skill. And I mean he can -- but the Brazilian only give Brad Marchand space she's gonna host. And he has been on you know this year but. Again you know the brewers just have to play solid fundamentally solid hockey and more often you know it's 80% -- 90% of the time. They don't they don't bail at the end of the period they played played played the sixty minutes but I. -- we're currently discernible difference that momentum between a regular meeting at the importance of momentum and at at the fact that a game between a regular season game. Which you know -- meaning. But not significantly any at a playoff game which. You know that momentum swing that can be. You know that on the property you can get. Grab that back because -- three -- left in the second period you know you're -- why and and they don't go out some. Mental break out of Atlanta on -- and you know they -- it right at the whistle. -- can have you can have that any anyway and -- but again if you. Are you if you ask me about the Boston Bruins and their mental capacity to finish at a period a finish at a game we're talking about guitar Google guys basically. 80% of these guys have been together for five years six years a -- team. I mean am I gonna take in my in my you know I am am I gonna question. A group of guys that have been together. And no play time and I've won cups -- to cut one cup -- cops want you don't want conference finals lost -- finals and then I'm requesting them over. You've got you know 51 second third year players that are coming losers for Detroit I mean. And it happened and they -- action came -- did -- -- but if you're realistically asking me can have a mental fart. First -- month ago I I'm gonna say maybe it to turn a quick it's. Hard to imagine the -- team having amount -- when they're not resting their guys that's the problem Jerry's down the stretch how many of those games came three of the six. Capital went either char one of their major contributors did not play I'd get the the concern about it. But also the way that with the -- locked up at the end of the year. And if they can. I know it's hard to say is turn it on. But assuming that that was just a two week. We know we're going to be in the playoffs let's get focused here and now the playoffs start and that's out of their system but but but our real worry about that part of I worry about. How many penalties again take -- Vegas and -- night with a company. On the kill try to Cossack a massive and a five on the way I -- -- -- exactly I still worry just a fact that that -- every defensive pairings haven't there has. Limited if not none. No playoff experience. That's -- hears me you know that that is semi edict a great -- okay. Well he might not look so great if if Hamilton goes -- there a place like a rookie in his first playoffs and it that you Tug -- right there. Tighten up a little bit why would Jackie like they've bark out skis out there stumbled around everywhere and giving up pucks in them in front of the net. Now some boy chuck doesn't look he's got. Here's here's one here's one thing that did that -- that I think could become. A mole. On on a beautiful faces that. The brewers go out and spank Jimmy Howard. And they -- red wings back up to the backup not justice and but this kid embrace Jack Peter written -- act tonight the back up the back up what -- -- the last game he played the last game and he's he's he's I think he's played two games NHL -- -- shut out anyone the Calder cup. And Aaron I don't know if you wanna call yet he -- the cola cup. And but he what he was voted DHL's best goaltender. Soaking it you know there's a scenario that there's an X-Factor wow factor. Where you spank Jimmy Howard get him out of there because he's they sub 500 Jimmy Howard and not the dollar army Jimmy art and embrace second there was zero pressure. And then shuts the door on the Bruins and -- when fortune. LB -- solved next time we'll talk -- -- -- the key is the key here as I don't think it's actually key years for Mikey for the Bruins yup just nail on this one. Winning in three. That is Google knows who called -- attacked. Burlington three that we got now that's LB cocky and as straight parents -- and I predict that it could Mecca -- should have a Tunisia but the minorities rocketed -- of three teacher I you know resident I would have -- -- -- and -- have went all the various -- games as a developer and through exemplary. LB you'll join us next Monday but it allowed two games in the book -- a plea Friday and Sunday August CU at the game I arrogant idea good. Bashir. Slip through the knuckle head -- AR CII. I refrain from carrying by tens -- go to the games but it to catch me near my car again I'd probably have to -- signed for. I can also pay about guys spread the credit smoke shop and -- Seri doctor governor Robert listing care. Of LB two games the books by next -- able -- and LB enjoy the cell week leading up to the big up playoffs this weekend you better part you guys the best -- -- LB you'll join us again Monday at throughout the post season Bruins and red wings Friday Sunday at this weekend's six wants haven't. 77979837. As the phone number AT&T -- line. He's 379 -- 37 said earlier the Red Sox contract proposal if true four year seventy million. For Jon Lester that's an embarrassment not the only embarrassment this weekend. Major League Baseball gets a big embarrassment to for the way they handled replay on Saturday Yankee Stadium will talk about that with your phone calls next.

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