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Brad Faxon gives his take on Bubba Watson capturing his second Green Jacket 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Friend of the show, Brad Faxon, checks in to examine all the Masters action and to evaluate Bubba Watson's performance.

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Be -- that that the great names that you just said. You know again small town guy named Bubba now has to green jackets it's pretty. Is pretty wild. And I'm -- mom trying to watch film. Bush was here but on me at this critical. Bubba Watson to green jackets joining us on the AT&T -- live from Augusta National -- -- is about to make his way our pal Brad -- morning facts. Oregon mourn Jerry I facts hey you've got twelve hours to think about what you saw and analyze what you just saw. Simple question what was the more impressive performance Bubba Watson. -- -- -- That's a great question you know it it came down to. I'm match play like a it it does a lot of -- just two guys and you know. That turning point in the April -- Poland. Jordan missed those two putts was that we don't wanna watch a dramatic back nine -- I think what gets lost between. You know Jordan and bubble was. You know Bubba who shot 69 he was the only guy and the last. Ten players you know top ten that shot in the sixties. Only two rounds lower than him all that it hard to catch that the course was. Much harder than he made it look and but. You know while the wind and other major. He's won twice this year he's finished second places -- -- finished fourth this year. I mean media you know I don't think it's Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were in the field it would have made much difference especially the way -- -- Yeah theory and its recent -- bubble like at noon yesterday I look at people who went below the day before. Why has it that when you go low like 656667. Followers want them. A couple other guys went went very low you don't go low the next day is like the Red Sox try to win two World Series everything doesn't break for you two days in a row. Well you know you can look at a lot of reasons in the human that would have been one of those guys that are great round on Saturday didn't play great on Sunday but. You know. The -- talking about when he won his first masters in 2000 will be at the masters and over. A lot of players when they shoot like you -- 62 or 63 have a hard time coming back -- that and I think it's the expect. Patient sometimes you know when you go out to your lowest round. In the -- come back the next day. You know sometimes you don't realize. You know that forty footer that was gonna lip out -- -- -- the bounce off the tree went towards a fairway instead of towards the rough. It is sometimes it's just hard to. -- as common as patient. As you did the first day and you know we we talk about it all the time how how players really have trouble following. You know great round. With another great crowd and you know. The one masters that I played in Horry missed the cut -- had just won the week before in New Orleans and I came to the masters believable and hot as one of the favorites and I remember it was I missed the cut and went to the restroom -- -- the urinal in Biloxi and right next to beside me was Jack Nicklaus he apparently gone -- and I -- well -- I got to learn to play better after I will win and I expect. -- some kind of -- a replied that I could write down and studying egos join the club. -- about what you did -- get a did you get a peek. He would look at it as a I mean it's only human a tell -- -- Brad minute hand is on the record of service and Bubba Watson is a total phony he thinks he's -- -- a lot of guidelines are ranked and doing drugs and society says the whole god thing is that exactly it's -- -- -- -- can you confirm or -- -- -- -- -- I would. Share unit although Kerry said yes you did you know I ask you guys did your wife you would just say he's a total hi all that -- -- on his -- what did you set. No way. You grad Jerry would -- I said no way percent a year. Ago. -- in May you -- the ground you said -- as a -- let's say Brad with with Watson to me it seems like he's playing a character to some extent he's embracing this Bob -- you see the pictures from the Waffle House that's where he went to celebrate the Waffle House no you know alcohol. No swearing no smoking they went the inmates at grace made the waffles. Well he was that the masters at the Augusta National -- -- different champions -- and you know that the tradition as the winner always stays with the club. -- -- scarcely was an apple -- house but you know. -- is a peculiar guy an interesting guy he he certainly not a guy he's not out drinking is not elsewhere he's not out doing things that are bad but you know he's a guy that. Used to pay gap as long here called self publish the same time shied away from Preston interviews and that's the contradictions self. And you know I think he's maturing you know we -- the yes grown -- do. How we handle -- situations but don't yell. Is gonna win like eight more green jackets because that course just seems. So easy for him. A -- at -- -- remember when tiger started when -- -- masters and Jack Nicklaus and his dad is gonna win a lot more the city made it look easy. It and it's interesting this week doing some Golf Channel work how. A lot of the analyst Brandel Chamblee may be the one that came up with a concerted fellow left standards Steve last saying -- -- a left handed. Golf course now. It's always been known to be right to left golf course especially some of those holes like. And eleven and thirteen were may be the greatest drive in the history of the game which has yet. But I -- he hit a drive and a -- for a 365. Yard drive. I'm I don't know that it's a left handers golf course but because public certainly can move the ball both ways especially his irons and who maybe it is the greatest iron shot on the the fourth hole yesterday and what. Was one of the coolest front nine to see. Both players in the lead making news on both for the six holes that I I think you know you you'll you'll look at Jordan's three -- but I think we kept bobbled the match was. When he made his putt from two of the fourth -- after. The rate hole out to be unbelievable hole out for two that -- -- -- -- front bunker to the back pin and then Watson also makes. A birdie on. Six from about fifteen feet after speaking already -- -- -- -- diplomats placed he got up. Bubbles got up and down from the front right bunker on seven and and speed made -- nice birdie and -- kind of seeing there right at that last night on Golf Channel that. Jordan took a three wood off the tee on number eight -- and hit -- fifty yards by him in an iron into the green and and that was that was the turning point in my mind. You know Brad the accepted theory from everybody I've heard commenting on this and everybody at red writing about this says he's going to Jordan speed. Have a long and major field career Tommy why Jordan's -- might not have a long and major filled career. Why might he be more Nick Watney Dustin Johnson actually Keegan Bradley he's won a major. As opposed to a guy who's gonna win multiple majors. Well I think he's smarter than those three guys in golf aptitude you know he's he's a -- that studied the game if he he he can give it. Clinical and press conferences you know -- -- He's an incredibly even after he lost the if you reminds me a little bit about Rory McIlroy after the Honda classic but. You know it if you look at Jordan speak he doesn't do. A lot of things. Better than everybody else is not the longest guy he's certainly not the straight guy he he showed a little political weakness with this pudding and you know specifically from 48 he's ranked like a 120 yes. On the tour this year so. We we get a piece on how sometimes he looks at the hole any putts and sometimes he -- on the short ones and you know that's a little bit -- for twenty year old it and maybe that's something that he needs to work on improve. To get better but I think he's got that. You know you call it -- -- that that -- -- to get yourself around the golf course -- all things aren't going great and you know. Everybody that's out here on the tour. When they've got everything going on when they've got their -- game -- tiger used to say when you drive but it cratered it has closed its have been putting well. Everybody can win it's it's a guy that special guys and the guys when. You know. You look like pig pen and things are going all over the place and you could still get in the clubhouse and you know. I would say that the visit the rounds to play better you're worse round of the week or what would you determinant Bubba Watson really didn't play that that -- In the third round and and and he kept himself senate you know we had to leave. But he didn't completely blown and and those of the -- sometimes when you're the tournament but don't get noticed. A fact when Jordan speed spikes is iron into the fairway in anger. What golfers not named Tiger -- think or say about that. Well you know I look at that day. That's -- there's not one player that was great that didn't have a little bit of a temper ego Bobby Jones retired these 28. Because this temper and you know we've all seen what Tiger Woods is done. And -- speed has done it before and apologized sport but. And sometimes it's hard to look. Emotions not get the bad -- especially in that theater. And it's it's a reaction you know that subconsciously actually does that it. You know and and again that was appointed you to that a number tennis I think what you're referring to you know -- it already it is iron -- to the right of the green and a possible place to get up and down from you know it was another chance to Jordan. They're kind of put some pressure on especially after. The two ovals and -- two shot swings repeated get it on the green and get sort of a Birdie Putt you know it is -- for him to get those two shots back. Hey I'm counting at least four guys. Older than you made the cut Faxon and to whom were in contention longer in and couples -- Larry in my eyes and Sandy Lyle. How does that happen how does Larry my -- and Sandy -- make the cut and Dustin Johnson Phil Mickelson Sergio Keegan don't. It's incredibly you know six. Two year old made the cut which was a record I think the previous record was four and both. I believe couples and a lot of couples he didn't finish in the top ten Jimenez and -- and have a lot of both fifty year old. Made the cut you know. I think the course conditions have a lot to do that you know in the course. Played hard and fast like Augusta National normally does it lets all types of players. Get in the mix and Europe if you look down this leaderboard. Not all these guys -- the longest hitters out there and at best that's been the true sign of what really is a great golf course. If you play with this guy Jeff Knox before street beats McIlroy he's -- Stadler couple times to beat Sergio he beat him -- You're excited to play the masters he could finish in the top twenty be play with the Scott. No I haven't and we were all happened the same way you guys were but. They may have to find another marker that doesn't. In everybody's way and deep into the world number two or number three he deals available. Good and -- At times -- when you have an odd number of players and there's a a player out single that player has the choice having a marker or not and you know the reason why they do that is number one. He you know took a guy plays on it don't you could go around as a threat to our five minutes and maybe that's not good but as a player you wanna see other players shot -- wanna see what wins doing wanna see the bounce of the ball if you watched the role of the pot. The break of a pot somewhere on your line and just get a a sense of that and help to get into some kind of a rhythm. And you know -- -- all happened obviously Rory yeah. And yet that's at seven -- I shot 71 but. I don't know this -- putting out all the shots with the scoop it up you know they don't and television. We need to settle a couple things at the minute hand them also on Friday he said that he could play gusts of national in those conditions from the tips. And make a par or two no no that's a lie -- like he's no he's had a -- That's he set on Friday at a crowbar and a bogey I think decent birdie nine I would not make I would take it apart facts and yes I'd make one he does -- -- Erica I've never seen you play like -- seems done interior play but my guess is you know. The average golfer has no clue how hard these golf courses are you know and then he had 40000 people. You know. Put them around fairway -- have a green speed of fourteen or fifteen but sometimes reaches one -- that -- the jordans people get on the seventh -- It looked like would have gone two inches on every other green in America and it rolled ten feet right. It's amazingly difficult. Then asked to putt on those greens. Guy he kept on -- -- all by mistake -- you did you did you ever guy ever put -- at ten handicap ever to put nine if they went twenty. Not the first time. You putted fairly or your. I fassel gets out of here with this him and as goes dividends the goes to the Champions Tour this weekend will the absolutely kick -- there or will the let's call. Relaxed atmosphere. Of the Champions Tour who this guy -- You know my my guess it is it is if he'll play -- could be just a great player and I think you'd be surprised that a couple things number one. The weather's going to be a lot different. Two hours from here believe -- forecasts for cold wet and in this course we played -- TPC sugarloaf Greg Norman designed and carried long course he's not the longest player. I think he's going to be basking in his glorious fourth place finish and have a little real -- red wine but I'm. I I would strongly. Tell Miguel who I think is a really really nice strategy should stay out on the regular tour as long as we can't win which schedule like. I'm actually had not to play a little practice a little golf at a nearby place called sage valley which is the top hundred course and I'm gonna knock -- today and then had up to Atlanta to go play a little Champions Tour and a little bit. Upset -- You know -- economy name's Kelly and I don't know understand the blue blood thing. While we were trying to figure out what ethnic stereotype and use on you -- even though you are generally you can come up with blue blood. That's not a bad thing you know I I wish I were born with a silver spoon. Off the glory of awful loses is that your grandfather was what again tell us. The. What was he like he was in World War II he's a legend that he started all these golf caddy hit them to -- So blue collar guy that worked his way up the latter. Which I kinda command. I know that you know you've been compared to other children in the colon guy. What ethnicity -- -- I would mostly English -- And which which did you come over the sent to the Maria are the political gimmick for and remember -- -- Concord. I a concorde as I recall that's right. The longest in history I played with that sage. -- alumni and owns the place. How long how long was the putt on the Concord that was one that. At some point -- and -- mildly. Well yeah. -- -- -- And it went right and you know -- facts appreciate the time I enjoy it watch it yesterday talking your Friday and again today enjoy yourself and good looking at a. Well thank you have a you you'll be happy if you got to chronicle the front page here's part two and it goes -- Well but an anti crying and holding their little. Good sleeper Karen Abu -- takes -- that it. At -- impact he got -- thanks Brad -- Tbilisi tell island AT&T that you think you'll be more like tiger than Jack. When we find out what's behind the curtain known Jack as a big family man and home in his in his injury. It's similar like Jack do you think you'll be more like Jack -- -- tiger when we get a look behind the -- I think there's going to be a meltdown at some point this scandal that this is is like life Jim Bakker Tammy Faye Bakker has his last wife his last life. It's a good question she doesn't she didn't come off the assembly line and we know that no that's true -- the -- matter who's in college was in their Bible study was -- problem. What Paula -- but it gee we must talk exclamation point that we should -- object of -- it would work Cuba that's right about John's -- strike me is among the bubble. We're talking about when Clinton was in crisis is very marketable being Bubba -- calendar hospitality. Works he reminds everyone in -- does just small town guy -- Bob if you're bubble -- -- compelled to name your kid Caleb. Some like that. Out of isn't -- I was biblical that sort of short -- I hear a lot of hours yesterday -- -- like any -- and it gives a Starbucks it's sort of -- dressing -- a huge advocate Billy -- AM -- -- haven't Harrison it's one of the when he's out read our box that carries a good blood things we'll be right back.

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