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Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray chats with D&C 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Dave McGillivray talks with John, Gerry and Kirk about the preparations for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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Our friend Dave McGill every wears a number of paths depending on what day you -- -- best motivational speaker accomplished athlete but in this particular. Existence gives the race director -- the Boston Marathon -- by the way has helped organize more than 900. Races since founding the MSC. In 1981 while raising millions for worthy causes close to his art. Joins us on the ATP -- like good morning mr. -- -- are you my friend. My guys -- and what are your ought to do list between now and one week from now probably like what 900 things out some things. I mean. On the one hand I wish we had -- -- a month ago but. On the avenue and I'm glad I'm glad we don't it's. It's time to do this out so well we're we're ready to go and it seems like -- the world is too. How is this year's challenge different is that the sheer number of runners is that the increased security is -- national and international attention last year is bringing to this year or something I'm not even thinking update. No you just gave audiences like it can hardly be QB Eric Burke there's no I. Asked her like you they can go. Well interestingly if you look -- -- but he went -- running in 1996 we get 38000 and all people were talking about it at prime with the -- magnitude the number of people and how they gonna be able to do it. And this year we only have 2000 let them hundreds and I haven't heard anyone talking about the field side at all and so that's the thing that probably concerned me the most is that we are about a lot of small amount of space and a limited amount of time. And we have to keep our eye on the ball and make management at all about what goes on between the -- and publicly -- can deal with everything outside of patents a look at delicate balance. What what is the biggest difference this year I know security is impossible along a 26 mile -- it's not like you know a baseball game. Dave but -- what is different but this year it just the number of cops and number security people. I mean again everything. You know certainly be the lead here. Level security at another convention -- -- you know we haven't experienced in the past but. You know we've been working in collaboration without public officials -- -- Truly great and magnificent I mean it's it's been twenty point 712. Months of the amount of leading -- Has been daunting -- Everybody has been dedicated and and and them invest it all all the time and resource to so. You know it's a matter -- -- -- the event around security or security around the event and what it had it been a delicate balance I think we got it altogether and apparently believed it to be that say -- Placed on the planet. I'm unable to Europe here and here it bought them on the map uncle. Remember was private I guess nine or ten months ago the defending women's champion said the time -- the church who's gonna do which she is doing now that you. Get any resistance at all from any elite runners that they may not want Iran because they think might be -- security concern. Not a one I mean I think -- immediate response was people where. You know sort of just not true war and then as a few days went by in weeks went by I think I think everything went. 180 and the world wants to be here races the week to three weeks later we're selling our record. And I think that the opposite happened. In what may be what was intended by these two individuals and you know it just really has. Solidarity to the industry that this sport and -- you know. To hit it to the incorrect in race in -- what we're gonna see. -- on that mandate will be a race for the -- you'll never seen anything like this again. Is will there be any thing at the fort and every year at nine elevenths you know at 8:46 in the morning bells -- What happens -- at the -- ten market to 45. In the afternoon on Monday. I think. What we're gonna let it play play itself out we're not really meaning anything in particular. I mean certainly we -- a lot of runners that when they take that. Right on our fit in leapt on oil -- I think -- emotions running down the last. Quarter mile royals history is -- Is it gonna be something special something to be -- and I think that the crowd themselves and run it themselves in the area at that point time. Will will set the stage and we really don't have to do anything other than just he Guerin who witnessed it well. Dave will her schedule and where you are supposed to be and win. On this race day be different than years past. No not really I mean from an operational logistical perspective you know I know what I need to do and and none of that has really changed whatsoever arm. Now again site by virtue of the fact that there's a lot more people and we kept expecting out a lot more just means that you know people have to beat. We have they normally advocate to be -- a longer period of time. But no I mean the checklist is pretty much the same it. I think that's a good thing I mean that Monday we we wanted to keep out. Pursuit of athletic excellence not changed the fabric in what about the marathon has always been what got it. To that point to begin work and and and that could direct a more articulate. I did get a sense of the deed joint gigantic nature of 36000 people how Long Will -- take my radio partner here Manningham who by the way will be last in line when the gun goes off. Across the starting line to get a sense of how long it takes 36000 people get over the starting line. Well the phenomenon that is that you'll have the wheelchair athletes and some of the elite women. -- the finish line before the last person crosses the body now. But will let people spread out along the entire point six point two miles arm there with that with the first. Garden going update at 10 o'clock. We we've increased the gap between that we use -- to spread things out more. The last person -- -- up from the stabbing mind. At 1140 which is somewhat close to win the race she's just battered and kinda felt -- -- -- dynamics at play. Is this the new sister's life now your your Rodger Davis and other numbers can be different -- people attending but is gonna be life now a year in Europe from security perspective at this marathon and is this what you have to deal with here. -- -- -- You know a stop to say. We just need to get through this year in and we feel very confident will be. -- -- until -- opiate family friendly fun event. But we're obviously not anticipating any and you actually care. Once we get to this will have to reconvene in -- -- -- I'm always wanted very anxious to wanna talk about. Okay what happened next I'm always planning ahead and I wanted to bring up what what about 2000 at fifteen -- So obviously not -- people -- go to -- -- your democracy out 2014 Plato and then we can we can stop to think about what's gonna. -- they -- -- next year I would like to think that well look slow down a little bit and then and and not be content but you know that's an incident. -- picture more slackers Mora. We call -- -- -- running this year than ever because. Ever wants to be a part of it -- enough talked a few people this I'm running I'm like. Are you ready mega man I don't know I mean more. People aren't quite sure if they can do 26 miles and they're gonna tribe because this is such a special year. While I think. You know normally we have a finishing rate at about 98 point 7%. And eight point 7% of people who stopped the room. Historically have been. And this year I think that potentially be higher I mean I you know unless you're a really yeah. You know physically. Challenging thing for some people and they really hurting. You know I think I think 99%. Not 99 point 5% people start -- going to finish. Yet sure there's no way if your run in this race if you train for and get you. Ankle -- or something you're -- -- breaks what's different how often like that you have -- when you gave up on that you are a -- its -- is this is the -- personal -- the Boston in this Boston but there are a lot of little fat he's trying to train says is different. I -- what what -- the writers and the spectators in terms of -- bags in baggage rules that you want to get out there need to know. I guess also there is so I'm going to be less tolerance for rabbits this year than ever before. You know I mean I think I think the current rule it's just common sense I mean obviously given what happened. You know people should just say hey you know I'm not gonna bring a bag and not in -- -- not that they hear back it is. But they do the subject to search and and all of that so it felt just that. And not to do and and and you know just come with -- any -- are just. Put things in your pocket whatever it might be just. Don't don't push the envelope and test the system who you know because then everybody -- inconvenient and it's the same thing with the -- is a new week. We got to do something and arm. Without systems sit down that -- haven't experienced before OPEC. -- taken personal responsibility. And everyone understand that this is an extraordinary year. And everyone is cooperating so I'm really we've been very very fortunate and very pleased with them the response I -- When do you start paying serious attention to the weather forecast Dave. Well it's a difficult not to keep taking a peek at a at a picnic take a peek at it chose something the next -- you -- again and exchange for -- -- like. I don't want to even look at records and when you're Mike but I'd look good and then -- disappointed connect cake -- it turns Bartlett's. And in the state deterrence against so it probably filtered that we have not article. Meeting at the -- is very management agency on Thursday. And would go Google weather forecast then that's what we truly are ramping. Depending on but the National Weather Service helped out as to whether it's going to be hot or cold rainy or windy or whatever it might be. The day we got to really focus on the web. And do you plan on running the marathon when it's when the day is done as usual. Yeah I definitely am partner a built it fit you know I had his health scare. A few months ago in fact I've changed things up a bit and I blossom ready and have been training really hard so this'll be my. Forty 42 spot and and I plan on going out all all all going well gonna pay my current parity is not in the race not eat. And that everything was well I'll I'll head out here is not running at 7 o'clock and hope we finished site by eleven. I want in a global world what a week ago well global group -- effort to 2958. David. Check it. Out -- caused the apple got out. I'll pick it up all right good luck Dave always appreciate the information in a chatting with you talked down the road. And I over the Tennessee Alabama AT and deal.

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