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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Meet the Press won't hold back 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

All the stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today's top story: A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor leaves Meet the Press.

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Our headlines brought to you by eighteen to either cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do precision fitness equipment. I'm always which office. I don't know why -- chart on The Who put me in charges -- Some 401 of these days I'm in which you guys decide where I start with this because every day it's my bird the star witness on. Jerry is mocking me I have two pieces of sound. I have some Meet the Press writes from Sacramento Saturday Night Live to NBC properties which when you start. Let's start with the serious stuff we get to the bunny stuff the knee slapping stuff like I'm not sure hasn't phony stuff effect that you have senate live cuts like at a market sound that's true -- So we talk by the -- at the start of the show. Adriana -- Adrian has put Davis was asked to be on Meet the Press for radio panel discussion. But the bombing where a year earlier obviously a reader removed from the bombings on Sunday Schiavo. We scored to go watch told the producers with the idea that the names of his -- would not be mentioned at all. She shows up she was told I was not going to be the case they were going to be -- -- several people by several people. She decides to leave city panel was she was not on that it was our senator C center some sort of junior senator from Massachusetts Edward. -- -- A best selling author Doris Kearns Goodwin -- she is best selling off -- this is oh -- all you need to know what network these these people their ivory towers they think we need some faces of Boston. And obviously -- -- and then at Davis than a pretty face but they are Boston faces right. So the side who else someone in their little meetings and who else would represent Boston. Who else in bodies Boston so they call Ed Markey Georgetown zone and mark know who thought it couldn't find -- honest do you think he could find. The marathon finish line if you drop I don't think let's say let's say dropped him that. BU. Not a chance you'll see you find -- unusual look at first limo driver. Well but you go -- legal direction let's let me give you are above it's not on Beacon Hill he knows where that -- right yeah that's true but it can he'll -- -- -- -- picks me up at the airport Ed Specter media not like sausage you're pregnant -- a chance I say equity -- at the finish line. You're not into Doris Kearns Goodwin that is the face of Boston according to NBC. -- well that's surprising well league rosters so they talked about so she left. Davis left the house with Davis left. To the panel inside the continued discussion about this year's as is -- Davis chaired it here's mark off. This is the report which was issued yesterday the unclassified report from vote for inspectors general of the intelligence agencies. It is clear. That. There were red flags that should have been -- That Sinai was in fact oriented towards jihadist. That there were all the clues that were out there that should have been followed up. That the information was not shared as widely and as readily. That should have been amongst the intelligence agencies right now multiple local level where perhaps. -- local please the local officials could have acted upon it. So we have to make sure that this never. Another report like this that is issues. Ed Davis said members of the panel which included people we spoke about where initially confused about why hassle Davis left so abruptly that -- exploration -- producers. Davis said he heard has a Davis say they're going to use his name and be part of that. As she walked out of the room that he was mentioned three times as -- -- by host -- twice by Gregory wants by -- heard that she was not mentioned once during the broadcast Gregory did not mention. Why she wasn't there she obviously tweet about -- herald this weekend about. It's a strange one it's it's it's it's seems to me I could be wrong maybe Gregory knew about all along I would think the way it works as producers lied to her. Told her that not yet not a big deal which wanna get a Rogers agreed yet. And and then when she found out about it big big she told the call their bluff which its tournament last summer you give Gregory a pass that's passage saying he doesn't know what's going on here. Showed us I think I I market doesn't know. And what brought you mentioned it nobody told Markey writes it -- on local I don't you know I'm an area almost -- and -- marquis but I'll defend them again in this in this instance capsule Davis to no marketed no Gregory did. So goat -- green to I don't know that I don't know I don't know I don't know if that's him that's apology -- at that -- adult he's untouchable show they said we got this real good pitchers kind of fragile she does not like to hear that. The bombers names and that we promised her. We would use the names you know what they said Gregory said she. And I love the way do you paint Ed Markey is when these -- it's not the left wing guys that -- honestly seriously frustrated on the prove you wrong right here thank you yeah you're gonna apologize about every cent -- -- all let me record of saying no global warming is more -- threat -- Islam and I just tells a story first and a apologize. Carole king's star starred in the sing along the story fund raiser thrown by actress -- Robbins for junior senator at marketer upper east side home on Friday night. Our guests include Michael Douglas Kenneth Cole. Jackie Kennedy. Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley -- all of their one gets -- -- Carole told a crowd -- along with Howard Stern was there. And everyone happily -- Sam -- was there. What was your invite -- off the crowd and I wanted to meet how we had -- around and but. Ed Markey is on the record he represented as a congressman that Watertown district with the Chicago was right on the record as saying. Global warming or climate change or whatever it's caller today is more a threat in Islamic what's what's the -- Also to -- yes and cuts could be one day move. May god help hopefully at -- you have him on to talk about the attack by Muslim fanatics on our soil. And he thinks you know Karl flatulence is more a threat. To our -- giving up part of estimate that up -- Carol -- -- shouldn't were sitting electing the candidate line. They're sitting in the living rooms that you missing edmark. Creepiest thing ever I don't sit and that was actually hired a piano player yeah right in the letter -- came later he was busy it was busy till they came later on it was an. Jack -- you most money but I know what you. It was double the Los forty bucks. If you do it -- -- for the to the one point 10 what you entry point and who else contribute. -- -- Jordan noble didn't try to give me a hundred that you wouldn't take it would take so there's what I wanted to -- with. Start at 1. O'clock go to with a sure hey here's your bone of contention is going to be what I tell you when you. In by. Where. I was not to drink or. Christ. I. The water. Confirm water -- colleagues absolutely and -- honestly think I got hot. At a different -- a different location the ban was not going to treat my hands at heart and once the bachelor party will continue upstairs at all. Yet again as you call the after party and would. After party that Obama actually -- -- -- -- ice water all night long. Really what did you have in the room when -- with Curtis I don't call. So that was probably alcohol that was after party. It was your what your party terrorists that you will never lose not -- I I didn't know how you would -- this that or you know -- a lot of this obviously this problem. That you think because you drank in the room before -- the elevated sound of the and well. I would not drink my bachelor party I did not -- you said you too wide -- all of these new faces and names of people. Like to forget that you said that -- Public rather use rabbits you said the party continues upstairs you said the on the year more than once that's a continuation of the part after part. This after -- the lame missed. Technicality. Technicality of course it is not. You'd drag. On the night bachelor party. Before and after the laughter -- and and let me -- sources who was deputy we have in your room one right there -- chris'. Under suspicion and we confirm that there have been by. You that you're restricting alcohol before report. Once with alcohol about -- -- different ways that he can tell exactly helmet that you buy them voice by how loud it was. Where it's funny he has in his character. Was and obviously he's well on did you not go away. We're like -- -- party and gone. And you you'd left your own party. In which kind of took the arrows and we we didn't you weren't there you left her own party with a guy like I was. This party that's true Eminem Eminem try to send them to do that there was a rat and he was really count. We flawed strategic independent and he wanted a piece of somebody. -- not Capital -- Bowl. Eligible. The whole analysts. -- to step up to the beer ball a crack at real it's great us hope that all of a sudden some measurable. I do all. -- doubled to 26 it. I -- we'll all I -- -- apart -- at a party that our party so I said I was available. Apart her bucks you go to cancer massage I heard I got up early Saturday some us so we are all hanging out the party you leave. And you left with a couple on balls and left drink water. Yeah like assess -- and -- a few others and will severance deals gone and then turn lights on in the party and that you. Pulled the plug in your own hard minutes ago that's 40. Minutes to half an outlet and now as an adequate failure -- -- -- could shake those kids those two kids could -- What was -- and -- -- husband and wife what nights it's fine the that two week. One was good because he can appeal the one from -- -- -- of the ticket evidently had a part -- -- and again I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- was singing and dancing cheek and part of -- rock music don't you get this man are curious why it is yet here -- -- -- -- -- -- coach. Yankee fan. Here but. It's sure nice -- I I didn't wanna mess that is the worst does -- -- the oh. I said I did -- that it was gonna do we need an operative and 10 what -- -- -- Jim just text that said you're exactly right. 100 -- Abbott said that follow what -- -- yeah -- the darker that shot just texted me -- change the rules and all bets for seventeen that's true you know -- -- -- -- -- little -- and I hope that we can have its work force that's -- charges and -- might change the ultimate judge. We have time to play yes and -- -- time 743. We don't know don't we don't. Lately -- later I would -- -- yes and Al document -- which. But tweeted all weekend that's incredible comedy always keep I'd be just aquarium and -- once again I don't know help I need an adult I'm not sure. Where the funny parts for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could see I can take -- Hollywood if that's apart is OK it's not tell me with a funny -- -- couldn't do that -- get that at some odd statement guilt every race director Boston Marathon joins us next.

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