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Marathon Monday is one week away 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Dennis and Callahan look ahead to a week from today when the 2014 Marathon will take place.

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Suffice to say this Monday morning we have a lot of it's lots to talk about we have Sox yanks we have -- replay. We have Sox White Sox we have -- injuries Bruins red wings we have the idiotic Celtics. We held. Bubba don't call -- Jerry Watson. All the Smith's excellent weekend adventure but first things first. Check your calendar. We are one week when the marathon we are one day. The anniversary of the bombings and if you weren't client like I was in a knee jerk reaction to say well that year sure went by quickly. I would challenge you to read the Boston Globe story. Of the Richard's family their year of pain and -- and the early steps on their road to recovery my guess is that this year did not fly by. The Richards family. -- no no one who is about 66 or seven pages in the globe yes haven't if you read today's you know I I cannot a lot of -- -- just know how to read a lot going on here that will mean this whole film is incredible but -- Richard when you read about -- summaries for me when I read yesterday. She just stood out which is gone through the last QB -- it's it's it's why you know -- -- newspapers. Are still necessary I know we're not the globe's biggest fans but really good stuff and now I I would love to net. I don't know thirty sidebars to this and love to -- would use Jin thanks of this about the no Gish Jen thinks of the suffering. OJ and Richard and and you know and that does she still think that we in the open our hearts enough to joke kind of break it wasn't fully develop did you think that now that ACLU nut case or. These these whacked out lawyers who were two win over the in the powered you know make sure he gets out in a while he's still young. Just insane in the Munich as pure did their pure evil in this is the and this is this the result of their twisted ideology mean. I can't get past that when I read about her that there -- deer or read about or Martin. There I dearest to somehow to advance their causes the bla Lego -- seven year old girl. Indiscriminately it was like attacking military installation right credit weren't attacking some specific target they're attacking. Off brands and -- in young people in just the most. So I can indiscriminate -- back get away soccer and him you know yeah. He knew we was blowing up kids. And he and and we're supposed to believe his brain wasn't wholly developed I was Martin's brain you lunatics amid I'm not going to be able. Control myself -- the -- there will be others who won't just be Gish -- gesture and give all of them say and that general right and our Haaretz Rolling Stone will revisit the fact that his father never went to his wrestling match yes. I mean why and his will like guy you read this do you have. Any inclination to understand not. You know to -- -- into the mind of Portugal are mean. It's just it is boggles my mind what we don't that he is not already we're -- you know -- -- -- about stuff like the of them the -- -- and and -- -- -- 41 form or externally -- guy for -- -- -- little less than a dollar primarily at 42 surgeries are our -- the obnoxious Boston sports and then write a great piece on him insidious PM yeah and if he's. You know what he has suffered just sheer physical pain. More than anybody I mean the operations he was in the hospital longer than anyone had more operations. -- back that he has pimple they they took all the skin off his back. You know to put the the skin graft in his leg. Mean and and I applaud him because he wants to stone -- -- to death himself. And that's I'm pretty sure I'll get dealer that I got so I would only -- if you haven't seen it it's it's a brilliant piece by ESPN I don't know the report is but they really do. Detail the pain and agony this poor -- mark. Who who I'm probably sent his name wrong again really and just and he's got a little kittens PNC's roofers the hard work and guy. And I don't think he's good enough you know attention because I don't think anybody who suffered just sheer physical pain like this guy. You know I felt after reading tables article yet in the Boston Globe that for the first some sort of understand and know the Richard -- I knew a little bit about we read some some thumbnail -- -- -- this happened. If you can't not know this is virtually impossible set aside. The heinous act that that that Joseph Carr and his. Idiot brother speed bump. Did it through the marathon crowd and a particular the spamming this aside and most of occult. And consider now that we know little bit about. Who the Richards were. What they stood for what their lives were ball all about how they were involved in the community all the parents responded to the kids and then hold up these dope smoke it. Free loading. Shop lifting. Drug dealing scum bags on one side and you hold up to belittle what the Richards family were in terms of their community involvement. It's it's it it just makes you even more notches when you find out who these people really were right. Richard family is like a lot of families that we know that's the thing a one of these young families -- kids they are running around two and forty things are gonna go up to -- that week in the couldn't do because the data to work the -- -- the marathon they get ice cream to kids wanna leave but stay a few minutes. Everybody's got through that. I live right here trip a hundred times and all the sudden bank it's different in Jeff I mean Jeff look we got right in the eyes and he knew what was gonna happen you mean you read the book right. These people just sit in their lives are shattered a big. It's tougher talk about Marc rich and I think he was there for twelve hours our I's body all that mean that was the that was the most heartbreaking thing all -- know what I mean how else. Google sinister the calm on the cop who stood -- Wright amendment stood guard 'cause they couldn't mess with the crime scene. It was I believe all three -- yes there were here. Lindsay -- a crystal Campbell and mark Richards and for they were there for twelve hours a night and they took a table -- -- tables in the forum because over the bodies and just stood there and while they did the they're due diligence did -- investigation. Amid this was -- by an active crime -- you didn't know. Who did it where they were anything. But am I guess that wasn't a nice gesture could imagine the just agony of -- on Martin's gone to own mineral curtain of the Martin family. They all hurt all suffering clearly Jane the worst and they're -- saying. You know on top of that Martin's gone he's gone there's no hope these these did. -- guys this guy his dad bill Richard is running around he's could get a ball bearing what is in his leg rights through -- certainly an hour operation among her eyes or his wife is blind. His daughters lost a leg. And his son is dead and he's got to run around and do the suits that he has to go back how's that day I can't even. I came a -- Guys -- energy and it's just checked in just about stop on the AT&T text -- even. On that. By reading that kind of garbage that's -- -- that Gish Jen is up and texting us. On this necklace at your reaction to yet that that's like -- learning the agony the pain of the Richard -- -- yeah it. How many innocent Muslims have been murdered by the US government in the Middle East that's horse while the Richard's story in the -- Now did you think of that Pakistan enriches the guy and -- blown off you know I mean she. -- thereof is Gerry Williams -- that are out there out there and unfortunately there right in our midst and we will hear from them a lot next fall when the hill. Joke goes on trial -- they're gonna come out of the woodwork. The free -- Clinton's. You know these these -- you know bony tail lawyers ACLU. Animal that rod yet. Jenn -- -- I'm surprised the globe just some balance -- them to engage radical and you know the run it side by side point counterpoint. And yeah your report out of here for -- do what he lost his brother right that's true he's grieving poor guy. He probably has some you know -- hearing problems that we had a close to the -- right. I don't know why I think this but I do. We said the day after the marathon the sixteenth the day after that the seventeenth the day after that the eighteenth when we looked ahead. To this week and next Monday's marathon. It was a general consensus by everybody who had an opinion about office. That this running of the Boston Marathon was going to be different this running the Boston Marathon. Was going to be special I think the word we used time and time again was this was going to be emotional. And now that it's almost here now -- a week away now overseeing you know stories of Charles Colby. The the one run for Boston. You -- Santa Monica the Boston all the other stories and here between now and Monday. We underestimated. What next Monday's going to be like in and around this time yeah -- -- guy. I couldn't do woman has to run 26 miles with tears in my eyes because it's going to be. Just and I I think it'll help volume Iran helped get to from the pain yeah. I can't watch any of these things without the crime like a baby meanings these special X at the National Geographic -- that was -- -- -- They even started watching it reenact everything -- really think it's kind of we are. I don't even know how they like a TV movie legal circus -- and -- you've seen a perfect example of some nude scene before that it would try to -- -- the but such a -- -- out now -- -- -- -- -- right it's good organizations lots of people with Ed Davis. Commissioner Evans but they have one. Mrs. -- and her husband was hurt. And should they sure. Hold hands in the hospital -- normally can figure out of that's real or re enacted in their pants they'd do kind of blur the line between the reenact in the real which I guess is effective. But at times it was weird diminished they would reenact. Like the news when they went public and they. When the short again on what about it and -- police court and it's a home run and an -- we got him. And you -- on that game was just strange it's a strange technique but again it's. It's worth watching this stuff and -- You'll you'll you'll learn some things but I you do hander who smacked in the call one to week. We want a woman to -- or injured husband as -- all hooked up. In the hospital bed and Mike Reid and -- to absorb the MO that National Geographic that does with stuff yeah that's what I was told that's what they do right do effectively. But he would he would do get this you do wonder where what's real what's not. It's hard if your TV station after ESP or local station. You look at for New York newspaper look for new fresh angles and and people who have not. Told this story yet and it's hard to do a year after. The bombing and that's what felt that who currently -- was so good I didn't know his whole story -- it is just. Excruciating -- with the guys went through. Just curiosity and final four. It says it's it's that -- -- of the cellphone you know wherever you ever go with Eric I don't not a -- goes on settled finally 71 beyond that -- 321904. Is. Jackson Jackson LB it's from Jacksonville objective and not for nothing but you -- -- four hours on this. I'm attempted to invite us back down -- Qaeda statement mentioned Red Sox or yankees and Sox and now we're getting onyx will never get the play out now now that you mention it at this issue up for hours. Some stories like it to your read Jeff's book which is which is great I mean it's a great book. The first time he sees Carlos again in the hospital. And they sit down and -- cross tells the whole story and crying at the enemy in their moments like that you've given me think and of these stories on Monday you forget palaces or I'll just Carlos. Oh lord Campbell is an unbelievable -- -- if you don't if you have inserted. Is he lost to southern Iraq as a marine when the Marines pulled up in the band it was house in Florida alum. He didn't handle it well as you'd expect he ran out of the house got a gas can got in the van that belongs to US government and set himself on fire and the Marines were there -- Foreman that his son had died in an action. Put him out saved him. He was in the hospital with burns over like 25% of his body after that and they were. People -- -- of murder charges to be brought against him were damaging the vehicle and and -- in this thing but after that it became -- a peace activists and Occupy Wall Street guy and he's traveled all the countries whose nickname or name. Was data on fire and he went around the country speaking out against the war. His other son who couldn't handle. The grief kill themselves. He's been through hell and me in this country some real you know mystical and spiritual between him and and that. Jeff and Jeff because he lost the -- -- ago at this new son in a way and that and and and we know what a hero Jeff wasn't probably helped crack the case and save lives but. Let's face a prison here with the coats. On the way onset. If you do that little line the six degrees of separation. Carlos may have saved the I always say that -- may have -- thousand people in Times Square nautical cartilage Carlos did -- -- -- -- to them teamed up to save. A whole block a couple of Times Square with these maggots were hadn't. -- in the big picture this means anything but I wonder what the the feeling is for the vast majority of the injured people for the Boston Marathon bombings. Who we don't know about. Not -- -- of people not named Richard people bought emboldened people who we have not read about not families and things we've seen features on. The vast majority of the 262. By and large are sort of anonymous and now they prefer to be that way do you think they look at the Richards say hey they're getting all the publicity or they're looking at -- and saying he's getting. You got a book deal going cruised to eat it all these the river in Europe and sold and so forth I'm sit here Spaulding rehab with my seventeen skin graphically I. A good point 'cause I didn't know that he was upset with the the fund with Kenneth Feinberg you know -- -- about mark hooker who wrote can you find out I'm saying it right and present for coral no. He is at one point one million and -- think that's a lot -- -- re when he went to it is not I hope we get and they haven't Alec is the second. Allotment of the money and hopefully gets a lot more cause he's been through as much as anybody. But this is so approved 260 engine while or sixteen amputee how many -- -- well sixty I'm not and are no more today than it did a week ago because right by its own stories. You're right -- I can't feel twice -- like we should know all sixteen. And I'm in a note there's only two double amputees in the -- multiple them chip Bowman Celeste the -- But they're sixteen people who -- legs are limbs blown off I don't know Adrian has Davis now and I commend her and I plotter. She's the woman the dancer who walked off the set of -- pulled registered -- -- but -- -- -- usage should crap David Gregory refused to honor her request actually he said he would honor it. I believe her story 100%. He's line and I'll tell you why if you missed that story she actually on Meet the Press a little roundtable as David Gregory asked ABC not to. I mean NB CNBC not to say and got assurances of bombers names and they -- -- -- -- -- he did is he never thought she'd walk he thought it just emotional she asked this not to say the names. I'll say the name it is policy brought about him specifically in church producers whatever and he knew the deal but he did he he never thought she would actually. Walk off he -- -- just some emotional broad -- leg blown off and say the names and just get past that. She didn't get past that she cried and she walked off the set. And I commander for that because Greg -- just another room weasel. Another net obligated to never we problem with. Today and we did not -- did not former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said it was necessary. For NBC's meet the pressed to name. The accused Boston Marathon bombers during the special on the one year anniversary of attack now he did say it was quick to point out first and foremost that when he testified before congress. He felt the same way about using their names if you go back a look at my testimony -- Davis says I did not use their names at all but. Found out over the first few weeks of dealing with this. They're so many questions and so when it concerns that dealing with -- directly required we talked directly about the individuals involved and I don't like to give him any publicity but I think the country needs to understand exactly what happened and so it doesn't happen again I just thought -- names -- -- -- So you know what you have to do you have to separate Ed Davis from Adrian has looked Davis. Related. You have to separate -- -- you -- Garrett here and say these names in the course of a -- a round table survivors exploration should be on the roundtable OK then you don't that you ever separately all you put her with a couple of other victims to talk about the poll took on the victims -- -- park is tough to say interestingly accidentally -- guys didn't like actual conversation of I'll bet if I mean we set as if they're rivals please don't do I -- said you know. What do you think should happen to the terrorists right you know that president -- -- -- asking -- the -- but if -- -- table five or six people one -- -- screw -- that they mean. But I had but I Gregory said or AB NBC said they would domestically he says believer because Greg is a weasel. But if she says I I don't wanna be on the run until you username and she can't be on the round -- right that's Ed Davis I completely understand he's a cop. He's got to be a little more. Hardened when it comes to this kind of thing in the metal leg blown off so -- to Ed Davis to him with. The panel the panel -- to pass out later I was gonna do return headlines the panel has. Ed Markey. Or get hurt Goodwin -- -- -- -- stock CF bank was ours is all you need to get there. I can't -- Amazon and right and here's all you need nobody NBC they think Ed Markey represents Massachusetts. Marquis couldn't find the bliss and street with a map and GPS. Doris Kearns Goodwin. They'd have to have a plagiarized represent Massachusetts to make it official site. He needed an official situation like Gil Hodges to make honest to god to come up with -- more hackneyed represented. More tired cliche -- percent of new England and Ed Markey and frigate Doris Kearns Goodwin. -- -- David Greg was not only weasel exits he's an eighty but. If she doesn't wanna hear the name of the announcing the name you don't do this segment. Right one -- help reduce just say I will we all say idealistic with her on threat do they thought she didn't mean right touch and actually walk up Carroll walked out on May. I'm David Gregory we got Doris -- Dangerous over here and and Ed Markey this'll fossil from from Georgetown DC a mean Washington DC. Can we don't on this it's just like who am -- -- -- Davis is Smart guy did did well in his service to this city but I explained to me why that particular panel. Needed to say those -- that's a good question -- if you send it -- make. Tom and all that long piece on the SP it really well and I realized it's about the sports connection but it's not real it's about a lot of the victims. In horses their names and it's about ten minutes -- out of the game after. Which upset with ships stay and -- -- I don't know -- -- I knew -- talk about a month -- refuse. He won a much pointed. My point is if it -- on the ground rules that's fine but I think it in the life of a round -- it's hard to legislator Ruby Tuesday in Nazi outfield. You know nervous around her that mr. request but trying to market by mistake he -- -- you that Gregory -- -- by mistake. What she was out there. This -- the few times in in in the discussion after she was. When she was there before when she walked -- you think he was it was -- the little. Mitchell. -- just took -- for granted that she's really mean it wouldn't know I like my guess is. -- -- -- No -- something Davis did they were going to be all right I don't think it was she walked off so abruptly we were confused bit later found out what the agreement was. Between her -- is why -- -- -- to catch you forgive the -- for -- of course I think I think that I think that the proposal to give Ed Davis I thought come on -- -- -- note David Gregory Napster I think the producers probably told her get her on a he had no problem no pride that she's got -- -- -- On the earth and doctor Gregory always I don't too. So -- do such -- Gregg -- -- swell Gregory fan I'm not. He of course he and it's a show actually doesn't want -- stupid show week he goes everything's going on each ago. Shall come -- sure we got him but she has won in the name -- I -- advocate got him I think he probably found by half hour for other so this -- Arial the producers. Media agree with her trying to get her on trying to get Iran right they would not say the names. And that request stopped at the producers window and didn't get into the set were David Gregory themselves like the bothered him is that while it would screw. Now this Medicare I think I I think Jerry's writer producers. She's she's like she's and excited to meet Doris Kearns good. Kennedy's ASEAN -- -- she's going to be C David Gregory -- you care when they say the name that I do believe in she said spurs actually watch this panel. Now we have this out a way to get this out. I don't wanna know what you're doing things -- really she was genuinely ticked off -- it was told by multiple people that the in the outcome. So she -- she cared join us today hopefully this week. Let's call -- Davis again -- let me guess at Dave's gonna sit -- Charlie Rose this week here or Larry -- the CBS security -- out -- -- he'll be on -- the CBS security expert -- and NBC WBZ locally because they said -- can -- dark -- on -- that are before it you know wine and cheese parties. I like Davis too graphic and school is get lost and beg for his boats made threatening it is -- -- But the Sox game he's being. Are 6177797. At nine. Is run women -- hand he's run -- -- marathon and so impressed. As X 65 big guy. I don't know how old ocean 66 via these are with us and -- run would you an easy ride up a bit we'll find out. Get back to find a good question. Coming -- eleven or on the phone with us. Well he's going to be on this -- promote the water on five K Yemen you drawn to order -- on America and we haven't gloss -- on Monday we can that we can. Give him out the Hopkinton know well like he can't opted to crack that lies ahead for. Yeah -- you have. -- -- Your choice of rights which cup which police it and two do you wanna go stay loyal to the -- then it's my only advice you'll Boston would be the state PD -- If you go the FBI you can end up like problems -- the FBI's the only one I wouldn't trustees of the -- Ike offended when there's BP. These guys came up big in. The whole -- and you have FBI. You know and obviously he sees some FBI -- shoes are on the wrong beat -- flies and in basket. -- trip that -- in the area with heroes still. -- -- So the date was that -- ramping -- patient. Joker in the speed bump. It in in the -- domain names correctly name misspelled his name on file and well finalists right we're supposed to say about anywhere real hero office to Russia Russians wouldn't come through with all the information or what not the you know -- -- the Russians for -- in these hopes -- probably. Don't know what to do with this information -- up on them -- I see that abolish the bombing. All the -- part. -- that that's a fed up with that they have -- can -- I said he's gonna say -- thicker by the FBI -- -- -- on the back of my Segway -- -- Doris -- conventional -- agreed old relic like we go on the together and I'm old town that I've yet arrived as a start like Margaret Hamilton are sort of -- -- -- 6177779. Seven fault lines are open it to you on this Monday morning. -- Dave McGill -- speaking of the Boston Marathon and a week from -- is going to be up to his ears in alligators. You talk about a big big job race director didn't grow. McGill rejoins -- 745. Facts will check in from Augusta National. It's his outfit on Saturdays. And you'll like gate yeah brocade couch he look like Tom Brady at the Kentucky -- -- -- that. -- -- -- Sunday -- checkers was all checker checker via technical those checkered or commitment home. He would note the I would note that out of -- -- you have curriculum and I'll talk sports would you --

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