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Apr 13, 2014|

Red Sox Bench Coach Torey Luvollo joins the program to talk about Red Sox injuries and the MLB Replay process

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I welcome back to the -- Photoshop. When the -- Rochelle what's happening this three things in life that we know to be -- one I'm gonna pop up goals distinctive clothing -- new looks. To -- and a sing the praises. The integrity of -- New England insurance in new members of our family. The third is we're gonna have sort of fellow on radio. All these things have come to fruition. Welcome to our. Or rather I appreciate you know -- -- that you look at they must be pretty special. Of all of these all of them -- and hubby hubby insurance absolutely. Mean you're you're part of the big break. Gradually take you still -- the phone made sure. I'd rather -- -- I know I -- those players you brought that up -- I. I thought occurred about four hours a day. Got a lot outlet -- McDonald's here I got scared straight pressure on one on how well how come. In order at about 18 conduct I would like. Barely even how the day. As your timing is impeccable. Unfortunately for -- your timing is impeccable because the new artist came. But -- before we get the door Ellis what the new -- this and then -- you can react. Great great doesn't toys out of line. Sizemore left Bogart's it short second hitting second for the first time this year David Ortiz Napoli now but Kaczynski Roberts Bradley perera. -- -- Pedroia what's the deal. I put me on the spot -- it's -- -- -- -- early April. Situation where you know guys you -- thought they ran up restrict it all the sudden played every -- ignore her percent upped its offer to. Senator Robert later couple guys are straight and you'll pay -- At this point. We saw that may have a little bit. I don't put you on the spot I apologize for doing this by art but I talked to him -- today and he said the with a thumb was a work in progress comes back. Is it was copy part of the aches pains. I think you're acting like it's got to be Smart about it we could force -- a -- there and if you or they'll go out there that's not who we are. For the most part we -- that our players great feedback we trust our players. And you know from the port forward. Articulated in need a lot of you know exactly what you got -- -- an -- that you I'm not I'm not sure but there -- no secret he played with a torn ligament or a lot you're at a dual air. The other guy that obviously everyone is kind of keeping an eye on -- coach you are anything there. You know you disputed data and by that same. They worked at an airport secure -- -- the I'm I'm on inside -- what exactly. There's going on in you know lead upper great medical team and I think at this point. Once again much like dust and we put a lot of it all last year. Right at the all the sudden street traders and -- -- at somebody's views on the I put them in harm's way I think. You look a little bit of arrest the wind -- exactly. How you're alert you're he backed the move forward with a plan. Is our priority or not they should not exactly. What I do want stated that we have of getting very awkward all that was that's -- their. And help out out and are you looked up and it that would that are -- and history of Major League Baseball is. -- strikeouts cooperation. But the game -- that's pretty Germany. I mean that's great -- -- for a -- -- out. That much depth we have that many guys step into Google and there unseated by and so we Kubrick -- -- -- or. You know of all these Sundays Mondays Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday -- -- with -- this is the most -- -- -- -- a -- -- it is still like to have a lot -- warm welcoming abide -- -- or the -- is this the stuff is like jumping -- -- right so -- I slipped and I that you are slowly I'm I'm armed and ready -- -- the you have military pretty gentle with me and that's what I promise you -- -- it is thought about it you know what you're cute but no problem whatsoever. -- let me let me ask you this along those lines which is you've -- you guys had a lot of detours so far early in the year. What is been the one that really you think has affected. What you guys have done the most we understand all these guys have their their build these the call these the importance of the team all won Iowa. What one injury here has really says all you know what this is really affects what we'd. I'm gonna -- Shane Victorino not citizens -- the most. You know world over a close second. But I can change. -- her everything that. We got shipped to fighters who could be about Eagles -- He's he's X tutored in the most unbelievably. I've pressure moment. It was a very successful rate. Is the winner to a doctor he. And you know -- Lou -- in leadership at camp on the field. It hurt for what it is I gave Jack -- have been -- aren't sure where he can do. What you -- speech that the depth to what out in our system but you know chain victory know we will eagerly await his return. And we know that we're back in -- populist defense is off the -- and playing defense and currently partnering note. Very challenging position. There second circular out there. Factors more room recovered there there are -- it would go very fortunately. You know look -- to get back on the same number of what little -- really -- on. And into about every area of his game he sort of our third base or. You know we were gonna we're gonna. Upbeat you know great expectations of what he was gonna give it accurately -- the next challenge and certain leaders who are watching -- Through its progression to get back to play on feel like I feel like. He's gonna be right re -- he's hungry he's ready to go record -- those guys -- Around aren't really help out. -- Joseph Torre you know. You blast to say what do you figure the Red Sox and quarry might they be a little off this year so far. But I did say continuity and I don't know if you agree without or not but last year you -- you were shuffled a lot of guys in and out but those guys had defied ruled becoming knew what you gonna do them. -- -- -- -- -- I think so I know -- -- talked about it would get about that the after the break aren't aren't they were they are greater real popular color figure. Paper reader prayer I looked into what you're saying -- now. A look at our conversation. Around around a -- I think that's a really really important expect them all public think they're. We know we are illegal -- wanna get too we haven't yet -- she -- Stride where we go out there to compete. In into our artistry glory you guys are trying a little bit -- art in there instead -- Trying to pick up will do that stopped last year to keep. Now look old golf relaxing Geithner trying to be a little bit better we don't aptly got to go out there or like the -- -- For the way we -- individually. I think all ordered their it would all start up started that you -- in an exceptional. Couple pick up here and there but for the most part -- kept in games. I'm acting because a lot of continuity probably the biggest thing that we discussed in other. In one of the pregame settings where you do not have facial hair or did have a flu meant to anyway we -- talking about the instant reply and Tom. And yesterday you you guys had. One of the rare instant replays where they did they did not uphold your challenge and when they came back today and says they were off. The first thing I wanna ask and you were very very good and explain this is the process. When you guys are ready challenge of exactly what happens from what John Ferrell does to what you do. And and from there. -- It's called it still a work in progress you can see you know it happened the perfect knock on every each but both sides of the border it requires. Obviously we saw -- -- NATO mistaken we certainly mean they -- the processes. We are now trained and -- related to the worse for Wear now according. To. Watched entire play. A total blows. Earlier you know when the whistle blows the -- toward -- pitcher everybody's got situated there are getting written up on the rubber step into the box. That's what constitutes. The next play in the water to recreate the C. Outsourced so we're we're we're blocking and a -- -- -- that -- who did what we're dornin in -- great -- camp yesterday did a great job. You pick it up we got an important to understand why we call the little parent. If you're -- back you know I'm. I neither pitcher who are articulate and not in the walked into the trading in the group critical play. Will about our country our bodies that run it was popping off the bag. Of -- going off the -- and we now need to not we'll tackle. Over angry neighbor Saudi police that -- -- will -- That was a signal to me that John. I -- -- -- your child up play. The will -- in course. -- second grade and -- go out there and in the direction from there -- you know now I was waiting in the with a certain that we out the replay and we have everything -- wouldn't eat we have straining. Stop on the -- -- the gap and the you either Dirk despite the -- And -- I thought we know for certain. Thought the play -- it would be overturned. Unfortunately. We all go out and I don't -- black -- on the situation but it will insist that it out in it you're so that we select all are pretty neat to be -- And it didn't seem like they -- a baseball game in the process the way we are and -- -- frustrating yesterday -- fortunately. It it -- Iran. And yell from the ports or we got here does that make it happen to move forward to an art we did our part -- estimate based on their side. -- Laurent on the the inadequacies of the of these instant replay in the next hour when you're off doing your business but one thing that you and also talked about the other day. Why is. Some interesting things in terms of when Ferrell goes out. So a lot of people think -- gonna go out there. And he's going to delay of -- again and look oversold currency was going on. He positions himself a certain way and also you said there's a limit in terms of the back and forth right. Correct I think you know part -- -- decade ago and they want to make sure things are moving and really department corrections. In the heat and loathing in going lecture pitchers not stand up or how to read more about. So they are trying to give the you're the manager. But not content to say -- your situation. What you have out signal back in court is typically what happens all schools scenario and then her mind after a couple of technically go back or the other part now are -- You want a review that play or -- when -- child support that would on the human cancer. It together and he -- out about an accident there's no talent or -- of a child excitement. -- -- take -- the the you know that old I'll. Bickering between a part in their editors he'll argue that that's a natural -- or that. And natural chair who worked itself out in the desert of the -- Hillary. Well all right so Dustin Pedroia I had evidently says that he's out with a sore last left wrist so -- dropped the story. There -- -- when -- you really great I appreciate your reading earlier -- You're -- Dolly is that of the ultimate multitask let me tell you what I want to PF shanks today -- And I got my fortune said don't be surprised by the emergence of undiscovered counts it is found out that I can read Twitter. And learn about instant replace him. -- a minute ago. So in terms of the ball last question I know you'll be going appreciate you John. Is is just the overall vibe that the I think that that's kind of what people a little concerned about as well and when you don't win. They don't jump out you don't have an opening day like you did the Yankees deal last year. He'll have that those signature moments people say now while this is a different team in maybe is not this game and it should be some concern. From your perspective. Is this the same sort of vibe that you had last year or is it still just a work in progress. Well I collector of keeping. And a war and here they're there anybody to believe that we are go to abortion art that is certainly not -- Our focus our our anarchy it's it can point it yet. We are spot on with our situation. We copied over a week we are exactly what we were last year and got my mind. That we're the world's air. Everybody gets ready to put the world are not that we're not ready. -- you're gonna separate third game at this point time and we know we've. Got a couple situations I would say it's our game to deleting and your question about it or drop it walker -- make a big hits you figure out. -- the eight ball. What will people were saying that that was -- -- -- process work out today. -- -- real accurate so you know we are it'll let the -- sugar and the start of either. No we don't talk a lot we don't compare record clustered that you don't believe or not we move forward. Here today know that. -- this group eat this super special group you guys are very coach all. In fact is your coach and skull. -- -- Barbara. We don't get out of the way today because it little little frustrated articulate a lot -- compared -- this year and they wanna go out. And and do well -- and I I know that the heat they take your car -- a lot. And or -- -- but -- you you'll golf guy. You know I am a little bit I'm really become a certain cold out there are number one year old or the amount. Where it would lawyer or bad news is two strokes down. Well organize so Davis yes he has plenty of time just like the Red Sox have -- time -- So I appreciate you joining us once again Sundays with Torre and I don't know -- what the next day of the week will be but I look forward to talk through throughout this year.

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