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The Chris Villani Show: The Failure of MLB Replay System

Apr 13, 2014|

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Our number two Chris aligning with -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI 6177797937. Then not all Red Sox some pretty much all Jon Lester threw the first hour lie detectors weighing in on the AT&T tax line on that will get to that just a moment. Out final round of the masters is going on a maturity people. Into getting into what is much science tiger. And without Phil as well he -- Mickelson showed up I think late Thursday night she flew in and Friday after energy is flied out. With Phil Mickelson. I he had a tough weekend are tough -- early going Richardson first round in a local guy Keegan Bradley struggled missed -- -- But there are some big games of the top the leaderboard some exciting. I young names of the -- Jordan's BT's twenty years old he's cash to win the masters I he'd be the youngest winner since 1979. -- LEB younger. Then the tiger was the first time you want it. And one of the things that really stood out to me is speaking with some people were down there this week to cover the toward talks and these young guys and it get back to tiger. The complete and water. Lack of off. Around around Tiger Woods to these guys are too young you think about twenty years old 21 years old with somebody like camera some would like walker. In somebody like Blix the Swedish guys and second right now and he's. He's like 28. You know some of these guys too young to really remember or at least have played with tiger against tiger. When he was hitting -- level like we never seen before the PGA tour earlier received since Jack. And they look at him now -- a Zagat shoot 77 on the weekends. Is that cats really contention anymore where is I mean Aaron I'm not old and your -- and all of you remember when. Final round tigers in the lead it was done forget about it I mean one year in the PGA YE Yang -- those big shots out late and ended up beating and yet that epic battle with Bob May. I -- nearly beat him in the PGA but it would for the most part just wasn't close he would get a lead and he was one of the best closers in the we'd seen in the sport. But it's just it's different now that's a different vibe. Around Tiger Woods and it's gone from seemingly a foregone conclusion that he would get to nineteen majors is seemingly foregone conclusion that he won't eat next year. Does -- play -- majors this year. Is give -- forty years old Jack won three. After he needs five Jack won three after forty to two of those were when he was forty and the masters in 986. Was kind of an out Larry's 46 years old. Tiger would be a hall of fame career from here on out five major championship -- all -- career to get in nineteen. I think it's interesting not only his fall from grace just as a player. In terms of winning majors the -- was in my opinion at least the best player on -- were last year he had five or six wins a torch to win major. But the bigger thing to me is -- just how some of these younger players perceive him do -- tiger as a contention it used to be regarded. The average stroke. The average round rather -- up a stroke in. In in the in the final round on Sundays when tiger was in contention real just kind of melted aged just. Folded around with a few exceptions mentioned Bob -- revealed in Nickels and it's good battles but. For the most part it was just tiger's world everybody else's playing for second they were on him Ernie Els just -- -- -- -- not -- Now is young guys just young enough to cocky enough and don't really remember that at least they didn't play through it. And they're saying how statute 75 on the weekends with what's not ID in the turn now but. I should be upon Sunday Bubba Watson very very likable guy. And I Jordan -- who were finding out a lot about trying to become the youngest masters winner a long time quick birds update we'll get back to the calls against 617779. 7937. Cordially NC DM IA's doing great to get the good news on him that was definitely a concern -- that you know DM IAA was. Out I got hit looked like in the -- that it from -- I thought it was illegal but not dirty if that makes sense I don't think there was intent to injure there. It was just one of those times you're trying to make a hockey play get the principal point contact up higher -- and you won it. So I thought it was an illegal hit not a dirty hit but by a help not the -- -- that you concussion translated to -- -- on the ice Thursday that part we don't know just yet. But Patrice Bergeron it sound like is fine I he missed the third period yesterday that would would have been a huge concern. I -- outside to go. There's not too many guys you point to and say this -- more important to the bees and Bergeron -- two way player in hockey this year. Obvious he's good according to coach -- Julianne and Chris Kelly looks like still day to day with that back injury so some. Relatively speaking. Minor bumps and Bruce is going into the Stanley Cup Playoffs but you know these guys especially Alec Bergeron if he could be on the ice on Thursday against the red -- he's going to be there. I HTT tech slide is 37937. It's like grab a few of these real quick a one Dexter says eight times over -- David Price -- let Lester walked. While you make Casey price a better pitcher at this stage of his career early younger I can cost more money. And now your bidding against everybody else you've got the cost control guy. Housing cost control we get the guided the under your control rather. The -- -- of the exclusive negotiating window with wants to stay here to guide it. As more in depth track record in the post season -- to sign him. And -- that point it's not a knock on price and gives great pitcher. But if you're looking at what you can do it even easier than that that will save you some money relative to what price can get on the open market -- signed last. I know detector can you imagine having Stanton in Boston -- did it forty plus homers easy architecture from western mass. Two words about prospects Daniel -- yep they can go hard the other way. I another one here says agree with you order percent top of the rotation guys talk about Lester -- -- innings a year post seasons died. Given the cash over five years five for one and should get it done. And out finally -- -- is Lester stats are comparable to -- average career he walked away from 244 million Lester has been better than Homer Bailey and look at the contract. That he just signed a few textures telling me the -- gets -- four clocked at. Well evening parade for a UConn for the championships I assume the men and women together out both of them winning the national title. Yes as tougher as Turkey's -- but happy for Kevin Ollie who now is the next. Hot coaching named to go from college to the end beauty after eight seasons. But -- undefeated in the NCAA tournament ally guys can say that are at six or 77797937. -- is in New Jersey he's up next -- When then. Just try to not cute bit Ali thank you and I can't believe that a low ball. Jon Lester like they don't agree that you -- like a side impact -- -- by one and whatever argument sake. We have been out of my. But you see a lot of contracts for your team that have gone got into the contract stratosphere and some of them have really worked out so well. But for a number like dapper Lester what he's so willing to stay. I agree I was surprised. When I saw what the number was at the end of spring training -- where the Red Sox know Lester broke off toxin seems like a a low ball contract terms of dollars in a low ball contract thirty years. -- definitely. -- god I G I mean lucky probably let out a little bit like that way -- -- radio reluctant I had. Yeah I mean yeah I'm with you thanks to the fall -- being a former yankees fans perspective. They're never shy about spending dollars. That Lester contract is makes sense and I've said this a few times. Because -- just -- getting back to this point I do think my gut still tells me they get a Don. Gut feeling they still get this contract done because I hate candidate it player just wants too much -- just wants to be a Boston too much. You back going to be here at the expense of taking -- deal it's foolish and a four year seventy to eighty million dollar contract before which. At ball way below market terms years -- below market terms the average annual -- There's no upside here it sounded like a Red Sox blown away with a -- give you four years but here's point six million a year. Which is probably more than you gonna get I guarantee each and every year -- on the open market that it could at least. I still think Lester would walk away from crystal -- he'd say no. But I could look at that is saying -- the Red Sox -- in good faith effort to try to. Do with last year what they've done with other guys which is over pay an average annual dollars but try to take that discounted terms of the number years -- seventy. I can't say that. I can't see it -- as they came under years came under dollars 6177797937. Bill isn't busted up next they've built. They would subject. -- who visual. You know what about. You guys keep in the world. Could -- together okay. -- guys they look at the guys renewed deal if everybody involved. Make him have the option to. Who boarded deals -- -- rivals ordered -- to the guys will. Make it work. So real simple. So three years of his make sure Israelis and three years seventy million. And then assuming he stays healthy another two years at how much. Ordered me at all. That would come out to volley at 5110. About then you know what would actions. YouTube. 120. It was cute guys -- so. Yeah -- -- It it it any guaranteed dollars sport. That that's just not gonna work for the players -- work for last. Well -- hope -- what works right now what made two big guy a two year deal seven million. With a guarantee. Appeared to remain nimble. The two more years of targeted what are enviable. Well let's get. That that that the five year 120 million dollar contract. Where. OK I guess that that's reasonable but I mean you if you're guaranteeing the money that it's not three years in the two years to five years. And yet we could -- what three years didn't work out three years it will be created numerous believe that you develop very animated. You know. Yeah I mean I like well. I guess I can't get what you -- in there you know -- again trial period so to speak at three year seventy million dollar. You know test blown the CP states LP and see if he still producing. The news saying guaranteed fifty million after that which is five for once money. Why would John -- again you'd think about it okay hometown discount -- know we heard the operator gets excited about it. -- to get past the idea of a hometown discount meeting complete insanity. Seventy million dollars even over a three years average dollars a lot of money. But it still. 50% of what can get out in the open market. You know why would I take seventy million guaranteed even for three years when I could just double that six years guaranteed -- at -- 140 million. You know six I can get that extra seventy million dollars over three more seasons just to go out in the open market. That would be a great team friendly kind of idea but Lester were being -- eyed Joseph and Wakefield once the way -- HL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they've done so much for the in the you know 78 years. That burning up -- I don't know are already up at. I agree with UN and the injury concern for me is that they're now we are talking about Clay Buchholz we'd be having added I merely different conversation. But with Lester even a year it was bad in 2012. Still pitch to -- plus innings. Yeah I mean you don't get a picture wondering about that party and you don't hate you guys brought there get a -- -- -- going to be offered. And I are I think I really like the attitude that you just want the behavior I don't understand why the Internet situation black. We're not talking about giving the guy a 140. I'm not all that with the amount of money more book like the object -- audit. Well he had I think the Red Sox kind of Hewitt in the -- regard as well that's why I wasn't completely floored when he said OK if we -- here opera was the most that they had. I'll put out there by the time they broke off negotiations. But I'd be -- and neighbor of 400. Yell -- now and a and a big. Average annual value a Ford seventy for -- is an opera that you know the players get a -- that's an opera that it's designed to be turned out. Yeah -- independent though they looked like but based on the yacht I don't know it. -- All the the PR stunt -- getting negative PR because I think I had tickets ridiculous they have any -- Lester did lie to me if he blocks away at the end of the day. And and the Red Sox look back and in the end flick back and say. And they could of -- they could negotiate they could out of spring training but the only opera -- percent beat the teams the only one's gonna look bad that's an. Aerial my opinion darker -- integrated you know integrated -- I'm sorry you know it made it. It's the same age and it did Dustin Pedroia has I can't think of his name off -- my head to similar Pedroia as we negotiated -- down discounts the -- This situation it is thought here we cannot -- -- I mean update -- completely done park are now completely. It sounds like -- till the end of the season got to do have an exclusive negotiating window. Went thanks for the college and they've exclusive negotiating window with Lester. After the season is over and that -- it's free agency. But you know in my mind even if the Red Sox were come back with a big number in the fall. But it even gets to. Reagents even gets to the point were other teams are our ticketing contracts are -- offers a Lester you're probably spending more than what you have spent. It just get the deal done now. You just avoid any possibility any any chance did you rate in the another team another suitor and unlike David Ortiz we can't you know we had a debate about Ortiz is -- going to be even a market that is. And I thought maybe lot of people but absolutely now. That's fine with Lester there's no debate right. I mean when I can debate the fact that it thirty year old going on 31 year old lefty it's starting pitcher with a great post season track records -- that market. We know that that's the case there's going to be money thrown at this. So you have the opportunity. To not only -- negotiate exclusively with him up or you even touch or even -- Free agency. It to get an offer on the table to sign this guy if they're not able losing the player beat. I signing into a deal that maybe goes outside their comfort zone because now they -- -- worry about free agency not to worry about other offers them. You could have made a better fate -- in my mind decide -- than these reported figures in at these numbers are right you know he's not taking. It's an -- it's designed to be refused to keep brought out their deceit it's a hit proper. I don't think -- organ necessarily buy that I think that this mark baseball banner that. That they and as long as you're in line with keeping Lester some cables don't want that at any high price and that's fine that's your opinion I disagree by. It any band that wants Jon Lester back -- -- is valued at his team. It and understand just what the market is looking for the seventy's at -- It's an insult. Text messages committed 37937. AT&T -- like. Texas is Red Sox have too many pitches in the system they had the upper hand. Now that it's -- -- does its thing is too many pitchers in this is -- have a lot of starting pitching depth they have a lot of potential. As allowed by hope and -- is better than Jon Lester obese Kerr shot why not. But you know what you have in Jon Lester. You don't know what you have yet Henry -- and that goes to my point of if you're gonna have some of these cost control pre arbitration arbitration guys up. -- -- -- Lester got the money to do. He could have a a lot of money coming off the books over the next read of where years. Yet a pitcher John Lackey threw for 500000 dollars on next season. In NA and it not a salary cap sport but it sport -- I care about a 189 million dollar luxury tax threshold for the at least they're from last. I -- -- -- that to take three years the market's already at five to six. -- years as Lester won't get 140 on the open market I disagree I think he will. I -- the Texas is give Lester one of these two deals. Or for a hundred or seven and 12611. -- if the offer candidate for for a hundred then I would say you know the Sox made an effort. They made shots try to sign him and take battled down discounted terms of the year when it for par seventy it. -- and a few text is going back to a couple calls as a wide world Lester take three year deal and a trial period. We can get five years guaranteed and I completely agree this is an interesting text here -- get this one before the break. I you know I'm not entirely sure why everyone has the phrase 110 for five I should get it done because he had no idea. What will get it done in theory. Yet that would be a hometown discount. -- 111 for five years an option -- six and eight -- I have no way of knowing. Whether that would get it done so he's looking at 5110. I just keep coming back that number because I look at. What the market would probably -- and keep going back to guys like Cole Hamels you know reasonable comparable to last year's regular season numbers I see six. In 144. EC 23 and change per year so take roughly that average annual value. 43 in his case it's going to take a year back it five years old hometown discount. But he's not leaving and and the billions of dollars -- That's why I come back to that number I'll -- get it done I have no idea what I'd be willing to go to say. 150 over 520 -- million a year probably. Start pushing diablo or -- we'll talk. You see what the number but a number I have in mind. And a lot of people have in mind they think 22 million a year twenty to 22 million a year -- years and college day. Five years a 10210 million dollars 6177797937. The -- point though I had no idea we don't know. What gets -- I can tell you this though. Ward seven he doesn't get it on -- -- told you that before knowing. That that was the -- for the Jon Lester turned out we get back to your calls coming up next we'll talk war. A Red Sox get to the Bruins as well and what touch and the Celtics before the end of the show as well get to 4 o'clock Chris Blondie with Sports Radio. WE yeah.

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