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Chris Villani on the Lester Contract Situation

Apr 13, 2014|

Villani doesn't understand the Red Sox' approach to the negotiations with Jon Lester for an extension. Sure, you have to start somewhere, but their offer was so off base, it was almost insulting. He wonders if the Red Sox truly want Lester in the future and if they don't, WHY!?!

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Sports Radio WEEI Chris -- an analogy this afternoon. What it gets you wanna toxin Bruins before they drop the puck this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the regular season finale presidents' trophy is locked up not that matters a lot but first round playoff -- is pretty interesting. The Celtics as well they seem to be the only team in the bottom and that's. Winning any games you look at the teams that are right now in line for top ten picks the Celtics are going. I guess a lot would say in the wrong direction after winning back to back games but one talks of Red Sox they wanna begin with some of the news on Jon Lester on the past 24 hours and he saw other reports from Ken Rosenthal foxsports.com. He saw the report. Amaro and rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Brad or writing. On WEEI dot com and according to a Major League source. The Red Sox most recent opera to Lester an extension of where years in seventeen million bucks. Box -- stock on city opera was somewhere between seventy and eighty million -- the two reports roughly in line with each other. And the same source told Bradford there are no plans to rekindle talks regarding a new deal. During the currencies. As we all know Jon Lester is in the final year deal he's pitching on an option year. This season set to become a free agent at the end it when he fourteen he's talked about wanting a hometown discount. And I do understand the principle of negotiating. Security team in this case you're the one that's giving. In any negotiation you go in and you give the last -- -- what you're willing to give it first NC which gained it would appear the player. You ask for more that you think you can get and you negotiate in you meet somewhere in the middle. But I do think there's a difference between negotiating just wasting -- time and wasting someone's time. I mean. Even with the idea of a hometown discount even with what Jon Lester said the baseball writers' dinner and what he said after the the -- we talked about threats spring training. About wanting to stay in Boston. About being comfortable here about not wanting to -- -- other people's names on other teams. The year there's no. Chance there's no earthly possibility. When you look at what the market is this for years and seven million dollars is gonna get -- done. Already close to that is gonna get it done. Now I you know we've talked about the the Lester contract situation for awhile and I've been in line with the idea of about five years for 110. Not including this season -- signs him into his mid thirties it gives him close to market value in terms the average annual value. In the hometown discount comes in the -- years. You're elites and point out there in the table if you sign a five year deal he could probably get six I might be able to approach 150. If he goes out in the open market and I don't think those are numbers of the Red Sox comfortable going to understand. But to committed four and seventy million to me is. Exactly what I said is a waste of time what are what are we don't -- The Red Sox rob Bradford writes may have missed an opportunity when it comes to Lester because of the low ball offer. And while I understand again the negotiating principle of you going -- and you give. Less than what -- ultimately willing to give because -- wanna negotiate that's how these things work I get that. But if you're gonna commented that number if you're gonna break off talks. At that number in other words not going up at all even though they supposedly had productive discussions throughout spring training last get what's the long term goal here for the rights. And it seems as though -- Ken Rosenthal said yesterday. Said he thinks it's looking more and more like Jon Lester is pitching partly his final season in a Red Sox uniform he's gonna go someplace else next year. And if that's where they are and if they're not willing to not just a little bit but dramatically increase that offer that it looks like that's the case. I mean I was looking at a -- why I was a low ball figure but a reasonable figure taking Lester at his word. That he's willing to take something at a discount it five years a 110 million that's 22 million a year it brings him under Cole Hamels but it puts him above Homer Bailey. Which is frankly where this operates. And if the Red Sox did miss an opportunity if at the end of the season Jon Lester walks. If they EE they allowed -- to get to free agency where all of a sudden now. Instead of just negotiating with one team he's negotiating with however many other might be interest in his services and 830 year old lefthander top of the rotation kind of guy post season experience can pitch in a big market. There's probably going to be a market out -- -- there's going to be some teams in the -- we're not having David Ortiz conversation where there's a debate as to whether there's even a market. With Lester it is what a bit. There's going to be teams in the market this commodities -- beat teams willing to pay perhaps overpay. This commodity Max Scherzer got -- the value of turned down a 140 million bucks. So Jon Lester is not going to leave ends of millions of dollars on the table in a portable hometown -- Maybe he'll take one year less. And instead of getting 6150. Five and it gets into the you know 115 range that is leaving a year it's leaving a lot of money on the table but it's not cutting. The dollar figure out of what he could not pie in the sky but realistically. Command out on the open market. So if it gets the free agency gets to a point where Jon Lester goes someplace else mean maybe your five with that. Personally I'd like to see him back at what's the Red Sox get this deal is still optimistic that can't discuss that seems like Lester really wants it. Because somewhere else it is only one direction point the finger and that's Red Sox. At at the -- because that number that figure is is just insanely -- I mean that is a hometown discount to be sure. But that's also think about in terms of the overall value of the contract that's leaving potentially. 50%. All the money you could get on the open market on the table and I think when Lester approached these negotiations especially after what he said. At the baseball writers' dinner especially after what he said spring training understood -- going to be leaving some money out here. He used all of the right buzz phrase is right about. Were negotiating with one team not thirty taking a hometown discount enjoying playing here wanting to compete for championships by. He's also got an -- He's also an -- to leave. Seventy million dollars on the table he's not gonna take 50% roughly of what he could get out on the open market like a Red Sox understand this is well. So you see that kind of figure assuming it's correcting -- get a different different reports one from fox sports and other WEEI dot com. If that figures correct and it seems -- resigning and at least try to get it done for the season started. When is not a big priority for the reds. If he's gonna throw seventy million dollars out here to throw four year deal if -- a low ball him to that degree then. The translation to me is you don't really care that much where the get it done or at least didn't hear that much what you got it done. In spring training when he got it done before the season and so I wanna see Jon Lester back. I wanna see him. On this -- at the top of this Red Sox pitching rotation for the next few years. And I think he has the potential to be that top of the rotation guy for at least the next few years now besides the five year deal. Is there a chance tail end of that contract he got some money that's. In your -- and it's not quite living up to the money that he's getting paid out that's absolutely possible but we understand. It free agent contracts are as much -- -- more about past performance rather than future projection but if you do look at the future projection of blaster. Based upon the past performance. You know which again. -- getting 200 inning. Top of the rotation guy guy. It's gonna pitched with arena happy RA that's gonna give you about a one to whip it's gonna give you insisted Pittsburgh nine and strike out the locked numbers. That's going to be able to pitch in this market we know that. And you can't just set that aside these human examples of guys became to a place like pasta or place like new York and flopped. To just completely set that aside. And -- nobody can perform in the post season. His numbers in the playoffs last year. He gave David Ortiz a bit -- a lot in terms of the World Series MVP which sounds ridiculous to say considering Ortiz it's 688. So a guy that you know what you're gonna get year in year out from a guy that you know. In pitch in this market and a guy that you know can perform in the post season is valuable. And I understand where the arguments that come on the others I will look at the depth the Red Sox avenue organization when it comes to starting -- Right look at guys like him real guys like Anthony were not. Even a -- brand of work but he set to make -- start Pataki tomorrow's first ones to get sent out. There is just bevy of young are a lot of young potential for cost controlled starting pitching for the Red Sox. Maybe some of it making an appearance this season but especially next year year after year after that. But it's just that it's potential. It's we hope. It's you think this guy is gonna be good at it many times you can say well every Owens for example is a can't miss prospect so far as numbers of them minor leagues have been lights out. The bottom line is you don't know. Especially some of the factors Carty mentioned about getting it done in this kind of a market pitching in this division. And pitching in the post season these -- question marks until -- otherwise. That's not knock Ike I like awards and -- -- anybody in the minor leagues to the fact. Don't know what it till you see it. With Lester you've seen it over the past six years so having that kind of the presence at the top of rotation. Having that kind of consistency is valued. Not to mention the fact that you've got guys. Signed on relatively team friendly deals like you brought John Lackey next years to be making 500000 dollars to pitch cigarettes. So the money is out there. And the fact that they have so many cost control guys not only terms of their starting pitching but how many times we talked about the possibility a year to opening field going around the horn of all. Red Sox drafted and developed guys. -- middle Brooks Pedroia I guarantee -- at third basin and into Bogart's shortstop how many times already and we talked about having Jackie Bradley junior in the outfield. And these are all guys that could be pre arbor arbitration. Out over these next few years the money's going to be there for the Red Sox they're not the position. Where they need to take an overly hard line approach -- Jon Lester. But I see that number C four years seventy million bucks and it tells me that was a really priority to get it done in spring training. Now all that being said I do think there's a good chance they get a contract -- -- good chance they're able to reach an agreement. For the simple fact of the matter the players seems to want it so that. The simple fact of the matter that Jon Lester seems to want but it's gonna take a lot more than what the Red Sox are reportedly put on the table it's gonna take in my mind at least another year. And at least. 81822. Million dollar year. Contract -- of the Red Sox -- come in and low balled from the get go I would have thought they would have gone. A higher dollar rout of the Mike Napoli route -- an -- got a two year deal. Yet 32 million bucks -- sixty million years a lot for that kind of player but it's two years so if there's a four year contract on the table. I would have thought four for a 104 for 105 so now. You're jacking up the average annual value of the contract but you try to take that hometown discount in terms of -- four year deal rather than five or six. I'm not sure that gets it done for last. The four years. So the Red Sox wanna keep the player and I think they should. The dollar figures got to come up big time now they put themselves in a position where McNabb small exclusive negotiating window at the end of the season. And if they don't get it done then. You're looking at freeagent scene and saying it happened. Then we'll see you know we'll see whether Jon Lester is. So committed to staying in Boston and he's willing to leave a ton of money on the table but he's no reason for it to make that decision now an opera that money being saint. And if he goes someplace else if -- pitch in and out of your report next year if the speculation reporting from Ken Rosenthal yesterday he's proven to be correct. Red Sox have -- themselves. Because that -- wanted to get it done you've got the resources to get it done and it's seems like both sides really want -- you had the opportunity at least -- now that opportunity is gone by the ways. Chris a body would get Sports Radio WE yeah I will take your thoughts at 617. 7797937617779. 79837. I can chime in on the AT&T -- 137937. By via Twitter in China in the -- Chris -- 44. What do you make of this report. -- rob Bradford and and from Ken Rosenthal yesterday is -- year seventy million dollar number you wanna see. Jon Lester come back -- in a Red Sox uniform long term what's the number. You know what's what's the figure that you have in mind it's reasonable because for years seven million box and -- can say it's a lot of money. You can say is going to be 35 -- by the end of that contract and everything else. Monies are reasonable. That's not a dollar figure that you can look out with any kind of fairness any kind of objective viewing and say. Well that's going to be fifty to sixty cents on the dollar way to get in the open market -- that'll work. I mean that that number is in saint. Is there a certain number is there a -- it's kind of set for Jon Lester what's his value go in -- I think these are all the the questions. That the Red Sox try to answer in the Red Sox fans to kick around this guy by. The idea that day seven million dollars in forty years just as it. 617779790. -- -- -- and called for a get to a break Rick is in the -- -- lead us out this afternoon Eric. Twist that that they're not as -- talked in the better you know all of our dished out that's just -- -- money what do what do you began. I for 110 is a hometown discount it absolutely is. Absolutely yes -- not know while -- -- scherzer has turned down six for 140 Cole Hamels got six for one knowing what you're basically. -- -- -- You can -- a lot of you want to -- You -- overpaid if you want -- market is a market I mean it's what it is starting pitching is commanding 2224. Million dollars for that kind of player and by the way all the damage and Cole Hamels doesn't have Jon Lester is post season pedigree will. I don't know allegedly drug the Toshiba has a lot of -- whale like a bat. -- -- still go back the last couple yet located at one point they -- reported in the playoff rotation but thought about it he was so horrible guy. I think I think I think sports radio and I think Sports Radio hosts and callers thought about that I don't think the Red Sox realistically. Jon Lester don't have a good point -- yes left Adam Scott that would aware -- -- all -- what are you basing that on. They just they still act chocolate deliberately. Our web but it takes forty years between 7080 million -- one and go well late. -- that's what it's going to be because for years and seventy million he would be in I I would literally buyer is agents across the table I take take out of you want but you are insane. Because the market the market is gonna pay him double that. Double that in terms of total dollars and Obama are now there's an -- -- -- -- this crowd and -- contracts side. I mean old god. Oh god god is leading the money on the table take you eight cents on the dollar for what to -- -- -- monopoly we're probably play it would be shall -- we get a viable outlet. Here we -- Lot Rick you know you know we're not talking about it -- average average guy -- regarded -- working unidentified here comply lineup but I disagree on that about what lasted that -- absolutely bought. Okay gasoline are up maybe. Or maybe a Red Sox feel the same way based on that operate if that's the case he'll be in a different uniform next year but. I think the dollar figure if he goes to free agency is gonna surprise you I mean it's gonna make seventy million look like chump change. Chris Wallace then you're with a bit -- Arctic just a real. Got thinner. From Colorado. Would have started this system they do. I am an independent yup that I was horrible I -- I don't believe that he did not have a job that I don't let up to bat -- -- -- -- -- They they're Rick you and I defy common ground Jonathan Herrera has been a train -- so far I mean he's he's -- so far and it -- I mean. I don't know exactly how they feel about -- he and that was that the competition. They were true position battles on this entire team. -- -- trading one was Satterfield we talked about it not the other one was -- -- Brock called for the coveted utility infielders spot. You're the position battle and these. Els won out by Jonathan Herrera. So Brock called still available but it does expose as much as we talked -- all the organizational depth and everything with the Red Sox -- -- these guys in the minor leagues. The one spot where there. I don't wanna say weaker but where this straight is lower in the organization. With the possible exception of carriage Keeney was still relatively muted AAA level. Let's out of the infield. You know -- Bogart's gets hurt there'd be a huge drop off -- upon that -- shortstop there's guys further down the chain. But left side of the infield as one of the spots where. You know you look at what's out there you look at that the guys they have any organization and it's not as strong is starting pitching it's not as strong as it is in some other place is catching -- etc. I so so there I agree Guerrero so far -- not enemies Bennett he's been -- In fairness they didn't think he'd be playing this much early in the season that's the injury will middle -- 6177797937. Let's go to. They're gone I'm -- 100% of what you want Jon Lester I I. And the fan. At this point being that you know it or not offering what are you know they get a low ball. I I would. I would think in our iron or a hundred. I get it you're more on the correct. One and but. It. On count that count -- you all your. Heart is what Iraq are at right now. Yeah I mean if they came NJ at the first copper yet to negotiation I understand that given the first conference at 4% any. After everybody had a nice chuckle at the beginning of spring training and then they get to negotiating right. They get up to the real number the fact that that was apparently the last number. I'll where they where they eventually said we're just way too far apart that's the part that's disconcerting to me started there. But each can -- they're into spring training that's the parts disconcerting to make. The thing that I IQ part about it is if you're gonna get -- to four years. You're gonna have -- over pay for roads or yours because somebody will offer him more years -- and makes that. And I'd you know I'd I don't think at camp the real issue that but it -- low ball years. They're gonna probably -- -- three years which -- option two years with an option and scroll ball or ammonia jumped into -- law. -- -- in three years two years is maybe that's more than low balling and and thanks to fall -- mean that's. It it's just not reasonable. Look I know you -- how much is enough and how many you know a guy used to work -- how many Lakefront estate these guys really need I understand. What you have to think a body to get yourself outside of that context. -- to think about it in terms of fair market value think about it this way Jon Lester one of the best in the world what he does. We need to do the twentieth as starting pitcher in Major League Baseball on these two of the best in the world what he does there's a market for his service you can disagree with the market all you want but. It is what it is I think he'll take less than fair market. I -- less than what you get on the open market. He's not knots and four years seventy million that -- balls in years in low balls an average annual value. Even four for eighty would do that even at a high end of what Rosenthal that yesterday's correct that's still low balls. That's below market value again. Disagree with the market all you want that it's insane all you want but it is what it is and Jon Lester well I think he will take less than market value to come back. Is not gonna take something that they contractually is just in -- it's -- I think he's gonna take four years and seventy million week but conceivably. It two extra years on top. And double the money literally double money. 6177797937. We'll talk more about this going forward would get some early putts early impressions on the Red Sox -- -- Twelve games into the season I think its goal itself. He's departed did shot -- -- column in the globe this morning not so well. With the Sox five and seven told it's -- -- thoughts on that as well. We'll talk to Bruins and Celtics between now at 4 o'clock in the afternoon keep -- here is a lot of with a Sports Radio WE. I mean you've seen some of the deals come across. Recently and so it's not surprising. That given where the market is right now. It's just something we haven't been chasing this market for -- ways of other points. John wants to come back he really wants continues to its true. To begin -- really want news and we're gonna do as we did -- Dustin. To green back to. An important part of this club. When I can do what some clubs. Might -- I've been doing this and this yeah. As John Henry speaking with what are Loney is on a week ago Friday. I talking about not chasing the market is a text -- points out correctly in a deal likely Kirsch does that doesn't necessarily set the market I agree that last thing. Category. That's on a different stratosphere that's 25 year old won two cy -- You look at some of the comparable for Lester a guy like adamantly. -- close to a hundred million dollar contract is over five year deal it was 598. So you -- it Lester pitched in the American League. Post season track record and a Wainwright got that too but I'm you know a guy who hasn't had the injury -- history in the same way that Wainwright as. Five -- 1051. And that's number that seems reasonable it's really below market below a week would get. Because you ultimately what you guys to sign these contracts over the past few years salaries are only going one direction -- -- there might be a market correction at some point where it comes back down. Right now there's a reason why scherzer says that banks but -- thanks -- -- 144 middle. -- a lot of your exports ready at WE yeah eyes 6177797937. Brad is at Logan Airport and he's up next they -- re going. -- and I'm quoting -- right now actually cut. Actually caught it at. Work. -- I liked it. But -- I am not actually anyways. Getting. K. Contract. And let the -- quote unquote the open market because. But apparently it is don't you see. What. I think all the contractors it. -- -- Well what do you what would -- -- your definition of panning out that every year every dollar is is. Well spent -- -- -- definition of handing out I agree with yet this one probably won't I think by the tail and you'll be banned for god it's not a twenty million dollar a year pitcher short. Talking about the -- and talk about. The get go I mean contract. In the right. One -- ball action -- while he literally pitch he grew. A couple of years of post season play I that keep a good picture. Problem in the look at that. I know and -- also we know. That we don't know -- in my view it will be it will be immediately got contract. Based -- what I mean unless unless you're just forecasting an injury you say Lester is just a breakdown. Which inning I don't know history that OK maybe you say hey he's just gonna break out outside of that where where's the dip in Jon Lester the forecasting this immediate precipitous decline. -- -- that he actual quote unquote. -- I think -- he's been one of the most consistent starting pitchers in the American League absolutely latest numbers. I meet every year between three to win three now -- -- -- year at the year you wanna point to I know is 2012. But that's one year as opposed to six others where the numbers have been extremely consistent that's what got word about -- -- On the issue like -- -- I don't see him. Because. -- -- and he got agree in the way I don't see great. -- I am going out very quickly it all happen. It sure that's not a good one of about it. First you know I'll. Talk about the contrast way out. You can go right at the -- I'm Josh. Almost guys on on its -- it concept that this is all admit I got. Out. As sabathia was pretty good for the first couple years that contract the thirty and 31 reality was pretty good into his thirties I mean Lester has been a 200 innings bowl. And maybe advantages they've made it is a chance that he I don't -- ketchup like pretzel to go but. I -- appreciate that -- -- He -- sound less excited to be going to Japan. I mean maybe -- in a business trip decides what's on his plate I think it might be. Pretty -- trip to edit the -- flight if you know like long flights as opposed. I think you can -- examples on both sides of the -- and have Marty says it right from the get -- Any time -- long term Pedroia contract that was -- years a 110. Fourteen million a year some money on the table. What he can get on the open market recital longterm deal wanted to be here. At the tail end of that contract is is does the Detroit going to be -- -- work -- to fourteen million dollars a year give or take if fourteen million dollar player. -- -- There's a good chance that you've got maybe Jiri is injured. Which he gets and that money on a contractor. -- some some years re not performing up to the level of 141520. However many million dollar year player. You kind of understand that the cost of doing business which are paying for are really these next few years he's out of five year deal. Get three and a half years about -- lot about a full value what Jon Lester I'd be happy. He's probably means the Red Sox put themselves in position get to post season. Over the next three years and he's got to get help once you get. I mean free agent contracts in general in unless it's it's Trout. You know the deal strategists respectively 33 and a half on the back and at the -- They're in large part about. Past performance. More so than future potential with Trout he's a different case the will be a ball with her shot -- different case he's ball. -- last year I past performance has been exceptionally consistent. And it's been consistent at the top of the rotation at a guy that again. In pitch in this market to pitch in post season 6177797937. -- is down and where heroic. Dario. -- That I don't know Obama on the radio and not -- starts. I'm my first side column regardless. I like the -- not that upload a helicopter and edit the biggest -- -- that I know and shall agree it would be on this. Who are talking about job security and you know we first -- perked up the other side last. He's been the most consistent pitcher we had. The second thing is they know the pitching they didn't isn't the problem you talk about trading didn't want to miss out. Well you -- ever -- brigade. You know go to win very many game sure -- matter who care. Yet I'll admit that that goes back to think your original point right that's why you wanna consisting guy like Jon Lester in the -- to help out there aren't rich. You've got to keep -- the other side. Well as that you could trade all the people -- to walk up well you know. You know -- you're gonna give up seven runs in game six run the game -- not go to win very many gates. Yeah I mean and and thank thanks very much for the phone call oral tacky the -- -- got a -- -- what you're good. Right now I'm okay you're in -- -- -- -- now. How tricky shot them assortment list appreciate that. -- I think the Iran's point there as starting pitching it's about commodity as actresses here let's be real -- that who. He's worth keeping. And the quick answer for a lot of people's going to be real and Renato -- to start reading -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've that is my pitching prospect in baseball. -- -- -- -- -- -- And by the time and real ones are like patriots' big time money left off the books at the tail end of the contract. Mike also Alec has to be while you're worried about real. Developing becoming its start getting big money to pay and and they get a pay. Jon Lester that's not a concern money. Let's face object. They like to play the you know we're child as opposed to New York Yankees wait it out by. Realistically they spent more than just about every team in the top five -- says the recent times. Money -- object. And this week insisting that we you know what you're getting you understand. Going in how consistent -- guys. And that's why it where you don't know like -- Otto is is top of the rotation help or shot. Just don't know. And if you're going to be going through a period of uncertainty bringing up developing. Some of this internal talent which I -- all lower cost control guys -- little pop. I think it's worthwhile at eight that your top of the rotation like opera and pitcher Lester -- sort of along for the rise Mike in Boston next in Mike. -- -- -- I had to do a dual speak upload and expect to get that so quickly thank you so -- I do it again. I'll. You know aren't -- hearing about value and you know this person not worth that the players are aware that. I think -- -- in general at -- get away from that because. None of these guys are quote unquote war what they're making and if they don't have. You know all season every. And a ball that currently don't quality game. Don't turn on the net and don't don't you know support the the business personally I don't complain about it because I don't go to the games. Aren't all that you were tolerant sucks but I won't. -- and then what I. Personally it is ridiculous amount of money to create baseball. And that -- -- But what I also don't go to Rick Tocchet back they log in extinction. It's got to be aware that kind of -- out there. And being so that guy that's -- -- from that. Dead -- like an apology make -- second point where where I agree with you is if there's a difference between saying okay. Jon Lester isn't worth X number dollars and what I've heard a little bit of this afternoon which is how much money -- these guys really neat 'cause we're talking about it -- different world you know it's a different world with the -- contract they make out. All overpaid I wish schoolteachers and firefighters made kind of money these guys do but it's the world we live. Well well you know I can't do it Jon Lester -- the marketers have support him -- that's a great -- But again I just I don't current. Partake in that market I don't. And I wanted to tell anyways. Back to the team well I mean you know they have to have a client who -- can we all. -- -- I think that is that really that should be -- an issue of the contract with corporate negotiations last year because. A guy who grew up prospects we've all seen that that to happen with -- you know he. You know coming up in Italy and expects. -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Is that really at issue here. Well to me it's I mean to be I hope Henry Owens is twice the pitcher Jon Lester is right because. -- like the Red Sox and he's an assistant I don't know any more than you do anymore than. Anybody about what he's going to be. And they -- is a learning curve with him coming up into the Major League maybe there's a point re get shelled into account the kind of figures it out. I like having a guy and this -- your point Mike. I like having a guy that I know what he's been in the past I had a good idea of what he's gonna be in the immediate future I know we can pitch here -- -- we can pitch in the playoffs to meet -- Jon Lester. Well and and how much do you pick the lesser kind of shot himself in an agent and what getting back the money. You know what come -- saying well I I repeat what staying in Boston does not really limit your. Now does it does and it's -- and thanks for the call Mike it's a good point in this regard as well. I in the in the court of public opinion so to speak. I guarantee you it's amplifying some of the voices that are I was anti Lester I -- to a degree they are right. A second well hey guys that is going to be very hurt college better earlier. Did you take all down discount is on seventy million how much -- Andy Lester anytime you start using those words. Anytime you start saying hometown discount. Not only do you potentially limit your negotiating. And the dollars you can get by not being willing to go out on the open market -- -- you know bands here that sometimes it immediately the hometown discount becomes how. You know this -- he's alive before this guy's gonna pitch for a hundred bucks captured ballpark. You know it's -- finding that balance between OK it can be a hometown discount to be less than market value. But the market's pretty good right now it's a good time for a starting pitcher any starting pitcher that he taking less than market value. Because there's a high dollar market out there are starting pitching especially quality starting pitching especially guys that have a post season pedigree like Jon Lester. Johnny James hang -- we get to your calls after a quick break 617. 7797937. Crystal -- hanging out with you it is Sunday afternoon sports hernia WB. Sports -- WEEI. Chris. A lot with your Sunday 6177797937. Text like 37937. Odd -- -- by the Chris Maloney 44. All right back to the calls -- -- this one or two of these text no one says Lester is a horse he's durable. Another once at -- get a paper what they've done to ring speaks for itself a few text you saying something along the lines and you know not -- than -- -- is -- your morality not Lester you get a get a number one pitcher it's gonna cost more money. Indoor players I like the fact be personally that you've got a guy already -- house that I'm repeating myself but it's eased the selling points right. Insisting starting pitcher top irritation kind of guy we can get into the existential debate about whether he's an ace I think some people reserve. The 345 in league pitchers in the game you know -- Lander -- shocking helix etc. those are races nobody else's. If your moral on the -- hates the top of the rotation guy and in -- -- top of the rotation got a very good team. Championship team last year I -- -- Lester is an -- splitting hairs I don't negate that westerly but. Top of the rotation guy. And perform in this market pitch and play out and pitched very very very well. In the playoffs I think there's value to that when there is so much potential yet so much uncertainty. In a Red Sox starting pitching going forward I like the as -- it's never going to be a 100% certain. But the is -- -- -- as you can get with a guy like Lester was -- you to order earnings a year consistently over the past 67 years. Even in the Erie was at 2000 while he still pitched. To ordered ten ineffective innings yet actually. I'll get out to the land of champions in Connecticut that's where John is he's up next on WE -- -- John. Connector here now Korea and the parades today that I did not that they you've done in Tibetan I was in the -- I turned back from. We're but I think what you did all the alternative it's great. I was so happy for. UConn as I can possibly be like generic genetically is a Syracuse guy just because Kevin Ollie is is one of the most likable. Coaches. And such a eight. Dichotomy for Jim Calhoun you know -- and that old curmudgeon be legendary kinda guy. To a young energetic guy with a lot of NBA experience having now so I was apple -- Kevin now. -- -- -- Yeah I agree with you. There is that I called let they're excited about what we haven't -- way I was strange scenario and then we'll keep that descending through the minor leaks. Now it looks like Henry -- this is sport in no -- yen in my yet. Delete ten or eleven starts last year Portland units that two year race. And no it's committee has -- its command is you know it's still work in progress. I mean that series then off to a court case. Or yeah I got that they made contact yet and he -- is. Numbers drop charts. There is a please give it up like four it's like 1212 innings and and now -- that. I know now where we got its second -- of the next. You know eight to ten years but. I liked to either it's like maybe trying to at a different position. To defect -- -- Eight you've got a little bit apart -- run yet sure average. He gets on base that I fiery and it's great to see. Or affect dramatically different position maybe an outfielder. Or something. Yeah I don't know I honestly don't know John what else you know what else he can play. I -- played short season a ball. A year or two ago when he came up with the spinners is numbers having goodies moving up through the system clearly that's a position that you figured the Red Sox are gonna need trying to help. I don't know if you've played a lot side of the infield out of the play the -- and be honest I don't now. But it's good to be a problem -- Because he had depth that a position getting guide it's up ahead that you're knocking a ball in the organizational hierarchy then we bring in that other. Discussion right and always seems to center on John Carlos -- but. Who can -- package together to try to land somebody BA and the Red Sox are -- as strong a position try to land somebody from outside the organization. Then you know any team in baseball there right up there at any team in baseball terms of organizational -- -- some positional redundancies but. You can never too much talent your system can give me I'd shortstop. As baby only -- and out you trade one of Iglesias Bogart's. And you get your pitching depth last year you in the World Series if the pitching depth that you didn't have detail into 2011 -- team fell apart. Quickly I Henry -- numbers in double later this year. -- I got two starts twelve and two thirds innings he's given up six hits as yet to give up around earned or otherwise. Eighteen strikeouts. Against who walks and 921 strikeout to walk ratio eight point 632. Whip Eddie might be -- double feature I double a hitters wouldn't mind seeing -- moved up to -- it let's go to James in Boston next to James. Hey great human and economic. I I think it's insane that the congress it's -- -- grace period there should be no question. A -- the fact elected -- like you get excited -- and and in particular that might seem to you and me. And the market -- at Morgan sharemarket value and the fact of the matter is that nobody else I hope there. I mean even on our staff -- we get. He's the DPP. He'd get up there knock somebody really count on -- broad -- up in -- even though he's younger I mean. If you really -- that this future you know they -- get -- double play. Some and it's proven -- colts you don't know whether or not he can make one in twelve starts in the year. I think what's what's really -- semester at the fact that every year. Usually little that she's and to try and start TV you'll regret that I can't explain why that usually happens to home. Let it always doesn't change -- You know those ice starts we're given up six ever run built outside stating. And that is that -- so people are at the end of the day he's true to the post she's in. Which even more go to great use in this 200. I mean how many guys they're making thirty actually -- you need 200 innings every single year and for the most part. Against admire both sides cheese and -- In order and -- -- not one guy that's curse. Or no warning and I think -- -- -- -- look worse city ready to -- -- discounts and that it worked with that looks like eternity it -- in the situation. It is -- them look terrible this should be no question should understand in spring training. Bridal would have been one guiding -- count on. They know these two in the told -- and I -- Big -- like -- a long term contracts. Not terrible for five it's fine seems like it's working. Out ruled out Pedroia. OK but that's like that now they -- indicated an exception to every rule Pedroia with the exception. Now how very current and I know you -- -- -- -- money but looking they're the chaos it's caused in the lead -- spot in still now even know I think. C'mon -- -- and one tricky street at local eighty. But you'll know. And lament ought to be ordered -- -- -- -- give yet the storm basis under Ryan's gonna play so art center field that 300. I mean I just think there's been no long term contract even though for the most part it works is it handcuffed and uncertain situation. There's an exception there's an exception to every rule that -- now what would you would you have made that except you know it's a very different conversation would you made an exception for Jacoby Ellsbury. -- here I don't know are you know I wouldn't -- good -- -- -- -- -- -- the eight Lakeland we believe these three games so far. You can -- impact player and he makes a difference. It's much it -- -- aggregate in the fact that you know front -- -- whereas our. It -- American macho the guy produces I think. I honestly I would I would -- you have to -- venture in that situation. Like you know like I might I think we've got a lot of I think it and it did it sucks that they can -- import and chickened out. I mean obviously not my money -- I think absolutely proven. That you know you can pencil and there. Think it's worth it at the end that it today it really is kids who owns you know in a note -- and now. I agree with that James and thanks very much the -- collar up against the break but. It got to be a case by case basis I would have gotten there a -- image Coby Ellsbury wouldn't gun at Ellsbury not -- years. Not a year we get more money -- -- molesters can command. On the open market. But it's got to be a case by case basis and it comes down to okay how valuable as the commodity. Starting pitching -- that's capital it it get more valuable. So how valuable commodity. How consistent is this player in other words how much of his past performance you -- -- on going forward. And what's the market going to be and can you be -- now without or you want to set the mark. Heard that the market's bad term could he was gonna be paid eyes you know paid among Al field guys like -- -- center but. -- he wanted to get top dollar the could possibly get with Lester it seems like at least we're taking his word. Beers -- willingness to leave some money on the table however that can't translate into -- able to leave seventy million dollars in. Which for for seventy. That's leading seventy million dollars potentially and I think 150s the high end of week again adding 140s very realistic for last oversees six year deal. So if that's the number. He would have been -- delete seven million bucks an idea that I agree and rob Bradford got the piece up and WEEI dot com you can check it out it's as the Sox may have missed opportunity. I would becomes the last year. I think that if that number is correct yup that's where -- not where they started. Where they broke off talks. I got to assume that signing him in the at least in the pre season wasn't all that important and it at the end of the day he walks. He gets paid someplace else even gets to free agency. You've got to entertain other rappers and maybe spend more than you were hoping to to retain him. This is 100% on the Red Sox because there's a lot of willingness on the part of the player to get this deal done. Quick break we'll get back to the -- 617779. 7937. Text like 37937. Will breeds of broad stock is well we get an update on the NIA. And we know b.'s first round playoff opponent we've known that for a day or so as we talk about that coming up as well your phone calls -- a lot of your till 4 o'clock exports -- --

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