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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: "It's a nice problem to have", but what will the Sox do in the outfield when Victorino Returns

Apr 13, 2014|

The Red Sox will have the proverbial log jam in the outfield when Shane Victorino returns - what should they do? Send Jackie Bradley back down, make a trade or something else...Butch and Buck discuss.

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Text -- read going into the break awkward said we're bumping Jacoby Ellsbury up a little too much it was a good little player but they Johnny Damon like Boston status he will never be. Thank you texture he texted back as a board -- meant by that was Ellsbury will soon be forgotten. And Johnny Damon has left his footprints on Boston's heart. Forever I wouldn't disagree with that. I wouldn't disagree that Johnny Damon had more of an impact and still does on Boston sports Pannemon Jacoby Ellsbury ever will be. To that regard would you disagree with that. All saying is that. -- estimates coming from but to take a guy who is second in the MVP race in 2011. Was fifteenth the MVP race last year. Who led the American League in stolen bases. Three times in who in 2011. At created 64. Total bases the lead the American League. And who has won a gold glove to dismiss this player as a good little player I think is the little. -- respect. Agreed agreed determines disrespectful -- agree with his point that game in -- As soon be forgotten as Ellsbury -- that what I'm saying but -- but again good writes that good little players is a little dismissive moved to cope with -- -- we have been given the rights. How lucky I Kiki I think what he gave the Red Sox. We we didn't embrace him he didn't embrace us I get that he moved on is gonna get booed when he perspective and get that. But the common good little players disrespectful what he gave the Red Sox -- seven -- it's going to be in Springfield -- thanks for hanging on. Yeah no problem mom and potato belt where -- we're gonna miss -- -- Once Victor people combat we show them that Albert because they're Grady -- -- 85% of the they're used to -- which you show went -- yeah it's. -- mall Olmert and held Barry you have this game on base percentage it's not I hear you'll feel I'll thirty basically it. And -- gonna hit for power usually up there. Well -- opposite -- problem artistic -- I warned about spot once from Victor Reno called -- -- -- but Georgia you know it. I'm sorry did I won't John Farrell has been saying I won the one thing I've heard John Farrell say with the authority. Is I like Dustin Pedroia in the two hole and I like how it sets up the middle of our order that's the one thing I've heard him say. Definitively so don't be so quick to say that Sizemore is gonna lead off. And -- that Victor -- is gonna hit second and everybody's moving down a -- I mean that may happen but that's the one thing I've heard Farrell say definitively so. What I think that would give us a note about lineup if you're able to everybody doubt because -- -- and pom Victor Reno you don't have a lot of speed -- a couple of. Sizemore Victor Reno Pedroia. Like -- very Victor Reno Pedroia lashed to agree with up marketing that gives them the best chance to win you think when it's all -- and on a month from now. And everybody's healthy out OK you've taken you've taken Olympic caveat. -- caveat. Is everyone being -- So everybody's healthy -- by Memorial Day it'll shake out that'll be Sizemore leading off victory in a second Pedroia third. Ortiz fourth Napoli fifty idea if everyone's -- yes you do think that I will be. Are -- XP and I -- -- rhesus. On the replay coming in this morning you think the best outfield for the Red Sox. All things beanie. Now again innocent dangerous territory here because I know we gonna go you're gonna go to victory you know and right. -- and Saturn -- Yes now you get the issue what to do is not -- not a goes into my car. So so out of those three somebody has to go. In order to Kerry's seat. For those who may not know that you can't carry Sizemore. In Jackie Bradley junior. At the same time -- get rid of somebody because you've got twelve pitchers and you've got nine started counting DH that's 21. Back up -- Tony to back up until this 23. And then you've got out of -- Jackie Bradley junior. And oak -- -- assuming the Bradley starts out of car loans and knob but you can only carry too. If you -- told pitches if you have a back up catcher which you have to have backup infielder. And you can out of those three can only carry through right so you're projected best defensive line up which I agree with. Jackie Bradley junior senator. On either side of army's its eyes were left and entering in victory don't write. -- for have a ball. Out of the three guys are meeting three guys to put a new World Series championship team last year and all key players in a novel Mike -- Jonny Gomes somebody's gotta go. It well then -- that there's two questions and obviously follow that. If you gonna trade one of them which one it is what are you gonna lose or gain by trading personal carp get to at least right now probably get you the most. We -- -- -- it was part of you agree that point -- -- against if you gonna trade one of them right -- probably get to the least and return. Not -- probably get you the most. -- A less of a full season left appreciate -- you -- I -- I know we don't -- yesterday but the only the only thing I would say is that is that nominees really struggled this season number one. Any had struggled we have like five straight strikeouts and one point over two game period with any demonstrate last year that he's pretty good Major League player -- the outlook demonstrated he struggled in April as Eric call so is that that's the good news. To your point is that not -- Mike -- might get to -- are not college what gold knob is also making. Under 600000 dollars to withdrawal which makes him -- eminently. Affordable player. And he's not a very good field so I'm an -- and again he's terrific guy and a good team guy and that we we always in the best than simply saying. That in terms of the value. It it it I think that amount of money he makes probably trumps everything else because he's affordable. Or team looking to. Add a down in a picture of me than I was gonna get you the most if you will be treated a lot whip with the let's -- this for a couple weeks. Because is not a picks it up on the look at a pregnant as I thought I'd heard or read. That for all the concerns we have about what not receding right now that -- them looking at as we speak. That I believe he had awful numbers in April oyster -- gonna -- with what's guitar while you're getting those numbers. What do you think the move is made when Victor Reno gets active. Would move was made I don't know they have options on carp in his right carp found out I don't think it's a knob down in the book are. -- pitched in one minute figures that you gonna give me Pamela -- the -- question -- -- -- said kids human -- I said I'm gonna give -- time away is a little resent it but you actually you know you ask -- complicated can't multitask. 617779793. -- -- usually 9 April last year OK let's not you know wanted. Attacks on the eighteenth tee decks on 3797. Blogs. 123. Victory you know Pedroia Sizemore says that -- that's the lineup I want you want victory -- a leading off. Pedroia batting second Sizemore batting third I just percent. The size market continues to play well the three run home runs at a clip like he did yet at this weekend. All my might he kept that record spot as opposed to rejoice in victory you know. I I don't. Big truck Israel's size. Victory now -- forgot it was it's a yet to get nine hits his first seven games last year and through. Ten games with hitting 391 watchers so. Well bottom line is victory is gonna be on this team sooner than later the Red -- gonna have to make a move in the outfield the easiest well. Roster wise. I don't know what actor you describe one possible move is Jackie Bradley junior going right to talk playing every. However. By the time between a -- of Jackie Bradley junior continues to produce the way yes. Doesn't that decision Gephardt. Is the question let's go to JP in a car I JP. They get that app and you break that Obama. Well I think he would. Are dubious. Person basement. Or maybe a left fielder Eric Burke but it galore and actually -- I can get the -- thank you blocked by trading -- I think she called the right it gallop -- that but I think now. -- that -- it worked out ability switch hitter. Great flexibility. And you go with what you said earlier you go without Bradley and laughed at you Bradley up that a diet Bartlett and victory -- right -- break. Well I would I would agree with most of what you say except that you put your Red Sox -- on from Red Sox perspective by saying quote. Some lower level National League team is gonna look at Mike -- as an everyday player they're not gonna trade you value for that. He's almost you'd get much it. -- bodies that we were going JP and you got a little bit at eight cubic yet like one to be in the socket ball at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with the pick up at the marginal reliever. Nebulous eight but he gave it up. Your -- -- trading Mike caught in this scenario. Your answer is you're trading Mike caught four quote another arm and I'm not dismissing. -- another arm could be your closer as we learned last year by the end of the year. I that it would it would be naive. Unity you're gonna win that's great. A -- I -- player but we're pretty happy docket the Napoli hit our. Anytime you don't know where any other -- up that our bench players. Our people our -- dispute that a lot but what what your public barely get up gonna be poverty among the -- that player. We don't have options on that you do one now I know perfectly situated. At the fourth outfielder. Start stretch it. Which played the part to play all outfield. You can't go without all. Our. Olerud sucked into that type of guy there hold my lifetime event Rick Miller. Everybody all the way up and and they've traded a lot of those guys to the Brandon losses that Josh red -- the date David Murphy's. Of the world so I agree -- you having now I think is only. I would really everything you said and if they -- if everything plays out the way you said so they trade car Victorino comes back and let's say that times -- well. They now have an outfield of Jackie Bradley junior and senator. Sizemore left and Victorino went right and on the venture Gomes and opera. -- if that situation plays itself out there is one other part of that. John Farrell having to deal with lava and Gomes and playing time and how that's all gonna play out. Well I think gold. The -- of left field got up and eat when you get corporate are good point. And what about what about novel where it is not a place he first man off the bench in every outfield position. Not -- -- -- your back up first baseman -- any arm. It could not see each wants every well they've worked out break. Yeah. Aren't I just -- the only logical. Way to wiggle hook our roster for. It did it -- -- the price of being broke. Why I would say there's I was under the impression thanks for the commodity and sprinkle with their interest in Mike Carp. Where we -- like the pirates talking about him I don't know how much genuine interest only and knows that but we do -- that -- when it. Rumors about it because Jackie Bradley junior was -- -- the team and Sizemore was playing and carp was gonna be the odd man out I was the height I don't know whose plane. Perth based that you -- collar right. I I think that's who it is for the pirates. Is that it would Travis Ishikawa haven't put the Orioles at a journeyman I think so calm. So -- playing first I mean he's going to that we planted and again I'm not suggesting that that's a big trade in the works with -- in the pirates but. I don't know I mean it's it's it's an interesting situation and also. You know you're you're you're making a commitment the -- where if you make these trades making commitment to Bradley except that you can send him down. So it's it's a fascinating topic. The first baseman is she -- and Sanchez. For the pirates of Gabby Sanchez so they don't have a established. Your point first baseman. I don't know it. It's a good problem to have I guess for the Red Sox -- Victorino helped decent speed in Fall River ice cream. I'm actually. Right now and should be. Jon and Dallas city area is. What we thank you. Down and I'm gonna stop this figured you'd make the exact same call yesterday -- an easy -- out ball. I thought it is Steve have a good one I stuck in -- While YouTube. Why did it says that you know let go of the -- the odds -- I'm gonna take my headset that they heard this exact same Obama yesterday and six we have today the brakes on -- pathetic side. -- and -- yeah this guy I'll break out exact. So Matt was standing on that wall for your buck back with a final segment of sports Sunday which would block and -- and after.

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