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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: What effect will the return of Shane Victorino have on the Red Sox

Apr 13, 2014|

The Red Sox have lacked a spark in their lineup and don't have a true leadoff hitter so Butch and Buck look forward to Shane Victorino coming back and what he brings to the table.

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That open to -- sports Sunday on W -- went nondescript. Answer your host -- and co host here yet. So. OK now we go out. Mean think about it opened with a tool despite -- it was important in my WB -- notebook today that and it appears to trial here. At the point that. Well it's someone some beach on the David Field those. Ultimately. It it. -- favorite times of the year right now start of the baseball season started a hockey playoffs and FL draft coming up April and October. Those are my two favorite sports moments after pages to point for Super Bowl record -- to February. But April and October my two favorite sports I like. This time a year. Especially Hezbollah for Boston's sports is just so much shift going on and we ended last hour talking about Jon Lester contract situation. The Red Sox -- two weeks -- people making judgments are ready win. On the Bruins are about to start the playoffs the marathon. My goodness all the things to think about with the marathon coming up it's it's going to be overwhelming. Next weekend -- and in the following week in just the whole coverage of it. The feelings you gonna be brought back for so many people. When he and as a as a new Englander I don't think he can be enough coverage. Of the marathon park -- mean. Well Chris DiMarco was my favorite month because the obvious reasons has details. Technical and sophisticated restrict it. We have our round I'll I'll I'll prior day on how to go about it the show -- I am America I mean in it that is because I've been involved in recent years but. Going all -- when I was a kid. We used to take the tea into Boston and hang around initially it was magical and I always thought that that. Anyone who could run America god and he realized until I grew up that you don't have to be a marathoner. On America in normal person. But obviously commitment to ten. -- To me America has always been a singularly special that we would of that and in other in New York marathon in the all these -- marathons around the country. That this was really special this particular marathon is over the top special for all the obvious reasons. And like I keep going back to -- the entities that question and we've all had our problems with David Ortiz. And and a -- negative things about. Oddly enough -- defended him on the Samsung. Up the White House was disingenuous to say how the day -- you violate state do lighthouse. I mean it's a follow up for the president to make himself look good. Without war heroes they -- by the way they have capitalize on and -- -- David Ortiz would it with the White House's on its photo op. And he took a photo for so -- that one about opening day in his what he said when when he said on that sunny Saturday it -- when he said this is our expletives. In in a small segment and -- so with a -- In our deputies say that all these kids grow up to be something because that they would -- comment. Where are all really pissed off at that point. We were all pissed off we were sad we were in -- what we were pissed off. And David Ortiz got up the and spoke the words and angry populists. I don't -- he wrote it down at 7 AM rehearse it armor -- I don't care. The fact of the matter is. When he said that I was like if someone handed me a microphone and say hey -- and notes -- pitches Nazi if you -- that's what I would want them. I think you just nailed it. It's what everybody wanted to -- and now we have this year is marathon which is a week later. And it's going to be right we know via a week later in last year. It's gonna be the start of the bruins' playoff run. It's going to be with the Red Sox at home as opposed to heading out on the road and it's gonna be with the Yankees here. Whatever after effects were going to have six on 77797937. Jonas by the way he Bachmann -- Stearns on a Sunday morning here. One of sports on him W I tax. On the AT&T text line at 37. 937. So it's just. Mean the marathon is continued -- so much meaning for so many people for so many years and again now it's taken on even more meaning. What what happened last year and from a Boston sports perspective to your point park. Always being quoting marathon guy. While I'm not a marathon runner and I didn't. You know can't extol you on the virtues of Bill Rodgers and all that stuff I have enough understanding of America because -- experienced many Marathon Monday. Covered them from a TV perspective. I'm in the Red Sox are huge part of Marathon Monday because of your fan he take the day off from work. You you going town you spend the entire day. Last year you know my personal story I was visiting my mom -- my kids in Florida. I watched it all unfold from there and like every new Englander I think when I started seeing what was unfolding I said to myself. There but for the grace of god go I have been at that finish line oh. I think most of us can relate as new englanders therefore has so much meaning again I just. Love from a from completely completely secondary and weighed down perspective I wonder what effect. This year's marathon the Boston which wrong thing is going to have on the bruins' playoff run and and it's certainly going to be a part of it. It's certainly going to be a part of Fenway and all that's gone on it always has been and now it's just taken on a life that don't you are you already working on a column about that -- The marathon about you know all of the Boston strong thing a year later all I don't know. The Boston Herald has on. Above and beyond and it's at the globe I don't -- -- newspaper thing acting both papers. Have done a really good job a commendable job. Understanding the importance of the issues marathon remembering the past looking forward and so forth and it's going to be very special day it's going to be awesome. Texas as well said Barkley John and a truck sparse desert -- situation. At. So -- again here we are today with the Red Sox in last place to play the Yankees tonight. The Bruins are about to start a playoff series it's on the table for you to talk about that you question about Shane Victorino. Katrina was not played yet this year. There it -- -- last place them and counsel to discuss how important issue in victory to this team. So it'll mean what he was to this team he got his due rightfully so he hit the Grand Slam. Against the tigers in the -- yet you did. He was a huge part of them winning the World Series and the hasn't been here so far. How important do you. Part of that he is indeed -- -- is used what's -- if MVP question like what he's introduced when second. Look I'll double chocolate gold glove I think kidney. Yup wearable -- field and you know how hard it is to play or not you but people should know how hard it is by right you'll -- -- We've seen guys get beaten up out there and he played with aplomb last year. And go back to move last Saturday. -- Sunday. Who are doing another -- Sunday in another -- eaten up by a ball to right field but the beat him up but he's I'm I'm simply pointing out he's not Shane Victorino. And when the game was over. John Ferrell heroically tried to. Put a positive spin oral or less troubles -- -- On on -- always sort of got caught between knowing misplayed the ball with what he did because he's not is good right fielder Shane Victorino. And you'd have to get accustomed to the fact particularly Fenway. West of an issue Yankee Stadium where you just let it go off the wall pick it up and throw and -- that sold short up there. But at Fenway where it goes from three old tool through seven whatever it is. All the way -- the 380 in a heartbeat. And you're running dead set against outside wall and run to take on balls to be disastrous course right. And so yeah they do -- them. The thing I would say last year that. Let's just look at production even though he only played -- you're correct he finished 22 MVP voting ended winnable. -- Hewlett played a 122 games. He only said that at 532 plate appearances. However. He hit 29 before. Above his 277 career average is on base percentage is 351 above is 342. On base percentage and slugging was better for 51 of 432 -- -- PS was buried -- 1774. He still is strike out walk ratio 75. Strikeouts to 25 walks was better. Then it normally is 77 to 49 again say only played -- 120 games I would add in their -- That when Shane Victorino played he'd delivered when he produced a fellow at better than he has -- over he has tenure Major League here. For most of the time so -- it was a very. Productive player -- that same type of guy when he was with the Phillies when they want I wouldn't -- -- better I mean those you'll always don't nine seasons probably better seasons. Because you put more games or because he had better oranges and we'll get up. -- -- global boom boom triples. Average. I mean his highest career averages. Occasional night you know nine they played the World Series he was. Eighteenth the MVP so if you wanna say news or notches above he was also an all -- -- gold glove. He had a through 92%. To 94 was slightly higher on base percentage and he would -- like quibble I mean he had. Two with three really good seasons with the Phillies. Led the nationally in triples twice. And we had two triples like American -- wait this thing on number triples but the fact of the matter is. He had a season last year it's comparable to his best seasons with the Phillies we agree on that yes it it was an important season. He -- and what 3103. Years thirty million that resent what and here's 36. Here and there are a lot of people a lot of people who are. A lot more involved with the data. What do they -- and well. Again there's this thought it was back to the point it made a couple of minutes ago if same Victor Reno. Isn't as good a player over the next couple of years as he was last year say it's 256. With a the reasons one he on base percentage seven home runs fifty RBIs in and out of -- of an -- something like that. It'll still about a good signing because winning a World Series is so hard we know that it didn't happen for 86 years. So if over the course to be three at 36 million dollar deal. They get a World Series out of it which I was comfortable saying that would have gotten -- few without him. That's how important laws that would not want World Series virtue -- -- Shane Victorino can't quantify it and throwing out there. It was still pretty good deal because at the end of the day they got -- World Series. Will you bring up what you just said brings up to meet two very -- two points one. Victor -- went to last one is it'll still be a good deal for 336. Because they want a World Series here's my victory. What does that mean for this year. It doesn't mean anything. They need Shane Victorino this year to be contending team again. And by the way if you wanna go by your numbers it's inching the numbers you chose a 250 or whatever. If he comes back in the lead off spot. And he's had 216 games as a leadoff hitter 576. Games in -- second spot -- averages forty points lower in the leadoff spot. So get your point is well taken that they won a World Series you know still be worth the contract but it means nothing for this year and if he's your leadoff guy. In half the amount games in the number one spot as opposed number two spot he's got a forty point average. Difference lower as a leadoff guy the number two he's got to almost a forty point average in on base percentage lower. So few sticking in the lead -- spot in history repeats itself is gonna hit 250 and is OBP is going to be lower. Buck and so so that's gonna be a problem for the Red Sox if he's not your answer as the leadoff. 'cause they don't have a legitimate leadoff got to replace Jacoby Els. And again but at the other side. I agree with your point he worked -- three years 36 million. My point in this year at this point right now is -- a lead off hitter is hitting over the US -- -- produce a. So -- I'm not saying that. -- meant to just sit there in the stands and mildly applaud over the next two years of Shane Victorino goes belly up oh you know so what they wanna Walters Lester I know we don't live in that world -- naive. I'm so I'm simply saying that at the end of the day when this is all over. I think people look back on it you should have high expectations of victory -- -- this year and next I understand that if you that I expiration expert -- it again. You should have high expectations. Whether it's like every season given the payroll that they have the money that they bring in. And the annual expectation they have. From their fans. They should put a good team if you every single year and now that they have has reviewed thing every once in awhile. The Yankees are kind of going through that right now when the try to re load and compete at the same time to stand now at. But EU should expect the Red Sox put a good decent team a very good team that Hillary. 61777979837. Joint Steve Buckley and myself what Stearns Matt -- taking your calls text on the eighteenth -- text line. At 37937. The western perspective -- so well received by getting your point straight. Laced the last. Your point is that at three years 36 million packages for victory -- -- perfect arena. It's a number. It's palpable enough that by winning the World Series you -- to say I'll look back on the steal no matter what happens from here at 336 it was worth. Yes OK is there a number and number of years for last year. That would be analogous that you'd be comfortable with that we are what they offer for its force well according to Robin you know it's a fox sports sports seven -- 500. Yeah dying in that neighborhood I picky once more years in more money. And -- a little surprised the -- that would make that offer is that takes that takes hometown discount to sort of a in extreme think well let's -- point his column on WB -- dot com is that when Adam Wainwright is getting 97 and a half million dollar extension last year. And by the way Jon Lester beat Adam Wainwright in games one and game five in the world sooners got the decision and we break up the loss. -- and when Zack Greinke. And if -- if you wanna throw those out so well Lester wants -- money and Lester once -- money than he should go to free agency. But if your Jon Lester and you're sitting there. And -- and a 14050. Million dollars the comparable pitchers and by the way you wanna compare me to Adam Wainwright who might be a better pitcher than last year. The regular season just might be his numbers are more dominant. He finishes in Cy Young category higher than last year I just beat them twice in the World Series. I mean again -- where is the compromise to me at it it sort of needs to be five years and a hundred -- It's sort of needs to be that sort of needs to be the compromise and I'd be happy with that what he would Jon Lester saying. Read about -- Well I mean it's hard. You know. I know this is all relative oaks and -- none -- -- play in the sandbox and come to this money but listen to. You know John -- comments. Talking about his contract and when rob talks about it in his column -- that he has a good quote here -- trying to pull it up. -- Article is why Lester contract offer represents. A missed opportunity to the Red Sox. And he has a quote from Jon Lester and here in master says. After robberies up to thirteen million a year over four years seventy million suppose an offer reported offer on foxsports.com. And also bringing up from the fact of what Ellsbury got to go to the Yankees what Pedroia assigned -- the Red Sox eight years and a 110 and then the Greinke in the other guys. I'm Lester goes on to say is that's what you go through now. You go through all the information. He gather all the compare -- together all the -- can he went to room with those guys with -- all the information you try to hammer it out. Sometimes you're able to CI to -- in other times you're not sure he worked through those problems and hopefully you end up -- a happy medium. By all accounts. Negotiations are able to -- mean battling. People around baseball long time. Are still talking behind the scenes and how does that happen went and went to those talks. Give rekindle that they did is it by the Red Sox calling damage at that they talk frequently he's been talking to western agents. Every once in a wild they say hey we're gonna talk again on Memorial Day let's wait till then how how does that work well in there is no it is no. Policy in the books. Bottom. What I can't it's three years 39 million by the way for a attacked at the outset 36 and I looked it up it is three years through my -- was wrong but in terms threes but. Giving example when Beckett signed the extension of the Red Sox several years ago 64 it was in mid season. And the story. That was given was that Francona was out in the field during batting practice. And you know he's the walk around the -- feel used to -- office hours -- you know mediate what from a fungal baton to the breeze with players. It was of a really good way for Francona -- the government is doing enough to I don't know frequently repetitive but. They -- Francona -- and around the outfield talking with players and he sidled up to Beckett I don't know exactly what the conversation was. But the take away from Francona was all they can get his -- so Francona walks NC CEO. Hey I was just talking a packet he said XYZ. In obvious that really -- Though Leo just -- in Beckett -- on the phone with the agent whoever was. And next thing you know having a press conference to announce that Beckett signed a contract extension ninety got to cut. I've stood out. But while he's issued exclusively back I think it was a bad deal with it but the but the larger point is. That this on a day when nothing was planned in terms of contract negotiations with Josh back story. And all of a sudden negated a so so there's really no rhyme and reason something similar could happen tomorrow will Lester or not. Well and Matt you guys are up next quick break him back and more sports Sunday butch and --

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