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Butch and Buck have some fun with Frank from Gloucester

Apr 13, 2014|

The legendary Frank from Gloucester gives the boys a call and they have some fun with the ultimate Yankee fan.

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Have to say that I'm kinda like you just about a -- Stern's show okay where'd -- That they opened -- -- -- -- Actually didn't say that I don't know I think I was listening but he he's he's been it's been simmering for an hour or so. He was waiting for the fact that he didn't get it only made him more angry fan. So. My point knock it only -- -- -- I think we're similar in a lot of regards ignored grew up in the corn fields by. I think you when I look at things as a matter of perspective in other words you know you're not willing to make. Any judgments on the Red Sox right now week let's because that's we've been. Kinda -- -- What is the matter perspective and all the ways we could start the second now. And the weekend Red Sox yankees years this perspective is the perfect frank from Austin hey frank. Go more and Amanda and -- reason why -- Paula now but. Of course my number one uncle Roger around the -- -- number one primary you know -- one of the tools to let anyone be well but that's right one -- one because I've Butler. I'm not going to happen now -- -- She's 1937. Wal-Mart I would say Google while Wal-Mart positive better. And I don't belong there abduction and the -- hit a nine game tonight it's like to do that tiger's record they had -- between human. Angry Birds could try to get under -- -- and and of course that -- cultural and throughout. And don't forget that Taylor. But I kept -- 89 game giving it to 19370. I'm legal political and handle the game of baseball -- -- no more than a lot of talk show old. All right frank frank give credentials are in place or which two point. My point is checked my double -- -- book. Outlook on the short Michael Martin Campbell when he. And I took the Yankees are good the press on the line knocked it on a combat and the buck stopped -- -- -- -- ball. And I and -- Michael Pineda might have donated. It is part of the proverbial putting before the. That pint -- pretty special frank. And -- prosecuted Japanese guy and I like Apollo Group called ball control -- -- going to be all right and a bullpen. A club Republicans back -- now. What is is that's what it is good to do with my little while iPod model know all about attitude and what they say what do they say. 500. Dollars and about soccer probably -- Maloney should walk right in check into a role in all holidays to you lose a Smart man. -- -- -- -- -- I made a problem but got a juvenile -- -- -- don't know about about putting -- in the -- wandered there and plug -- -- an outlet thought that went back. It doesn't make it there -- -- -- anyway frank let me ask you serious questions. Aren't you worried about sabathia. I don't -- out because that's right you are married -- light that you know. Later that you would. Like he can't remember what -- -- I want to put that. One about a topic so yeah he's the best line of the based on the best pitching in baseball it's about -- years -- reports about it but chocolate gonna come open more spending record. It would do you bring about soccer but I -- Like electric remembered about it about it and right. I'm not an important -- right there at the best pitching in baseball frank. -- did the best pitching days. I'm sure it's a lot. You could call it a couple more evident of that out. Remember you said that frank -- -- don't know late. Now I know when we talk on the fourth of July I want to make it my WE I know walk. A make it and know right now that the seven championship did the Yankees won don't matter. Right now. That no doubting your -- yeah I know. Upper body you know god I can't you book and one question yes. You know. I don't know much about sort of having a look good when demise and everything probably a couple -- on -- -- about it I can do to separate them -- that I would appear to be kept silent. -- and it went maniac in that you know let's -- thank. New York and someday. I can pull out of motion picture and beltway clock. No I would Miss America the -- note -- so Paul Larry a low rate situation. Through Atlanta and at the heritage exited -- And I quote that the Japanese. I would go -- -- it's worth the price of entertainment you know our friend -- -- nasty -- -- I know you have your. Old time baseball blog -- -- which is so meaningful for you June 26 is my dad's memorial golf term we have our own fundraisers that you're in our spearhead. A friend of mine asked me this yours does frank -- W the -- because if he does. I would put it up for bid and -- -- whatever you want for your cause again he wants to see franks of the. Rangel you can show obviously if you steal money in August 25. Which UWB I'd notebook. And put people on that what exactly. I had that he did not make a note that the 27 championships. Don't make a difference because that's what he just said Angelos and have a hard. -- Oh my god it is -- put on back to they were -- like play stop it would you know Gloucester with frank. And I'll get it -- pocket clan. France OK book as long as you make in the notes I wanna see it. But I wanna call -- talk about -- -- -- -- are. Does this say they hit lately shoulder and acting -- -- on the DL and having both got too early tomorrow well. Here's again here's John Farrell's comment any time you've got a pitcher unavailable there's immediate concern. We're also getting to know. This is the first time we got to deal with him being unavailable we've got to respect how he reacts to the discomfort that's there the tightness -- the and we also know. That this he's got a history in Texas there was a setback during that time he was on the the two years gone by when he was on the DL for almost two months then. It's probably a little bit too early says Ferrell will take every precaution to get him back Foley when he's able to return so. I mean if you wanna assume the worst for the sake of discussion Angelo the worst being that he's gonna go on the DL. For -- -- period of time my first reaction would be thank goodness he signed -- they got a closer reported. Exactly cadet at his age I would that -- -- more aware and cheer on my shoulder. And rather DL on a spurt sort just make sure the -- on that going quote it. Later in the -- in India from the -- that down the road you're gonna -- -- in my second album I'm pulpit. The offense and this. Let's let's still wanting to time but I would say it to -- one of -- dealing as a precautionary measure or being over. From what we've seen this Red Sox so far Farrell and the people in charge. Are erring on the side of caution at every single term member on the Sunday arrives here that -- to open the season there was a question whether victory was gonna play. Big deal for for two weeks of this and already they they have they have I've taken Grady Sizemore with kid gloves. They have so if if there's a choice. In my opinion from what we've seen so far but they're -- deal. We are to be precautionary. They'll do of course that's just standard operating procedure mean that it that's what most teams do. It it's not. Like during game three of the American League Championship Series an -- got it out and get the season but my point is they they fully well know. The wearing -- -- championship run took on the team so I think they're being even more -- over cautious Angela which report about the off. I think certain -- that that they show one night and then that they -- at the -- -- I would say -- if you if you wanna wary about the Red Sox they've been pretty consistently bad. -- -- say it hasn't been one night explode again up one or two nights explode. -- -- -- -- -- just get better -- maybe they're not I had -- last year he did. And that but we aren't -- -- up -- last year is still -- I don't like the -- hang over this thing over implies have been partying and drinking all winter and you don't but -- I just wanna clarify the -- I know what you mean by pro for listeners I don't mean hang over we shouldn't mean rather hang over in the sense that they are all like. Like Brad marsh and now they -- they were all that all summer not now but. But -- over to the degree. That you've got entire pitching staff. Working that many more innings Lester made what 45 more starts to the World Series 1234 for at least five starts. And that's about 4045. Innings added on to his workload from last year so if you multiply that every pitcher on the staff. They they all pitched deeper into the yearly calendar year than they would normally. That is often cited as the reason lately the last ten or twelve years. Why it's so much more difficult now because at the added pure play out the late starting times in the way to use pitchers and so forth. It it just that that to -- is a better explainer as to why teams don't repeat then the -- party all winter aspect. And I didn't -- Dick -- resign but. I think he's gone. NC he signs. At all I just have a I do think he. The sense that I get and in my prime may be way off. And I've been wrong on this before. I think he likes it here to the degree that he sees big picture and says you know what. If I stay here my entire career I I might put up numbers that I might not put up elsewhere. And yet. And I look at Fred Leno for the was traded. But but Fred -- has has often and they traded him because they realized they couldn't sign of and we had seven million Bruce or doesn't that same category two guys realized that -- they left it was a different lens friendly and if you talk to -- understandably he would tell you that he might be in the -- maybe it. -- really going oh yeah his swing was better suited for Fenway way to take bottle let's get your point about Lester is Lester gets that. He and I I'd. Believe he does -- he doesn't like but as our army take me aside and said -- But the sense that I guess I think that's the sense -- Pretoria got which is why he signed a few dollars that he likes it here his game has taken -- high level here. The fan expectations. Helped guide him I I think that Pedroia in -- two peas and applaud them. Respect Angela thanks for the call but -- ordered -- a little bit deeper into the Red Sox lineup and whatever it is right now. I think he's gonna stop me when I start to his cause it is two weeks in -- they've scored 44 rounds after twelve games. They're ninth and the American. After two weeks of baseball here's teams that are scoring more runs -- The White Sox the twins the Indians the angels Oakland Seattle the Yankees and Texas. Is it still too early. 44 runs in in twelve games -- -- -- put it -- there is no statistic you can give me right now it's gonna make me okay Alter might regard. That it's tour. Without that it's too early to guard -- too except for injuries you can deal with the only thing it's tangible to me in April is while. This guys out that guy's out I mean I look at things like that and and they mean something to me. Yet this lead off man by committee this sort of rotation in the line up again when you're not winning. We all year especially for you guys that are here at the ballpark all the time that they are creatures of habit. We want and our roles we wanna know where we hit me right now we're hearing that Victor Reno was gonna be plugged into the leadoff spot. This victory was less productive in his career in the leadoff spot and he is in the number two spot -- he's not your ideal leadoff hitter either we still don't have a legitimate replacement. A proven legitimate replacement as a leadoff hitter for Jacoby Ellsbury. They just don't. Until somebody steps up and now if you're asking me when I do yes I would put Victorino in the leadoff spot as soon as he comes back and I leave them. I wouldn't rotate Gomes Inaba and do this lead up by committee I think there's a price to pay. For that I think there's any consistency and it. And while the numbers will valued at matchups may get to the most production and while it worked with a nominee Gomes and another position in the lineup I think lead offs different. Right is Mike -- put -- trying to make is is that. This guy's playing well the guys playing -- two weeks of the season. Like I can't do a lot would agree with metal works on the DL Shane Victorino on the DL the Chicago White Sox. Right field Garcia. Who is a key player that -- PD goalies he's very he was a guy that they were counting on they have a big season this year. We're two weeks into the season he tears away from his open the season. So that is something tangible that you can put your hand around two weeks into the season. He's got to make diving -- -- aren't used -- tonight and -- he gets the the torn -- from East Point three years old. He he he was one of those guys you know big guy that they thought was gonna turn into another Cabrera. And home -- policies and. And conversely. And the Red Sox by the way -- more relevant are going to Chicago after dale mark played -- White Sox were the best. Run producing team in the American League after two weeks conversely a break you. It from Cuba looks like the real deal after two weeks but no I know what he's gonna become yet. But so far so good. So far he's looking like a good investment. Are we come back. Interesting question is a matter perspective I think that -- -- Bakken nag or want his. Intricate CBS the saints he what you guys have to say about this -- sports Sunday on W the I'm more Mordecai. And -- prosecuted Japanese guy and I like Apollo Group provoked.

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