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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: The Bruins will meet the Red Wing in Round 1 and the State of the Sox

Apr 13, 2014|

In hour 1 of Sports Sunday, Butchie and Buck discuss the B's officially winning the President's Trophy and opening up against Detroit in the 1st round. Should black and gold fans be concerned about the rich history of the Red Wings giving the Bruins trouble? They also discuss if they should have any real worries about the up and down Red Sox so far.

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It is a sports Sunday on April 13. Two weeks into the baseball season the Red Sox continue to juggle their lineup. But this is your sports Sunday lineup for the foreseeable future. Ernie -- which Stearns and Steve park the line -- of what the future you and me on anymore to replace. It's there with my name and open. While we think we haven't opened yet but it was an open it was like which today well that's we need to update things around here that's deciding in my name in there -- -- start things are. I want to around here like you. Great to do that the issue of cornfields of -- I don't have started from. With some argument on the big yeah yes and you would think something that suggested he did understand. The way things work around and I said I don't. You thought you get under my skin so therefore you continued to do it instead you know you you you question my qualifications. -- local but I know your local cute Braintree Shia area you would block. That's right Kevin Buckley. And my eyes to what the question I have never in my entire -- -- him now. That's how well. Never in my life in -- are better than today real dislike about a philosophy on life -- and all of a good mood I'm in a good -- on let's see if we keep in a good mood 6177797. Black -- at around now minute that he -- that that number to reach a sports Stearns ST -- can follow us on Twitter. -- -- -- That block in Boston Matt -- Twitter handle. What's which are torn and Loper am -- OP ER yes OK at Andrew Bailey I you -- Matt Loper and that will be taking your calls -- the screening process as always want to say is it painful but now make it as easy as possible text. On the eighteenth he texts like at 37937. Puck. If you would engage -- percent yes yes yes. I would like to start the -- because I think I think you should bloody red -- it's important I think the Bruins to the broke into the top story today I've but I think Red Sox and -- OK but I might be because not because I think it's too because the we waiting for the playoffs for a month. And in the year yet at the once they get on the ice -- is that Thursday there you know it's expected it expected so that's all we know game to fidelity planning. It's pretty much it's not solidified folks. But the Bruins are gonna play the red wings and probably going to be third in the garden game two is probably going to be Saturday or so which is a game -- and again. You play effort to do read we do not want a Bruins plant in 1002 reasons accountable -- -- Easter -- And that would change planes for a lot of people in two with a with a merit on. Some people after the kind of rest up that good point some people have to. A lot of little you know sitting in the press -- Sunday night you rated run a marathon an honorary. Yeah having about the Bruins so here's my question -- you about the Bruins archive two important questions. The number one -- good thing in. In karma -- it's a good -- advantage there are eight teams I believe I read yesterday in the thirty year existence of the presidents from. That have won the Stanley Cup the last being Chicago Blackhawks last year why is bad about us. That they go in well in Israel look at I think you want. To be the team with the best record because look at I mean. I'm gonna repeat my point but when the brewers won the cup in 2011 and again he point they won the cup. Did it up a fighting Covert three times in twelve days that's an awful long trip to make and I'm. And get it won the cup in the -- of defeating -- point but. I'm guessing you kind of wanna have to make one fewer trip. And not to be running around as much and you wanna get -- seven and home. So it just threw me it makes sense to -- the few trips but to be home for game seven now they history shows otherwise. If you can get the best record in the National Hockey League organic. If it just happens which -- the case here. I don't mean I didn't go all out Thomas straight day and they weren't like going crazy. They weren't out they weren't hell bent it and have pictures of the president's trophy denial that it's a good point they did not have picked as the president Tokyo. It happened organically just like during the normal course of events. The season ends and look at us we've got the best regular season record I agree that pretty much so. That's the way I look at it but if if we had seen a case with the Bruins were. We're going all out to use the term to get the coveted president's trophy which. It's kind of a made up playing and Edison invented what 3033 years ago eighty or 8586. -- on the first -- -- and it it it's. You know there will be no rolling rally for the presidents' trophy presidents cup will be no. Taking the ads out in The Herald on the globe congratulations north fans for supporting. That's so you're saying it's a good thing for a couple reasons one being that it just happened yet and it's good for them and am not the defending champs took on an extra bull's -- on their back really. By any means sort of Chicago was the defending champs which they aren't they won the presidents' trophy it's an extra -- get it if they go out the first round. It's like a sixty you know I mean it when you think of 07 season well. You'd think it'd sixteen and already bigger effect elect the -- sort of went or I was gonna golf football to me is the one sport. With a number one and or number two seed matters could get a bye in the playoffs roads don't gain. Regain his home ice advantage and you could argue for against that I would argue that baseball because of a one game wild card you wanna get the division and you have. It aboard the one -- while -- absolutely but in basketball. And in hockey in seven game series. There are. Numerous examples. That home ice advantage is overrated I'll take the Eastern Conference finals last year against the penguins. They had home ice advantage in the Bruins beat them in four straight. So the president stronger Jimmy is not the end all be also nice thing to have. And it feels good I think this Bruins team is mature enough to handle it meaning that they know to your point -- they have an advantage if they can take advantage. And so there's there's the other -- thing that's fine. Boston teams have as we almost played for championships. Forever and and in the last fifteen years more than any other city around. And we've gotten to the east championship rivalries. You know Boston teams have played against Saint Louis. Rams in the and the cardinals that played against the Rockies and the Broncos now become a rivalry Detroit. Is uninteresting rival because of all the history of Boston and Detroit. And now the Red Sox and tigers and all of a sudden the red wings and Bruins get the -- first round -- In my entire life following the Bruins. And they play the red -- Not in the playoffs it would have to be and see like a final thinks not in my lifetime may be not highlight the amount not lifetime during new. What -- your days no no merely gave no during this latest Joseph Thornton pat burns. I can't think of -- bones red wings play a series now so. Again if you look at the red wings would love to hear from the honest folks six point 777979. Against Celtics pistons and await. Yes I'm at right I would NBA title I would think you'd be the least team hockey. People more knowledgeably when I -- -- -- well glad they're not playing Columbus as the wild card in all this now. I'm sorry the -- recent in the play catch 23 -- years there's still the red wings it it brings -- a and original six. Red wings mystique aura thing that I would rather not face the first from the guess what it's now you could also make the argument that well so what. Last year there was supposed to crush Toronto when it took them American comeback in game sevens may be playing an opponent they have to take extra seriously might be a good thing. I have to disagree with that because. You have to take anybody's here's the first round first round hockey more than any other sport it's adept at. Because -- was -- saint Louis blues when you have a 118 points and on the first round was it to Minnesota. The team that had a feeling record river Minnesota. Had a below 500 record -- 81991 there with the co eight I sevens -- ones in Kenya hockey all the time and so. I don't think last year's. Opening round series. Is any kind of barometer other than a barometer of the obvious that you'd get to the first round here in the playoffs and they reshuffle -- deck. Our great hockey is nasty agree I can't tell sometimes. Obviously you know going in. Which team statistically better. But it if you put the blind taste tests and sat there watched two teams the first round of the playoffs but times you don't know which team -- -- good team to which team is the team lucky being played -- Couldn't agree with -- more I mean when you look at the middle. Match up series in the still games today to decide some stuff but Bruins red wings Pittsburgh Columbus this is in the east Montreal Philadelphia. Tampa Bay Rangers. Does that really matter which seeds -- there. Yeah I think that the teams that are gonna play each other. So Bruins are out -- of a white police folks will likely start on Thursday but they definitely will play the Detroit Red Wings are in Red Sox park. Let's touch on them before we go to the -- people are lining up here this morning. April 13 Sunday sports Omnia W the -- which turns and -- buck. It's the simple question about the Red Sox is this what we know about them after two weeks. And I'll answer my question first before give your shot. We do know that they're five and seven under 500. We do know that whatever it's worth two weeks into the season they're in last place in a very competitive American League east. Comparing to last year which I think we'll all do all yearlong. They were never under 500 last year so all the things I think we're gonna discuss. And give opinions on. The one thing we do know is that they're not off to the start they were last year a start date in my opinion. Was huge they were eighteen and -- the month event eight. They were ten games over 500 that was a difference a huge difference considering coming off the Bobby Valentine. Of everything. So while five and seven heading into tonight. Is not the end all deal. They're not producing runs there in their lineup is is not what it was last year now Ellsbury is gone and victory has been out. For the entire season. -- they've been shuffling guys around their pitching has been pretty good. It inconsistent as starters I'll put a Lackey you are really good article about Lackey and how we started off this year just like he did last year turnaround yet yesterday. I still love the way he pitches gets the ball throws adjustable throws it however he is offering just a little too juicy. For for Yankee players give up a career worst. Four home runs so so. What does five and seven mean do you -- what do we know about your Boston Red Sox after two weeks and she's what are you what are you willing to put a definitive stamp. So it's it's it's very simple I have a time tested policy. Of not getting too tired too low based on the performance of baseball team based on particular. In the first -- to receive. And really for any sport the year that the pats Super Bowl in 96 remake a -- into that net twice they've gone this who boast and so in a one I -- story. A -- with the jets with the second game of the season yes when bulletin that area so and so you look at a baseball team baseless and every day game for 662. Games. And I have never had that network in recent years now that I am mature and old and wise. Have based my forecasts on the first couple weeks of the season. However. Where I -- not caveat is his injuries. Because if this guy has played well this -- played poorly while give me two weeks in those -- might be reversed. Witnessed John Lackey to it all looks great Eric on The Herald of the day a look at lackeys with thirty games -- -- and yesterday they torched. It bombs off. What you looking injuries. Injuries a tangible you can quantify an injury last year save for that rolling bullpen playing with -- ended up. Koji we are on Wednesday there saving grace they ended up -- coach you are -- closer. After a pandering and Bailey wood elementary. So he was a third option aside from that things -- place rather nicely for them last year and a whole bunch of guys you would have expected to have. Stellar seasons. 22 key ones being chain victory you know being in the top 25 in the MVP in winning a gold glove nobody saw that coming. And was such a key player in right field. And of course Daniel novel putting a career on base percentage numbers. But you look at this team right now and again put the racquet aside put the good the bad side. Here we are we're not even in three weeks into the season. That Brooks on the Diaw came Victorino has yet the play game he's on the DL the saving grace of the close -- last year was coach -- And he has -- shoulder issue and why our attitudes -- -- with throw David Ortiz in the Euro last week the cap issue which I don't know that's 100% now. So EU look at the team now. And you say oh boy is there some little cracks in the armor of the defending world champion because of the injuries because it just the only thing I worry about right now okay. So let me an -- like Pedroia went like what. Seven for twelve with something in the ball to the series any guys that -- says -- by like Arab peace I don't watch yet this season -- it's been more aggressive at the plate and so. What. Worried about Dustin Pedroia. I mean he is a proven Majorly perform. I don't think he's -- in the season hit 236. With no walks. But -- -- you said if I heard you right that you never get to are you never get too low. And that usually don't make judgments till the end of the first month right yes okay. Would you agree -- my point. That while you probably. All things being equal can't lose the pennant or lose a playoff series in the first month you can set yourself up. To get in the playoffs the first -- like they did last year. I don't think in other words they went eighteen and eight last year wasn't -- -- main reason right one of the main reasons they made it to the playoffs -- his. It's a reason I mean it's it's. Let me ask you the opposite if they go eight. Eight and eighteen. To start this month. Now now it's that you would you delete your conveniently cherry picking last season's April -- like 2.0 okay so let's go to every World Series champion in history and see how they did in April and I think you'll be surprised. That -- I mean they that the obviously the 84 tigers like 35 and I've started 355% all right thanks members it was like one of the great start to history -- two items in a home run leading off and went to six. But 84 tigers went eight I think they would 35 and five -- -- spent the rest of the season setting up their pitching for the postseason it. Really mean it was thought it was a must be our pleasure when are we talking pitching rotations and agility yes so. I eat again you Europe Europe taking in I -- I I. What I'm doing -- I know what I'm doing my guess what I'm asking you is -- -- make a prediction today. Based on you know last year's record of eighteen and -- at a gonna be 500 at the end of April what do you what do you think it's gonna happen all things being equal. We're gonna -- weeks we've seen I don't know if I'd be a -- Down 61777979837. How concerned you about the Red Sox have their five and seven. We've two weeks under our belt they are you would -- not to value not too -- we will read the codes you are according to rob Bradford. I'm wolf wrote today in a throwing program before the game games and 8 o'clock tonight 730 starts -- W. Prior to Friday night's game. They went out and said that he had an issue with the shoulders -- stiffness in his throwing shoulder while he was throwing with -- -- Here's John Farrell's quotes I don't know if you have any there Matt. I've got some here in robbed call me anytime you've got a pitcher unavailable there's immediate concern he said were also getting to know this is the first time we've had to deal with him being unavailable. We've got to respect how he reacts to the discomfort that they -- the tightness that there. We also on the when he was in Texas talking about when he played for the Rangers several years ago there was a setback during that time that he was on the DL. So to say this is a direct comparisons -- years ago -- probably a little bit too early. Says John album will take every precaution to get him back fully when he's able to return to Europe one as a matter of perspective buck they went through this last year when they're starting closers. Both Andrew Bailey and Agile handling and at the beginning of last year however. They had a vibrant buoyant win on game one -- Jonny Gomes came out after game one when Jackie Bradley and -- -- -- -- -- gonna be seen a lot of this this year. They haven't started the season that way so it was a matter of perspective they're closer injury this year takes -- whole different meaning that I think it did -- And what happened with Hanrahan very quickly in Dalian. William you don't have cricket coach -- -- back you up if he's the -- that we don't go. Who came in and in his first closing situation I was that I write on Saturday. I mean on a Friday Steve Buckley it's sports turns its sports on the WBI. Let's kick it off -- -- and keep a -- Hello Jim and that have written a -- match but gonna cut the first round like -- so much well. The Internet for a writ rightly so much game if you look at. Sure a total of my question about that breakaway edit -- -- in Serbia a file and negative public image six there. The brewers. But so obviously it's not so sure about what -- -- saying. I think every for a two bucks point I think every first round series and hockey is survival. -- if you're the number one seed and then you add in the fact that -- number overall seed hockey you're expected to win. And you're not expected have to go to seven games and more times than not we see teams get taken to second seven game. But should -- Detroit knocked out the -- OC yeah -- I'm almost out of Chicago so yeah I mean. Three straight years in the playoffs and they know what it takes so. The problem being -- shock a word about this. Well I think what we're actually called Jim pockets more worried about -- brought fans -- gonna -- themselves where there are rather faced Detroit which -- going to part of it is the history. The uniform the unknown cause I look at issues red wings team that gave up more goals than they scored. -- mean this this is not one of the best teams in hockey they're talented. But they're not one of the best teams in -- the thing that worries me is a Bruins fans that like the Canadians when the Bruins play the Canadians often times not always. But often times they drag themselves down with Canadians type game. Where they get all the penalties called against them they -- the -- they did the ones that retaliate in and get noticed or take the deeply stupid -- I could see the red wings going the Bruins into that because the red wings are not as physical -- team has the broad points out I don't that's my first impression of users. And again it is though there's no Bruins red wings player history you know at times so it it's not like we can hearkened back to that candy in series. That read that Maple Leafs series or even that Tampa Bay series or or or even better than some of those flyers series though the one they coughed up another one where they world. -- I think you're right you look at the red wings -- you'd think history you'd think guys and you think -- the red wings they've won the Stanley Cup and the octopus being you know that'll bit. But what he never comedy game Detroit Red Wings and Joseph told that never I've heard from -- last year this year is it really. Were -- able -- -- I don't know I just talk ultimately dealt with a red wings out and on all there to the red wings in now the pistons -- bill Davidson and wants the pistons and the I don't play nice and and Mike election I don't I don't play in -- zone. At a moment so we come back next. Even though -- has not covered red wings pro series fuel and -- us. With stories from Hank Greenberg and -- are riding the trains in Detroit activity as I can tell you a great story. -- he's about Miss America. The former Miss America from Michigan and how I brought her really I I introduced her to a young girl who is named after her in real bright. Five years ago the real truth story that story in -- when we come back here on WEEI. -- -- Ports are. Early before game today -- -- -- from little stiffness in his throwing program so we felt it was best to stay away from more precautionary. The -- dated a type thing we'll check in tomorrow mr. Obama. Yeah I he's sure he's got a lot of success in the closer role -- pitches with a lot of confidence in the ninth inning and then came out and had a very good split to -- left his off balance. And there's your comfortable ninth inning. That's John Farrell on Friday after the game he's talking both about Koji situation. Which you can read WEEI dot com rob Bradford with the latest -- expected to. Following the rowing program today. But for the game to get better reevaluated. And Farrell was also talking about Edward marquee guy who came in and saved his first game for the Red Sox. After saving getting 37 saves for the cardinals last year 617779797. Red Sox and bruins' top two. Subjects on the docket it is a masters Sunday its -- Sunday would -- and butch Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns. So buck riding the trains. Which according how this Greenberg I guess America yes former Miss America -- -- I just wanna clear the path weird is it okay if I tell is this like Steve going up the rails again as a truce on is an absolute truth to I don't know around the music sure none of -- with street played a doping music. And it makes the story seems sadly it's not a sappy story OK but I'm gonna toaster in two minutes and it's an absolute true story -- animal telling it because. The Bruins playing Detroit in what albeit quite a while we watchers to so in 1988. 2008 the Celtics played the pistons and the NBA playoffs on route to winning in bee champs sports newly -- Big Three you know that on the Detroit. And at the rent senator you know that are now by the river. And I go to the Starbucks. And the young girl the Barry's that it completely caught was preparing my coffee. I looked at her name tag it's her name is Kay -- And I said as I want to do my that's an interesting name and she says -- thank you and -- -- how did you get the name Kea Lani. It sees that as a matter of fact. My name named after a woman who once was Miss America. And I said really -- said the night before I was born my mom was watching the Miss America pageant. And again or in Detroit. This young -- is from Detroit and the winner of the Miss America pageant in 1988. Was Kay -- rate -- go from Monroe Detroit. So when she won Miss America this woman named her baby -- -- after Miss America. So that's a great story do you have a meet Miss America she said no I'll always wanted to. This means you're from Michigan she's probably still missing agent sometimes is wow it's never happened. So I got my copy and go on and end the series goes back to Boston I'm thinking if the Celtics have to go back to Detroit wouldn't it be great bike it's set up a meeting. So the series did not the series comes back to Detroit. I I'd made all the necessary phone calls at that and I tracked down the 1988. Miss America do you not have go and I told the story. And then I went to Starbucks and I and I -- up a meeting in this Miss America two rolled in from Monroe at the. You know it's like are you witnessed this meet -- and and I runner up to -- the idea of a meeting new -- where -- -- against. I remember we talked -- missed -- I would like to introduce you know -- Taylor Lonnie -- -- though the 1988 Miss America winner. And the trailers that copied its absolute true story. You know this so easily get that Dennis and Callahan he'll let don't have most. And a story that let's advance the equation next week you'll be going to Detroit and by the -- you can walk to the Rand center from the -- yes pretty much -- go to the -- and go to that Starbucks -- all the riverboat casinos yes -- go to downtown -- you can just drive -- the -- -- program memorial -- -- yes -- better known as the Windsor -- it's the -- program memorial -- because they're caught with cocaine. Try to drive right there. You glossy look for Carolina again and let's let's update the story all these years later why I'm going to be I'm. Kind of guessing that after six years to money's got to college degree general on -- box out is there on Starbucks and and what little postscript to the story. Scott Miller who has covered baseball with 25 years most recently you've recently CBS sportsline dot com. Turns out it's Scott Miller JDK -- -- raft going high school. -- -- story itself. A good story that is that is not a made up story Dexter says what I do what I bring people together and I know you are unifying force and you know at at at you know at. I I love how you guys to exercise use examples that fit your argument. Yes the Bruins won on the road in Vancouver and in Pittsburgh last year. But did you watch game seven -- Montreal on the cup year. Or game seven -- Tampa which I was at and the crowd was off the charts. And last year burst -- do you think that they come back from down three goals with nine minutes to play if they're in Toronto. The bottom line is almost every team plays better at home and the Bruins have home ice advantage is huge. The economists argued that it was huge and our point buck was that the president's trophy. Is what it is in yours was that they wanted to organically in the inquiries. Doing and I don't think any of us are downplaying the home ice advantage. Part of that I think our point about a first round series. Did we agree that it's survival. And hockey more than any other sport. I think that was part of let's go to Franken walls -- frank. I -- thank you particularly crawl. I hope it's me -- what but it -- the CNET team take -- all there at strikes. It's not yet catches I'm not jumping out of my speeds and I -- article all. The way it arcs are open secret -- work. Well I mean. Right I think you have a good point but maybe bringing him one of the greatest to strike hitters in baseball history -- -- -- points probably not a good way ago that I know which is going to measure up to those. Those -- that Wade Boggs said. I watched an inning yesterday where it beat the Yankees -- struck out three guys to let them Alter it strikes -- -- -- -- op which. The first thing -- -- coach told well frankly strikes in quotes. I'm gonna deny your point I think it's a matter of perspective and here's my perspective on. There's two main points one is. The reps are a big part of the Red Sox success was wearing pitchers Dahmer -- taking a lot of pitchers however I'm not excusing them for that. When things are not going well we as fans look at it and if they take a pitched it close and ends up being a called third strike. And there's multiple ones of those and and you add in that the five and seven. And the playing the Yankees and then not doing well and everything seems to gets exaggerated doesn't it. -- -- Spend incipient species and I've watched that aren't Sparky but I don't know. All right social limit what now you're seeing some differ I set off the top. That the only thing I'm willing to say definitively after two weeks but not as anything definitively. Because that's his what are you want to do so wait till the end of the month to let you know what he thinks about trends and his team. I'm saying after two weeks what we do -- -- their power after the start that they were last year they're just not they were at before at this time and they're five and seven. -- -- -- worse yet but you're saying there's trend here since the beginning of season that you didn't see. Another notch in its early. Objective again I mean I'm not bitches aren't jump out of my seat and -- are pull all. -- not that it's it's yeah irritates. All right -- thanks for the call I mean. First irritated call about the Red Sox block after five and sentenced I bought his tickets right. Irritated. I would say this the other thing I judge from Osama. Captain obvious internal school based rabbit series. Did you win or lose the -- taller and as you move on to the next series go to the next city you know this better than anybody who travel. And you take that series and you move on and last year they won series. Well guess what for as bad as they are. They've done OK with that they won two out of three in Baltimore got to get swept at home by Milwaukee. But they came back and salvaged a couple against Texas -- how to get a chance to split the series tonight so. If what its -- Milwaukee's general yet playing good baseball -- Milwaukee's best team in baseball right now it is going to be yet then look at the run different. But it they're pitching some dire when everybody else so again if you go by a series -- For whatever happens in Yankee Stadium they win tonight do Broncos out Rosen Jim. In their in their six and seven their game under 500 in the and they have lost one series so far this year. Now. This is gonna defeat my argument but you know I said you can't judge you're big on that the -- -- judge -- team until we you'll just step out you can argue itself or by. I I guess I can cover my -- by saying I I did pick the Yankees that finished last so that they are not playing. Particularly well to beat the Red Sox the other day that went to a retreat. I don't like the Yankees. I do not like the Yankees it's Soriano in right field and in the a horrible thing that a big week you'd certainly took 21 balding dropped on the right his glove he can't play. He's dead -- I bet he's a DH today. -- I just see all kinds of issues with the Yankees and Jeter. Here is out. That -- -- in Iran obviously opened the season and the -- they seem old. The young kids coming up lacked the the the pedigree in the laurels and whatnot that have been. Late at the feet of the Red Sox prospects. And and you know looks like to knock is going to be the real deal and yet there is sabathia -- -- -- is about -- you -- topping -- -- -- -- losing that -- so. That's because they're so -- and you know the the -- the the guy took over for Mo is out Robertson. I don't know I'd I'd I have my doubts that this isn't like a -- I yankees I mean that I am not that's not my franchise. To go that route I just look at the Yankees and I see a long season ahead. 6177797937. Is that number to -- Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley here on sports Sunday. On the thing about the Yankees that I look at but it is. I'm confused. Or use that word about their lineup. And what they're doing right now. I understand -- so for example yesterday the Jacoby Ellsbury hitting third. If Brett Gardner leading off Brian Roberts hitting second Ellsbury hitting third the one state -- upon by the way UCL. The awards is so as we -- a -- by the -- you watch Ellsbury in Yankee uniform and two days -- he's a very good place. I mean I'd rather that he was in a Red Sox uniforms it was a very good to get the money a -- given him that money. And I don't think anybody else would besides maybe just that but he's a very good baseball player but. It's smacks of when the Red Sox sign Carl Crawford when they don't -- him. You know that they hitting him in third so they had Gardiner Roberts Ellsbury. Beltran and McCain and Soriano I actually like they're 345. I like Beltran can Soriano over the course of a 162. I don't think that's you know Miguel Cabrera Victor Martinez and wherever else in the tigers' lineup and I don't think it's even. Draw yeah. Ortiz Napoli in the Red Sox on -- but I do like Beltran McCann Soriano. I agree with you that the rule you look at Robert you look at each role you look at. All Kelly Johnson is approving Major League veteran but he's older. Com. They're old Entergy and he had at all and but when it comes to pitching. That's where it's about the is going to be this about the we're seeing right now Bachmann know you've always been higher payments or by. It's starting to smack of I keep forgetting is named the twins pitcher who went to the Mets. Once in two yards and -- it starts to smack of and I watched the Mets on and of the -- us -- they feel better -- yankees have a picnic passed up a big on the ninth inning the angels. Scott in Connecticut wants talk about the Bruins in the red -- Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns -- a sports Sunday Matt Loper taking your calls were backward. It's nice to. Two have a great record at home is a question I mean you wanna play well on the road as well that is home when you feel good vote. We've played home obviously going to be fans behind -- and got great fans and the way to sports team and then how jacked up to get it certainly helps when you supplements who were pretty deep team win and shows what we've played all year and I think did a good credit to the to care through the players in the work ethic in you know each other coaches have stunned -- and to prepare for every night. Cam Neely. Talking about the Bruins home record and it's significant for a couple of reasons. One Bruins finished the regular season with the best home record in hockey 317 and three. And I say they finished at -- -- games left today the Bruins played 3 o'clock today and pretty much meaningless game in New Jersey meaningless in the sense that. It won't matter in the standings they've already clinched the president's trophy best overall record. And meaningless and that you just don't wanna get anybody hurt as the playoffs start on Thursday mostly going to rally on Wednesday and other presidents' trophy. And for those of you just waking up this morning here I'm what Stearns Steve Buckley alongside its Detroit. That's right Bruins will play the red -- most likely will be on Thursday at the garden. To open the series in and game -- would be either Saturday or Sunday. But coping it's not Sunday. For all of you that are going to be there Sunday night at a Bruins game and have to deal with the marathon. On Monday morning that the regional powers that be will take that into consideration. I -- they would given the importance that's a great point given the importance of issues -- on emotions at stake. Yeah like I it would not be a cool thing for the units don't have a Sunday playoff games Phillips let's -- Thursday Saturday in the at a motel in an open their listening right now that's it's -- lose Gary. Go to US gotten Connecticut's got thanks for hang in on. It but I think it. With. Orbit but I'm not going -- the Bruins are just on -- net speed of your adjusted. My mother actually -- after how to bury. -- Eric. The common ground out a lot said that in -- after the lions. Recollect how the call of the day bark -- all ethnic in. That don't they. The show -- and -- back in early and Quebec and hates it we outlined this this year. I was a little bit hard to render this could happen but my team -- or get knocked out and I think day that the Bruins fans that feel about. It is it is certified a little bit but without Edinburgh and what the elephant Nixon got talent or talent. The Bruins have too much so you can -- Zetterberg how it better I don't see a -- that you -- is not going to be a factor is -- -- or help. And I just you know you got that he -- -- -- -- -- Well the real reason I asked checked techsters the last -- said you know bullets -- -- -- butch do your homework. Detroit lost more games to injury than anyone they were without dot -- Zetterberg for long periods of time. This is a number three or four seed it's an eight seed in disguise because of injuries that said the Bruins built for the playoffs and will still win in six or seven you agree with -- up. Yeah I do I think the Bruins may be and I I think the problem with them with the wings go deeper than just -- -- -- they have the young talent it's just -- are -- they're a little -- ought to -- -- But there have been the discipline that big contract. Well Lidstrom Lidstrom is still they're still there. Anchors their deep trade alerts retired so he did you know tells you how much I'll watch the red wings. -- should do it and have a good defense that the yeah that there L applicator and have another big guy and that they kill people but. Think people haven't I -- you're -- get the -- got to play at the Bergeron or two of the best. Up to league players and -- -- I just what they have about Howard our goalie he can get hot but that's -- Well it's 230 goals this year many of them in our. A lot of -- -- and Helen Keller they'll get it got to get the -- in a lot a lot of games to really -- That -- -- but that's not typical and spectacle like Mike Babcock. -- So. It would golf -- Like this into -- Syria I think Brooke role I think well it is possible because exit. But the broad flat approach rolled. Scott I would say to you you set off the top of being a ring wings. And Bruins fan equally or whatever that you know this is the worst case scenario -- 800 -- of a best case scenario -- please -- -- what what what did it hit and got there are all aware of the Atlanta when it ruins and wings still. That's -- I was so I was look at some thought to be a fan of the -- went in the -- dumbest thing. America and other read it to be the last right -- -- -- I at a wet -- as a baseball haven't actually team. And I America -- argument -- and about it -- just -- the other big anchor a little bit Egypt referred to -- but that nordic combined. This here put it bluntly but. I have a solution your problem here. On the boat and yacht but what do you think now when I was a kid. I was such a big baseball -- I did what you're doing an adult. But what I did was I chill is a National League team. And oddly enough I chose the Mets because I didn't really understand Boston New York things child. So it shows the Mets figuring. That given the geographic proximity to Boston edited. Item what we've we've finished. That I'd have a better chance of getting to see the Mets play. Red white chose the Mets so in 69 I was a big Mets fan and you know the amazes against the Orioles the World Series and to me it was like the impossible dream part two. So but it was always done but the understanding. The basic understanding that if the rat that ever played the Mets in the World Series that I would root for the reds on because they were. I have that one you're right so you need to immediately could you are assuming knowing the native. Born and raised where I had to shoot aborted race where more and and -- of Connecticut Monroe Connecticut and and at a whole deal. I'm 46 so when you were little kids you got its use the CD into the Bobby -- Erica -- -- city arrogant and and all over the world title like you to have any kind of -- there's a Monroe Michigan. And he grew up in Monroe who has America respond ballot that message -- -- -- -- That trend that was why not got to. Two but you're right I -- I'm groups and the girl but. I just don't like that I distinctly at the end because -- I -- -- and people went through portrait of the blatantly broke out and look at WW dot. Well that's our debt thanks for the call that's what you're here for doctor. To make sure people let us know exactly who they're rooting for they're not allow should not be a Bruins fan. With any if you want to root for the red wings for you ox on the side but you cannot have a dilemma. The dilemma you need to yeah he would you know you pick the Mets when he was a kid he's been a red wings fan now in it and record and that should just be. No let's go to Bob in a century Rhode Island fellow Bob. -- good morning guys how -- you. I'm fine. My. I want to talk about the other at -- -- minute last year born to dispute and -- -- -- last place. It was it was repeal the year it was just -- unit -- -- credible. An eyewitness spotted orient everybody played. -- -- -- expectation. They want at all -- to dispute and not much change and Mateen and predict a win at all and because that struggle a little bit everybody's ready. Whereas if this were last. April everybody would Dietrich and all the way it was post he is with these guys that up to one -- Well because they've proven that he could win with those guys they had everything is Cheney I don't understand. How -- team can be picked for -- At the same ingredients and then be expected to win at all I mean -- analytical. And how they expected on people when they looked at a lack. Because they want it. It's very simple because they want it be so so your point is well taken there was zero expectations or less than anybody in baseball last year. So by definition they -- the classic example of over achievers in over cheap to match results so as a matter of perspective how can they be picked to win because they won. That's -- Now operate so they -- to win but what I'm saying it's it is people getting down on the fact that -- they have a little bit of the struggle. I don't know social hang on I don't know if people are getting down as a matter of fact I just give you the litmus test from a tax line. Here this morning there are two different types of people that are texting and and calling -- one people that are saying well last year was just. Afloat and and this is an example of -- they're starting horribly -- on the others are saying like -- Way too early to judge they're five and seven to -- and it is too early to judge however disagree -- want to tweak a little bit what you said. Come back would not any changes Harvey says it. -- -- gone that's a significant change up their replacements but that's significant change because they were one of the top run producing teams in baseball. Last year. Mom Jacobi is in an automatic World Series or yankees would -- -- to win the -- -- but they're not Purdue but but after twelve games even though I'm not willing to jump to conclusions there one of the worst run producing teams in the American League right. And that's been a big factor in the fact that they're five and seven. On the closing situation. Even though like puck and I talked about the last stop half hour. Then it's they have the same situation last year but did Koji waiting in the weeks and now they got Makiko which is nice that they signed him but. You know we'll find out more about -- today what -- -- on the shelf for two months. -- You know they did not. And you're right and then but now here but now we're getting into comparisons to last year how many things happened last year. That. We're above expectations. Number -- almost every. Right. So now you're saying that -- -- goes down somebody else is gonna take the Koji Roland come out of nowhere. To excel at that you know aren't sent my twenty and. It's the difference between first -- last they mean it's the second visit there this before you know once planned with second third of fort Pitt saying -- -- of the bat. It last year owed this year and they -- What does that. Does that surprise you that we we we talk -- extremes and when it comes to Boston sports. -- -- -- that but I'm just saying in other words that -- here. This -- -- lead candidate you know it's -- the wild card team he'd he'd he'd he'd won last year because everything aligned it. It's a very good team. What it's not. -- That's not given them justice they had a ring ceremony they had to raid. And it's not given them justice I mean a guy Tom Brady was a sixth round draft pick as -- sixth round draft pick after all these years on. Well now so I mean you know if you're a wildcard team on paper -- they performed above that don't you give them their due -- their point. You do -- know what I'm saying another would this year I would say while our last year they were supposed to do any. All right we take a break stop the our biggest Bob's point -- was that what's changed why should they be picked to win -- all just because they want. This delicately getting any different than last -- point was last year the common -- And they were picked that question to me it was money was coming up -- -- but I agree at all that I do make one amendment to what he says that they didn't. Court TUR didn't come out of -- -- did that they anticipate he'd be your closer no. Did when they make him -- it did the anticipate he put up historic numbers no. But today signing quality to it wasn't like he was just some guy that one -- in camp with a non roster player. And add this -- party moment where he went to the heights I know where if you look at his career he's had a very good Major League career. They're very good career in Japan they they they knew they was signing equality reliever. In a different role they didn't know there was not the best closer -- no -- digital -- in -- am I right right I take issue with that. They they signed to his role. They know the lock in his role they they thought his new role became that they signed him that they needed -- in in -- glee. I I take issue with that I agree with you point but I didn't know they were signing the best clothes and they know they did not look -- spot when you signed guys for depth. And then the guys provide the depth. You don't like into it it's the same Grady Sizemore why I don't why do you get better I always go to Wakefield while they -- in the Tim Wakefield but he didn't anybody in baseball could -- Tim Wakefield. Did you design and I've talked to him about this Tim -- -- -- the Orioles by the twins. There were three different teams looking to sign him. He signed with the red such historic opportunity there he signed with the Red Sox with Pawtucket he he worked out the negroes he put up great numbers anywhere on a win. Is 200 Major League game with -- It locked into that the -- you give Dan -- credit for. You sign guys all the time it does this mean they had bad but when guys don't pan out. You've signed guys for depth that you think into the job when they do the job he can't call -- Your Red Sox are in last place your Bruins are in first place the playoffs start on Thursday what you -- here to talk about it all of sports Sunday. On WEEI more to come.

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