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Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

Apr 13, 2014|

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

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This week the Red Sox tied a team in -- Hamachi to train sort of history. With wins in each of their first five games of the season in combination with an eleven game winning streak at the end of last year. I'm tied the Carolina league record with sixteen straight wins a run unmatched since the 1950 Winston-Salem cardinals had that same length of rate. That raises the question. So what. The purpose of the minor leagues is typically considered to be player development wins and losses are treated is basically irrelevant. And if players are getting better prospects are being churned out even on bad teams then from the standpoint of a team the records of individual affiliates are typically treated as. Meaningless but should they be this week we'll explore that question from two separate perspectives. Talking to current -- manager Carlos tablet who's been let your managing a single a Greenville drive team. They've had the worst winning percentage of any Red Sox affiliate in more than a decade. But first we'll check in with Salem rated radio broadcaster -- Butler who's one of the only people who experienced the integrity of that club sixteen game winning streak. And you spent quite a bit in and who spent quite a while. Banging the drum to attest to this street significance. So. From the vantage point of someone who was with the team for the entire stretch again what do the only people. What is such a long multi he's in winning streak like for -- Butler. It was a very special experience in arid a number of different segments of the experience that obviously started last year and and you know that the great baseball. Taylor really began in early August. When it's inevitable 500 seen all of a sudden. You know caught fire in part because of -- great performances by big prospects like. In a move you bet in the week he had in Bryant Johnson and Blake's -- art guys like that that there are. A number of other guys you perhaps don't get as much ink or air time. There were really huge component that it winning streak and you know we we got fired -- -- won eleven straight including five barrel of -- up. Tutu in Ireland you know -- well your plans for rating. Our rings are about half the side of ought injuring -- this state there's still enormous. But they're not as big as -- they got to Charlotte split you are you wearing picked out and third it was very special. -- 2014. Roster come out and I'm thinking you know we got an interest in peace is we got some of the guys in the championship back but you know we're probably not as late in the prospects. As we've been in years past and you know you'd you'd speculated that you're really choppy year for element I don't think you're wrong or alone in that presumption. But you know these guys can read your. -- your preview I don't think he's a big break came out and and won the first four games this either by the combined score 25. All on the road and you know after about the first few games of the year Michael -- -- thirteen Euro are going to be getting close to the longest Carolina league winning streak ever. That it'll lower research and determined that we were chasing the 1950. Winston-Salem cardinals. You know had a nineteen year old Earl Weaver I would never played in the basically it then went on and it moderates and the ball memorial to a lot of success -- You that we at a time or that there are part of the sixteenth straight win and then law so. It -- really wanna be apart and and to try you know chronicle that the best you can it's. It's certainly it was a quirky street because you know there are 43 different players over cute he then declared. Played over 223. Days as you know trigger certain managers in there there there are fewer people that were involved in every game and I like to think about one of those people can vote on the radio preacher and everything but the streak. I was I was going to say based on that. Were you the most invested person in the streak. That's entirely possible. You know I think my goal as you know broadcaster -- agent through its NPR is you know tried. Make other people. Realize why this stuff matters. And why it's on and and -- sort of put the minor leagues he's been in contact him. Now wrote a little bit about this past week out. In Minor League Baseball. And it wins and losses are not valued nearly as high -- they -- in the Major -- and I'm not saying that's wrong out -- that the way it is spoke. Like a focus on individual and prospects and where guys are in terms of helping the big league team but there are a lot of people who live in these minor -- -- Move it and I would they're utterly market and ticket holders. You know really probably got tied up in the street. And -- I just sit there and good -- that we leader last year and started that we needed this year create a lot of energy and excitement but I'm lecture anybody. Perhaps more -- -- it an analyst at Eric. Well let's talk more about the idea of whether or not winning is important as a minor league development tool right because. When you're talking about guys in the high -- from an organizational standpoint organizations not that concerned the organization -- except that's kind of interesting and cool. They were waiting to -- games in a row certainly they elected I'd be liked the idea that this season would extend thus giving more guys. More opportunities to play for instance of Brian Johnson who got a year and call up getting an extra start or two out of five and being able to pitch in the post season by -- watching you get to watch these guys on a day to -- -- so watching them in a position where they're trying to win. Which certainly was the case was the case at the end of last year and no question. That you know did the focus for a lot of the guys probably shifted from the individual to the collective. How how did do you see that as a development tool did you -- that like and perhaps a light bulb going off for some of the players about that transition. I think you know this team got hot. In August and they realize they're getting. And you know we were still around 500 for the year and now we're battling he would make the play ops but. You know they started talking about how they want it -- to win a ring they wanted to win a championship and you know I think if you -- any -- in my pocket urged. You wanna get a ring they armor you wanna go to double -- last month I think everybody would rather be promoted to report that quote the big leagues. So you know that that's the biggest priority is getting to the big -- at some point. It's sort of -- realization that barring them. Injury here other opportunities that emerge at a different level. It is the only god we've kicked the field every night he got your competitors they wanna win. That the differences. You know they're not necessarily -- -- in the best position to win -- put in the best position to develop and if it's a fine distinction but I think you know the best way to sort of lay it out to the average family means. They're not putting in the best position to win. I think you can -- -- how we -- pinch hitter content owners and how we use the open. And really had a lot of that created well you know in the Carolina league. Ever see a lefty coming that they collect the and then leave the game -- been unheard of because the presumption is. That you guys need to learn how to get out let -- there right handers if they're gonna make it to the -- so. You know they need to be -- to do everything they need to be able to deal with adversity still there -- twelve the last -- You're still batting fifth because you have -- learn how to combat this adversity and fight through it fact that. You know say. It's about development I think that's sort of the context in which it framed but when the starting lineup is written out they kicked a field. Obviously they're competitors may wanna win and go on a -- themselves to be wearing -- to the organization. Talking to -- Red Sox play by play man Evan -- -- the great chronicler of Salem as recently departed sixteen game winning expending -- season. So was there one player perhaps you saw being most influenced. By this by the idea of being in the winning streak tonight I have a guess is 21. I'm curious as to whether or not Blake's -- heart as a result of having this kind of victory centric universe in which he was operating as a catcher had not had a an unusual opportunity. To think differently about. About his responsibilities. As the leader of a of a staff but perhaps that's mere guesswork -- far not the reality of the situation. Well it is it's like it here we are in April but it seems like it go wild and Blake appeared he's got not a great start in Portland it's been good this week. In other catcher is the leader of the team in the Red Sox are fortunate to have. A bunch of guys that are rocks behind the plate now and bat dead and Butler and why art. And note that the guys are a leader I think in the playoffs last year and five gains. I think Blake went you know one for seventeen with a couple walks and it didn't hit the ball. -- the pitching staff allowed. You know less than what are gonna gain on average and he deserves much credit for that as anybody. I think it's absolutely fair to say that. Articulate brilliant back into winning streak huge hit invested in winning each game you play you know that the one day at a time cliche here. It is used every single -- -- baseball but that other guy looked at it if you went 11 game every -- sixteen straight they have their. One game everyday get a chance over 223. Days as it turns out. It's still put together pretty impressive ground. So thinking a little bit about about some of the some of the historic associations you noted that Earl Weaver was on that team I would also like to point out there was a Major League all star. On the 1950 Winston-Salem cardinals. Vinegar bend my -- so I want your pic of the guy you saw during the sixteen game winning streak. Who's most likely to be the next Earl Weaver and who's most likely to be the next vinegar bend myself. That's certainly -- questions. Well you know. I think -- that could be a multiple time all star in and keep that it's almost as good of a name and thicker than myself. Though maybe it is clear there that nomination. As far as future manager. That. That's bigger question. Maybe -- like -- yet. You know -- a baseball family. Is now the most gifted athlete but he got some tools and I mean you -- really important first statement will be batting you know in the middle of the lineup. Finished the year whether last year started the year obviously -- at play in the bitterly that it currently hitting coach though. Well and archer at Matt really want to do that but I certainly think he's got the baseball minds or at and there at the baseball pedigree -- I think Blake's -- -- is that going to play in the big leagues he's also a candidate would it make up their act is meant to be a baseball lifer but. Like -- they wanted to that's a good career that he would need to work very are quite get over. Oh yep two and a half million dollar signing bonus is a good way to start certainly. And so thinking a little bit about the about the prospect -- you mentioned document mentioned ex wife and I mean this has been a really interesting period. Glad you're in the last year the year before were were very prospect Lleyton years for you. To be around Salem team. -- in terms of just the stature prospects in the Red Sox -- them so. You know -- -- you saw Henry Owens for most of the year. You saw Blake who use public -- harper all of the year you some of Tibet at the end of the Ares I guarantee Kenya for the first half of the year. Those are you know that that some pretty serious heat. It has picking. And Marrero and nowhere Ramirez I mean Mickey Pena they're they're much of their. In the year before you've even got like a Christian Vazquez genome and any kind of as he was starting to put some things together so. Bogart and Bradley and you know -- we we're really lucky here in the past couple here. Yeah that's not too shabby so I am going to oh I'm taking Bogart's out of the equation but you've seen these guys on a day to day basis all of them. Over relatively extended period of time except for McKee who is to this kind of like this kind of like -- lightning bolt coming to hell and I'm not until -- about a month and a half. You're picking one guy to be the best future big leaguer who's going to be. There's so many different aspects that make it player. I think. That Jackie Bradley junior from property skeptic position player that -- the minute and I think Jackie Bradley junior. At the potential abuse at that position player that blunt end of the -- Because he is. I'm very solid hitter you know occasional power but -- got a guy good discipline I think that's not an -- You know all the Lockheed statement that we an article it is such a weapon. In the outfield. I think -- -- kicking is undoubtedly a better hitter and I'd -- pocket I think he went batting title someday I absolutely agree with addicts are -- but I also think that. He does need some development at third base is evidenced by the fact that. That Red Sox went -- that right Robert this past week and a key that you can allocate their pay and but. In terms of its future I'm not sure it's going to be a third -- -- -- gonna get into the big leagues I'm curious -- -- in and out but you know it you let me pick Bogart's. Without Christian Vasquez also has the ability to be impact catcher which you. Chronicled Abacha as well so but I act like it -- just because it's -- And I really think it's personality. Is -- helped him get there it keeps your vote issue enigmatic. Always happy looking into the ballpark personalities and you know state access a couple of years ago watching Bradley every -- is okay your turn now. Not only -- be impact player in the big leagues but Red Sox and analog and do you think over the next few months yet the chance to play more and more -- -- -- I think Red Sox fans couldn't start yeah. And you're gonna expel the highest level. All right so you you'd like Bradley because in part because of his all around game please explain to -- -- keep bet. There. You're. I'm so relieved to hear that because I have always -- always suspected it. Are. I Eric I remember that there -- I walked into the club and -- -- Blake's wife -- and they're playing cards and Blake says. Editor in that market Smokey -- and I and I director although it obviously -- At the following -- Greeneville and united if you showed up is a little guy you know is. Opened a lawyer little funny looking at little taller and Pedroia put cookies in -- injured very polite I mean. He took one of the small merger you're in the air travel or get out then -- probably not a -- or not he -- Its ability to impact the baseball per guy it's diet. With unbelievable. And it's his speed and athleticism. I've told this story before but nobody gets obscured it and abstinent you don't Hewitt it can be unbelievable lead -- that they. Liked how how can you leave that corollary. In particular are older but you can. Accelerate so quickly back to the back it would get there and and that worked its second big -- defending getting the ball -- -- both the left and right. On it really tremendous all around player -- to -- -- watched. Yeah he's he's reached base in order forty consecutive game in back to last year. -- If it's. I'm curious what they have ordered out because obviously I think Boston fans like the second base and they have. I think I don't think he's going anywhere any concern. -- reputation boss yeah yeah you know you would love to -- like you -- impact direct talks but. I have a hunch that he probably going to be critics get some actors. I can see him starting on opening VA -- and expert somebody next year but. Unless you know -- attribute some -- bastards. Happened to PDR. Are being -- in April. Yeah when it there are two interesting things about him position or what is that died in spring training I did in taking ground balls -- short where he where he came he. Was it was a short -- in high school. In -- and played there in lol before getting to Greenville and Salem last year and everything is. He's really interesting to watch bagging in the outfield and these are pretty natural outfielder -- played in a field high school as well. -- in he'd -- there's there is a polish in the natural ability their for him to go and track the ball. That -- interest and it really -- -- two minute flat all the news you know again a lot of and feel work I know that you know. He said that play shortstop in all a little bit better after a couple of years ago I mean he really struggled there. With this road deposition it's hard believes he's struggled a much needed because it looks so good at second but. I'm really curious about that. Play out and you used it or are you gotta watch that more Red Sox fans deserve to see. -- -- here. You're still entertain. Talking to Salem Red Sox broadcaster Kevin Butler both about the sixteen game winning streak -- Salem team. Recently concluded as well as about a number of the prospects basically every top prospect in the red sucks and it's crosses paths and his path must couple years. I'm OK you mentioned votes quite hard and Vazquez which one who who ends up. Being the better -- a long term. Another conundrum. I think they're both really good I think their boat -- Major League catchers. I think why are probably a little further away. You know acted in triple layer right now obviously probably a little more polished. But I also think there. Blake's fly art could be one of the best hitting catchers in the big league at which getting potential. And you know it just agree all around -- you know -- here. It athletic behind the plate but it's a different kind of outlet that -- admit that Molina Brothers. Characters that -- that is you know slight heart was in fielder and an outfielder and you know. You can picture XY European. You know at tailback in the enact them on just read it. Natural athleticism and -- so. I think Blake's wife are at a higher ceiling and -- active. Make it a little while to get their -- again -- -- They're both tremendous prospects and they both can play and equity and that goes to. The Red Sox being ranked so high in the -- is the man. Having so many treat you because when you develop a guy you don't want to just indirect fire and then sentence somewhere else. The Red Sox have done you know when they needed -- to get guys like. You know Adrian in palate and Jake Peavy and -- -- in hand and but I. He also an old guys to -- play in the big leagues -- -- organization forever ever talk and have an opportunity. We had we had bypassed the question of of the pitcher you'd you'd cleverly separated position player and pitcher from -- from the from the one guy you'd bet on so you've seen. Henry -- -- Matt Barnes you've seen Brandon Workman. You have seen Anthony Varnado you've seen you've seen kind of this this wave of Red Sox pitchers moving up now you have -- Brian Johnson who's making some initial. Interesting in -- but he got there. It's hard not to be reduced spyware and radio and through right now. It's it's unreal pain you've written about it. You know to start that it committed no hitter in the back not to be an uncommon thing is absolutely it's certain are you mean he did it hurt. Nineteen innings in a row last year. While he was with you we use the chronicler of streaks. Yeah the -- started this year's so brilliantly like. Is baseball are really difficult game. And when guys make it look that easy you start to think you know how is he doing it in. It's if you can it is why can't other guys disputed and obviously -- Turkey -- special. You know I can't I don't think he needs them all let's put it at some point if he keeps delivering the numbers. Like you doing. You know it is going to be attacked I had a big -- and I think yet the higher ceiling without question. I really like Brandon -- like him. You have a couple of years ago when their. Scouting consensus -- like -- guys relief pitcher if you get the big leagues and all of a -- -- starter and thought that he had the pitcher -- and in the mound presence in the velocity. And it and that sort of the body to build -- that workload of being a starter in the big -- I feel a little indicated that. Now in the purse -- league start a second no hitter into the seventh inning and Oakland which ignited a pick -- a -- -- back in. You know I like always be my number one and probably work him number two and I'm glad that is an opportunity to start his body. Obviously made a great different -- -- World Series last year out of the bullpen I think you also when they need another starter could be either. Could get them consistent six good innings you know quality starts and -- bit. We've been talking by and large about the prospects who have already made it through Salem. I guess that's you know that's proper because. You've only seen you know what half dozen games at this point. From the current on team. But anything intriguing TU insofar as you know by -- quite candidly -- -- not one of the more prospect -- teams at least in terms of rankings. Brian Johnson is a guy who who's highly regarded within the system whose you know who's around number. -- that I have from fourteen for baseball America. I -- I think that he's the highest guy in the in the Red Sox top thirty this year. Who's in Salem. Without Simon Mercedes is someone who are probably had too low based on what I saw from him in spring training but he's a guy who's in the Taiwanese. But other other -- not a lot of guys were making it into the into the rankings. What have you seen from this year's Salem team who should be on our radar who's not necessarily a name who's made it into those into those rankings numbers. All on the mound -- Luis Diaz is a guy -- right hander from Venezuela is you know a big burly kid who throws the ball are -- Really competes on the malady. He competes with sort of a cocky -- it I'm gonna go out there beat duke -- vaccine and it's. I. Couple prime last year and -- -- coupled this year but I mean he is a guy that I think. Well being double date before the all star break perhaps that the continued to throw the ball well he had. A short rotation vacancies created by Henry -- moving up to AAA. There's no question about it. There's a bit of a lock in a triple it it -- mentioned Barnes and Otto and Webster Diller and all the guys that we -- -- other at our. A figure that out but that that's why they figured I'd be just speculate about it. Diaz is probably that the biggest -- -- prospect that are the most interesting thing about this team. Alex -- bet you know there are a lot. Who were highly touted obviously but at the Munich it was baseball you know a lot of guys were considered organizational guys. Are getting opportunities. To do things that perhaps they haven't got get a catcher like Carson Blair who two years ago backed up. Christian -- it last year backed up lakes are part. Now is getting a chance that the play you know pretty much every day year career -- is behind the plate. Hurt like that and get the opportunity to try to. Become a prospect in Edmonton game and just try to count -- -- his reputation. Red Sox organization. Eric -- and younger out of the bullpen. Who seventh round pick back in 2009 at the injuries. He threw the ball really well in -- last year not to a good start for another name that perhaps. That -- Red Sox fans are aware wrote but -- guys that I expected in double it by you know made it sees in perhaps by June or July and another guy that you know could ride copper prospect -- to keep it in the ball well. Maybe he's the ultimate done -- it just visually to cross paths with his cousin Brandon Snyder of the well. Evan this has been great thank you so much he is Kevin Butler the rest of the Salem Red Sox play by play man you can follow him on Twitter at. At have been let -- you can find out alcorn all kinds of cool things. Not just about Red Sox prospects but also about. Weird esoteric street that are worth knowing about how Evan thanks very much for joining. -- -- established manage it on to -- street sees -- opening win which stretched the Red Sox high affiliates winning streak to sixteen games. But he wasn't managing Salem for the first eleven of those wins at the end of last season. Far far from it. -- -- That was was in his second year as the manager of the single a Greenville drive a level blows Salem. In that team went 51 and 87. With a 370 winning percentage that would translate to more than a hundred losses. Over the course of a 162 game big league season. Of course the more significant development at that level for tablets may have been the emergence of so when Mike -- bet is one of the organization's top prospects. With the late on the promise should buy a pitcher like Brian Johnson. Nonetheless that was a lot of law is for Carlos tablets in the drive to endure so from the bench whenever manager in charge of the development. A of a group of young players what's it like to endorse such anfield struggles and what is losing. Due to player development. Way to ensure ever and it is easy to develop players went way. It is better optimal beer -- wanna come -- what -- -- work separate -- particularly is that the earth orbit again. In we -- and there were days so perhaps our -- McComb and -- Fielded it and get toward can't. Was there a point last season where you kind of had maybe maybe pull the team together have a meeting in to say guys. You know I understand that the record is what it is but you know but. We we have things that we need to do from him when -- -- Or where your meetings as as they normally are just on an individual basis with players focusing on their player development plan. -- I'm not have the Canadian dollar closed door meeting think I want our -- -- Which -- in almost order and though. Our top. Just reminded -- you know it's -- -- to continue to play the game epic new war in dollars. Total feature you lose your -- and experience here and that is not over a year as our structure. Our burst and and he -- opposite played much much better. But it and time talk talk individually. That it based. And not so what they need to -- what didn't. -- Pacific heated duel in the daily basis so where. Game it is -- -- and in the players a lot of stoppage. Coaches so we need to underweight -- to his -- mortar later -- You know. Keep them away from all the way out so it is that it is huge especially when is not I'm not going your way. Well that's an interesting thing to think about because obviously you are managing in the minor league you've coached in the minor league prior to that you understand what player development is about that the focused. Is really on getting guys better. But from from the standpoint of a competitor you know you you were a former Major League Baseball player you've you know ever -- know no one perverse losing to winning. Is it is it harder for you to do your job -- does it doesn't grind on you or the coaches at all. To be an environment where you know where there were a bunch of -- put up. The prospect. And the much. As though we don't stay in. We are here to make them better. And and -- one of those that they've. We feel like our job is to make them look better in a stand and that we get to -- at all but what is we wanted to create dot orchard where you optical welcome him and it would which it and try to -- I'll just. And don't set -- coaches the one you know you are stuck where you -- pretty GameStop a but what games are -- later. -- -- -- You have to go out I think -- try to win every game. We know are suspects that I would cry on when it goes and so much but as -- players' main goal as well. Talking to Carlos -- -- the Salem Red Sox manager about about both of them both sides of the winning and losing equation and in the minor leagues and what their impact is on their development. You and you talk about the goal in the big leagues you wanna develop guys were ready to be part of a winning culture so. How you know where word does it does that transition happen in the minor leagues at what point. You know because when you call guys up to the big leagues you want them to understand that you know did the individual. Is secondary to the team's performance right fit you know if you go three for four in your team loses that that. Not a great day. In the minor leagues if you go three for four and a loss that's that's a pretty good tape but. At what point does that transition happen how do you educated guy to understand that transition that'll be ready to fit into a Major League call -- clubhouse. Yeah it is. That don't experience through enough an emotional day it is against Coleman. Prosperity it would closely call because they're not Butler replied that went -- play realize. You playing so well well well wait. Does not just about numbers when you all day by day. One would not be used to be out with the news -- it was about that -- from the bottom line. But when you can quote don't -- shall lay it that's one of players a lot of this one's orbit about process where debate in the well. We're need to I'll -- up went so. How do. And arms -- and how important is to look -- -- water roll over an hour. Here are important years -- -- it is and that's one of players are. And people are watching in. I'll quote the better it is going to be able to. And it is going to be able to grow -- the we get to the point today but it replied that's where about the coach or doubt that you. Can say is guys work well and pick which did did is able to strip break up and the senate and the whoever -- -- Or clubs where. So it's interesting to look at the at the kind of individual performances that you guys had in 2013. Because. You know as much as the record you know much of the record suggested that it was a tough year in Greenville. There're there're a couple of spectacular performance is frankly. And foremost Mickey milky -- you know coming from. He did not have the prospect profile coming into the start of last year. That he did by the time he graduated from Greeneville but last early last August to head up to Salem -- -- continued to set the world on fire. On how did you how would you -- from rookie bets in terms of his development how much if at all did he surprise you in terms of this emergence as. You know as a pretty exceptional performer guy who -- getting on you know who had a batting average. Better than 300 on base percentage better than 400 who has impacting the ball you know and hitting home runs stealing bases. How did you see his season coming together in his skill set coming together. Over -- little oil -- work -- And it may -- it would -- -- Yes but I blame them laying. And this actually about what is approximately -- that the that the caravans. Disease -- abruptly lost weight you know there are. Good debates and or are surprised about oh absolutely and it Dockery. About -- there that there but I understand. She. -- -- Be unstoppable -- It's fit in all of last year I'm not a monster it is -- -- is only eighty and 85 outs. But -- put a lot but it worked hard and it. You almost want more what you what all was taken extra -- all. Is that our. You know what would coaches. Want you know that -- though we have only done it -- and -- the guys who -- approach. He brought -- so that's we watched them. What he'll harder and that's what matters is -- And we gotta you know. The performers who are not flop but I just dropped cross match here. Pictured it is they. Yeah. I'd tell -- Student Haley who started in the but no that talks were screwed up but. But it is strong in is support ago he had not so -- Well thinking about -- you can actually won one more question about rookie bet it's interesting to me to think about the kind of player he is because. You actually probably can identify him more than a lot of people I think that you are aged twenty season when you were coming up him in the royals system. Was actually very similar to move -- last year just from a statistical standpoint. Pat how much do you kind of how much did you CEO of you know yeah this is that I I remember what it was like to be kind of like that. Yeah I remember and so what I want remember Doug. Says it is he will we win -- what a lot 01 day. You looked -- tonight and he Ukraine and well right. How much it's so it is you -- one problem UH oh. -- better -- you know outlook. You know. Well -- better rates. It. Up toward Joseph well spot let him and the band they're. Army but I do spotted. It did also like you know he's he's -- -- they'll play at not being -- you know when it comes trailer up outward epic. Yeah you know and I coordinate certain number in. I don't remember -- -- talking about the other end of the spectrum with regards to performance has -- in that team with I would -- the last year for for one -- for -- to there was this kind of pronounce struggle that seemed to get worse towards the end of the season at least from a far. With a guy like Jose Vinnie you -- repeating it Greenville. -- in two who struggled in doing so he he had a hard offense of your and he struck out a lot. Wasn't wasn't walking a lot. How -- to you was it you know what was what was the challenge for him. In terms of using last -- development year was it you know was was the biggest thing getting over the idea that he was repeating it Greeneville and you have now -- Salem always moved up. Was was he someone who might have been affected by you know just what was happening collectively on the field. -- is article -- our -- -- open second year and affect a little bit where. He felt like she needed stability to much but it did right here where you put a good solid year. And -- -- camp did it go with a lot of RO. Oh. Not over his shoulder at me -- -- struggle waited so much a place. Does -- want it out there so we worry about it -- -- to back up up the most part. Ahmad not EU law and -- game homage. Outlet in a few times and -- And it demands simply it was probably -- so much. But as well -- the winner not winner -- -- -- prepared enough. So far it was -- gets darker and third gamma curtail the so committed this me when -- a pop years. It would be aware that. You know out of India where. Where it's sort of like to sell old can Carter where a lot so hotter. And get better -- this year is up there this year. And that about what he is -- Talking to Carlos federalists the manager of the Salem Red Sox so let's talk about the other side of the equation you know when you how how does it feel how how. How much easier has it been -- have covered translations of players. In the first week of this of this season in which. Here's Ellen team seemingly as well it started here with those five straight wins and you know seemingly invents ways to win. In different it. That bit them in the what is. Really. When will -- game. It is better get food it's better and didn't want those. Will be -- -- baseball right now we've got to. Kirkuk which is is that trojans and mean we will be out of blast by the same problem we -- -- -- -- what distribute our guys being. Light hearted and he been 100 -- and pop it when you see that it. If you pretty good that we're -- much club. You you mentioned earlier one of a couple of the guys who've moved up along with Hugh just -- Haley and Brian Johnson and particularly -- didn't -- because last year. He he was he got off to a difficult start at a time when his shoulder straight probably wasn't what it was going was what it normally would be. In part because he had no real off season workout program. -- certainly not a normal one following. He's ended ended with a line drive to the face in 2012. How different is Brian Johnson stuff right now vs what it was a year ago. Outward their economy is different. It is easy you got out on stage in his. Optional support for -- it was a grind -- -- albeit. Equal upper arms or games where you gotta bring it. Jeopardy even. Official word on pitcher -- but today they eat is working between spark so. Is daily grind it any body I used to it. Now is that you look for is indeed by -- and not see how are going to be. Body already been through it it is make about thirty years ago -- payment. They -- improbable Birdie Putt here in. You are -- do that are and stuff. -- -- that it never thought I am very pleased so are bowed in two start but. Can be our fault. What is -- they've been like this year and where was it at the start of last year if you remember. Hey I'm not sure that. It's up not only this year and I'm not mistaken. But -- -- aren't arms these are they do it you know yeah same bombs below and didn't break mode and get a -- that the model would. Britain -- not our spot so. I said the arms arms uses -- So coming out of last year I'm curious you guys do those I do and of your reports on your levels. Right and so you have to you have to write up you know kind of what we're used to these guys having. You know what what kind of career path to my people to take. When you know there weren't a lot of guys a site for -- keep that who were -- from a statistical standpoint in Greenville for it by. When you looked at that squad you know when you look at the Brian Johnson and just -- hilly and a and a bookie bet in into Cody -- cock. What was your take away like how was that was that a a good team like -- kind of a good minor league team for an affiliate from a standpoint of just having prospect the record notwithstanding. I -- -- and in the year what or you are. Other team army. On the winning. Column in the world but -- Developer. -- -- -- it up -- her job I certainly don't bet you know it's just that it. Indeed Johnson yeah yeah there's -- uncle -- Got and not land it in Salem one and how did 11 -- a championship. Look at so and so I think that it agreed to. Despite what director says. Thanks to both -- manager Carlos tablets and they'll broadcaster Kevin Butler for their thoughts on winning and losing at the minor league level. If you'd like to hear the complete interviews with both of them the director's cut a -- -- in check out WER dot com. Slash podcast think producers pat today and built yet to -- for their tireless work. Into all of you for checking and we'll do it again next week.

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