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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Saturday: Larry want more excitement

Apr 12, 2014|

The series with the Yankees is only 2 games old and Larry thinks the rivalry is boring right now. More fights! More arguments! Where's that A-Rod guy when you need him? And of course, the guys discuss Michael Pineda's issues on Thursday night.

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And if it's a Saturday it must be sports Saturday mustard and Johnson abbreviated show somewhat. We're going to be given up forty minutes of the show. A bit reluctantly to the Red Sox as the Sox and yanks -- take each other on third game of the four game set. Down in the Bronx after yankees drew offers while with a 41 win on Thursday. In pine -- gate things settle down a little bit more. Red Sox erupting for four against CC. In the sixth inning and won nothing deficit turned in to a 41. Lead and they never relinquished -- Jon Lester continues to be impressive but. This time actually had enough run support. And got his first win of the year your thoughts about last night. -- -- -- You're so edgy about this series among the edge of -- -- it's anticipated the other way I figured trends are are standing up my -- cruises -- -- little to win -- -- the aspect about the Celtics in the US now take to take to where we got our. Celtics. The first time in ten games they had to win they had to go out and win tough tough tough. Disappointing win but the Celtics last guys that actually got better I was devastated I. Wait for the season to be over I don't have. Bled Celtics all of my life and to sit there. And it actually have to root and hope they lose -- when they put a lot of wind I am so irritated afterwards because you realize -- or anybody says. And I don't know why that's so hard to understand it's the only route. Aside from citing a few free agents to pick up the draft pick my problem too with some of -- some of the bigger players. With a big -- to reputations have bowed out early. In the championship series so that you really didn't get a chance to look at them that much. Well I think as if these guys are so good. And ready to take the next level you'd think they might manifest some of that talent in our tournament narrated teams throughout the tournament and and and as usual. This is what college -- -- comes down to give cal Perry a lot of credit for carrying a freshman all the way. To the final games miraculous shots. The Harrison kid hitting it through three pointers -- able to get to the final game on Monday night but it does come down. To maturity and our guy from Roxbury Shabazz Napier congratulations to him 22 year old guard. Play was so much intelligence and maturity complete command of the game. He's a man among boys that's why -- oneself. Going back to the Celtics. You love to have a guy like Parker or Wiggins or indeed but these guys. They're young and they couldn't get the job the cut at the college level they didn't get behind -- -- second round any of the I. Believing -- I spent much time on this but the only thing you you realize and hope for is -- you know wherever you hit it's a project. It's part of a long term package. And I think that the what you're looking at now with the Celtics is -- you're trying to find out who really wants to stay who really wants to play. And they did put up regret after it was great to see big -- last night I kept. Clicking back and forth because I just just hoping and praying that just -- EB. This may be an element of tension in element of an argument. About something. Which takes place in the Yankees. Red Sox game. It was an -- on out of college and I said last week and I'm taken all the credit in the world far. Always about the patch on the but I keep your hand it might now. Janie McCauley from ATP as they ripped it is said the exact same thing I said last week in the headline reads replays make arguments. Less. Lightly in baseball. Take you know. And eight he's got the talk about your written your and he ended in a bucket of -- kind tower -- scientist and he dropped as our market -- -- not a -- can't get -- -- change -- they want to talk about B I'll tell you what -- operator asked if Davis putting pine tar. But in India in those cars that aspects. That survive when -- go visit anytime soon. Why you know like his politics I'm talking about it pine -- is a sticky -- I believe me that is not -- -- enhance any engine that point is though this is the game has gotten to a point now where foul and probably picks up the phone and calls over to the Yankee -- lesson can atomic takes some of that stuff proper to really make about what I mean I know why guy uses it to bike disarmed it takes a look at our Prius so. By the fifth inning and it mysteriously disappears. This is -- this -- what happens when you start having people make decisions in baseball who don't understand. That nature of the game in this whole article goes on to talk about that very thing and some of the manager of the players are saying. No more arguments -- just. Stand in the dugout or you very nicely session day out to the umpire just say lesson. -- chance -- -- that through every plate I think pick I was out. It takes -- me the passion of the game yet it it when I think back to. There -- 21 -- -- -- the man but when he threw the -- that he had surgery in because of the good old days major -- -- tell -- -- cried -- I've felt -- five times during that game by the way to get the did you get the liner actually listening to -- speaking of blog Clemons did you see that. They mentioned this is probably why you mentioned it today. Apparently that bat that splintered Yasser Arafat 37 on a 47007. In an auction yeah -- -- -- work -- -- -- eight. That's it I'm passionate person that you could tell in -- -- -- talk a repeat of -- fighting and knives and clubs and stop. But at the same time I look at sports as an escape from reality. I look at sports as an opportunity. To see people do things that you normally cute too. In every day. I -- not make it now they're telling you how you can slide into home plate. They -- what's the fighting thinking. Man with. Come on what is at Yankee Red Sox series what about it. What about you rather have someone break their hand. Or their arms sliding -- -- first and all it happened colliding well sent a field technical -- happens sliding into second. Greg is to what dress out of his too that's upgraded a way does that -- -- -- -- -- you think that says that regular typical -- Red Sox yankees series it is at Oprah handles it does not rivalry is nothing Larry if you can -- even last year. Last night the empire made a couple of bad calls and squeezed them. Were -- is afraid to look at at the empire in even when he gets removed from the game. Can't you give me one layer toward home plate I mean it's just if -- in commentators something. Baseball are all sports is now -- sport. It needs to -- I define what edginess needs to be I'm telling -- it's just it's not. There are needed image estimate -- a target of -- shortening the game is seven innings brought this about six. Well last night was pretty economical for Yankee Red Sox game so I applaud as much as you think it was a flat -- experience. I applaud the fact that the game was over by what channel five last night that's that's buried on usual. -- Red Sox Yankee game you know how long those things ago -- it. We can argue the the merits of of how long game is and guy stepping in stepping out in some of that is just the price of ball I don't mind that argument at all. I just want a little boy age a little more passion. Most people when they recalls certain games and stuff is usually tension moments are. Column fisted months that this just -- because you're a brutal violent guy who's your regular that your wife ballet that now I'm -- Daley's idea of companies government that ecological feedback is welcome back -- -- -- -- back if -- recruited by next trending now and -- yeah he got -- went about trying to saying -- just. So with worry now as far as the game itself ironically. -- -- thirty sees these 33. US sitting there at red section management in your contemplating giving this guy you want to know contract and he wants to get paid a lot I don't know where his definite -- hometown is. He wants -- long. While that's all well and good Britain when you look at CC he's lost some weight. -- I don't think the ball got over 91 noise -- now finesse pitcher he now we know what this is what this is that this is -- and them what you see him twice. Third time around happened last night -- out so. You say with these people at one assign these guys up to these long term contracts when you're thirty or thirty plus. On the side men outside and say wait a minute. When you get over thirty -- on the warranty wean -- off. Well and you well policies he's a perfect example that first contract the daddy -- out after the three years. And he produced right away they -- World Series championship in his first year coming over from Milwaukee so. The three years ended. Yankees figured OK we're gonna get more of what we saw the first three years of the contract that is not happen. You know you don't wanna be 315320. Pounds as a pitcher I don't give you 67 or not. But he's not the same guy he's not 91 anymore -- his loss of weight or age of these ball. He's a lot of mileage don't forget. This guy. And I don't have the numbers in front of me but he is probably I'm guessing. Over the last seven or eight years is probably logged more innings than any starting pitcher they. Updates are popping up that mark suddenness of last night yeah you know he was a into the active. That's growth out there so. Where to look -- Madonna Yankee lineup right now in I know you know. We've got Mike we get -- where -- -- -- Steve -- reimpose an avid active right so I Yankee fans in the as a more passion. In the -- voice and I don't. But it's if you really pin them down it's not fair I think even they would have. Now but this is -- visit the overall problem going back to your complaint that you felt there was a lack of electricity in the year in the Bronx. The problem is particularly if you're looking up from Red Sox respect I was talking to a couple of season ticket holders. -- yesterday. And there isn't really that much enthusiasm even at Fenway right now I think is a eight at this is a good problem to have is it almost -- hall of contentment -- -- -- and I wish somebody trying to show. Now seriously and know right now this is all. What more can you possibly do they've won three World Series. They overcame every possible X. Dictate look like if he -- except -- -- give a perfect comparison. Patriots and patriots ravens patriots jets patriots patriots. The men that you mentioned. What they're playing energy demand be an even buffalo now we would spice. Is an edge to a guy and I wanted to everytime they -- in Denver next year. What it how many times -- -- playing Denver ideally you'd wanna play twice how much of the regular season wants wants our times of the Yankees Red Sox playing in the regular -- that answer the question -- the point is this a story are they playing the 08 teamed -- -- upset if that's so why have you think -- favorite if the patriots played Denver. Three times four times -- There's an edge to it has a history to it now. This pick -- a welcome factor you got all these different things in football and that's what makes football so great. When the Redskins. Play the yacht DeSean Jackson -- play the Eagles. They continue to build. Meaningful. AG rivalries and that's -- -- same -- what hockey look at the broke into play Marjorie arguably Pittsburgh play Chicago -- -- never team's demand it -- -- as usual although as usual you're jumping to ridiculous conclude -- is ridiculous it's April 12 Larry it -- it matter to I don't watch a game clutch play army at -- and any Yankee Stadium ticket -- -- bird -- crossed the center field grass there's no -- -- it's like -- it's like -- That game represent your personality right there and you know I guess our place -- -- -- excuse just to load on May now I'm just saying that I can't get over that and the open eight up. It's like there's no aging is to -- -- -- I'll make a stink out of it and you know a -- it was just it's just. He hint of sometimes -- -- -- -- it has a lot. We're talking a week ago remember the the play in the home opener to go back to that home opener. Where I'm trying to remember who they lost there was a book a Milwaukee number Milwaukee rallied. Against more heat who got the save last that Obama he was in the night in every game of the four runs in the ninth inning. In there was a play at third base. Where the guy he was. Initially on the base lol -- then tagged all right it was obvious they went over and over overburdened overworked and and Carol elected not to -- protest and ask for a replay there and we wondered. Why he was so -- why we why we so willing. Not to use the technology and not to argue the hump that we are getting John Ferrell is exactly what you what you cannibals -- you can't sit here. And mock Bobby balance time for being an over the top personality. And we know that John -- is exactly the antidote. All the absurdity did he was Bobby he is Valentine because it's a hundred my idol -- -- games let you can't bring a football mentality -- internationally based you know it's. Amazing because up until last year it was fine I mean people were come out argument Francona would come out -- government come popping out of his mouth. People like it in this article by Jane probably she talked about sometimes that may -- hoosiers when -- packed with -- -- -- came -- up the game you know I. It's like sometimes I mean that you will use that to rally the troops and get people going is just. It's a combination. Of of skill. In entertainment in the entertainment factor is sometimes when a man -- comes out crowd goes wild. The -- it amazes me with you is. Why you blaming me 'cause you don't like. Because what you don't like the crowd is going wild about you know like a hockey fight and the crowd is always Larry I don't like violence you don't like come out from motive but it's not a question being -- -- resorts -- the primary goal. That's right they have sports because so they can beat each other and submission and into submission in particular have an age you're -- have I. You can have your temperature can rise up a little bit in the crowd that got the crowd is going wild and it felt great -- -- -- that comes out and gets -- a big argument when he's gone back to the dugout. The crowd gives him an ovation it's it's a package of entertainment. And I'm Jon Stewart Udall a calendar out I I I swear or -- I say I'm saying I don't matter I think I -- that caliber of disorientation April. April glare right now it doesn't matter. Because now that you have this replay in place. That's where you gonna have Som that it doesn't matter and it is at the open your claiming he's a replay for all this saying what it has done is -- take at the age. Off Obama. -- facets of the game I -- multitudes. Make it sound like it's it's a nightly event it's just where a man comes out and are they call him and roses have choked out and -- -- picks -- the base that it -- around and get it I -- that -- to -- it -- -- I'm -- to -- those things that people remember most -- ahead. Some would frequently McCoy -- to see that now anticipation. For anything now it is nothing. You just you watch the game and sweeping. Right -- that why why of people like you'll complaining that the games too long. It was never hear anybody complain about and the other sports being too long and I know they regulate a buyer Clark. But still the fact remains if it's entertaining and passionate exciting. And people Latin people not that now people like a brisk pace and I'll tell you what I wanna have more technology. I wanna I garage I thought for one thing out there what drives me crazy about watching baseball games and television now whether it's on NASA or fox or anywhere else. They put that box up there I know which seems to be correct. But the umpire doesn't use that if the umpire filed the box the game a -- lot more quickly and goes now that's the only area of -- went out that he technology Larry all right well Greg. You're the only one you've got this idea of the -- -- like everything has to be all or not exactly were on talk radio now I don't but I don't think it needs to be that way I do think it has tried you. Don't show me the box. Of a brawler than -- -- strikes though IndyCar that a ball. Well -- just make -- make matters worse is that good you can create our events but they don't argue because the manager does it isn't privy to that help went that you're not allowed to argue balls and strikes I know that right now our immediate I didn't know I think you should know let's take the box out and now allow manages to argue balls and strikes you can. It's a conflict golf and you'll probably as you want sports to be like your personality pork and a really neutrally as boring and in. It's getting for the masses right now look at up. Look at operative Merrill today a great piece right Janie McCauley and AP. Read your headline is replays make arguments less. Likely in now. I gambit. You'd think it out a couple of years the court that pine tar incident did happen Tom did it -- edges where it's at the dugout so Conley and everything. Now they would come charging out of the I. Seem to remember gamer that happened. Since I was there that day -- George Brett in 1983. What he's -- -- men and by the way you know the umpire cannot call that they have the manager has to complain about it that would that rule was basically intact. On Thursday night. Less Ferrell makes an official complaint the umpire can do nothing -- that and that was the same play in 1983 where in those days -- didn't. Where batting gloves as you -- easily as they do now people still including George Brett were bare handed hitters and he's the pine -- four -- adhesive. But he had to like an inch -- -- on the back Billy Martin who complained about that the measure the bat and everything else and it would George Brett got his home run taken away. He came storming out that was that was -- Larry that is such a few and far between event. I like you make it I sound like -- I don't like nightly basis I like the interest the patient. Of calls being disputed. OK I like that I I Pinkett. OK as you like about the phantom tag Chuck Knoblauch phantom tag in 1999 Yale so yeah I get paid extra high you know what I wished. I am happy now that there was no technology to reverse that call because it was so much more fun no doubt is watching Jeremy Williams argued the call between getting it right between your collecting over the Celtics game like they had a box appear at the most controversial moments -- -- Yankee Stadium and Jeffrey my hours are sensitive area I saw in diamonds in again -- The alms I'm sure the Orioles are quite content -- -- was -- -- are on Warner and Richard Garcia make a terrible call like hitting -- -- all the managers upset you know we like I Wear it it expects. That's this is your oil. Personality that you -- force on everybody accuracy and realism I hate to be accurate I want accuracy but I threats of violence accuracy but I also want personality and I think the game is going to be missing that. Like a -- -- the only person that I know who's happy tiger's not the masters. So smooth it's not -- -- -- auto argued about it last week and I are the paradise that job we don't argue on here are crazy prices because -- -- tiger represents is. If you -- -- Then you're glad he's in the masters you wanna see that that that you know that red -- -- on Sunday afternoon and you you're you're excited about it. If you don't like come and you wanna watch to see him crumble. -- way it's good television right. Here's the problem right now this is grows back again I think you were missed. This applying year you were concerned. It's not the technology that made last night's game. Uninteresting. It's the fact that the Yankees are really is suitable rival at this point we are not anymore in the middle of the first decade. Where the Yankees the Red Sox OK or -- I think that I have been hitting a batter with a pitch. What else is that I argue about. Right but you're you're you're blaming. Technology and affected the Yankees -- -- right now. Are not in the same. Stayed over frenzied rivalry but as they -- ten years ago but part of the problem Craig is with the technology. Eliminates debate but this is where it goes -- I don't think it debate about well. Now I I think if you had a true rivalry in the Red Sox hadn't -- have been coming off. Their third World Series championship in the last ten years including one last fall I think it'd be a little bit more passion I think this is a big. Back complacent year for Red Sox fans I don't think you're gonna get any attention at all this year. Until maybe October or they're fighting for playoffs. I listened to Red Sox Nation that I know they've been all over Farrell I mean if they are -- the game their all over him complaining about the line -- they're complaining about. You know who should play scenario is all IS review. We have not touched upon the biggest ferry of last night's venue. And that is UN Arab. Little stiffness in the shoulder. And they have a guard him much weaker now for close what option was not -- last year fourth option. You -- was the fourth option last -- closer it was the -- they got out at seventy stuff hand to -- -- first early second -- to zeile and -- why delay -- okay how do you work out if you didn't have you -- last year evacuate them -- the World -- -- that -- see your -- to me is the perfect symbol he's like the embodiment of the 2013. Season. He everything worked. Her the love I well OK now I'm going back to what you said I think this is last week that I think if you had if you if you weren't so busy working on your sports trend. You would have scribbled it down is when your money your notes because that it was have a great point you brought up last week. This is coming to from question now and you said last year everything went perfect right. This year it's not emotional day here you've got that victory -- been out injured. You still trying to figure out your outfield lined up what it's going to be. In UN Harris. Only as a as a monkey wrench thrown into the middle of because let's face at the close their pets once this position your distant after wary about. Gabby I love how he can I was -- those calls are in -- a little bumpy at times. And they picked a mop which I think was great in the -- -- our luck but you can't tell me it this if this turns out to be a long range problem because you use. You arrow a lot -- -- picky -- every forest every five games he was and well not you -- monitoring him differently that's a big change. Wright is a big change and it was very comfortable for job for a once. You are was established is that closer but again meeting come into the season thinking that you are was anything. But a set up guy in an in bullpen depth he emerged. Quite unexpectedly given to that given to a bunch of other things when our abilities I have to do -- he's right trend I got some really good information coming out. At 10 o'clock am I next trends a statesman for that it's -- adjusted Sports Radio W the.

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