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Joe and Dave Postgame with Grady Sizemore 04-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox starting left fielder, Grady Sizemore. grady talks about what it was like to hit a home run off his old teammate, C.C. Sabathia, and his reaction to not seeing Koji on the mound in a save situation.

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Back grainy and that was a blast that decided the game there in the fifth inning you know one pitch from your former teammate this CC sabathia that was set. What -- wise what you're looking for. You know I think it was a slider honestly just trying to -- Both drove in a bigger -- to hit not to do too much and and is having a good pitch -- -- Brady does it help at all that it you know he's a former teammate you backed him Mathieu backed him up before you know Woody's likely command Hewitt. Not really you know it's different when you look at them out there in the box me you know I think it's. It's always kind of interest in and you're going up against the former teammate and a close friend. You guys -- that hang around together Cleveland area you know he. To -- going over as a as a youngster over there and you know still keep in touch and these. Nowitzki made a different look like he was feeling pretty good epic Bulls starting pitchers were tonight it did you get the sense early on it was going to be one of those nights where. Maybe one inning and a couple of swings would make all the difference. We'll definitely I think both guys were on their game you know it was a big game and Johnny got us going and -- he's got to do that and -- on and just trying to you know come through and trying to get it if it's. You know worked out. Grady you know what was up where my coach yeah. Did you expected to -- to the game yeah I don't know I was -- expected to see him on the mound and president warming up I looked up and so he -- you know he's he's been a closer report -- he -- do it too so we got a lot of options out there. I do your job yeah 37 saves for him finally great for you mean what what it is these these first couple weeks back in the major leagues after. The two years away from the game what what has it been like and to be able to come and Yankee Stadium in and help when he game with a big home run like it's just so much fun. I can't explain it. That's two years it just. Of a negative news Boozer and just to come back from that and be part of this team and I can tell you how excited I am having fun did. Playing left field is -- something do. Yeah there you know I you never would have only been out there much but you know feel comfortable you know I think we got a lot of good athletes out there and as -- they feel around us so you know I think. He fits into your work do -- get comfortable there -- -- play or here yes I we certainly understand integrated thanks congratulations and our Persian all right Grady Sizemore are where the three run homer. In the sixth inning -- his close friend CC sabathia to win it for the Red Sox job.

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