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Apr 11, 2014|

Today's 4at4 discuses cheating in sports.

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Our number three dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI our third guy in this hours. DJ chicken -- from WEEI dot com where's the server Ellis Sharon saw. On Twitter earlier today I set I had to change yeah why is you -- chicken. Smoked chicken is a guy who goes after a man's musical taste the love interest behind his back -- -- rate did that on the radio we're definitely right. That's you know you -- your studio gangster that's your name but that's -- studio -- -- You know we have about someone. Between these two studios. -- someone has met twice he has you'll love interest yes. And adulation and actual values like touches and just not -- and -- and got out of Saturday I would like -- -- -- I I would not just you know server -- just because like I I appreciate your music to tote companies -- that. Doubt that the thing I'd pick your brain for a couple of years their brain what -- OK well how about this. About this that mr. intellectual -- went home -- He went home went there. So that note that's great you where you were -- what do pick her brain to my apartment is very underwhelming. Yeah -- all parties and all media that it took her home and he picked her brain to I guess he probably inspired some good music. Maybe now. Yeah I'd bet that's true. I did at that that's an awesome shirt I'm gonna -- -- Our culture -- that was pretty pumped up to see it we brought to me and I know you know Tennessee hockey guy the hockey in some quarters. But you're also music. And I think Europe -- -- Yeah this is your for. Your debut yeah -- -- about baker for four right now the big deal. Your for a four virginity and. Probably figure out. That the injured are you know with the famous for today I do yes so does not speak they took me -- On. That. They were denied access to got -- dissident better song with this type theme. But it was vetoed a little -- what's -- what's thought about it it's on you would like Michael hall it's gold wedding band by lake street dive. In the lyrics are if -- Mary where what. You don't have to ball block -- can sit with their hands up that rocketed yeah. R&B RMB it's gonna head into that's exactly what I to go straight in a 44 or four brought Cuba AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. Okay big event a bit which are watching how. Damn right we arm. Last night yankees pitcher Michael -- had a glob of something on his pitching -- Red Sox in complain about the situation but in the fifth inning the substance is magically gone. Last season Clay Buchholz was spotted with a substance on his hand and -- -- something on his glove. So where does this rank among things players due to cheat in baseball. Fiftieth amiss yeah -- gonna be relatively loads because no -- players actually ever care about it. I managed to well I don't know it's just because players don't care about it because you can make the argument that players. The players association. And the steroid era didn't care Agassi PED's -- atop the list right that didn't care about it. But it was important as might not be the bottom analysts like get TDs are out there how about. Corking a bat. More that that that be well above right that's going to be up there are about how about. You know scratching getting you know and nail clipper and nail file. Filing down the baseball. The doubling up there and Italy working out of the yep that's actually impacting something that you're using I think that if you're putting pine tar and handles and Lou earlier saying all you do is changing. Just the effectiveness of how well you could grip the ball your corking your bat you know upholding your bad and he better you crushing the ball so -- I mean I don't think that it's something that affects. The bowl as directly as city. Filing it down yes well I think I output even lower than. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything right ever did is worse. Yes we are Michael over the years individual players -- athletes have been accused of cheating. Steris is oftentimes the most prominent former -- for athletes which player. That got caught or accused of using steroids was the most surprising. Any credit for me that's that's might as well. Andy Pettitte was the one that -- shocked. And -- -- mean I was told Ben before this he kind of struck me as like the Marvin Harrison and Marvin Harrison got in trouble. Later but he struck me is like the Marvin Harrison. Of baseball. In that he had all the numbers he had albeit the accolades to make him. A star but he didn't seem to really fit that he didn't come off as a jerk -- he might be guided everybody want to have on their team. So that was bomber free Roger Clemens is also included -- because I know that he's kind of become the poster child of it. But just the realization that this guy I mean. The whole steroid era thing was something that we were really talking a boat control what though the home run race between McGwire and Sosa right after that right and and until a couple of years after -- realize that the guy who is dominating throughout that whole stretch was cheating that was kind of like that that was the biggest bomber of the ball. But to me it would be somebody who. Used it and wasn't that good I wouldn't remember the whole Manny Alexander -- the masters terrible news in that steroids in his the glove compartment of his car. Really it. Well. Did you -- Did and it Jeremy yeah just yeah that glove compartment a year I gotta you know they were Jeremy Giambi. Strike anybody anybody would listen okay. I took steroids -- did I hit a -- short and our demand those I didn't see the results ago. Was Gary Matthews junior ever involved in any of that because he'd be won that title there was like suspicion I don't know if you was ever actually busted -- For use them but he'd be another guy that if he were that we had a couple of different techsters who set Lance Armstrong and it it did satin a lot of people. I mean the accusation is that right. And so -- I have to admit now it it's the DJ you bring up about great point you talk about context then. Not what you think now we're just go back to that moment. When -- when the accusations were made. I don't think any of us thought that Lance Armstrong was as vindictive vindictive right as he -- Mean spirited as he is. Has determined to ruin lives and he was. But I may -- is we didn't see that so. A lot of us thought here's an American. Dominating the Tour de France and hate done so -- that he has taken over their event. So I viewed differently because like enough things came note big boat Lance Armstrong and you can say that it was other countries try to make him look bad but. Enough things came out over the years suggest. This guy is doing something so for me I mean I still enjoyed Lance Armstrong -- still root for him but he was kind of I viewed him almost kind of like I view John Lennon. People love John Lennon. Nobody ever has in their life thought the John Lennon was a good guy you know you can still appreciate their body of work but. You kind of have to overlook something in order to enjoy that that's the way you Atlanta Texas -- wins. Francisco serve rally. In Ken -- most recent article he detailed the use of PD's by Jhonny Peralta and his play in the ALC yes. Jake Peavy was quoted saying if you're knowingly putting a substance in your body that is illegal in your game you're not being a good teammate. No one is going to have any sympathy sympathy for you no matter what team you're on do you agree with. I know I don't I don't agree I don't agree that no one wants it before you. Because I hit the numbers down locked though yeah. I think it's down a lot I think is here in the same article David Ross is quoted as saying. If -- somebody else. If you're if you don't have a relationship with the guy who's caught you'll be critical of him if it's if it's somebody in your circle. Then you'll be understanding. You'll be reason not exactly most people are like that so Jake -- comment. It's a little different that what you hear from the average pretty popular but if you breathe if you took the comment again he gives himself a pass by saying. Knowingly. That's what Barry Bonds that court and it -- No. I was. I was Theodore that and I I I I didn't know they do this. -- think enough people have spoken note against the use of -- it's things like that the way Jake Peavy has. And eight either been cut down the road or had a teammate cut down the road and they don't necessarily change their tune. But they certainly won't vocalize at the state the same way so I think that that -- -- comments like he said of maybe being understanding what's it happens to your own guy that. Paints a clear picture. 82 games. 81 game right because they get caught you know using steroids then all of a sudden he's gonna have to either back away. -- is gonna have to say no you know I meant that when I set written and you know I liked so and so personally. But I can't I can't abide by what he's done as long as nobody in a Red Sox uniform. While he's here gets caught he's OK with what he said. Did I does. Inject this certain directors. Techsters interject this in Jackie Dallas -- I went and I dropped -- not -- -- not pretty good. -- wants to know DJ being would do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John Lennon was a bad guy -- -- according to his first wife who -- -- the Christ out of regularly according to his first son. It is bad guy he kidding. Let's that I don't let it get like an -- is this known that job people would agree. That John Lennon was a bad human being. I would think Sami so he impregnated his first wife when that when The Beatles first got big admit to keep it secret that he was. Married because he's supposed to be heartthrob and all the while he's stuck with this woman who doesn't like and he's stuck with that child who doesn't really care for. He was a good fathered 20 Julian Lennon and he definitely wasn't a good husband two or so doubt consider that it. Bit of a black guy on his not a person out. Not a good father or not a good customer got a -- named after a guy here in Boston who was legendary in that way Ted Williams -- K that's fair enough so that -- that you viewed in the same way you view glossy body but his. Not viewed universally as a bag and not come up and not disputing anything you're saying but. When you say. Bad guy that's not something you wanna emulate -- read what he did with his with his first wife yeah with this kid. But I think most people look at John Lennon and say he's a bad guy. DOJ is the only guy with the courage to say it though bizarrely as a hot take. Time now for the eighteen to question of the day it's actually two questions the first one comes from eighteen to -- on DJ mean. And we meet for drinks tonight I'm a 24 year old female five foot 520. Pounds. Maybe it's cool young twenty four's little young awards and now. You tweet I just have to talk fox dropped it ivy JW looked well Toyota model and six the 29 ideally what usher -- sweet spot is -- allowed to -- -- a 26 point nine. But what -- forced -- swat lies with the problem with 24 girls. 24 it's fine I'm just the jackpot I. Are you -- I'm saying it has historically I've are you available tonight to me with this young woman. I hope will not because I find that creepy. Barker backs the idea I don't iWeb is standards you know and a fuel stocks are overall us to the end of the -- spot would have -- -- pictures. But she tweeted two pictures let's thing I'd be afraid of that so like I wouldn't date anyone that I met on Twitter or and I know people who have dated people they met on Twitter it's it's that's the world -- and now I think that dale. But I thought we read that but I I would never wanna do that because I think that if you have the courage if you have the if you have the balls to. To like ask somebody yelled on Twitter and then you end up beating them in and inevitably what happens happens where you break up. I don't want someone -- who. Now has a reason to tainted -- out at about what are you can't think about the end of the relationship a relationship again it's all I think about the entire time problem that's the problem. Anyway the real question number four -- personal relationships which clearly DJ does not have right now. We -- governments we tend to have an agreement -- -- significant others that would allow us to cheat. With an unattainable celebrity. So what I wanna know right now is who is on your list. We make it sound as though I don't have a hall pass now you're you're making this a theoretical. You're you're saying if I if I had permission from my life as if you somehow don't believe that I do strike this letter now this isn't the way he's got a patent suits Tony for hanging out today she still work out there let's let our water here. It's Friday. How accurate terms -- a professor -- -- girl on Twitter I went back home this week. Fact of the matter is. My wife probably would give me a -- basket she knows a good score with a fistful of fifties. Subtleties that this year has nothing to fear this but I guess in -- that it it if I said honey I got a real shot here. I mean I got one chance here as we were just watch and her on TV this morning Good Morning America. Kate Middleton. OK. I think that's the one that she'd she'd say you know what got -- I don't blame. It's what I mean -- writing any more than list. I need any time machine. I and in any more I need Ike it's because steroids -- they're a lot because. Wasn't on the list. Isn't on there -- go back and I'm not segment trends not at all until about the real deal political record time. -- wanna -- door Deirdre -- -- -- horror and come back got bad guys you know wolf of Wall Street yes. What's her name. Oh Christ almighty journalism. She's our low yes she's also brought yeah I cats and and she's also in about time which is that this lovely movie at -- at a factory guys. When it cultural. Yeah OK I'll. Are you wait too much -- -- -- Eric for a question that got asked a couple of guys I'll let you -- Navy on this wild -- out of for its guards were even -- don't listen -- on the Asomugha but there wife. Kerry Washington. And good call yeah. And real console so I got for our -- so Ramadan a how to on how about your -- -- so -- Deschanel probably top the list. The court I'm I'm glad idea here but as -- run giving it to them Moses smiles too much. So -- Chanel. Daniel time. It has got to know I mean it's it's -- it's a band and he's just obsessed. About it on Monday. A -- while Melissa McCarthy. Most current beat a path she's not down -- should twice each towards success -- -- And the fourth one here's the most accurate at the system -- We've all had enough states and our lives I'm sure where you could tell wasn't going anywhere. I wanna hang on which on him for like two hours speaking a patent brains once you make that guy tick figure out how to be like him. Yeah yeah John him that's the most accurate John Adams on your list a mile let's yeah I would go on and I would purposely go on an unsuccessful -- which on him yeah. Learn how to get -- -- -- a this is really interest I don't even know where to where to go -- -- What you really trying to set reconnaissance and now I'm out at heterosexual male okay -- Jon Hamm I think we can all agree -- that it -- that rat -- now lets you you know. John him. Has got -- going on as far as looks go product everybody likes him. Girls often you see pictures -- and circulating on the Internet and everything doesn't work. If you can deal like that guy nine doesn't really done more to it and work like that so so you're telling me that it JC said hey let's go grab during for a couple hours. You wouldn't do that. Yeah but I wouldn't I wouldn't think that would translate to my game you know would you like Jay-Z has -- of course it would it would see how the and where you just said are you beyoncé for -- -- not a lot of prayer let alone there are JC got beyoncé. You think it was like something he's duplicate -- strong. I think it's his charm you know just the bank accounts -- if it's the ability to arrive. And hit them. -- -- -- and its power soldier boy could have gotten beyond -- I don't know it's it's good goofy guy with everybody when I was doing the it was his ability. Plus his body and now a man come off. Take a lesson from Johnson and that's. Ayala and -- and that creep you -- how to -- 6177797937. Its telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Pucks in hockey with DJ being when. Dale and -- continues.

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