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Apr 11, 2014|

Steve Lyons joins Dale and Holley to talk about the Red Sox and Yankees series and Michael Pineda's sticky hand.

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Our number -- Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI. You guys know that since we have about been reunited here we have had tea. A series of third man and some will be third women and by the way but that third people and in the -- witness. -- -- an extra voice an extra partner and and they will have various sports expertise as some of only good in all sports by the way and and we enjoyed. But -- -- testing the waters with some people we wanted to introduce you today. To a guy who's going to be with us next Monday and Tuesday in fact. I'm going to be with us for all four hours -- he has just recently returned to the Boston market after an -- island Los Angeles. Steve cycle alliance on the line -- how -- But I get I'm glad I'm not funny Valentine. There are. -- trust me unit not -- have to sit through that. Believe me you wouldn't wanna hear. -- -- and at radio stations are still tuning out. -- -- Have met at well first of all welcome back to Boston I've had a chance to see a couple of times but welcome back. -- you and tidal wave back here too and I was hang around the sound at first time. Could not be happier to be back in to me. I partly that -- all based sports city in the nation certainly the most passionate. You know. My career tied it into the -- goes a long time I loved it out there but. He just really can't compare that to that are there is not a love. Of the sport. On the left coast that there is back here and I -- jump right back in. How long was that it -- fever and is that something that came up in the last a few months or. This something you've been thinking about for years to come back here. Well you know I think has really kind of been thinking about it and I'd look I'd never really not that my career would take me out of the area. I got to tell. That you -- hear -- -- a little bit of that under the weather for the last two days become a big works out there on the left coast and I can't stand a little bit cold weather. I will never complain about that at all though because. You know it's what it is back here. But I figured if I had a career broadcasting it would be right here in the town and so I'm I'm really happy to -- yet do it. And and not in the give me an opportunity and and you guys to Garrity now hopefully I can make an impression -- and hang around you get a lot. Let's ask about. You know it's about making an impression. I'll Michael -- made an impression last night. With a bunch of pine tar on his hands we think yeah I think it was -- to our. And and we were talking about before he came on Steve a job fair rodents anything about it obviously Joseph Girardi he's not gonna say anything the umpires and say anything about it. Why do you think that is an is that a big deal -- baseball. Yet not a big deal it's a it's a white lie is what it is it's against the rules no question about it technically. It cheating. That both think you look the other way on because you know I look at a picture of the hitter. I kind of want the picture attribute grip on the ball I'm going to knock and I -- -- -- pitches you know like get up and -- on that he can't. All the onto that generally seek an inordinately it's either really hot here at Oakland it's really cold. Last night it was neither of those cases some -- Get into the habit of doing it they have you know they want that -- on their hands all the time it's just the little hacking at so they get better grip now. Do like think that it quite possibly can't make the rotation that is lighter of the rookies in the curve ball a little bit better yeah I do but all live with that. Because I walked back I kind of know when -- the -- who want to -- -- miles an hour it's a dangerous game it again it'll. -- -- -- -- The worst part about it it was that he was particulates we obvious about it and the reason why nobody say about it up -- it struck -- -- everybody thought about it. If the umpire -- out there there's a good possibility the umpire never did notice but he didn't he goes out there. Goto the and nobody really want to see any of that stuff happening because and Edmonton. I'm -- going to the -- and I. You know buckle up here -- hadn't been rumored the incurred in court almost everyone is doing something like. Steve why do you think they even have a rule against that. -- old school thing -- in the rule book you know years ago it. I think Michael brought it up you know light of what it actually kinda updated the rules you know they do and other areas. It would -- -- that we don't get me started on that replay. Starting on Monday on that. You have to I would totally great. You know it's I think it's one of the things we're going to look at -- not really big deal to anyone and and that dale I think you're absolutely right I think at some point someone that she EQ okay you know. Yet the big -- of crap all the your hand continue to make it a little -- and immediately went the other I declared -- look inside -- for a and at first before they really are talking about an -- in the game I didn't notice and going to often. But he would try to do only a camera off of him and you know he's in clearly going to they're reaching toward make sure that he. -- pine -- on his fingers and then grabbed the ball again. I think a lot of people didn't play Major League Baseball most people who you who were listened to you right now and definitely to a less sitting here talking to you. What I know and in this is the big mystery. Okay how much with the game have changed last -- let's say nobody has. As pine tar or any type of in -- foreign substances baseball puts it in their glove on their arm. Is that still eighty. A dominant performance from Pineda of the Red Sox still struggle make him over the connect. -- for. Well it's a weapon for the client are what we would be talking about right now effect that the red hot topic is struggling and I'm not sure that had anything to do with the NATO or that collectively they're just really struggling right now about. But it NAFTA that that hurt for a little while -- was an all -- and Seattle a great trade that the Yankees need to get this guy and they've they've waited through the injuries. And now he looks like he's back you know monsters like 67250. To sixty so. You know -- can pit at the top economic summit -- the differences so many there's been so many new innovations in all sports. That make the players better. And not even you know the thing that aren't they elect either aren't much better shape than -- that they have now that the update equipment. -- so many. You think that guys do now that they didn't do 20/20 53050 years ago that make them better player. And you know yeah I think that this little. This little white lies -- -- there's cheating it subnet -- looks the other way on because. Nobody really seemed to make and that they -- difference and I think both sides want the hitters want to build up that -- out -- control. And the pitcher wants a little bit better grip on the ball. I suggested. To ways that this could have happened. In the crossing of -- third base coaches you know the Red Sox third base coach says to the Yankees third base coach is taking his place. You gotta give some of that pine tar or or even John Ferrell or somebody sending a clubhouse kid over to the other clubhouse kept them on your making us look foolish here. My guess is somebody in the Red Sox at something to someone on the Yankees and all of a sudden in the fifth inning his hands got washed. You know I think that's an excellent speculation there and -- on Twitter last night I was they're running. Duel with a guy who sit and argue note by atomic. And sitting -- and lying in bed watching that game right now. I had no idea what side in peace settle mud I don't believe it looked in my. But the Galen believes it's not that. You know I I'm not that data like that sure about ultimate liar before I really know what was gorloks. It's such a common practice I think there's there's a good chance to a Hutu and something that was technically. Technically illegal. But I think that. The bigger question at some work. Somebody did a -- -- might not an offer of a downer or you know at least wiped some of them thought it was just blatantly obvious and I think that was. What will -- -- or more than anything else. As dale mentioned Steve lines -- join us on Monday -- Tuesday right Monday and Tuesday. So as they would join us some Monday and -- are plenty of time and asked about some of these things but I don't wanna I get your take on the Red Sox outfield alignment last night. I was Jackie Bradley junior in center field yet Grady Sizemore left. Obviously no Shane Victorino yes -- knob and right what do you think their their best. Lineup is what he did their best outfield alignment. Well you know -- to a victory goes back he's going to be out there somewhere. Daniel mothers the guy who you know he's savant that rough -- right now -- -- got all the one last night. I'm not saying about the way you would want to what you sweet about the way you'd like to you you'd like to have him in the lineup out there somewhere but really don't say -- Angle on an average outfielder and -- bounced around between left and right. Sometimes that stopped with the Larry like while we're on a plane today. Outside -- that first start ever. And I. But he has scorpion now he -- -- a tremendous -- excellent -- not. -- transition for him and I think they did it more than anything else because there's quite a lot of room out there -- the -- -- yankees stadium that you don't happen Boston. And then they let Jackie Bradley who file account and from what I -- -- them. There's an excellent offensive center fielder and hoping is that speed burner out there by any stretch of the imagination but. Up for young kid that was the positions himself well and that's the outlook -- Brian Butterfield. Who -- everybody around out there. And it's good -- some balls and they'll track and now. Had to -- that Clinton -- the fortieth street I thought I was pretty that the that the secular outlook. Will be either so. There's a lot of ways unlucky you can do out there to make a better player. I think that. That's especially for Yankee Stadium those two guys and left and center. Actually -- -- kind of you know I I think aren't trying to figure out who might have a hot hand. As far as let the rest of his options in right field you know gold usually -- left. -- can go out there but right now I think he's he would settle on anybody else in the outfield but he -- my swing the bat that are causing you some schooling about. Steve cycle alliance will join us on Monday as a regular here on the dale and Holley show I bet people not that many people remember. You actually played all nine positions in fact you had to relief pitching appearances in your career. Yeah I think it's good for -- would have been infected by this thing in the daily oil. -- I you know like I depicting an -- because like got really good at the other guy's back you know an outlook and I was thinking it's like you have Google place somewhere else and I get more than anything else that we all note you know that there's -- up people and bought right now remember that I wouldn't very average baseball player by the I think they also know that. I looked it. I busted my tail every day I can't play. And I have a really unique perspective on the game because they could play all those positions and you know out yet it was the second -- and they get in the situation I. You know what the catcher -- right here I think that's a lot but I did and I sell it and by the way there's no more greater feeling of how work. And to be a catcher -- -- pitchers on the ball and want it. Thought and that -- of -- perspective. From everywhere on the -- which which made a lot more fun for me. Steve Lyons is joined the stable of analysts at NASA and you can see him along with. Tom Caron and while everybody else Dennis -- -- Tim Wakefield Jim Rice. That whole -- Steve will be working games with them all summer -- he will join the dale and -- program here on Monday I'm looking forward to -- Hey -- bill quick thing before I get out of here yeah you guys made the NBA reference there is no way -- break ankles look I don't on the ball. Not everybody does so it's okay now I don't know can you -- now could you ever -- I -- to the I true that it had to be a break away. Or breakaway doctorate at a time to gather yourself and get the ball just right. Now are we talking about. Which -- about highlight dunks like dunk contest or -- got it over the program. -- -- You know I can get I have to get up high -- up because what the impossible also. You know I'm so when I played the schools and high school low point 61 there at around 63 now actually grew to think about politics might but not -- -- days were over. The guy -- -- on the -- -- to the other have a little head of steam built it up that could afford it threw it down but. It happened very often because my greatest fear would I would minutes and then had really look stupid but it -- checked. Well I can dunk in traffic Steve on an aid program a program I can throw it down. Ten feet -- -- our. State public support to see on Monday. All right what do portrait you'll be getting our air like that is Steve cycle lions. He will join us on money effect will be here Monday and Tuesday of next week. And has joined the stable of analysts at NASA and already fitting in beautifully with -- and a working with the ball park in and -- the process of moving back here and living here full time. He will have opinions about everything it'll be fun that's -- -- and fabric ankles and breaking up home about. And I couldn't break ankles and Bianca and I had my chance -- ever go home about it how Bruno bag like back in the old days not now. I always said I I was the starting point guard on the worst high school basketball team ever put together. My senior year on -- at school and -- main guys and -- again all for. That might have some else do with the fact that I was the starting point guard knows character. Ticket to get into healthcare I don't think so at that time I saw I -- -- that -- some. It makes you when you don't win a game analysts is that here's a profound software. Were you don't win a game for an entire season to really appreciate it very -- appreciate the difficulty of winning. Like every single. Victory. I wish you'd been there to tell me this at the time because I couldn't find any positives from the Xperia -- -- -- the -- Yeah but he was only you know partners only as good as is the oldest and he didn't much for older mr. guy okay how about this I mean you know. You probably remember -- losing basketball. -- -- -- -- -- What's the closest. You guys can win. In the last game of the regular season coming to -- like sixth. -- like that coach coat I wish I had no doubt well I think I lost the game I think I am in it would be all well and good to blame the coach but I stung him and you know there was a bunch of us who weren't that good but I -- too. 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T text minus 37937. Coming up the atop the RD JB is gonna join us. We will have him join us talk a little hockey. We will have our final first round music bracket our news ecology bracket that's coming up at 455. Iran's Sports Radio WE yeah.

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