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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: On Pineda's par tar 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Kevin Millar makes his weekly appearance to discuss Michael Pineda's apparent pine tar on his hand, the Red Sox loss to the Yankees, and the team's pitching.

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Here's the wounds. Were not good and a deep right field that well this time of the big. Yeah. Mean trying to hit his first Major League home run and I drive into the right field seats. And a is on the dean's list and hit a home run and they yankees pick up three nothing lead. To their credit never heard -- law are or rosary their guests -- is corny. As he's on the dean's list a large so joining us brought you by air rest restoration specials and by Brennan's smoke shop Kevin my little Dario. Beautiful I'll like being -- it might call corny but nice. Our catalyst let's just wanna get this out there because last night time. I believe Pineda said it was it was -- I think we all know what it was. We've been through this before Agassi everybody seems to be outraged by call it's it cheating is cheating. Give us your take little pint par with baseball pitchers. In -- it will probably also. It. -- technical on. First ought to captured its -- on an every you know club out every single staff they're all -- -- there starter it does it matter eagle on has ever bother me never. It's part of what goes on the problem I have with it now it's on the league do you addresses because I don't mind it. Goal around but you can carry it pine tar rag. In the back pocket you know don't throw it might face so that's my biggest thing on the -- -- address this. Because we seen that from Jon Lester in the post he actually bought -- -- we -- -- and now you know we came Riders in the World Series. You know and it kind of back and -- -- on your back guy but also might say you gotta be a little bit more. What -- or overlooked or didn't happen. It's great it's great out discreet but yeah I went out and that's topic next on your all you know what -- and it or where our problem. Kevin here's what they need to do. Little League memo goes up everybody today Bud Selig put his name on it someone else can righty -- it exactly what you just said guys we know you do when it. Put all slather it all over yourself like it's a -- -- coach here at the beach -- it's embarrassing because everybody does it. That's -- Ferrell and while there yesterday. And I'm glad -- think while they're you know what happens then they go check Colts Kevin but it checked last year and it becomes a whole season long the second pitchers and the fact is. They all use this stuff. That's the that's exactly right it was such a great job at Roland garbage -- -- not a bad thing like you know like be let our leader cheap. Q you've never thrown a baseball -- 37 degree weather. You need to grab articles out with their most physical I'll let Eric Allen it dries out players like older. The other -- top. And it went a whopping nineteen players the rock and in their hair. It that's why we lock in on the mound. That's why there's pine tar and stick him on our bat because if you have a little bit of grip the bat on goal line out any your hand in the stands and hit somebody bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to have a regret. Because I'd rather have have a grip -- all all you want total all thrown at my -- by accident so that's why it. It's not a big deal for the players -- it's one immediate thought about one at all like what what that. It's funny -- picnic and it -- it. Why can't go -- number you're on the rapper and stalled probably better. All the bunt up the back of the but the bottom line and not think he'll. -- with I just loved likes to listen to Ferrell and Girardi and the dated to squirm afterwards Wright admitted it just asking -- he just wants to say god I don't really care. Okay right I don't really -- just don't throw at my face don't make me look bad -- you know I agree we talked about it here for awhile obviously this morning it's just. Clay Buchholz -- outing. Was that something that you need to seal -- -- velocity and how much are you still there or not but where are you with clay buckle well nobody can be one healthy. -- -- -- -- This may be my parents they try to meet Freddy give up on life not the topic eat the baby anymore it nice spring training game out at bats start at Milwaukee. Last night pitched better. You know what his eight game. Good when you can go for pitchers at the Major League. You know a level up a lot of average with everyone -- -- in some nasty stuff. These goodies and established -- basically an Alabi got a little -- dark here we are -- start but he pitched that are left little. And I you won't believe this -- but I felt the same way I ended the first start was curious because the velocity was so down he said always -- going to be. A season long issue for him but the velocity was up and I thought he was better in that game I had no issue with the way pitching gets a bad defense by error behind him. Not my focus was more after the game on the offense to this team and Grady Sizemore is a guy Kevin and I pushed. To lead off I like him leading off he goes -- forget last night. Between size more golds and novel that they have to settle like -- Kevin and let him lead off for awhile already continue to rotate -- of trying to fine. That next hot hitter -- let him lead off a little bit. You got to finally got here Gary steps that's that's the problem not too big or don't exceed that standard all of our shortstop will matter but it's better -- captaincy or the other he lived out there right. So you sign outside Mario opened that that's going to be the biggest. Perhaps -- side quite -- liking anabolic bottle which is still might be -- can be Jackie Bradley junior. Player you know it's the guys who know that the biggest question now we can go look at a year at least not golf. -- elderly -- what are you know act like it to get on base when he was hit a homer and what's the -- round basis bottom line the biggest thing that you need that that guy. At the -- your order that's gonna start at the table for the pit -- -- not the bottom line. Get -- you would Jackie Bradley where where you -- with him it was a tough camp was a bloody right. Great -- makes the team can't play the big leagues. This year awful camp doesn't make the team gets called up because of an injury and now he's up -- played every sin a single day in -- where are you with him. I think you can learn a little -- player right now I don't think. I not start you know remote stopped right now like to say yeah I -- he works art I like come. But I don't know enough about it to be out three little luck I have and I could perhaps. He you know but this year is we have -- most -- the -- -- Arctic eagle -- biggest steal seventy bags. You know you play impeccable beat them cancel these little things are still not what am I don't want to all like Pawtucket. And a whole lot the big league level so. I'm -- -- actually you know this kid I know what -- -- -- done with a -- Manny at what he got called up right into the great play at saint we got injured crop now so. I'm excited he looked great size -- yeah. Back -- 80% of that sport. So there Red Sox now well you've got an injury to victory now you've got some stuff going on they're still look routine. They still gonna -- you got Lackey looked great electorate they're -- -- -- Brock. They they've got guys in that still the same guys but there are some holes. There are some halt to the start actually marketed as early he's poll. None of this is camp because that to say John Lackey goes up there's a pretty good year. And a season's over he -- that bench Eric and says -- I don't I signed that contract -- you you're gonna pay me 500000 dollars for next year. But I just I'm just -- the Vick could do this right they can play this thing out they could set to end of the year extension rip it up and in it maybe came a little bit more but. You ever see John Lackey up is a good year this year pitching for 500 grant the league minimum next year. Now now now I don't think that you see that they did tiger your seat. You know take over there but I think they're more worried right now we're not worried about job -- -- -- shares trying to. Figure out a way to be competitive in and compete for this -- People don't realize how hard it is to repeat any singles -- Well when it change you could block it got to go right in and -- a -- That any injury you are a lot of injuries around like look at the more situations happen and it looked like an expert. And or talk about all the -- -- -- -- went and made that speech we all the stuff happens quickly like one out one -- to. -- team right and Robert's situation New York. I look at it is Mariano will -- -- -- gap here in the bullpen so about Girardi got up a piece back but ultimately it started picking this year. -- -- and that would unbelievable. Right. We know I'm not gonna look pretty decent in the regular. So the -- and at least better. But they're you know -- -- stock you can go to senior like okay that Mel Brooks. What it was a slam at what you want about how well whose real well. Now they're. Like well -- -- too many holes throughout season. We're talking Campbell Largo backed Pineda for second I don't know where he had the Yankees Kevin the pre season I am fourth. In the American League east but Lou and I were talking about for the show if native is that guy last night. And in some symbols that over the course of thirty starts I'd have to reevaluate because to knock up Pineda. Kuroda sabathia your four. I mean I would bump them up a little but I think it Pineda is gonna be back good -- one starting pitcher. Look like that he's that good throughout the years -- enough to changer repeated all about the Yankees. Might want you so concern at 212345. Bottom line it doesn't matter CE mail we're down 30 and I'm not a -- back. -- got the a look at this spot he's now a lot more he can come inside with a four -- much he used to or the year he -- -- happened in ninety. People can Beck -- it for many years my outline his. And data looks. They're better -- always gonna be solid in the pocket better than what they had last year nobody even would be better even know he had thrown ball that well. Sabathia great he's not that. Seven years ago he's he would 96 forcing restore Ernie liberal only chance the bottom line is that they're better team and they're gonna -- -- -- apology that. We we talked a lot this week but about buster only column Kevin not -- guys talked about on your show but he a baseball executives say to him. What he would do is make baseball games seven innings he wants -- seven innings speeded up two and a half hours. We beyond -- that if that goes to the league office -- be their arguing for that would Bud Selig. No I'm just not in the mood to start change in baseball -- -- Well I quit it badly I hated it he hates it hitting it all -- -- and. We can't -- the -- now we're -- all I. -- go out and -- the game I would of liked all but I'll -- the bigger -- like it will get well angled the ball stadium. Where -- -- get a little right now you got replays that I've now I don't know adjustment. But there are some -- stuck on what is this really bad are we at lucky at double -- right now -- -- -- -- TC well I did that and I wouldn't would you would you at least not -- that the sport all -- would he admit the sport I won't need to defend the sport I know. But -- -- least admit the sport needs to be sped up a little bit that you need to do something so it's not constantly. 33153. And half our games in the American League Kevin. I don't care about -- I have nowhere to go at Channel 8 or 10:47 PM watching baseball I go to a baseball game. I'll watch a baseball game. The album with -- could care less about it up if you want -- -- talking about speeding up within the game you know certain big -- pitchers hitters. That there's certain things that I want to go too far at all with any of this the 78 games -- -- and it. Run -- About the Almonte -- that it that sent 2010. That they -- they hit home run trot. It was the longest home run trot in the history of the game to -- about 1033 point whatever I actually my last full second line. You want Big Papi Libya what's the morale get open under -- LeBron. It is just pretty lazy out there on those home runs let's go to the cut and the walk up music are five seconds the unit tomorrow. Good to have figured out you met today to have in the number two -- -- was there a guy you pitch with who went all at -- Major League Kevin that you knew that he had that that -- hear something else over there who wasn't. Well. Yet what are sent about pat everyone on -- did you play. The day and they've gotten better -- -- what -- you look at Wakefield you know he hadn't nailed all the they're being pretty to -- it -- to. -- Kevin thank you enjoy Red Sox yankees weekend we'll talk the next product. Our -- here I areas Kevin Allard joins us when he joins -- he brought to you by an arrest restoration specialist and migrants -- I don't eat. Most eye socket answer that question okay.

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