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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, brings us around the NHL 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

2 games left in the season and the Bruins are in the driver's seat for the President's Cup which is allowing them to coast and get healthy. Pierre McGuire updates Mut and Lou on the possibility of Seidenberg's return and talks about situations elsewhere in the NHL.

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They're two games to go on the Bruins. In the driver's seat for the presidents' trophy best point total in the NHL on Pierre McGuire joins us on the AT&T hotline Pierre -- -- Ariel. I'm doing very well -- activism there hello -- Appear so -- you -- part of a a Stanley Cup team there in 91. With Pittsburg they were not a presidents cup team but I'm curious to hear you get down here. A president's trophy TB get down towards the end of the year. Any games that don't matter now the Bruins have struggled all have a hard time caring. That the Bruins are losing games that don't matter to them how do you view this last couple weeks of the Bruins have scuffled there a little bit. It's not so much about winning and losing -- -- she's so positive -- game whether it's coming from behind rather have a few good penalty kills and good power play situations. Make sure you defensive players around she stepped up and do what they wanna do it's more about situation -- coaching I went through it in 91 I want to deny any true. -- -- he's won -- cup the 91 team it's probably dark course and that Arab but the 92 team a lot of people expected them toward. And the 93181000. Mark for them -- -- -- preaching what the president stroking and lots and seventeen series. For the near -- all you can never really tell the most important thing though you wanna be playing well situationally. Going in especially when your situation like the greens are well you're one of the top teams if not the top teams in the league. Decade up look at the standings appear to think that the the Bruins to discredit toying with this thing right now I mean they're. Six collar Saint Louis -- competition of the President's Cup they might actually lose to division that try to hold over the lead the Bruins resting guys left and right. I got shot -- on power plays and it kind of walked away at the President's Cup. So much and that's exactly what we're talking about you know this is where you put yourself and -- -- -- me. Where you can -- guys you'd choose to that you can experiment -- some different things offensively defensively. Matchup wise you don't want to give players sure obviously wanna make sure there -- opting going into the playoffs but that's exactly right when you just -- Is truly important number the -- to put themselves in that position where they can afford to experiment. It's still maintain a lot of their organizational integrity just because of a law that put it all you call. May say situationally. Right try to get your team focused that a -- did that appeared masterpiece all the comments but. -- basic said there are some nights you disappoint your team tonight was one of the -- not like the effort. Last night I took that is he's trying to publicly remind them pay the play offs are gonna start next week we can't play like this. Yet but you can change single out anybody -- -- and so and part of that you. It's about the back and played the night before Minnesota. You got an emotional teen mom almost people who all know how hard it is to play Winnipeg -- -- -- but we'll take a real tough building -- and the whole team usually put a little bit bigger a little bit faster nervous playing footloose infection from written out -- they've been eliminated from the play out over ten days. So electrical. And I respect -- a lot I think quota has done a fantastic job this group this year in particular. Just because there haven't practiced with cup final -- that a lot to do with the -- Well whether you lose a lot of can actually experience that I overbought and basically has experienced anything. -- we -- you a while back Google made a couple weeks back about a team in the east that you know other than Boston radio of the Pittsburgh which should be concerned about you mentioned Philadelphia. Lately they struggle logged abroad might face them in the first premise that goal on the Philadelphia lately. Love me which is again -- little fatigue think if you look at where they came from. And the tour they are now. A lot of people I don't know of playoffs -- first fifteen games of the year just that you were so bad they got their coach fired Peter Laviolette. They brought in Craig movie that was alone bunker forever be one of the best players if not the best record your returning terrible start that your. That's goaltending issues that he needed to iron out big -- way to do that was you nation. They went out were really aggressive to trade deadline added it all player in Andrew McDonald who's been very solid for him. But I like morning auspicious that they've now clinched. There of the college had over achieved so much of their which probably fatigue factor signal that would -- a bit. They've also had a very difficult schedule in terms of quality opponents. Pierre McGuire NBC sports is joining us so you you basically broke the story here with us. Couple weeks ago that Dennis Seidenberg was gonna try to make the comeback of -- not -- sought but the Boston herald's Steve Conroy. -- the -- for a long time had sources tell and that's Seidenberg didn't skate with the team -- there were on the road and he was out there without him equates skating. By himself how important is that when he would Ted and the comeback route when you hear that. From a player. How important is it -- degrading to on the return to Dennis Seidenberg to this team. Just that there really think that pot potential aren't they definitely a good potential there for me to come back because he's been so impressed with a string the Bruins this bode well you can only. In terms of rehabbing players and getting them back in the casually especially -- He's such a solid they -- such competitive person that. It doesn't surprise me that he did everything in his power try to come back I really have huge respect for that. This can anybody help absolutely but you do not want to rush -- player back you have to make sure that it signed off on by the doctors who could not signed off on the heat you can't put -- -- lineup but it was signed off on whom tournament. It as a follow up the guy that people talked about your last couple days here is -- Taurus letter ACL injury came back in about 44 and a half months played five games. And then had to go back and was injured again it was that. Was that because of that same ACL but he come back to -- at the put up the pump the brakes on his returns we can get on a percent healthy. That's one of the of real role model currently entry should that situation -- player that you pay attention to that collection. You don't football player back and told doctors should be he's ready to go on they'll be no residual effect. It's a lot like what -- -- -- Christopher -- thing which managed stroke this year. The doctors have given so many different not so -- just to make sure we come back and led the big game the other night. When you beat Detroit and all the time he played in the computing -- monologue got more and more comfortable. But what you have a lot of percent sign up while your doctor should -- be -- with -- player's career. What area you look at him -- look at the east and she Pittsburgh and obviously they're at their boy look at that Western Conference again as I mentioned earlier. Saint Louis they they gonna struggle to win when their divisional Colorado Anaheim's get the most points over the you look at those teams. Is that just floated is that going to be that coffers that side of the bracket is going to be amazing to watch. Yeah I really believe it will be useful courteous so great Lou in the last number one number team. And I'm starting to play better I was really concerned about them but first learned about expected more of their defensive identity. That they lost for a little while the plane a brilliant young player by the name of John Gibson and are talking about before you cannot -- -- deployed. Did you junior hockey Canada he's been playing the American Hockey League this year helped United States -- a gold medal. Lecture at the world junior hockey championships in for Russia it is the real deal he's -- plays -- played well. It reminds me a lot of Ken Dryden in 1971 way to bring up bad language for the growing trend that. But drug for the Canadian border and get groomed 71 -- junk that you could potentially -- the trailer. Chicago's going to be really tough they're getting Patrick Kane and Jonathan please -- that Johnny would be back. And Jeremy -- to brilliant young player. -- -- that was new York and he's he's got a fantastic job a little glitch which covers -- beat up. The -- is a better it's just it's -- the other question period. The or win or lose the Bruins oh let's say you know the matter of the play in the first round -- if they win. They would get the winner of the Montreal Tampa series I saw where Ben Bishop their -- and again a -- candidate who's been sober for them a -- this year. He's gonna miss the regular season what are you hear about his injury is that something that could it affect him in the post season how would affect Tampa's chances your mind. Walked notable -- that you really big problem for them not being this all precautionary and then bishop TMR I was negative from what I understand should be good to go -- -- upper body not a lower body shall not really gonna -- his lateral mobility. It doesn't affect his arm trojans couldn't true that it wore shoulder that you can live cage situation. We'll have to deal with some pain that. If I was told that the are related there's no long term. Potential for damage goes and plays are more about pain management right now and it does not effective up bodies which are lower body -- -- -- nurturing. You know some of -- around here in Boston is still still entertained by giant Motorola could I do have a detained by the may end the year but what's. What's the future virtual its own -- Hoover. We review all the mean hail -- larger. Two million dollars a year or so he's got a really good financial future I know. And Danielle pay financially this year -- lows of five year deal -- for ten million dollar combined over the course of the deal. I don't know because obviously Trevor Linden I mean there I have to think you're gonna look at everything he's gonna do major deep racial a lot of its top players there. And then feel the coaching situation usually when you have a change. Of this magnitude and an organization with a new president and potentially. A new general manager. Usually that means that the coach that's their -- does not a long shot like love. You think Trevor Linden was the right move make with the phrase the franchise there Vancouver -- At this kind of -- -- you are apathy would start listening to their marketplace and I think they spoke you guys about that each row and it's been problematic because they've started their season ticket drive and they were getting nearly the same kind of residual results as they have in the past -- -- it'd be something that stimulate their fan base and I think what this has accomplished to date anyways. It's got people talking about the team that feeling better about looking this looking that closely under achieved this year. And so where I think in the short term it's really -- in good -- long term it's hard to say than Trevor deserted chance. But few -- problems should really capable veteran hockey people it doesn't. And I'm not sure long term in this but the good thing but short term it's worked out. Where are your last one for me the next time we talked to the playoffs Florida be underway so as a guy who it was now. You've been on the bench before night between the bench you what's the biggest difference between that the hockey will see this weekend. And a hockey they'll start Wednesday the NHL of playoff variety in your mind what is the biggest difference in the -- The overall physical intensity of each and every shift. There's a lot of physical and plenty over the course of the sixteen minute NHL game. But over the course of the sixteen in a playoff game it's completely different every single time. There's a matchup but the point of attack in the point of attack of -- little pocket. It's always involving physical play it's not just. A stick check her brush by it is physical it's really tough it's nasty and it could come up on the energy in the building is just electrifying. We a lot of fun a couple of games left for the Bruins this weekend trying to wrap up the president's trophy into the playoffs like the -- that's Thursday Saturday. Well they'll get under way against a Philadelphia Detroit or Columbus here as always enjoy the final week of the regular season. Look forty talking once the playoffs could go next week. Fantastic that you gentlemen have a great week everybody are -- Obama. That's up Pierre McGuire is the best he joins us here in the AT&T outlined.

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