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Rob Bradford talks about the Red Sox reaction to Pineda's Pine Tar 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Bradford chats with Dennis, Callahan and Minihane about last night's Red Sox loss and the controversy surrounding Yankees' starter Michael Pineda.

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I just got up peek at the hot sheet. It's hot CBS HK. -- on there he's on their outrage is not on their. Now gone on there and and disease. It's a whale a ticket this place down. Good about it if I've got your I think -- -- the what I would torture game. But Jack -- that success to map though like gimme gimme QB number right now are you're nineteenth that it. Plotting to be to get into the that the hot -- somebody here last night. I don't think I'm Maria. Who lost so money so money. Some money really gonna say about now yes but. That doesn't help him what. You're making. From WEEI and a little bit more lost 111011. -- yeah that hurt -- asleep after that right page itself the AT&T hotline and this is Jamaica. -- very very happy. Our pal from WE DI a dot com I'm trying to put up rob Bradford is Brad full power -- I would get them. We do mr. baker knows no one better blackjack in my hero rob is the worst blackjack player in the history of America he is so dumb. We -- Niagara Falls once the casino and there was a guy that was gonna kill. He was he was you hit on eighteen yeah he was staying at like ten seat that he's that's why wouldn't play because you have the scorn and ridicule the people sitting next -- the black Jack yeah. She would just for advice get that was supposed to meet my card if you get -- seamless. Way to a rule book. That's true I do whatever aren't so you so you played. Blackjack like Joseph Morgan used to manage right exactly like punches and -- yeah that's not fair to -- Call me out of this hole I was grumbling here was grousing at the guy's club. Today there they were on the record so I can't say that but I think dead I think hit ball position players into pitchers I think the pictures. Might have been -- a little bit just because of the extent. Continued wet because listen I want beyond the I -- you -- thought about this. But the reason the red card probably challengers because their own pitchers do another pitcher is doing and and so that's why you don't do because they're committed they're gonna call your -- out it's going to be a big to do. So let me -- that made it bad for everybody including the guy who was on the mound the Red Sox yesterday exactly yet no -- let me ask you -- if you worked if you worked the receipt of this Clay Buchholz on the -- He of the resin and sun screen. You think. Ferrell made a bigger deal out of it in game head you know I don't know -- on the mound. No I don't think so because there's other pitchers who who do this as well. I mean it's not just. Your words that stuff that's stuff from Lester glove last throughout the -- stuck -- You know it's it's across the board it's not just that night it's for -- do what I -- they've felt like go left or use pine tar whatever. It then then they would come back the next day. So. Pitched against pitchers do -- But I think what they were upset about may be -- to the extent opinion it was good it was basically like. Like flying in the face of everybody is putting just long up. Right on your hand if -- as one person that you always keep pitching -- going to be they typically public or vomit that. Yet all right so let's just set pictures were grumbling off the record of side. Why would hitters be OK with -- -- -- -- look at habitable because obviously we just said is true. I'm using it -- if I'm David -- teacher Dustin Pedroia or anybody else why would I not bitch about it if I'm. Batted in and in having an advantage taken of me or not. Obama went on the record IO. David rusted. Yeah that the reason why they didn't mind it was because they they didn't mind having the pitcher know where he was gonna throw it took. So. You know whether that's true or not I don't know but that's the thinking of the hitters say it doesn't give you that much it surprise you to do it. But you know I think said. -- the guy went on the record Jonny Gomes said. Down records say he did or didn't do it by -- in the rule book you're -- the rule -- someone think that the rule him he broke him that person -- broken the rule. Oh how many got it was it was a multiple guys they really angers just kind of the guys up. I don't think you're really angry every I think I think that it I think if it. They were angry just because of again the extent that that community don't went. That OK you know guys do this week everyone knows the guys do this but to do it so brazenly that he did. And that that was developed over the line. Hey how good can David B -- -- BP. All of all stark can he be a Cy Young contender caliber pitcher this season. Oh dear I saw over and spring training and he was really good but again -- against guys with the eighty tonight on their back in his slider was really really -- that he restoring harder than me what spring training last night. And there's little reason why every one was making too big to do about getting this guy from the Yankees from Montero. Because he was he admitted he -- he was on the track to be one of the top of the rotation guys in the Major League Baseball. His goal at his velocity is back -- that sort of slider he can be really really good. Let's let it different right does not change the -- dynamic a little bit dominate if he was just assume he stays healthy and no big -- -- knees and he's good. And we think to knock his good that's what kind of change how we view the Yankees overall big picture. Yeah absolutely just be like if few extra brought whereas if you if you -- -- he'd -- the top of rotation guy right. You celebrated your expectations for the Yankees -- -- analysts tell games. Because. It now because I thought there I think -- -- an apparent -- spread through Robertson on the on the DL. A lot of data he believed that they caught lightning in bottle of third base with him that's fine. But I still receive more yeah I knew what we thought it cannot -- would be really did. Just wait a little bit so I am not not not yet but are we going to be you know got him out more about more on that that was huge in the. It picked up. You you our hunch guy that what -- -- -- Give Fisher -- hunch your instinct on on Victor Reno. Went to come back home games as he played this year do you think it's going to be what are those lost years in the end does he go. Oh come back and then get hurt again be one of those kind of season throughout. You know it it was a tough spring training and then you look at it and all of all the injuries that he had. The -- and and hamstring are -- answer me crop up the really really ladies man. The back in the side and so anything like that you say although that's going to be trouble maybe the best thing that capital was bit getting sick in just the laying this letting everything heal up a little bit. So I I still think it's going to be a week and a half or so. By the yeah I did this just start trying to well it did it starting in spring training but I do think. -- I'm getting this extra time might be the best we can get the thumb thing you can -- -- away evidence he had this third surgery. And it really didn't do a whole lot so it's something that you -- I don't think it's gonna put him on the DL it's something he's gonna have to deal with. I -- back to starting outfield is is Victor Reno and right. Bradley Center Sizemore left correct. Sometimes. Sometimes you are you guys are urged her to know these guys yesterday and I think that's gonna what you if they have as well as good. Sometimes it's gonna happen it's going to be -- Right now the way that Bradley swearing in baton that's your that's your best outfield body it would go up against lefty pitchers you're still gonna have built. Right now apartment just an accurate guy and he -- good player that you just next regardless. Let's face it -- that disposable at this point today you're gambler to that earlier big gambler wants this action -- that everybody twenty bucks ahead. He said he will not rate he will not -- that. -- let's see -- alcohol but let -- think about you're somebody who wants a good deed goes back part -- yes you come appear to Fox's have a great weekend. Part of the galore part of the money put down its -- yeah -- aggregate it's a slow. But that is a without question that's one sort of obligated -- -- really you are a lot of it'd be a clown gets all sorted out -- just happy drug. Could yeah here we are primarily a while yes all like a -- is three times bigger. Got to scrap its 5000 square feet it's -- a new Yorker debt should come up -- for. Are very broad market try to get picked what the buses your -- are aren't right twenty bucks I wrote in what he -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not going higher than he did bring it up money that they can you know. -- that's what he -- when he tees that everyone in the -- place to Robby is Robby -- elevator at dining. This place. Busy busy doing what he did last I would just staring at the door and telling everybody it's very different spray. But -- -- though the -- vision I had no mechanical bull does you no mechanical bull. -- -- could you go to Barbara how rural or record. But it. -- got an elevator in this place the bilateral what happened and elevated the flexible there's stories to displays like staircases and elevators and upstairs and downstairs in the east wing in the west -- -- quickly I know April 11 it's a little bit. Alone premature to say is this a critical start for skinny CC tonight. I'm not overly critical we know we are usually. I think they -- what you I still think he's the number three guy in -- proved otherwise. Say he has but he is easiest seven and a half the RA -- Now I'll just Alison no don't don't need to you do you guys what years well this -- -- That this forum last year this is what he's been or month and a half by. A number three guy and -- guys we go back to over talk about the war. Within -- PDA that if you get those guys to be popular vacation then yes Mike might view of the Yankees -- -- because. I'd do you think Kuroda and sabathia are kind of morphing into this little rotation -- guys yeah. This sounds like this sort of voice of a guy who's ready ten days from -- to run 26 miles the answers yes yeah that's just it's ready to I don't -- I'll leave I -- a guy -- -- these accounts running for the park. -- -- -- I -- tomorrow. No no -- dodging things sort of running. I'm dissent the central Central Park when Bobby Valentine got locked down -- French -- with umbrellas. Yeah. So you ought to be careful out there -- retro retro you put mileage and yesterday's -- He yeah and there -- we have to have been when he Bradford run don't believe that are running. That's what appealed to challenge the ultimate motivation to allow its exhibit rubbing it. I. Applicable it would -- them think that or Kokomo so far they've rental. Our road root is tapering page aren't too raw tape does vests -- regret -- his favorite it's like your favorite part. I have the injury in honor your actual party. -- -- say if they reported in getting ready for the marathon is that carbo loading the -- that death yet. Our -- -- jump the -- walking up -- well Foxx were to take note during Rupert well you know it's sort of due to connect him to do it right our three is over for Dennis and Callahan. Gets a little talk about the bachelor party I think you want part of the bed as well fourth and final -- -- him. The call of again you asked the question of national party horror horror stories yet we got a couple or bachelorette party. Alison is a rosary and that yes like you know Baldwin go girls go wild short -- tonight answers admits this will work and yet. That's threat that your party procedure is best friend this year. Oh yes is embedded pretty TJ yeah Robin and bring their coffee. Colleagues in or in a month with the machine and a note you brought him up off just yet suck up our four straight ahead.

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