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Michael Pineda's Pine Tar Drama 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Kirk examine whether Michael Pineda cheated during last night's Red Sox-Yankees game.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- looks like trying to. There's a lot of stuff yeah. It's going to be a lot of it's. Like -- obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. John console business and it was a battle you notice for the future of the US. My own world. He -- she word that was very good commentary but I just couldn't enjoy naught but neither -- -- red meat -- coffee and some job molesters for a couple ruin the whole evening remain what -- would definitely say that if -- said that the -- right I'm sure we're still the only one without obvious is not so hot though their home obviously we're all like. Like that nit wit I was stuck with. OK Michael K and -- that Rick -- and here. Who really don't. I didn't find nodded his suite in your sweet -- is no doubt Michael Kagan is it and knows the code is. But afterwards you know that we're breaking -- analyst -- a pretty good and I gotta say the you know was scrutinized -- in the -- -- solid second or not -- there were good but they're not bad and it was the focus of everybody both teams. Players manages media everybody was focused in on the -- If you get past the -- it is a little. Scary for the Red Sox. Because it didn't this is the today that you Celia and -- -- -- as advertised who has a better pitching staff. -- sabathia being looms over that it's sabathia -- disagreement if you just be good to a particular -- of the duke brought -- looms over this stuff drove a lot of -- and Michael guess if you light it up sabathia is like your fourth start that's pretty pretty good at these. If he's good right depending -- yeah right yeah. I mean to factor that would be one for native state corona sabathia. That's a pretty good you know those that pretty good for starters. Let's looks pretty good too who's better. We -- that while the idea gate making news in the Canadians can be this good all year which I don't think if he's gonna be this good luck in a strikeout to walk -- and it's close them a couple of close man and it looks great it's good OC. And -- an eight innings you know looks in this remind you. -- one of these things wrong and you know dominicans you know. That passes. That would be good for -- so -- parts to -- 777 on 7937. Girardi and NATO Ortiz and Ferrell all -- commenting on to Google's -- gates. If you want to that's good to OK with -- yes climate that we blew gate we're trying to figure out who's tells the biggest thing. Yeah of the Malkani that denies it and send it in the season that documentary tonight I mean you -- Which signals is that. What I -- I've got -- during the break I believe job he's gonna definitely well. Doctor John Dennis -- he's definitely in the sober -- I definitely going to be sober tonight note I am definitely going to be so -- over the last -- yes pocket and you'll be sober tonight excellent Erica yes you're innocent Girardi David Ortiz and -- talking about you gates. Seemed as though in the third inning there was some take the substance behind. My company is wrist area and then in the fifth that wasn't there did you see any team. The delusional and out much for me to speak on concerning that -- calling virus he pitched extremely well and you know we're gonna have backed by the time of middleware that was after the fourth commandment it was pretty clear in and looking at a closer from the dugout. That is almost clean if you had season that's going to give it completely that I didn't align well -- -- that wasn't the case so. You know it it was it was not their by the time I was nervous. It was under. Guys that terrorism. Third yeah yeah I'd be too long lines waiting to won't mind my hand and I'm putting it's. That the umpires or the Red Sox ask what was on -- hand and any point mama -- -- just knew what is enough of them. Jerry your -- -- the apparent substance companies in need some clarification we say can't speak to a does that mean -- on them for you don't really didn't see it or my number one among others there's nothing really for me to talk about why you didn't see it. -- them. -- -- -- -- -- It's not that hard to understand. It's an accepted way of doing business correct yeah but I thought this is what kills me is they they they justified by saying. I'd rather him have a grip on the ball on a cold and blustery night as opposed to not knowing where he was throwing itself by him putting. -- do work who won his hand. It's helping me the batter because he's not gonna drill me in the year -- -- and everybody does it. But that's like saying what he did last thing is like saying you played lift clean and place in golf but you just pick up the ball put an inch away from the whole -- -- in. This was -- we've seen buckled in the past receiver of the guys do. What what Connecticut last night was you know was just in your -- -- somebody told him it was too brazen get rid of credit for it or put it somewhere else and he did and he knows it. I think Girardi tells you were identical line that your body didn't think this through his answer the question and he's in he's in New York. It's not like yours you know in Kansas City you have to answer -- -- Sherman and Wally Matthews. And these guys are asking the question to have to answer they're also applies though I give I give life -- says I don't know what I -- I can't speak on that exploit these. I can't speak that's that's a lot yeah and Davis and it's dirt that's a great blow or and -- saying that he had no idea is also our question for you if buckled -- not -- amount. Some other Red Sox pitcher on the -- to -- Ferrell have taken any different -- exposed heating up or even in the game probably not because he knows -- is going to pitch again. Mean it's gonna come back to -- to bite him if he plays that game definitely until total amount of lackeys out terrible duke runs out there doesn't -- raise a stink and then. On on on -- next start -- By the way a little more subtle we -- because -- look at you could we were looking at them. Here's -- thing what happens if he. Content in the -- lately. Girardi says go look at buckled right and but what does it do just -- the script. Which is what -- did right -- I mean it's I think the the results say he's got a -- and office. Put it somewhere else. It didn't use it and continued to effectively. Maybe you get is it it's one of those deals. We get in his -- but that didn't help the -- too much for me. It would lose him. The penalties for violation of any part a rule eight point boat to. Section a section two through six the -- Shelby objected immediately from the game. And Shelby suspended automatically for ten games. See this explains a lot right yeah well. Yet that's just never it's it's adequate symptom among thieves. Audit on our among things I've heard that before and that's exactly what was good he did this reason my buckles seventies and just Lester gets any pitcher. They'll sit up but here's what surprised me a little that was in Bradford notes from the game he's there. He should pray privately players are grumbling about Red Sox clubhouse after we wrote yeah privately they were grumbling. And why wouldn't they grumble. Publicly because they're good guys they know there's got to tell you don't yet you don't wanna look like Italy like Eric and -- either you know like you ran to the teacher. And maybe you know somebody said something privately. And he wiped it off I mean is that what happened -- you want to know -- gone we saw the close -- hundred times the substance was gone by the fifth. Andrew is in the car is this the Andrew in the car. Good morning you come down on -- I'm like -- did all the right you gotta get sucked some stupid bug something going on. You know so one night neighborhood could make it but -- do very very good thank you Andrew. Well it's got some domestic you know tiger wasn't around her daughter is still a great event I think a lot of the young player I'm not underscore our ride they're. Its -- on we get. I was very happy that I chose Jason -- are my people putt well but -- Seattle is great -- -- eighty. -- harassing was saying and and then we shoot everything to -- this -- 10 under. A shot an eighty -- Bill Haas. I saw the most amazing fact I would like I got to confirm it. Since 2008 than -- six years. The winner has not shot over a bogey on any hole. While the winners are made a double bogeyed the department has not made double blow. In the turns out it's probably wrong -- to have the right. We'll check it let me ask you this do you think in these conditions you could play any hole Augusta national and not make something double your worst Selena and probably not make -- vote no you couldn't get you that you couldn't I would sure you could not you could not play this course the way it's set up from the tips the way the the pros are playing twelve yesterday and make. And and and make anything I would you could that you could have a shot at twelve. Get -- -- -- the front bunker knock up a putt that I would -- on the sixth Lucas but take a flood thought I'd make one for -- boat you would not now. Well -- pretty good men -- would mean one random just ask don't have to break and I and one bogey at the eighteenth hole tactics it was amazing what these. Like the US open it did watching yesterday it was a mental test yet -- Patrick read it in an approach on what a role in his in the government report that. And he stuck it in pretty good it rolled over the back and to -- roll and then he went over the front that he. Three putted. But like a seven and he was talking to himself this is his first masters and it was played there before and and it was a cocky young player but he was. Absolutely. You know talk in the shoveled. And wondering what I have to do you know to where you saw -- you saw the really good players in the afternoon yesterday playback Mickelson was bad. Jason -- doctor's daughter was bad because of that two triples right two -- someone -- on the -- -- two. And ended up with seven. It's not supposed to happen in London to guys like Mickelson three time champs -- I'm supposed to work. I'll take what we will let facts and be the arbiter of this decision he'll talk to you on Monday about this. Whether you could make a double bogey or better he doesn't have Goodman and his -- should take me out there to play -- fair we'll do it now -- one of the -- and he's really really hard amazes me in -- Guys can be in the media and yet isn't enough. Couples is 54 and shot a 7654. But it totaling six or seven -- 7937. Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Foxwoods Resort Casino. The bachelor party just like your phone calls are next and when we come back the coolest thing in your sweep the coolest thing in your sweet. We'll be back.

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