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Joe and Dave on what went wrong in the Bronx 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien give some thoughts on what went wrong for the Red Sox as they drop the opening game of the series to the New York Yankees 4-1.

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Welcome to the snow go post game shows so no goes -- five cents on every -- instantly -- your smoker awards credit card yankees take the opener of this four game series against the Red Sox. -- one tonight at the -- John -- you -- now. I joined from New York by Dave O'Brien in that joke is to play on -- Guys at the top for the Red Sox lineup go one for fourteen and then they get just -- incidents when you're not gonna get too many wins when he gets his. -- it well Pineda was very very good he really pitch well. The Red Sox could not afford to make a mistake get a Bobble by -- leading off the fourth inning turned into two runs it. As it turned out to that would be all the Yankees need it they. Red Sox also worked. Did get that made out of there red -- after. Six innings loss that they could do nothing with the Yankee relievers and if you're talking about it really -- Ninth and tenth may be eleven pitchers. That's the -- case tonight because -- eighth and ninth innings absolutely nothing happened for the Red Sox went down in order. In each of those -- tip your cap to David -- but I'll Michael Pineda winning at the big league level for the first time. In three years since 2011. -- missing two years it's pretty amazing as you he was very very good tonight in his velocity was up there depending on how you read the Yankee radar gun. It was in the -- ninety's he was consistently changing speeds but he had a great changeup tonight. And then made the Red Sox chase some pitches that -- they shouldn't have been chasing. As you mentioned John atop the order in particular pretty dismal tonight and it's the second straight night that the Red Sox are hill before it gets. You. Conversely. To me anyway didn't seem like cliff Buchholz had a great changeup tonight we what you did -- tonight. Why was better but they made some bad pitches we'd be there ladies first basic home -- right down the middle and it was I guess if pro -- body yet. I would agree our guys appreciated okay thanks -- right next Dave O'Brien -- -- -- the called tonight's game as the Yankees beat the Red Sox four to one.

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