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Apr 10, 2014|

Todays 4at4 is about the NCAA and John Calipari.

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Port four brought to you by AT&T AT&T. More than 99% of all Americans. Read off tour. No team today just -- and question one. John Calipari is a new book I wrote called players first coaching from the inside out. In his book he compares the NCAA it's the last couple years of the Soviet Union while. Cal Perry -- a thirteen point and -- one of his ideas -- to -- student athletes 83000 to 5000 dollar state and -- by the way he's got a fourteen points fourteen about having students graduate. -- -- -- It just brings up the question should athletes be paid in college. And age old question let's go to the the college the former college athlete while among us yes. How much sort of shocking -- passionate. There's a lot of things in his thirteen point little presentation and actually like a tool but that would -- when first spotted dot -- tell me why athletes should be paid. Okay all right are you not all of senator Lott. They need to give himself the extra I don't know what it is out financially every athlete despite the right if you live in the dorms you don't get anything. You remember or eat for free whatever that's it live off campus. Gay what is whatever is appropriate for your area validity -- at Colorado it in Columbus you live in. Athens Georgia doesn't matter you get what. With the program for that area -- based on the the price of and that's really that's it so I noticed also manage your money. But it depends on you know how good -- -- really even with that. You know oddly we -- they fed -- breakfast lunch and dinner. And if you're Smart you got some -- aware and you put a bunch of food in that Tupperware container and you brought home and you still were able to eat whatever you want to. They're they're definitely needs to be. A little something extra. I have had a second thought about this one Michael. But I have I've bought it through and I thought hey they're already getting paid a lot. Well there they argue we get a we have the -- or -- -- it's not like he's finished the sentence now and they're already getting. And a free education room and board and as you said. That three meals a day as it has. I think they can come up with enough money to be able to buy themselves -- -- on Saturday night you know with all due respect to -- and and who -- -- Shabazz Napier said -- Guys are going hungry -- stop that. Well there is a quote right now I'm looking at it and you were where we're about like mine -- quote. Shabazz Napier says quote I don't feel student athletes should get hundreds of thousands of dollars but like I said. There are hungry nights that I go to bed and I'm starving. End quote -- how does that happen. First of all time par I don't -- and have him it's impossible. There's so much food they throw at you for that main reason. Bag lunches snacks galore tons of opportunities to get food there is no way you're going hungry no way and -- any bigger battle playing you're on the road. They're feeding you console you get on the plane there. Wellesley College. Nobody ate all the food they get -- give us late two bags huge bag of blunt we got on the plane we got off the -- and we got back on the -- There's so much food be wasted. That some of the guys would take the bags of food and bring them to a homeless shelter to the food wouldn't get wasted. The only thing that come out of the bags this got a is that the -- tax -- cats and the Snickers bars but ships. The sandwiches all of -- up that healthy for that they want you to eat. It left in the bag. You know -- this is a this is a tough this is a tough situation tough issue. Because I can see where. You know go back to the dates of the fab five and I think who said it famously Chris Webber I can't I can't afford to buy the Jersey my own Jersey that's on sale. -- at the University of Michigan. Or looking at right now we have Kentucky vs UConn for the national championship. It's on CBS they're making billions node -- exaggeration billions of dollars. Off your -- OK so that is that seems unfair but go to the other side to my college athletics this is why -- don't think you can do it. Or if you gonna pay basketball players and football players moneymakers for universities. They -- tennis team you know not that volleyball team on the golf team no soccer no but I'm gonna -- football pathetic joke but a white definite. It -- title nine yet I'm Craig there it clearly has allowed it so. This and all sports are not created equal sorry the accident that they -- and that's why they are private institutions case tennis is not does not make any money. Those teams. Our exists I doubt they'll look I'll call on him for so. Let's say it's it's like I'm OK if I'm on the tennis team met the guys -- -- baucus gets a little more extra cash in his pocket. I should've let football I simply basketball team with a basement and he's an option for a female hockey player like I listen I -- girls too it's like I'm gonna be out of pocket at. Begrudge the football team perhaps the opportunity get paid an immaculate my daughters get mad at them for having that opportunity you know what -- that are gonna end up being won it four because I'm not let you off the hole I got mine you gonna be more wrong on this why why why should why all sports are created equal like. The problem is you don't have to play every sport well OK then you don't have -- it is on the football players -- and pay because the basketball player available as the match I think here's the. Problem with getting paid each university. Is going to have a different circumstances the football team UConn. They only sell up their games -- finally lose money when they go to when they went -- Fiesta Bowl Baylor lost money okay the battle team problem brings in more. So if you are not equal it out every pro rated however you want there's a hundred -- made -- -- players get. Fifty and and they split the rest stop you can put it anyway you want. The football players may be a little irritated by at UConn but -- were also around the United States they won't be. Yes we are one of cal Perry's plans for the NCAA would be to allow players to transfer from their school. If the coach who brought them to that school also leaves. Currently players who -- to transfer have to sit out a year is more problematic when players leave or -- coaches leave. Yeah I have no problem with -- allowing players to play immediately they just can't follow the coach. In other words cal Perry leaves Kentucky and goes to low for the sake of bargain yeah. Half the basketball team capable -- -- they don't have -- Kentucky anymore just the coach that that recruited them and brought them to Kentucky has moved on. I wouldn't mind letting them play immediately they just can't -- Oh what I think its board to answer your question I think is more problematic. For the coach leaving and as for the players but this is it is not an epidemic among players. Players when you're if you tell me your Christian here seventeen years old. Eighteen years old thinking about where you gonna go to college and maybe it's whoever's going to be the best deal and if you're at a very talented up and vote for a lot of kids fifth. They're actually thoughtful about it think stressful time for them they are really thinking about that next February troops noted their big about the next. Four years that's about the super athletes not about LeBron James Andrew wigand's jewel MB to a point one and done. If you are a good player who's being recruited by. Taxes and am USC UMass Boston College -- thinking about the next four years those coaches are even thinking that way. And they get off the hook they are allowed to leave without any type of repercussions. Whereas the Q where the kid -- to sit there and suffer criticism it's a much bigger problem in college sports when the coach. Decide now. Care about the contract. I'm going on I'm going on from a mid major to the big time. That's the problem. Just -- they -- the you know you know that's gonna happen you get recruited you. You'll probably have maybe 820%. Chance. Of the coaches that -- -- And your head coach being there when you when you leave when you graduate this -- they're five years you're resisting coach will not be coaching you by -- graduate. Your head coastal probably not be when you graduate. It's I think it's more problematic. For the student for the athlete who sits there has to figure out a way how to get out. Of this one year contract. The -- lack of better term that he has of the university and yes the big plea to leave. Where the coach you just leave and not no big deal and the player has to find some kind of loophole. AK Russell Wilson. So in your experience. Christian. What -- the most trivial experience you can remember of the NCAA. Flexing its power. This is this the best I can do on this one all right so. -- that -- really not allowed to take anything like it dill is a man of the school that I go to he can't give me ham sandwich he can't give me a dollar to buy soda. He can't give me a quarter to get through the hole. It gets cut is truly feel as trivial as that is it is small and minute as it is. It's a violation. -- -- still like all their all time we had a guy who was who was who is the training table like cook however he also had a restaurant in town. University of Colorado voters of Colorado we're collar old car please -- hostages possibly -- -- pizza but it is the best. So that his his deal like listen guys. You coming here. You eat for free to make sure you leave a tip the waitresses okay Michael knucklehead meathead football players but you guys came in their order bunch -- bunch of food. Let the place -- and didn't tip the waitress while the waitress obviously. Complains and mixing you know were all sitting in there in the athletic director's office you know talking about. You know what we did and that was one of them but you know how it happened but it was. Trivial when you add more cheap and everything. To the budget chief knuckle heads and stupid the -- because you are gonna give you stuff -- -- are going to. I am I am far from being an apologist for the NCAA an organization which in general I think his. Neanderthal. The dumbest thing I ever heard tonight I can remember the school on the player involved but there was a young man going to school somewhere. Very -- means did not have any money forget about a lot of money. And one of his parents died. And I remember the school -- debt to fly him home for his parents funeral couldn't do in the NCAA stop on her own and and I don't know. That's an improper benefit here I mean. Yet here's a bag when he gets stupid though the and I understand that there are people just trying to find that Paul try to find a way to screw with -- and get this guy that. That was a legitimate situation where eight sorry kid I can't help. Here's a thing now make -- you have the right. Support system at school. The people with the administrative people when they they know the loop holes there's a there's a way to get free money if you if you if you dig enough there's a way to get free flight -- dot com. And dated there is no issues free money I got it called pell grant you have a bad back but there's so many different things you do. That NC -- NCAA. Really has no control over. Just a matter of how willing are you you to work to find them. The dollar was a loophole now the university Colorado retroactive for facetime -- -- It time now for the AT&T question of the day cal Perry's claim the NCAA just won't listen to his idea just a question -- did cal Perry become got -- -- thing. He wrote a book where citizens are -- similar thirteen point this -- write a -- stepped out for god. And his book is -- players first which none of us believe. So will be NCAA still being the governing body for college sports in ten years text yes or no to the AT&T text line 37937. Yes you felt preservation and they probably shouldn't be there are a lot of we all can come up with. Problems that we have the NCAA and how things should be and what should happen but these guys how much money is involved wasn't exaggerating with the NCAA tournament. Billions of dollars. CBS you know pays for the right -- to televise that tournament. You think about the bowl games and what the conference and -- -- a playoff system and and they -- now days they are too Smart to come up put the system that will make them relevant. So they will continue. To make himself relevant. What did I think -- -- the writing on the wall those so many things have been happening that. Will they exist yes I'm not sure what. -- old BN and how strong that role be. Because it just seems like people are getting good tired of it and -- influence and the like they came to court that is the NCAA. They start at worst and so yes and no.

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