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Jack Edwards 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Jack Edwards talks about the Bruins stretch run to the playoffs and rants about the NCAA.

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Let's -- to the frozen north. A buddy and colleague Jack Edwards play by play voice to the Boston Bruins brought to you by Norfolk power equipment. And Ford 95 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram followed Jack -- aria. Well I'm pretty good -- -- one of these games that. We don't really know we're gonna get tonight -- Winnipeg has been -- getting that. Crap beaten out of practice last few days I don't know -- Paul Maurice is revenge. But I'm getting eliminated or to really is the -- preceding camp but he says that it. Well we're talking about hockey. I'm gonna get this out of the way the company. We had a conversation about. Something that you pass out hot conversation it was about athletes. College athletes being paid and whether they should be paid enough and I know you're college athlete at University of New Hampshire plays soccer. How to feel about that. I think that the revenue exports should be declared professional teams which is the way they've been wrong for at least the last decade. That they should pay the players there's been no salary cap they don't wanna pay the player of the full. About a -- tuition fees and that's on him to try to make it up on her indicates women's college basketball which definitely is a professional sport. And they should take it off the burden of laundering and not what many colleges do wandering. The losses through the general fund which -- so many college students with enormous debt. You know they end up paying eight dollars a week for the first twelve years on a college for a defensive back who played eleven downs in four years and got a whole lot. Ridiculous you know if you pay the players. And you force the -- the players to take full tuition and fees. And you know it there if there -- more money than trying to make a profit they get taxed on it. But you know you're if you're forcing the -- full tuition fees. You'll be amazed at how many guys actually go to class and try to get open on the experience. But it's you know it's it's silly the way it's being run right now it's professional sports it's being run for the advantage of the Professional League NBA the NFL. And it's also being -- for the advance of the national cable networks which. Encouraged this mega conference building that we see a professional sports than anybody's that it didn't is lying to insult. But if you were a college wrestler for instance you'd never get a scholarship right. Bright and you know what. That's okay the earlier you know sorry but they always -- really that important that we try to continue this Cold War mentality of like while we don't beat the Soviet Union in wrestling we're not as -- a country. I mean really you know out of soccer players soccer's not revenues for so that's the way else you know you're you're paying your way if you wanna play sports in college great. But you know -- connected academics athletics in the United States sometime in the eighteen hundreds -- not what they. A mistake it's the only country in the world that doesn't become popular in Canada feel they have a national collegiate hockey championship. But you know they're like 6000 people in the stands for it's not a big deal as a college students appear in college to go to college. If you -- -- place -- -- here in college or break us what well good trio but you know what that's not what you go to college and why they go to college if there. And this for the most part you know most of the players in the final four most of the players in the exposing foreign hockey. Virtually every player who's in the BCS championship game the recently went to college was to play football or hockey. For basketball. You know that's professional sports and find it just call it what it is and. That's the TS -- rehab you Jack hockey. On. Well let's get back to the game tonight. The White House seriously seriously Agassi in the way that that species program as drug abuse program has -- -- -- I'm not saying they're bad people. I'm just saying if you look at the windows programs -- run both professional athletes. There's no question those -- professional athletes you know what what did they do differently than NHL players there while it you know it. They go to your classes they take a few finals and you know -- they don't get paid that's about the only difference is that there -- on the same kind of schedule they have. Morning skates they have games they travel you know a lot of the travels -- shorter. That's it's being run as a professional sport and and because College Hockey this unit itself to be in the position. Of computing was junior hockey in Canada which is a professional sport although a low level. They have to make compromises in order to accommodate these players who otherwise would play junior hockey in Canada not accept their scholarships. So the fine institutions that sponsored. I don't wanna do it because they have to share. -- use -- -- laundering I think a degree we've put that Jack but. That would take an admission on the car on the part of college athletic directors and college presidents so if if they are admitting that. This is all a professional endeavor what what does that Jeremy Jacobs have to do. What is we're gross -- to do Steve Pagliuca Robert Kraft is they're gonna say we're in professional sports. A Christian Fauria at the if he's up for contract I've got to pay him market rate for this. If Tom Brady I've got to pay Brady and Manning in all these guys -- Zdeno Chara. One college sports if you can if you continue. The college college sports you don't have to do that which is why they'll never acknowledge it. They are able to say hey here take your scholarship that your payment as we make billions and you make thousands. If anybody can find me a cartel would it's more corrupt -- the NCAA. Bring I'd love it here because I don't think it exists these guys. -- know they where really nice suits and they try to shape politically -- correctly things. But you know the college presidents and the athletic directors who were in on this. Are choking off the money supply from the -- Nobody goes to a basketball game to watch the coach just speculate on the sidelines they go to basketball games so they can watch the players play. But the players are getting paid and there are billions with a B being exchanged between the cable networks and -- conferences in the teams and the coaches. And the shoe companies and all that and the talent is not getting eight it's utterly ridiculous it's fraudulent and it's this not a. The last time we talked about this next subject we got on an entire play by play of a peek a boost REIT Neeson her rhetoric that which still keep me up at nights but. But the fact of the matter is Dennis Seidenberg according to some media reports here has begun stay in York colleague and mine -- prickly talking about that. -- point was if there is an athlete wearing a Bruins uniform who could pull this thing off it probably is Seidenberg. What are your thoughts on the on the idea that Seidenberg I think at least in his mind is going to be playing here in the playoffs at some point. It's possible. Is that that's that's all. Then I would say about it that it is possible -- they're percent to possibility. Is extremely low one would think. That this is it's a situation that. You know. Dennis Seidenberg himself as it is kind of amused by these media reports. Had a chance to speak with Seidenberg. And you know he's doing very well in his rehab. Really you know let's let's get to the point where it's serious you know what get it to the point where. They think they can put him out on the ice cordial in kind of humorous which. You know I think you're skating just out of boredom because you know it's it's just a way to get -- exercise. The biggest factor here guys -- they patella tendons flights that they'll all sorted through. Is time and you gotta give the guy time maybe he does have super human healing powers and maybe you'll be able there to show that he can. Can -- via the -- terror that goes on your patella tendon. When you're coming back and that kind of surgery but the middle sort of his patella tendon past the gold back. Otherwise he could have the explode the way Jerry -- did you just came back way too soon. The best time of the National Hockey League is coming up next week it's playoff time. While the Bruins will be involved in the first round -- -- and one taking on an eight what do you expect from -- you'd expect there we always say NHL playoffs are unpredictable. But are we talking about a long series in the first round route from the -- -- likely. Or do you think whoever their matched up with it would just be too overwhelming and we're talking about 45 games. Given that I described the modern National Hockey League as. The league with more parity than any other sport has displayed in history. Committee it's crazy depict any series in the first round going. Fewer than six games that's just so close out there it's a goalie got a hot night if there is a bad about the the -- that's the difference in the game. And you get a couple of those in a row and that can be the difference in the series. And he'll look at royal Washington caps played against abroad a couple of years ago when they -- playing to zero they're hoping every gimmick basically come down to a -- -- -- -- -- -- a lucky break. And and just about every one of them did. You know the caps won four games the three over Boston in the first round they went out war games to three in the second round ever -- just about every game -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I had this been a long hard series for the -- whether they play Columbus or Detroit direct answers -- -- mathematical possibility -- like Philadelphia. Yes so with that Jack. Three games left. How much came we read into the peak during that close doing with you know that makes up the lines. Well you know -- my guess is that tinkering this is driven by two things one is some guys being -- little bank up of accident Chris Kelly and got to play. At all tonight after. Playing only one shift I believe in the third period a couple of its goal and sent a -- Minnesota. The other is that there are systematically rusting -- they they intentionally -- -- unit Genworth who -- -- tonight in Winnipeg. For the Minnesota game Patrice Bergeron and that reversed on have been changed into his room today they gave me a lot of money yards for the morning skate so. They're giving him intentional last they're taking these guys who played every single game this year and they're saying you know what this team. Has a higher priority than the presidents' trophy and that is to make sure that they're studs. Are healthy rested and energized for a long. Typical playoff -- It's interesting about that you know one guy who's been arguing against being sat out for a game as Brad marsh and and he was kind of half joking when he said you know it's the first season I -- -- suspended for game you know I got a chance the play every game he wants to play every game this year. Yeah and I can understand that and and as long as he continues to player the kind of energy that -- He plays with and doesn't get smashed into the wall. That there's possibility that he will play -- -- -- you think -- about the way Bergeron plays vs the way. Marcia in place on the same line. Bertrand and a lot more confrontations because it's his responsibility to win the parking control center the -- Yeah margin does play against the board and ever want to while he does get smoked. But most of the time -- game is about speed. Racing in the gaps annoying people and get -- -- -- it and not maybe. Maybe he's got a point there that -- it takes a little less spotting him. But it does say the way. And again -- play her any of liberal senators have to play. You know Jack we spent some time the other day talking about Jaroslav. A -- it wanna play against. His old team Adam -- that's how we found out animal called him out. Instead that you know -- he's -- he couldn't go -- little too emotional. -- what did you think of this story from the perspective of -- locked in from the perspective of Adam Oates told the world about it. Well well the a good question and and that we also -- -- that a lot agents are contradicted that but you won. One would expect his agent to -- that especially if his name is Alan Walsh. Yeah yeah offer her a lock to make as much money as he can't. To me this one is symptom of a coach killing environment in Washington where. Alex Ovechkin clearly has not acted in the best interest of the team he's got fifty goals and eight minus 34. That -- Steve -- has gone to the bottom of the plot minus rating so what does that all that can not gonna pull off impossible double leaving the leaving your goals and it being the last all skaters in twelve months but. To me that kind of thing happens. When. You've got 88. Player in a leadership position on the team who clearly is not buying it and that's when the court cracks that's when individuals start thinking about what's important. Or what good for the individual as opposed to what's good for the team and you know part orders and on the ice before the seventh where award. Is really the hallmark of of what divides the great teams that are capable of winning the Stanley Cup from the teams that you know never will win it and that is that they -- not -- in pyramid upside down and they report. These personal. War at the very bottom of the list of priorities one true next the last. Are what he is in the best interest of between. At every moment. Jack Edwards and -- -- have been called Boston Bruins Winnipeg jets to game is on NASA and plus tonight. I you can check Jack's Twitter feed or mining get the complete list of where the nest and plus channels are in your area. Pregame show was 730 Jack and brick with a face off at 80 talked a few hours. Bill -- -- promotion by the way and -- the vent about college knowing I'm really fired up. This nice I like it I I will tell you that I got a text from one of our colleagues at nest and who -- asks Jack what he thinks about this so I didn't get tipped a little bit. I don't -- I'll talk to you later.

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