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Dale and Holley: Dave O'Brien 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Dave O'Brien joins the show to talk about the Red Sox Yankees series and the Sox outfield situation.

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Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WB I. Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria is what this is well. Talked to Dave O'Brien the voice of the Red Sox. In just a moment or two live from New York Yankee Stadium in fact will do it even as we speak is -- joins us on the AT&T hotline hello David. Daly and all -- -- always ready you are never late never hardy might. Yeah I wish that were true what. Michael how are you approaching greatness a day I don't regret I don't absolutely gorgeous day here in New York incident and -- back on -- but. Could be 65 degrees can be just perfect spring finally -- -- I don't know if I'll play a baseball with -- I just wanna say that I enjoyed the call you indoors Burke. National championship game and I think you probably know before the game started since that going into the game you know Mariano with eight no national championship games. But you probably knew you had a pretty good shot of calling number nine at night. You know we really really really did appreciate the especially for doors pick in assists a tremendous. -- on equality but it. A game you're really good national television audience certainly pro women's basketball games before that and you know is extraordinary and for all the talk about you know he can be cocky in any -- and he can be that type -- -- -- guys that government. He's a phenomenal basketball coach obviously the other chances are pretty good it can take it. He's in a national championship. In that ultimately lost one of my coach -- and his coaches never lost the national championship game. It's sort Connecticut the coaching -- and I think that's probably the most incredible thing to come out of that. That one of those two programs. We were just talking about the lineup for tonight and and Michael's been kind of fantasizing about the possibility of an outfield that would consist of Sizemore and left. Jackie Bradley junior in center and eventually Shane Victorino -- right he's gonna get two thirds of that tonight and Sizemore in the lead -- spot as well. I love it a lovely and unfurled kick in and around I think that the way it's gonna go. Relate -- -- is swinging the bat and if he's gonna get on the week yesterday. That electrifying kind of a lot but certainly defensively it can only get it would anybody. Hello Jackie by the way is the center fielder Billy he's been playing -- for. Basically he's getting better on that the gold -- the gold Glover Grady Sizemore and looking a little more confident out there. You know -- he can still play out there and and victory I think an orchard at all feel the same way. He's a great lost early on I called this open in its. It's or all the things that he does. You know eighteen to take extra bases with Dick Nolan as the ball it to right field. He goes and get everything. Is that that is certainly. Didn't play that the team has been missing you talk about the upbeat start you know couple starts have been terrible -- different pitchers or whatever. A lot of that I become active victory will be. Yeah and have an -- that does happen if he if if -- Gates's wish. That means someone is gonna have to go now the general consensus that's either -- Gomes or not. I mean out of those three guys who has the most value to the team right now. Well of those guys could certainly Johnny on to me and I and I know that people as a look at the numbers it doesn't reflect it. Good news is a serious look at other it's a -- World Series a year ago who who is in the outfield for. The majority of that time -- it was funny -- -- I think a lot of the leap into into the batted in jeopardy. And he's late on everything right now and he's taking pitches he would normally work but but the guy who's in the leadership is certainly are likely. I believe the Red Sox could make a deal. Can acquire something for Mike Carp right now we will do that I have a feeling good strength that or not exactly that. Think this is a surprise. To the Red Sox gave him and they had sent down Jackie Bradley before the season started Victorino got hurt. They turn around and call right back up you think -- surprised. That he's looks like he's here to stay. A little. I think like a little bit pleasantly and over the -- surprised. It in all the right ways because. Which he's done it don't you give you a glimmer. A glimpse I think -- is this is character what -- what he's capable of doing. A lot this year on -- can aside from productive opening day didn't do anything. He has the steely look at that of a young -- don't belong here he certainly knows that he can go on defense the big league level. And now he's beginning to convince himself. He's a little more. And if he doesn't chase everything in the lead in the spring in his swing doesn't get on and he cut the old -- that he can stick appear. And I think that you know what they're impressed by the talking with the coaches is that he never let. Him he always assumed. At some point it was a player problem it rolled the Red Sox and 2014. Just a little bit quicker in mind he thought he was supposed to be the center fielder out of spring training. And he's going to be. And you know in the short order I think that we're looking at a kid who is really convinced himself he belongs here. You gave a very fine weather report for metropolitan New York in the recent matters to me. Is because if I was although mine to make an excuse for Clay Buchholz his first outing in the cold weather and all that stuff and not be -- able that that top 8788 miles an hour. That excuse might not exist for tonight's game and I certainly like to see Buchholz ramped up a little bit speed wise. Well -- -- -- at detail and you're the same look that up adamant that you know it's it's almost gotten to the point where your little tired. Talking about stuff like. Whether shoulders it is next feels good weather is that is in one piece. -- -- get back to 9394 mile an hour. You know if Jake Peavy doesn't thrown and -- more -- you know he's got great movement when he wants to put it on on hitters that he did it yesterday. He's Smart he is he is who were competitive. It is he considers himself every player in terms of the presence of the make up. That's what we're trying to look -- for a typically -- Colts now you know if you if you really want to consider yourself one of the upper Echelon pitcher on your own staff. It is time to stop with that -- it is time for -- to throw 200 innings to make 33 starts to throw 94 and I'd like to get them. Can be to Casey and if he doesn't in the redirect and like more. You've got to commit yourself pitcher clay. -- -- 79 innings that might opt and I think that's a PP the -- of the stuff anymore that quite honest. And exactly probably has better stuff right now that peavy -- Even when peavy -- winning -- the work. Operate what he's got to approach is the single label does the weight Lester does and I hope -- starts in -- like. You know Davis play by play guy voice of the Red Sox won the voices of the Red Sox. I would guess that in your perfect scenario. You would love to know. Each of the players on the team the coaches the manager of the team and be able to this year. Great insightful stories terrific anecdotes for your broadcast. I'm wondering in the case of Jacoby Ellsbury did you feel like you got to that point. And if you didn't I'll look it. That's a great question Michael I don't know anybody. Oh is QB to ever felt that way about Jacoby -- -- -- really do -- -- -- -- -- you know. I feel like it's -- -- The other pleasantries he was always an -- -- Conscientious hard working guy like him I thought that you know he was healthy was among -- group that -- -- men and again in. Always appreciated that lettuce does that help but I think he always has -- guard. In front of them and yeah. It's it's interesting to me that you know coming to New York -- don't think -- care as much about that. As we do in Boston Red Sox and won a lot of their guys -- -- that tree. -- really care that much. A -- players at the -- we want to get a little big poster and I think that hard to do Jacoby it was always a -- -- all of his teammates soul into the mean that bad guys at all it just means we don't really all out at heart Pete in the air at the time when I really wanted to know Jacoby editor. Wouldn't and he broke his rips you know adultery crushed in. And I didn't know it's been an ultimate fusion and say ball out exactly how -- Eagles swing in the batter tried a runner trying to slide to date. But it was it was incredible to me that he only played eighteen games this season. Even at that very and we took a month ago and remember this while all the reports were key piece should be healthy enough. With a little offseason because it back in there and play and he refused to do he went 08 went off Arizona he shut the seed -- doubt. Total loss to a -- his thought process what led him to that the citadel on collect a pretty big paycheck. But I'm not critical back to work right now and I was a little critical and -- a critical and in terms of you know Jacoby had broken let it slide it in play commute not offer that was always very unfair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dave as this as this game as this series is this -- is it lost any. -- any buzz of it seems like there's really not much hatred anymore at least from my point of view have you seen anything differently than I am. On a I don't see any differently than that you can return to you know what I executed you know it was on the market the Meyer. You know it was a -- punched out guys all play. It was ability in the shoulder torn up and legitimately -- -- those don't happen anymore between these two -- That's the thing that don't get it all the time in the series they do they play nineteen -- in here. That's gonna happen and I like doing just that there's a lot of that that I that the bubbling just below the circus kind of it's like in. And outright hatred it's not there anymore and Utley the Derek Jeter these two nights he's just leave him right -- The captain the pace the Yankees how can you get greeted Derek Jeter -- you don't do anything to -- anybody he's never the headline in the life. I think that probably worked for me repeatedly that he brought more back in the -- it would be a whole lot easier to keep the. It's funny talk about Jeter I I may think that his gold glove awards are complete and utter joke and I do. But that doesn't take anything away from my admiration of him as both a player and a person in the same way Mariano Rivera. Nobody in a Red Sox in Red Sox Nation -- Mariano Rivera and I don't think anybody dislikes Jeter either. Like greed in this economic CC sabathia you couldn't eat. A nicer guy on the baseball diamond. And sabathia -- actually got a lot of those guys and if -- like I like to hear it without it history with the Red Sox and it looked forty rejected the Red Sox offer as a free agent his father god and shouting match with a -- out who came to sign him. From Boston years years ago -- the -- that there is one of the most -- -- -- right now. Curtis Granderson wouldn't couldn't -- to get it in the clubhouse or really class. He's and the guys that I wish there were more Craig -- which they get more rich he's because. It. For the rivalry that's missing from -- Our question is how good are -- the Yankees. Pick a pretty good good I do and I think now it's in the pocket and it was the guys who made. The difference from he wants the exciting and it's clearly on the first couple starts that he's legally innocent yesterday that. You know just brought a few hits over seven innings and he looks like absolutely the real deal. So they don't have Mario I'll attribute it all he's going to be what I look at a totally small that until they get something like -- It's gonna still be. Able to be that you can beatable -- -- But the light at this awfully good but the can with the -- -- -- obviously all the agree tradition for them he's off to a tremendous start. You know in -- all the pieces are healthy. I think there are the others -- that -- maybe the Orioles and Red Sox in the American League. At this point but I think it's going to be a dog like Mike I really do I think it's going to be great division race and be accurate toxic going to be -- little --

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