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Ben Cherington on the Red Sox start 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Red Sox GM joined the show to discuss the Sox start to the season and the future of John Lackey.

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It's a very quick question before we woke up with a Red Sox GM bench Harrington. Ten week anyway possible. Be held responsible. For any traffic accidents that helped that happened on nine B three self. When people are nauseated by our mugs up on a billboard on ninety -- all excited -- -- that today take a picture she's real right now electricity on the front nine degrees south. Are responsible -- people run off the road now now now that's their fault they're on the matter up for the analyst probable but I. If if if it's all these partial settlement of I pay the front office report is brought -- by noon turf care and Toshiba business solutions and shirt and joins us on the AT&T -- good morning -- how aria. In order are doing very very well to begin with we heard the -- in spring training. Turn the page it was the spring training theme in his seemed makes cents. Does these sluggish start in your estimation -- suggests that. Doing it turning the page saying it is a little bit more difficult than actually doing it. Yeah Arctic. I think during it will article. And I think we're in the process that area but. And you know we had peace. -- we -- -- -- -- much reminders. Early in the -- and reminders of last year opposite they're grim reminders and it written to be reminded that. I think what we get into the normal work and -- this broad strip -- represent. That -- Indian. All. Well it's in the more slowly turn the page. I bet if Jackie Bradley still hidden when oh victory and it goes back you'll have six -- -- as a way out of that. Log -- that dilemma I know it's a good problem to have. Would you consider -- trade trading a veteran just to -- who ran directly down the numbers in the ranks about -- -- you know. I think we got -- Hugh -- are when we get there I think. There are certain standard -- opposition. This early this season try to keep the most out -- -- -- -- Wouldn't rule out -- there of course blocked it out and now amendment might. Might work itself out are naturally by. You know Jack yeah it's been. It really did see him deeper where are happy for him to be -- and either player. Earth all I've said. It hadn't happened in the big leagues yet and now are outspoken boxers and kind of think he can do basis. It's really great centers. And get a patent. Where a lot of energy certainly -- open up so we have we think accommodation and ethnic and make up -- about bill. -- the curia are guitars in April that come back can there are a. I'd if you like defense again and I feel for you and he didn't tell me what the downsides to this would be Victorino right. Jackie Bradley and senator Sizemore in left as you starting outfield against. Most starting pitching clearly against right -- what would be the problem with that. I think that's what scenario certainly you know a you know I still thought -- lineup that. John eliminated. Or speak for him -- One there there's different different ways you can. He could do it. But we'll deceptive say you know we got that idiot Vick healthy person just. It was this opportunity we know we know kind of weapon. Seen all of them are still. Last year so I think the one thing would probably. They'll start about it is make sure you're right and then getting it right you know ultimately immigrants -- as much as possible double figure out there there. I saw Lester -- the end of spring training I think it'd have been hard for -- turned a 144 million scherzer did -- -- that. Number never came across in negotiations. When you look at Lester right now and and they got to pause in that. Is it a year is a more than dollar figure me could you see yourself giving a starting pitcher in his thirties a six year deal. He -- that they'll veto. Or any. Two significant contract whether her luster -- anybody else that we're talking. You know orchard -- There's all the steroids structured deals that. It work for the player work -- he's in terms of you know try to find different ways. Make it just the bulk of both sides. I think he. The hard part. It is so you know -- with John. Is -- -- -- done such a good job. That's so terrible. It's their cup division -- the post season a lot -- far. They need. Is he mark from. Create the at a time when. You and we all the what happened -- starting pitching in the greater market contracts that amount. Over the last you know 23 years that. Segment of the population has clearly. Moved to east center street in dollars so that. Create today and when we're working on a contract that. Nixon Nixon challenging them and we have to look at it. Would through our homeland and you know clearly -- -- stated time and -- and our sadness and we want what should be here. We will work as hard and try to make that work. But there's things that you know. Other teams might do it. We disruptive and earlier regular at the target of the supplements so this will keep going and keep work. Well or not currently but who wouldn't work. -- great time. And when there's a desire on both sides then there's no chance. Ben Jon Lester aside and this is a question we get all the time from fans baseball fans talk show callers. New general managers and baseball ownership look at the deals the the televised deals long term deals that take guys like. A broad and pool holes and CC sabathia. And to a lesser extent Cabrera concede certainly productive but he had two years ago and say what are -- what is ownership. And general manager's thinking handing out those deals win. Productive deals like that are clearly the exception rather than the rule. Do you respond to that why do baseball teams do business. The great question you know I don't think it's. It's not -- it's really about those. The wave away when you look at terms -- How to justify architect it's really an anymore about links and the current dollars so. Could be in and it's and -- simple reason this. Rookie year predict performance this year next year. The rate yourself on though it's not about. It's it's really not about whether. A player is worth paying a lot of money do in the short term. Because they're performing like Miguel Cabrera for example. You've -- -- I mean he's he's produced that a little Ortiz. He's. He's he and Mattingly in the Detroit Tigers and Oakland they're valuable -- and appropriately -- those lands. I think the challenge during our officer and team. Is -- trying to figure out those contracts. I arm. What's gonna happen that are eight years down so fired up and I -- Finland. And when you're out. They hint that something had gotten in the trouble. We have too many of those on the books. You're carrying a lot of risks they enter. Generally looking to avoid that scenario by. Look there are exceptions in. They're they're certainly players to. Continue to be really get it and you know it later -- their prayers and their data and you -- the -- that are making. No -- and we had some context here passing human. And order effects on men here embarrass her its terms or any of the options or whatever that deal was. It made headlines and ended up being. You know pretty fair deal. You say about many of the time despite. Besides the fact is it there is really so. The Red Sox were paying her years that little that little bit younger. But it could hit it there. It's a challenge than theirs and theirs you know look I think the best players in the game. The players that the elite players who -- Are contributing the most. -- in what they should be. That you view what's happening today you earned that there. The reason our -- -- well. In these interchanges look into cement along a little bit. Then clearly this is a little premature on April 10 John Lackey is two and all with a 138 ERA. If we leap forward a bit and he's tenant two with a sub three year high hi to. ERA and he comes UN says I'm sure -- aware -- animal going to be make -- half a million dollars next year what you're saying that if he says do you think that's fair and sharing and just -- Who are -- and I think he's such. Down to one of the most accountable reliable. That are called us and you know words Laura saying it either. Either -- -- or aren't as well. For him in Boston. Use. Either dollars and one of the most reliable guide -- terms and you know whatever possible. It in the water this day in their lives directory that I doubt he started that your that your -- sit there. He's always been that you're seeing you then again -- or well. We have the really high degree of accountability that you. You know in saying the contract he signed. It's also clear that the -- earlier and you know at all likely that he's here. He can keep that same -- -- it's been so. He got a lot of reasons you know to keep the same boat -- -- it will return for awhile didn't get the kind of body and illusory -- DOS command. He's the perfect guy that. Could pitch for awhile longer. It if you lawsuit so. It is a bit of an unusual situation. That is just. Part of the contract agreed -- It looked like it now. We will all bets are on their. Another contract. Oh Portland and keep the or. I got a band I had real ones off to a good start he is 22. In July what's his ETA when do you expect him to be. In your rotation. -- I don't know it's he's you know students are. And he's. That your kid he he he got -- our global conference. He left and it is really fastball command that. In advance changeup. And probably still the -- also coming. It's a little bit there's there's something printed at the -- levels still despite. Are you opted. You know that he's got you know little pace to double a last year restart it matters here. Well argument usually just -- start there there there -- priorities. AAA our future. Or. So we'll see -- remotes yet. The upper levels of Mormon. Of course and it happened. But it also. Is also a guy that. You know we really think NBA. A major part ever patient move forward or be careful that. Make sure we gonna stop the development -- across the -- -- -- we we end with this I'm not sure how much a manager or a team. Can find a player for doing something stupid bit about the Major League manager. I initiate. Or institute the maximum fine -- one of my guys slides headfirst into first base Pedroia as an example a year ago week week and a half ago. Hamilton now out six to eight weeks with surgery our players told that. They are -- effective in my early. We do exactly that others. There's the local complacent. It sometimes it's broken because. Players. You know are required in different way than if he and Clinton insiders told them. React in -- union approached this. Letter. The card that there rewire that to -- rule. But -- but but we have we absolutely. Agree that your that there's there's not much yen from. -- that personally the most in almost every it is not the end. From letting it hurts and so we could be. We we discourages. Everywhere and we you know pretty much earlier that it would violate that so happens is. They're players in the game in the absence of their act -- -- How much camp I find a player who's stupid does this deserve as -- that. Well. It's at the mightily though we have a little more control over these saying they're not -- not make a lot of money so in fairness we. I'm pretty well yeah but it certainly it's certainly openly discourage. -- -- so the conversation. Important series coming up important start for Clay Buchholz and we'll talk to down the road. Ensuring that Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T got on the front office report is brought to you by noon turf care and to -- Business solutions. Doolittle. Deal with Lackey but yeah -- asked to go and pitch well past there yeah so might be a two year extension. War. 25 million that would -- jumps to eight per year for years reject. So they'll they'll give him dumpsters money over two years yeah sure but I'll wait muscles. But picture into any extra point that he's a professional and accountable he's not bitch and yet so he's not element that -- -- yet and yet. August come -- if he's eleven and one at the all star break I think he mentions what settlement has -- is no urgency to Nazis not pitch in great position right. And with -- and said there is a point where we're going to walk away which means to some other team by Cuba the group says I'm somewhat below the already walked away doesn't feel that way based visas last year. Our fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan I think we've already said about or friends on -- if not join us on the FM site 93 point seven. What the final -- DNC next.

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