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Celtics tankathon and another clutch homer by Ortiz 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Celtics tankathon and another big clutch hit by Ortiz.

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I want to begin with -- biblical term a biblical expression. Which of course leaves the even the agnostic atheist. The godless the media's Kirk -- out of this discussion the question is how did it come to pass. I get to be the ones who decide are jumping off point. Every morning -- say that followed that come to pass that I don't know whatever that that. You know Jerry -- -- taxes the other than your decide where -- -- the past that you decided to Wear shorts today. But yeah our first of -- the first day of the masters start -- what was celebrate -- -- -- -- shorts who apparently always -- -- -- guess right a little -- yes web -- what every day and secondly I have nice legs recommend best feature. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's revenue green shirt and I have agreed yes side so so you'll Wear a green shirt on masters Thursday -- but refused to Wear anything green. Except for the coach jeez between your digits. On -- Patrick 'cause this is the greatest they'd -- -- the greatest sporting humans hear them excited and Sunday's -- -- exceptionally excited that at. It's this Sunday almost opposites -- 13 -- Sunday's all okay I'm out what you home and you get excited as the of the masters and a stock. Again not as its goal is very few commercials. This does is great great pressure on the guys you know some joke it's almost gonna rise to occasion and that's what it's all it's probably not gonna snow anymore and our rob thought -- -- the bottom of the -- With the -- the chosen immunity I was in the back press box seat. -- But what we sought to see that some some you know might be and Scott again might beat Patrick reed might be you know -- the Fuzzy Zeller. Someone's gonna come up -- Sandy Lyle. Yeah that was a turning statement that was pretty good as the first extra inning game. Right seven inning game and a company. It's you go home yes you know it felt like extra innings -- and I had to say that was the most fall fair ball -- some I don't think by the dozen cameras because they -- most of the camera shot was to the right of the poll. So maybe it may I thought it I don't probable to -- the ball well the last replay that shows so the ball looked bearish but the way the -- -- where they are an actor -- -- and I reacted the way it was hit -- twenty feet and I think it had to be focused David didn't run that right that's how you could tell that's always a guy like hello this I got this -- -- you do -- on Twitter associate settlement -- and you want on the run the first complex. I can see related honestly really good in the clutch and he's a really good hitter he should run for like heard. You'll think you should get an extra sixteen next yelled god I think he's getting fifteen for hitting that home run yesterday yeah probably get a couple of years now will have -- at some point right we can ask -- a jury to -- if you want -- one more probably announce the extension today if you think. And he deserves it he's not -- He's not up to that dated to answer your question you sit in that -- you made that decision you make a lot of money so it comes down to you. So it comes to pass that I'd have to decide how the show beacons yes this -- to outlook and that's why don't Michael and I just I just wanna clarification mr. recall there being a moment however all -- being. Jason cool moment. Laura Cole which had to deal with -- -- how proud moment -- -- -- about. Water to a particular. Where it was determined that it should come to pass that I get to do I like to him that no problem doing a very good that will think you realize that's a -- -- look at four that's sad which at least favorite and that's that. Each -- you morons a million years and a million guesses you would not. Figure out where this program begins today. Each one I'm vermilion and obviously it's not obvious she said that you know unless he -- protester I I think. Rule you're gonna double zero he's content -- a lot to you and applauds the cute UMass for coverage in brave old we will get to Ballard we won't get to that. You going to assessment start now you have juror yes yours Revis I don't Judas thing I've had accused on this war. We know we don't know who's gonna win the -- but we know who's not -- when I like. Like now he's not part of it. No it is not good duke probably didn't fifteen years ago. The -- to name everyone in the world deals mean there are people like. You know and his darkest jungles of Africa -- Unfortunately yes right in the par three and then when tournament right Nadal -- is that true. You know some guys -- watered so. -- last hole that would be my excuse. That's why would you -- I -- -- what Enrique and Alec are plumbers in orbit yesterday that aside there's a photograph now. They take a dump on the green yes. He did it on camera photographed. I guarantee you. Jack Nicklaus and Arnie Palmer hate bleak and Gary player's got -- they really do. His players this kind of over the top exuberant hyped up on speed kind of guy. And Jack and party are kind of in the a glass of red -- like -- like to put. It -- -- you know what I asks objects looked at. -- Gary Player was celebrating a near hole in one. Jack look at you with the -- nine iron in the back who is -- but -- hole -- it was a play that nine holes ago and protect and besides his biggest stars. And now. Whole. Host of -- around out of Seattle running browsers implant more famous for frequent flier miles than anything else that's present. -- and -- to push ups and sit ups and push -- also -- against he said masters he took two sides that it had to give us suggests. I would say that no we don't know what's coming I would say that although it happened two days ago -- -- going to react in the cabbages and -- -- -- you know what we'll be -- passes and we have sound honest to god. -- had the opportunity. Get -- which -- the email from Stacy is well. Opted for Jeff Goodman when we could have had Ninkovich two. That's a fireball and deplorable fence it's not suspended. Did not relapse -- we like to have guests after the most. Of them up they warm -- -- we listen we say peace and goodwill among the next round copied elements question will have Mon twenty hours later. Like I used to be the guy was gonna Letterman get a shot on Carson. I would as there are both wrong. Uniqueness I said he's rich this is Mike is the real -- -- -- -- Knock we're gonna talk about very RS that went very wrong about what -- trying to make a bag yes. So as not to ruin my -- -- know and I play -- rattled out let's. -- Red Sox and yankees begin today. The masters golf tournament begins today the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin a week from today. But the heart warming. Passionate story of today. Is these spectacular. Down the wire stretch run. Boston Celtics are putting together that is making me proud and should be making Celtic fans happy. All over this great land I want to congratulate. Brad Stevens Danny -- every one of these guys were angry they are doing. The right thing better than any other team wearing a Boston or New England uniform performing right now this is perfect in case you missed it. They have made -- move the Celtics by losing last night to Atlanta now house. Third place. They are tied with Orlando with 23. Wins. Now. Worst case scenario if they'd lose out which is hoping to do we have a schedule in front of us. The Celtics are guaranteed. No worse than a tie for third place. With the ping pong ball shines is loving light down upon. And and somehow someway and wins a game. The Celtics could have third place all to themselves the people. Be satisfactory. I've be honest here I lost interest in -- poses. And -- -- in the I thought wouldn't watch the term we'd get excited to read these guys win against Randle. -- Parker. Just the opposite. None of them came a big none of them excited me I don't care they get the third who will meet again next week so what Parker -- -- Angela MB who came out. And with the eighth pick seat you can be eighth pick it was it that it might take market argument but at. That be fun but what if they get the third pick what it would -- is going to be really really good I -- I think these top three or four guys good is different in fourth eighth and abstract and you're down because some one bad call exact not one not not not one. Not none of them excited me. Not -- well that that's that I think they should just for their pick on you sixty games. Did you guys get excited by Soledad and I -- the guitar -- ultimately relative works OK so they like the fifth pick at the -- going to be fired -- that the Jews ran out and up the overwhelmed I want them to get -- I've seen Wiggins play this year and his best he's going to be really really good well then he'll probably go first. Somebody else may disagree with second or the sort of -- second know that they've. And luckily went to it could've easily over. This -- thought nobody would get by the way if they if they finish third by themselves and as I said right now there tied with. Orlando we have -- schedules and it doesn't -- the Celtics but just bear with me here. If they finish third by themselves they have 896%. Chance to forget that they have a 47%. Chance of getting one of the top. Three picks in the draft if the finished third in 47% chance of getting 12 or three if they finish fourth. That number dropped to 38%. So my point is it behooves them. To lose out so at the very least manager -- disconnected -- coach Danny to have. More options rather -- sure you were options when it's his turn. That's it's dumb to say while they failed in the past to miss or don't do it again -- -- -- batter Jim that at bat in the past you wanna be worse now they're -- lose. Unfortunately the public and have fourth worst record but still. When you start you have taken they've tanked pretty damn properly yes I'm a much better you can if. If a false and I understand that the ping pong ball just third doesn't mean you know the third pick. Just your first the first pick -- -- -- that's the vagaries of the weekend determined until draft night until the ping pong balls and down. But the fact is if they finished third and get the third pick they're getting one of these great players -- what do you think they're going to be great or just just a -- Whatever the case may be. Anyone let option after the first two guys go to say gee I want Randall do -- him he may -- -- Parker falls to three me wigand's falls to three. Maybe the strike guys somebody what my point is I'd like to give Danny as many options because. Possibly have to make this team better children and their what 1115 or something at some point I mean they have they have tanked. Spectacular beautifully couple months usually credit and a big. We were mocking them a few months ago saying they -- they do it done and although few months ago there was since the LeBron was out there Jordan even in and -- he's going lakers with -- Parker wasn't that far behind it was a sense of the franchise. Eat yours. He'll feel that way anymore I feel that way of awakens the guys I do I feel that way about Parker you -- played OK at the parkers -- player team. And so is -- I think -- three guys out there and not sold on. The bigger top three pick -- Celtics fan I'm pretty that's pretty good night you're not giving you guys gonna turn 251960. Team -- right no Larry -- is not that there's gonna be really good player. All right to not mean to throw wet blanket -- this this is the schedule remaining four Orlando and Boston. It favors in reverse kind of way Orlando losing out not the Celtics losing. Celtics play four games Charlotte forty wins Cleveland 32 winds blow. Up his screw this up but you know that. Philadelphia on Monday April 14. A seventy win team they win that game and then they lose to Washington another forty win team on the final day of the regular season. That means they have one more victory listen to the scheduled for land. Washington we're in Brooklyn 43 in Chicago 46 wins Elkhart Indiana 54 wins Indiana could be their Philadelphia. -- Off have been terrible -- men may be but the -- and my guess right now have guessed fourth pick of -- -- fourth panic. That's good that's better than fifth. An eighth. The -- third according doesn't matter George is technologies which are -- his computer serpent and I'm excited -- -- -- its schedule would it just gonna win loss loss loss win loss win okay big brain you'd ticket. I'd. I came up with a couple better ideas. The article accountant you know when. Plan nobody out your idea was to camp in the map and tell you can't win that went -- Idea tees -- which said the guy who won the par three Q and that's true and everybody knows what's that -- Why a guy who won the par three contest has a much better chance that either Billy Casper and -- true are considering that yes I think someday the guy who wins the par three is gonna win the -- -- going to be coming out party on it will be able Eden Tom Arnold legal. -- wax poetic and will all get excited. Things happen. Before you let this don't practice that I screwed up. I left -- Kevin Costner's -- It's this is in the office you can lose your voice is that helps the -- you know it's it's just a lot -- I see what's called an -- Aspect patient I see you that is CC where I could see anywhere it. I could look at my scar -- look like Kevin Costner. Mean I am a dink and don't look like you're gonna get to go to new and -- Roger looks perfectly normal if you just took its colorful way yet not like he's got -- expectation right -- stupid thing this scarf. Lot of guys that Springsteen does that they have this notion that it keeps their voice war -- -- keeps is this not. It is not. Your voices inside scheme is on the outside. He voice box homilies that how can you hear how is that different sense that you brought making sure his arm was nicer when he went up the third getting to be on Vermont. But don't pitchers wrap their -- -- -- -- -- commercial -- is working on at least Wear the jacket when he ran the bases. Password jackets anymore you see that more to good question. Bradford. And many others aren't a genetic code base that's trafford -- funnel guys take their shirts up anymore you know fielder during games and all the major. It's true. Pictures you took its -- little guys on the album really wish we all know him that much before that your players Redford asked doctor Charles a couple of weeks ago integrating its. Kevin optional now the key is. This is like a normal part -- it -- -- -- -- at its call infinity infinity deal like this that it's an affinity hugest round round that looks somehow the you know normal and you. It -- haven't got -- in America look like something I would do that. It does have a business on its way it's gonna -- giant blow up NFL why cooperation so it's now all football group that's not the Arab sentiment was good yeah yeah. The water -- every critic water bull dog that was our water -- it was an all time class and assured remake -- -- that we'll that was some real suspension of disbelief he disposed to believe. Adam -- Replacements -- is -- -- Tulsa and -- five and 5959. Inch you know Tunisia giant among Hollywood stars are supposed to play the role of Tom Brady in the NFL MVP. It worked -- -- the replacements hasn't worked for a -- -- yes the reports that cried at the end. GMAC made his speech that the replacement -- an injury -- -- -- -- his -- -- this -- also did I say every football movies great but the all it meaning in their own way. Except the one where -- Campillo on the kicker. In this area server analysis. Of Scott back yes that's kind of I was under that adrenaline let me it's the greatest sports movie lovers remember the titans and that's the upshot right yeah. Churchill fire. If if -- like -- Do you hear that terror it's a fire music in your head when you're running like. But you get the I don't turn out to boils and I guess you look the other now each to hear that music and you have to go to the church fire have been made it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His -- his Manhattan. It's actually. In slow -- and yeah if you run like I'd run right. This that's nice run but -- -- Bradford looked good yes there on the beach Leo the white outfits on ice -- -- a picture of me he says like ski camp I think drugs -- she do what the cigarette in his mouth are places like Chevy Chase seeded vacation. But yet some lead your rights and mocked but -- -- and the interest and be fun here than but the fact I like Belushi -- -- doing this. Seeing one of the real life Kenyans running dispute to look out of place right guys offended why you don't. You have to use. Average white guy -- would have a chance to -- -- -- whites are and don't forget it you open the -- this is how I would start you know we have to get the break. We have four minutes I would say I would I would. Four minutes don't blow it. I would put the column degenerate the ordination I need to knows these people hate it the next tired patriot fans. Do they really think that Brandon Spikes. Was comparing being a patriot to being a slave do they really think would Brandon Spikes that was offensive. Or they just go to the motions I think generally it's I think it is going through the motions -- -- just looking for something to be upset or adjusting like -- indignant saying it did ignorance. Indignation. To Brandon Spikes tweets this as an ill advised thing to say what is four years let's play. But by whom -- spikes why he doesn't just it's it's it's 88. Plays a race car out of course it does not first thought you RT cute you'd see the -- Yes I did you get a nice that's not -- July. The funny parts like I love body parts suitable for I have media I have rock opera. Number questions of problems with the movie was great it was unnerving and riveting and disturbing as he'd be up at night movies but. My first problem is the name. Why would you name will obviously. You give away a couple of big parts of the movie when you do. You know he gets captured right and he gets enslaved. You -- in how law since it they called it unnecessary roughness and the reviews came out you would understand the the little thumbnail capsule would say. A guy gets taken into slavery and fights his way through the -- -- con air -- a good. I don't know what Sasha is so -- -- on second choice was but this would be like because he got killed and I theaters. -- no we couldn't you know you went there is a slower anymore. Now if you know even if that was the -- you knew he was and that again -- driver I would -- -- don't -- and I would not have known why the duration of his incarceration to -- the first time. Equities. That and above and try to -- -- give the note to the -- that the white -- you know you know -- stock and get a -- you know what has -- twelve years yet. You know how long piece. There and you know when he's gonna get out when he's -- but it felt like our ten minutes and move BC notes just because of that look at -- by that logic. Was lone survivor rule that's the name lone survivor rulers for usage of figured it. I don't you guys these organized and ready what what the -- like Kirk. A lone survivor Gerri once every -- to cooperate or I need a story long long ago OC Braveheart and how does -- the Braveheart by your guns. Standard would have been called. He gets tortured and -- at the end. That would open title out of -- a bad title or worse OK fine that's that's that you like you were. You knew I was gonna and it went it was right -- -- know -- twelve years when it shows up and in oh. They'd leave that somewhat open but you know -- aging union was our viewers you have a bit of a running ticker along the new -- -- -- -- clock in the corner kick on and it is for your for your record as a celebration at the six year point here. The name -- stupid edition that's problem number one. Should get the problem number two here's mine question every day we EC. People arrested for a cruelty to animals -- it was a big story is that. Beating his dog it was a big viral video may get arrested and he smiled yeah -- in the mug shot two guys on the fetus could be. Beat his dog and put on FaceBook so. Arrested immediately charged believe it was a felony. It in and in the logic at excesses is torturing his slaves as my property was legal to do that. Considered question I don't know -- -- -- legal by the letter of the law. No legal buying you know -- legal by the law yes legal it'll probably not that my guess is it was legislated. Well or certainly forced right there are all actually -- a gigantic plantations. And it went the first law -- buddy -- -- when they can't we get him right in the yeah. But everybody knew how cruel this -- ones everybody knew his reputation as the guys said to him before he gave them are rated -- come -- X -- was that he's you know -- And he obviously was conceived and held at the plantation owner of an -- where patsy went to get the -- new -- Rule this guy who was right. That wasn't. -- say -- department. Arnold what I don't I don't know what maybe is it I don't I don't in other words you could treat. You're slaves worse than you treat your dog your horse. I mean your -- is back then vs your dog -- your worst now yes I mean debt deficit without slaves had the other were the points the I don't I I think it was gratuitous brutality -- getting that happening it's been an orchestra yes some of what happened is some what happened but it's illogical like when the guy and the blow. Takes one of the females ago you know Draper and a -- touches. Turns around stamps the death rate right. He just paid a thousand dollars and he's gonna -- that's problem one when you damage the good that's frowned upon when you kill the goods that you just paid a thousand dollars for so do you believe that was so you don't think I I don't think stuff happened John I'm just that I dare to question. The the level of brutality and we would say that they probably said about bastion of the Christ. You know it was gratuitous totality. I think in this case they said that the way he treated patsy was over the top group and -- well. What value -- the movie have if the producers and the directors and the writers that I got an idea. Let's let's find an -- and identify the best situations that ever existed for a slave by house. And word that was serving the heat up on the veranda and dressed nice and got to sleep in my house and shower from time to time right. I'll of what interest would that movie practically big. I think I think it's I think it's fair and I don't know -- -- want realism in order to -- but I think people think there were. I think there were guys that were awful I think there were slave owners that were as benevolent this label owners could be back I never saw -- I mean you know -- think that guys like that. Existed I mean you know that. Listen to a between -- is accurate word for word I did read the book that we share. You know what they should have done that should at the end had liked and another in the no win. When Solomon north for a guy but it was odd wasn't yet they did good document but there's a lot of stuff that you have to fill a lot of like shift the villain. When you elect to have the last seen someone dragon capsule weigh in chains in the resting them. They produced their self C I met makes me I don't know what you. But -- -- a nice marriage makes me believe a that he knows where. Makes me believe in more an afterlife. I think -- I think Epps has to pay for his sins at some point in another life or the in this life for the next you think you could be that evil. And just live happily rafter. While both accurate and he's happy person keys and president of hapless -- but it's evil guys that. A -- the worst person in the movie. I think again -- -- has captured the wife was the work in my -- Well rest separating the kids these make it became dances and it. Just seems so. Cool you can use worse than that Q is just a businessman. Worth apps -- what was the worst cheek she slashed her face that thing out -- kept that wanted to needed he had to do keep the little woman -- yeah. You know. You wanna keep a little like -- point is now and I've watched the patriots the last four years spikes spiked with the same stuff they did yes that's the big difference. Generally about the security letter that was going to be one of my teases that we will at some determines that the nose like a patron Yahoo! he thinks he -- -- be honestly didn't -- early and did he play that it. Nobody played the race card. He played anybody says Hawaii got racial like tweet that exactly you said of all of hall. Twelve months of -- right what he's that we set first -- that's considers him a great line -- funny I laughed out loud -- I mean all the work assault for years and minutes at twelve months level it was a Mets it was that were pulled an analyst at offensive. Was -- But I don't think. Spikes is trying to be funny -- I thought I'd say well really just a -- big I think he's he's upset with how he feels he was traded here he wants to beat the -- twice next year and four years despite this. It when he left here. And -- while the other job tweet about well. Thank god for -- slave is over a mob and emancipated -- he would take you for that he would our old normal when you're not later there aren't we are we're warned it would -- are correct. Correctly bodily but he would people want to do. He's my -- than really offense now they don't really think he was -- -- now despite otherwise intelligent people saying. You know he's got paid three million dollars to play he can honestly. Really. -- looked everyday and work but not a slave. Just put a line that's all right and -- -- demise line that plays the race card it's not necessary 61 across the racetrack and I. 7937. Old Brandon Spikes tweets yesterday while we choose the more offensive. -- -- four years of slaves shall we put him on the -- I thought I'd like it would may have just -- how I'm gonna not like when he said he thought it was really disrespectful -- -- it is -- beat the -- -- twice but he's OK with four years -- -- they were that to dealing with the holidays are quite you know causes -- yes they do we're going to do a second informal survey. And we are going to determine between now on 10 o'clock. Which New England athlete. As more -- days costs at his beat this morning I'll tell you they are you decide.

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