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Joe and Dave with David Ortiz after he lifts the Red Sox to a series win over the Rangers

Apr 9, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Big Papi after he hits a three run blast to propel the Red Sox to a 4-2 win over the Texas Rangers.

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David congratulations. What did you think you stood there at home plate watched that you think who's gonna stay fair that's I was watching them just the Mercury you know not running. Just runs. As you know was gone either way -- I know what I it's going to be -- fair. David when they left when they left the field and they went to take a look at the replay back in New York did you still feel good about it. -- that the forward. I thought the ball past the hole. First. I -- the ball but the pole. Fair and and in that that we and it was blowing so hard that you're. Come up with far afterwards so. No -- that was factory too because the sun was setting out there in that they replay really wasn't. That -- close it but it is not enough evidence to change it that you asked me if. Yeah I. I don't know if you hit anything negative -- those -- David you know exactly were they go they have with -- -- -- yeah you know the regular it was a it was a tough -- to hit today not a lot of offers it's rare that the Red Sox in only four hits and win the ball game like this on. Be honest with -- on and you know people playing get a for a or both are to see the ball I mean if it's like. I mean you -- thing just -- went -- to the ball the best out of between defeat here and -- if you do you wonder when the status -- thick base DO you know you. She's like the ball is coming out of that lie in and go to the start you know so that's what you saw a lot of guys who in the me by a lot. Yet explain to eighteen strikeouts combined in this one or scratches again I think it's very tough on lefties yeah yeah he the guys that have a lot. Movement involved. So that's one time -- -- my plan and I were late. To -- just. -- -- -- -- looked really good ball hot that. Double and away the panel cup movement away from you late may -- it is very -- action than that you know just got late so I've had a -- the day that panel. I've got to think it today against him. Well you know David a day like today to win a game like this when it it didn't feel all that promising. An angle on the role that has to be especially sweet to win one like this. For that I mean you know you know that we had a team that last year we very much have a lot of home back game. Wins and now like I say before you know whenever you walk into into the last out. -- great pitching today from Jake Peavy and hope we can if we keep -- really do. You think of minutes of that shadow to. And I he was locating pitches really well. And that's what winning. David let's go celebrate for now on when you went like that we're just gonna watch you. You let I let you know yeah that's I don't know them that encourages. Are. Guys always -- whatever questions about it quality does not mean a hitter knows you know and especially guy whose whose minis David Ortiz. And he's got the same view is the umpire really looking down the line much -- -- from the year. First base dugout certainly yeah so there at -- went forward it to no end that they'll take it down.

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