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John Farrell with Dale and Holley: Our original plan for the outfield hasn't changed all that much

Apr 9, 2014|

The Sox skipper checks in with the boys before they face off in the rubber game with the Texas Rangers. We discuss the Sox outfield including Grady Sizemore and Jackie Bradley Jr., as well as the pitching staff and a slow start for the bats with runners in scoring position.

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Back here Fenway Park dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI we will connect with a manager of the Red Sox John Ferrell and just a couple of minutes. Sox wrap up their three game series with the Texas Rangers this afternoon here at Fenway and you'll hear the game of course here on Sports Radio coming up. Just after 4 o'clock and I will say this it's actually kind of pleasant out there despite the breeze that's blowing around. Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline is the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Mohegan Sun hate John how are doing what I -- that. Doing pretty well. I saw Shane Victorino and will middle -- out on the field earlier today what's an update on how those guys are progressing. Yet you know both guys have started to. To get into some conditioning work prior to the baseball activity you know BP of that -- taken place later on this week in this weekend in New York. So how they progress through the early states so that'll give us a better read it on when we get them -- to get some at bats and then eventually back to us. Oh what was your what was your initial plan for victory normally went on the DL and I'd say up until about three or four days before the season. That's also quotes from you that you guys expecting him to be involved more than there was sudden turn. When you put him on the DL did you think that. It wasn't gonna take very long or did or where was your mentality and let's let's just take it -- today and we'll see what happened at the end of video fifteen days. Well he was sent by by having a salute to order and that pushed the treatment bacterial had to get over that we have actually quarantine for about six days where it wasn't around -- anybody and it's. Surfer. Sake of not spreading you know the flu. So he's back with -- he's been getting treatment he's progression through some of the early strengthening. And obviously Michael I think until we really get on the field and get some baseball activity going. -- get a better read on his return to us you know they via Mariah originally showed. Great one -- there or great -- strain of of the -- hamstring so that that was gonna take a little time we're probably initially taken and that two to three week period where he'd come back social. I don't think that original plan to adjust to all that much. John let's talk about Grady Sizemore at the plate he looks very comfortable. What you what you see from him in the field and how would you compare. What you see now to what you saw when he was in Cleveland. Yeah Michael I think there's been a few cases where you know the jump. Off the bat the jump off for reading area around the outfield has probably been a step behind and I think we've seen some balls drop in that. You know proven to be a little bit troublesome put. You know at the same time he's shown to be fearless. You know he still shows good range in the outfield. And yet it's more than reads on the brakes off the bat where where maybe some of those the maybe a lacking of the step of quickness is really coming to the plate but. I would think as he gets added wraps and this decency more balls off the -- remember it's two years in the making here where is back on the field. So that those -- things we feel like that that the regional routes become a little more sharp. One of the things you've discussed earlier today William met with the media before the game was the possibility of an outfield alignment that would have Grady Sizemore Jackie Bradley junior. And Shane Victorino are you looking at that pretty actively at this point. You don't you know. You look at all different scenarios based on the players you currently have a hoot hoot those players might be coming back to you and when and when that date that change comes back to us. You don't will take a look at all possibilities that we have been. In the alignment that was that you mentioned with. Victory -- Bradley and Sizemore obviously there's going to be some -- roster adjustment needed to fit those guys who you know in addition who's currently here so. I think were I'd be getting a little bit ahead of myself but -- ball that's what's gonna happen one victory in a contractor or when when Vick comes back because. They've -- need to make that space so the one thing is that we we've got a lot of versatility. Jackie Bradley is you know settled in after you know he went to -- pretty difficult first week from getting sent out to be brought back you know. In and out of a lineup and -- minorities made a major impact on the last 2392 -- field force so. We can't underestimate the the outfield defense in the importance of. And you've got you've got to. Two guys who have gold gloves and center fielders on your roster. Obviously Sizemore and Victor Reno but is it fair to say at least defensively. They Jackie Bradley is your best defensive center fielder right now. He has that that he has and you know. Can never take her wanna take anything away with Sizemore and -- done in the past but Vicki you know he's one and center field wall in right field. You know great news. So excessive that you know what that award was you know few years ago so I mean -- well -- all these cultural but that Jackie's. You know you watch his read news breaks in the outfield and then obviously it's one of the better ones in the game -- you know he might not have the -- foot speed of some other -- -- put. His anticipation as it is just outstanding. How hard is it played right field at Fenway Park we've talked about it through the years Dwight Evans was as good as I ever saw out there I think. J. D. Drew was under rated for how effectively he was out there. How hard is it for a guy like Daniel -- for instance to plunk down and play that position for a gamer too for you from time to time. Well he showed last year that he was more than capable playing right field force you know -- the biggest thing is -- mount a ground to cover and if you profile what a typical right fielder is there they're not. You know that they're not the running speed of the center fielder have the rain so in this ballpark. -- the likes of Jackie Bradley chain victory know they they really play out because. There -- more true center fielders playing -- right field defensive positions so it's a matter of covering the ground it's not so much to quirks or there or there. You know that the pesky pole -- word is it's just the overall. Ground that has to be covered in. Well together that's where it if we're an alignment -- -- -- in right field the positioning from pitch to pitch and play in the counts. Becomes that much more important. Just to play some of the hitters tendencies you know what when they get down an account or they're in a position to do to drive the ball well then we've got to adjust accordingly. Like today you've got -- in right field and I know the other day you were talking about for instance when. When John Lackey was pitching a fly ball pitcher uses that part of the of the outfield. A pretty effectively do you adjust that based on the pitcher pretty much game to game as well well. Very -- is just great uses the plays that went down -- for -- so what would. Now -- right now in that Jackie and senator that that's the alignment not so much Jake Peavy being on the mound but it's this the day that we had targeted for. For -- to be off his feet and them with a left him or go on you know what. Johnny Gomes a left field that that's where our -- minister today. No we haven't had a chance to talk to you since the home opener. And we don't we got a couple of phone calls about this mean people were really moved by. The the ceremonies. On that day the Red Sox go -- a good job with those but couple people said on how how does a team focus. After that must be very difficult. I think that's one of the things you're teams have to deal with anyway after winning the World Series last year but specifically. When you go through an emotional ceremony and you see all the things that you guys did along with getting your rings. Was it tough. To focus is that something guys talked about. I would -- they didn't talk about being the inability to focus state they talked about some of the things that were done inside the ceremony so. To me that that's not a matter of you know him not being able to refocus for the game it was just an acknowledgment of -- that the ring ceremony was a celebration of what was achieved all throughout last year. The -- you mention you know when reduces. You know the the victims from bombing brought out some of the rings to that the flag being. -- raised and then lowered to half mast in honor of the fallen firemen he'll go to things that would better not gonna go away. So guys we'll talk about those as being some of the highlights or something's gotta remember to -- a ceremony but once game time comes. You know we. You you shift your focus attention on the everything that takes place in front of the UN. You know what we we had a pretty darn good game going there and unfortunately get away from slate of so. You know who we we we dealt with a few things in that first week with the novelists. It's not a lack of focus. He got a couple pitchers who I think are performing at very high levels but to start this young season Jon Lester and John Lackey look as though. They're they're practically in mid season form despite hourly schedule list. Well they have been they've done a great job -- locating the ball first and foremost you know you see with the John Lackey has done what you have to quality starts forced to wins he's been extremely efficient efficient. And it comes out to be done in John Lackey -- -- -- been so dominant was crestfallen and honestly you know you build the two starts that he made the you can make -- claim that they've been as good as any start at any time last year when he surprised many coming off the Tommy John surgery. Again another testament to work ethic and wage he's revamped his offseason program and spring training in great shape and -- that once again. And Jon Lester with with all that has been talked about you know with the contract situation I think he's doing a great job of putting that suicide. Going out and focusing on what he can control and try to. Put us in the position to win every night we haven't really. Supported him from the offensive side. To say at least in the first restarting scored one run while -- put on the -- so bald guys to lead us and we need that. Day in and day out to the offense really gets contracts and our regular players come back to our roster are starting rotation is gonna have to bear the load a little bit here and -- going. And let's -- back the starting rotation I mean last year there were there are many examples of -- to brought on not being able to give you a quality start going to give -- 56 innings at least. A two and two thirds last night what would you say it was the biggest issue for -- brown. Well clearly was the third on the third inning was the biggest issue I've been beaten. You know he went to the first couple innings and really good shape -- meaty. He established his fastball lead pretty much -- -- -- in 06 up six down that after the 32 fastball pitcher reasserting itself the ballpark. All the sudden there there was maybe. I don't wanna say -- the willingness -- or attempt to pitch -- contact but he was so fast ball oriented. Walks a guy gives up a base hit. Then when he would try to go to. Get a feel for his secondary stuff was curveball changeup because he was so fast oriented it it wasn't their form to give a different look to hitter. And then there was a play you know the ball dropped in Satterfield extend the inning but are still. When when adversity and -- and having takes place you'd think that starting pitchers get the ability to shut things off. And give us a chance to regroup and unfortunately it didn't happen last night. John it was fun to reconnect with the out on the field earlier today it's always fun to talk baseball with it we'll talk to next week -- -- -- might take care. That is our Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought -- by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. I can't tell -- you twenty bucks or don't I. -- -- -- How's that -- about them as a rookie QB. Just give you what George is that Gary may actually be that direct nobody nobody did thing. Jackie Bradley juniors events that are. So it Grady Sizemore. Is two gold gloves and he also mentioned those two gold gloves and it was a couple of years ago. Jackie Bradley junior is going to be the sort of sort of for the Boston Red Sox now. I think at least one position. For -- Not gonna put gradient right and Victorino left. Victory now comes back at that is going to be. When he plays when you've got it when he -- going to be Bradley. Victory -- right Sizemore left. Now if he takes that if he takes over the job what does that mean I get some other issues here. Again the good news is you've got the emergence of Jackie Bradley as he. As as barrels at one of the best in terms of Reading getting a read on the baseball one of the best in the game that's good news. The bad news in this is only if you're in that clubhouse that bad news for us people -- game but ethernet clubhouse. If Bradley is going to be apart more a part of the mix that leaves. Some odd man out when I'm not a one of them is Jonny Gomes. And I think look I I think ultimately you may become disappointed here. Because I'm not sure Jackie Bradley junior is going to be on this roster as long as you think he's going to be you think he's here now. Well and I'm not sure because they can send him down and they can't send other guys down. Great big -- has options by the way I don't know if they'll send them down and out but he does have options. But I don't know how you can shade. In good conscience. This guys are best defensive center fielder and you think defense matters he's our best defensive center fielder but he's not here. And we'll put somebody in senator who is not as good as he is defensively. In exchange for a better bat against or in exchange. Just because this person we don't -- send to a minor leagues we -- in a minor leagues they make the roster. And they're not as good as the guy defensively that we sent down that's tough. 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. -- get the -- you guys just few minutes we will talk about Brandon Spikes -- just seems to have gone off the rails this afternoon. And play for us plays for buffalo now but he still gone off the rails broadcasting live from Fenway Park it dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah.

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