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Free at last? Brandon Spikes unloads on Pats, fans on Twitter.

Apr 9, 2014|

Michael and Dale discuss Brandon Spikes twitter antics, including some racial overtones, and how Bill Belichick must have really rubbed ol' Spikes the wrong way.

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We -- talk a little bit about Brandon -- this -- some who you know was up a good football player I liked him a lot like to hit I enjoyed watching implied. He's gone on how to take his his talents to the Buffalo Bills. It is probably safe to say that there were times when Brandon wanted to be a little more outspoken here as a member of the patriots than the organization was comfortable -- -- Never held back you with what he's doing on Twitter today he did when he was a member of the patriots. He's got the same thing he's got a couple of them here today that has kind of gotten everybody's attention. The first -- said great games on the schedule for 2014. But it's gonna be like Christmas to hand the patriots and patriots nation -- L twice. I mean he went on to say. A little later on another tweet it's icing on Mike -- To -- the patriots to be -- this year hash tag just watch which is fine I mean that's that's all well and good. I did notice. And it has not escaped my attention that you know it's sorry Brandon once it's out there it's out there. He did delete a tweet from today he deleted the four years and -- deleted the tweet where he said for years dislike. And if you go to his Twitter feed now that tweet is gone it was their earlier today. And I have a feeling somebody said to him to understand what slavery actually was Brendan do you know what. What slavery was all about is that when disappeared from his Twitter feed back. I don't know that's a family member an agent or -- coach or or somebody else has so many people who who just say c'mon now. Eight it's embarrassing that he would even -- that it's it's an embarrassment. To it to people who actually you know -- slaves and he was not a slave here. And and to suggest that he was his tweet was four years a slave. Just think about what you do when here in he didn't think about that I don't until somebody evidently all the money it can legally. Happened to me that the new -- Brandon Spikes and he's a guy who. Even as a member of the of the buttoned up. You know saying nothing Vanilla and now a New England Patriots. Throw some tweets out there that would be accurate to me like Twitter. He likes engaging people -- teasing people and I have a good time with it and and for the most part that's what that's my real what he's doing now buffalo now. With the I can't wait to put a couple of calls on the patriot. I thought so -- wishes and that's fine thought. That he played for the Buffalo Bills play for the Buffalo Bills at -- do you think he went somewhere else you what the buffalo -- The player for the Seahawks -- the Broncos. Are any and even Miami you have a better shot. Well I'm not alone ought to think about your team right you gotta think you got a chance to got to thank you guys go out there and win. I did find it interesting note that he deleted the four years slightly. -- times the Buffalo Bills -- him crazy now the numbers while the last win. -- went back years for awhile. Well today they knew I think they won in 2000 was it 20112000. Senator -- -- little boy that it had gone Barre the 31 nothing yet that's right. That was the last time anyone -- -- so many opportunities and they've lost in so many interesting. Heartbreaking ways. From the perspective of buffalo. Amid some games there are some games they just had. All you had to do was to speak semi Smart and they would have knocked off the patriots and and of course. They weren't able to do but they've got. They've got two wins over the patriots since 2003. Who was he still better here bill. Probably. -- and I can understand why if if you're Brandon Spikes and Bill Belichick goes on and on talking about how instinctive view. Instinctive football player he just understands. He understands the players to its. Am laying. -- he'd -- really. Wants it went overboard but you know he really stressed how much he appreciated mr. Kraft and how great he was. So it's sort of stands to reason -- that's not the the ownership of the team he got a beef with it's the guy coach and and theoretically signing the play. By the way they got a great good cop bad cop thing known that you keep them at that I -- like well -- Bob Kraft to Bob Kraft could be. Just as as cold hearted he could be the mercenary to be anything that any any. Type of qualities you want signed a Bill Belichick. Bob crap to be doing the same things but. The players look at it as hey bill is making the tough decision. Bill as the ones not gonna pay me bill of the one who's doing all these terrible things in. Bob Kraft that's my guy right here typical. I think it's. It's not entirely true. But -- perception perception trumps reality in many cases so it's it's a benefit to the patriots even though it's at the -- -- -- bogus. 6177797937. -- the telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. Were broadcasting live from Fenway Park. Will be here until -- pregame show begins for Red Sox baseball it's dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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