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Buster Olney, ESPN: on Stephen Drew, 7 inning games, and AJ Pierzynski

Apr 9, 2014|

Buster joins the show to discuss how baseball is thinking about speeding up the game, the defensive struggles of AJ PIerzynski, and where Stephen Drew might land.

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And is always buster brought you by new turf care. And by Toyota Nash or buster joins us on the AT&T hotline buster -- Lou -- I don't great guys still -- and it's nice deliberate in this -- to get all the opening day Galloway and. Nate you take a look at everything into Israel wants not. You turn the page that the Red Sox try to do from last year and get focused on this year and I I'm curious boss you around this team. Quite a bit of spring training did anyone around the Red Sox ever suggest that you. That at some point this year -- and every day outfielder Grady Sizemore left. Jackie Bradley junior and senator and Shane Victorino in right was that ever a possibility think in the Red Sox months. Well I'm an idea that some people it adds Grady was showing his stuff and we were -- we did two games -- them on the eighteenth and twenty at the margin that was one of the scenarios that was. You know I was told had been talked about internally that they would because they definitely wanted to develop Jackie Bradley junior and they believe that he is. If not the best defensive center fielder in the American League I think he could be. And they wanna get him established chain victory know isn't sure you guys talk about he's probably played right field better than any. Red Sox players to Dwight Evans and he put Greenblatt indeed potentially -- a shut down out field. I think the big question at that time. Was of course whether greens gonna -- up and I think that's going to be questioned the whole season but yeah I think it's. You know we've been in the back of their minds and I think they're willing to -- Did concede. Exactly how well Daniel Nava hitting and how well my -- sitting up -- two you know she's in last year when both guys were pretty good. You know what a difference a year makes Jackie Brown is a great spring two years ago makes the team doesn't get anything done the big leagues -- this spring has an awful spring comes up here. In the last couple of games she accompany kid where their people doubting him in spring training credit carriers are wondering what they're watching. I don't think within the red Dutch organization there was I think I mean did a lot of adapt to reflected where in the media. Based on his performance -- -- you know I know -- when you talk the -- -- during the wintertime about what to plan to initially before Grady came into the equation. In any serious way they're feeling was right look. -- accurately -- got a ton of talent and he's gonna do what we'd like can that get on base and play great defense to that position. You know I talked to the value waiters and -- detained during spring training really opposed to broadcast we did and they talked about how they thought the -- confidence was down. But you guys -- how quickly that can change. -- only joining us and what the injury will little Brooks he's going to be a fifteen day DL. Red Sox went -- got Ryan Roberts but there were some phone calls and text her fans Monday buster suggesting. Now's the time to get Stephen Drew go get him put him at shortstop but -- at third. From your reporting of the Red Sox have any cover at any conversations with -- and what is his status what do you think he gets a job in the bigs. I actually I repeat that that day and I talked to a number of value leaders waited in -- different came to -- in the question about OK if acute pain had indeed what would you pay him. And that it's obviously raised the issue what's going on here because. Stephen Drew likened your morale -- took -- fourteen point one million dollars in the qualifying offer. And what most of the people I spoke with -- yesterday. He told me was. They almost certainly believe that he's gonna sign after the June draft because they said that. And let you have eighteen with a desperate need like the Dodgers if Hanley Ramirez got hurt. Or Derek Jeter got hurt for the Yankees or Bogart got -- for the Red Sox. That it in all likelihood that change probably would be conservative so conservative in their offers but it wouldn't be -- truce while. What's gonna be interesting from the Red Sox point of view you know going forward it's. You know it would they even be entertained a question before the June draft because remember. You know the way they're hoping probably internally at this point drew -- it and that the -- so they get a cup competition draft pick. And I know that the Indians felt this way with the ball demand is in the world obviously with -- Ervin Santana. That if they're gonna side back those guys in the red -- that percentage Woodrow essentially will attach a discount. To whatever they're gonna offer him by saying look in order to -- now we have to give up the draft pick. And and that's why it's probably less likely that the Red Sox it's IG drew before the June draft most of the document that I got from GM's. Untrue or in the 78 million dollar range in terms of what they -- keep in mind. That's pro rated for when he actually comes back because he's been out so long. And they said lucky he cited today we take in three weeks to get back on the field so if he does sign after the June draft. You're talking about July 1 he dug him admitting that he's been talking about maybe you know having lost 7678 million dollars. You -- -- -- washed it was Intel has been talking about you know AJ Pierzynski in what he can bring in. We -- announced that the three hits last couple of games here now on the average jumped up as a free swinger he's had a long career. I think he throws the ball OK but receiving the baseball we've seen and dropped some balls -- what are you hearing bode -- is getting older would have a players become. Well -- is no question -- -- get these defense has drawn notice of rival scouts that talked to the last couple days and they say that. He struggled early in their eyes. You know I -- is gonna question me because the Red Sox have great defensive alternatives in the minor league. That AJ got a -- to hang out of that job in the way that this was structured was. You know that they essentially brought AG into the place holder for the young catchers that they have in the farm system you know that has been in the -- Who's most developed who is he viewed without a doubt by people that McCain being a strong defender. And we've seen this regime you know John Ferrell then -- -- In the -- in the middle of a World Series. They were willing to change their catcher because they value defense and David Ross got the call over Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Do do you want Saltalamacchia change I believe during -- during the postseason so of course it's within the realm of possibility page doesn't hit. That they would look at other possibilities especially since Christian is such. -- players that they look light because he -- skill that they like besides the defense. You know last year more walks than strikeouts. In 390 I've played compared to AAA. They love and there's a reason for that and that's why I do think that -- the season goes along. If Beijing doesn't -- that's gonna come into the conversation. Buster only ESPN joins us that the the injury so far been minor but the Red Sox and chain victory -- will -- ball expected back. The people you talked to buster -- the Tampa Bay Rays expecting Matt Moore back left the game. Left elbow it didn't sound good what's the latest on his health. Now and entertainment told reporters last night that they're standing in Q doctor Andrews. For a second opinion he had a clear view wanted to mark topped and it's a terrific reporter covering the race. For the Tampa Bay times and he wrote this morning in the paper that you know that there's real concern that he's got a significant injury. And obviously I mean that would be a body blow for that team because it's so much built on the great rotation -- more. Really -- to develop last year and in a way that we all expected after he broke the big -- a couple of years ago. And he would be difficult for them to replace him even though they do that some good pitching prospects. He'll Boston last night as a play -- game rob Brian Roberts struck a ball in the dirt umpire called. File -- -- obviously it bounced barrel came out under review bull apparently. One weekend I'm not crazy about it I think that the economy jumped into it does a lot of scenarios in the game that. There -- wondering. Why is this review below what is going on it may be taken too long one week in what are your thoughts on this report. Well I'd -- -- into Major League Baseball credit they they catch it yep -- saying look we know this is a work in progress I thought from the beginning. That the idea that managerial challenges it was a bad idea. A lot of the leader of the team officials and in managers and coaches that spoke would agree with that. They don't want them to be and they they want the idea. If you're gonna. Haven't seen me play just getting many calls right as possible. It was pitched in the other day we had a conversation with Bruce -- -- the giants manager at a situation last week where. Because he would use his challenger only he weren't going to play. Which was wrong in the call he couldn't address it because he's talent he's on Sunday that one change that he would suggest he would. One thing manager comes out of the dugout that counted the challenge which means that the managers yet he continues. -- situation strategy score. It you know before coming out of -- -- arguing about a play because let's face it the way this is sort of played out. Now it's letting these awkward situations where the -- short while I was dug out. While waiting to -- killing time waiting for work come through their dugout but it's the right call it the wrong call comes up or thumbs down. Imprinted -- as the tigers manager told me that particular -- pars are really awkward. He told the story last week about how when he was going at the county Cawley said. Particularly with the -- sacred. -- that you're killing time wait for the signal. He particularly looked -- -- is that okay well you're not challenging because you're giving them down -- -- yet okay thanks a -- back in the dugout. That's unbelievable on big big got to look and this is going to be a season long thing when loses it like it buster. Ridiculous the show every day who hates it. Lou with every day that he hates this and I'm sure you get calls and texts and people around baseball every single -- closer -- -- up Monday and I actually thought that -- that should have been an out -- it does a section weeded. But he thought -- have been reversed as well but I just. Some -- I just don't. Yeah I just I just don't get. -- I you know I like the idea I think it's better than most people I speak with a vast majority stake. You know what it better than I want to delete to get some of the calls right. But it's gonna need some changing there's no question about it and and I. I totally disagree with maybe MLB roll this thing out but it's the same time they're they're completely open minded about what you know -- going forward. Buster last one for me -- other way to talk about I think right now -- throughout the course the rest of the show and that is your story Monday. Were you -- baseball executive. Say let's go to seven innings let's let's shorten the games. Let's get the two and a half hours let's speeded up when the younger people involved your game to take it too long. What has been the reaction last 48 hours you've gotten from people around baseball. Based on back home what executives -- a deal. Well and the course. Looked and I knew this. Are going crazy thing that's the dumbest thing ever heard it was it was interesting conversation because it came out. Could someone you guys now -- -- do not believe name. But we just have a conversation about its stand at a replay actually about the delays in the game. And the pitching injuries we were talking about and how many of those and he mentioned that they had a hard time. Getting at proper volume of pitchers and said. You know I've been thinking about the solutions solution and you mentioned seven anything and I could only played two things right now one it'll never happen because the traditionalist. Will go -- that you'll change things like 27 outs. You know the -- three bad street guys three times through the order. All those things the records could never happen again 500 homers you would be much more difficult 3000 yet. And I sit on top of that you're gonna get killed this idea can get killed. -- Twitter verse it and I call them up on Monday up the story came and I did see the first wave companies to get a check out. I know I know NL but I -- think the one thing trying to get across is. We have to start adjusting. Can't have a situation with a game continually get slower. And we have to start addressing the whole issue that we have with pitching injuries. I I think its core I think it's crazy that they've waited this long to sort of think of of ways outside the box speed up the game this might not be -- way. But aware of executives like him credit because that is something in the that the sport is gonna face on going for buster we appreciate the time is always enjoy the weekend. We'll talk to next Wednesday that there -- great at great talk with a job of general -- ESPN joins us that every single Wednesday. But by new turf care and by our friends at Toyota of Nashua.

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