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Andy Brickley, NESN, on potential first round opponents for Bruins

Apr 9, 2014|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni as the postseason approaches and discusses possible match-ups with Columbus and Detroit. He also discusses the possibility of a Seidenberg return.

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Any brick we have naslund joins us Bruins lose in the shoot out last night thankfully no shootouts in the post season but will the BA Dennis Seidenberg. In the post season brick to herald today has a source. Saying that day he got on the ice yesterday at or baskets every black couple weeks but. Have you heard the same thing that you what -- -- skate yesterday that Dennis Seidenberg might be able to rejoin on this team later on the post season. Well below the road and not being around -- Seidenberg and whether he's skating or god I don't have first hand knowledge other. The strange story mistake you're hearing figured you know on the ice and that he's way ahead of schedule if there was an athlete that would be ahead of schedule beside -- because it is the strength is -- his conditioning just the way he. He chased tear himself away from the -- on a daily base so I guess that is all over who's. Medicare and I I don't agree on the side of the argument that says he's a long way complain any help clean -- Yeah and if everybody know later on in a post season without playing all that much it's expected analogue the big minutes can keep -- sixth defenseman. And limit his ice time almost weaned himself into it in the post seasons -- Eastern Conference finals. I just say it's so difficult to put a guy that's not a 100% or depending on what percent years. In front of say Kevin -- was to get -- So you know in -- -- -- Whose game ready and ready to go proven that they have trust and I. I mean that Dennis Seidenberg is -- somewhere else on the depth chart in side optics. I I don't able to have the conversation I was because I'm not putting him -- in my line like no assurance that this -- -- Brick for the first time yesterday we got some text messages of cultural -- letting everyone expected okay make it stays getting some time down. No big deal but another miss game last night what have you heard about the injury it's been reported as as minor trouble him. And for Kevin -- is they play these last three games. You know literally speak yesterday our curiosity -- they're really trying to manage these guys -- to work ratio -- lot of gays are here went there when they're traveling political terms -- issues. And -- the morning -- early -- -- wanted to see what they would do. Drove it goes to -- accountable and they both skated early before the rest of the -- -- -- a good 20/20 five minutes on the place. Was assistant coach -- Java went to a member of -- about both guys were pretty pretty good -- move around skating was pretty struck. If this will see a playoff hockey right now option pitch -- would be at play so it's all about certainly -- -- so well rest at all about precautionary go to the derby and here right now. Because liberals put themselves in this position. They have options to to really focus on the build table and not so much on the result in having guys playing right now especially on the strip. There is a beautiful thing that put themselves enemy last night at seven defenseman Kruger is there an on the wing of the first couple periods on the fourth line and an -- matching any such shift the lines around. This is something that if it does come up it's some ploy because of injury performance whatever to post season it's nice to probably get low but have a look at this. Yeah you -- see it does make it different with their -- machine and -- urbanized. It's not his speed but now they have some options and some versatility at some familiarity it's injuries to rise. Course Chris Kelly did finish the game last great. We were a little reluctant to speculate what was going on with it quickly -- which -- in the third period. We saw guys like accommodations because of the seventh as in the in the in the what molest or eleven forwards. So Kelly can't call -- fault in that category of precautionary. Because they want all of their all of their guys ready to go mentally physically emotionally when it gave mortar round. We're talking -- -- of -- on the road Bruins play three more games here before the playoffs to start likely a week from tomorrow it sounds like -- The last couple weeks -- they've been locked in like you said -- before the sell this great luxury I guess the only question would have. Will be sort of the end the end these periods neon and the end of play last night were teams have gotten some late goals late in periods end of games they. Do you think Claude -- looks at that -- using these moments to remind these guys that you'll come playoff time we can't have. Let downs -- as we're getting towards the end appear in games. Yet there's enough fear as its chair of this is an issue -- -- the coaching staff as a as meeting with their -- their players. The guys that they want on the ice and their situation a reminder to please in the on the -- get -- in order get. Think I can get a lot of trust in reliability with in those situation. And maybe that was the case last record in the personal as they award in in in that instance. But it's just a trend that -- security used that phrase. You know you go through different streaks during the regular season where things are working to make certain states and players need to be reminded in an -- it'll play out situations expect a lot of weight gain political games -- For every little EPO matters that are just a little beat Cilic and major. I would give it to those -- with periods of -- other period shall. Of Tripoli as a reminder of -- -- a -- group they understand where their mistakes are but right now the chill for mystery state apple just. Steele worked so I think that's sort -- was like yes they -- all the they would not work. It's just this you know you want you -- not mr. it was -- if you use of the term just you know. There awareness wasn't where it needs to be certain instances they competed they played hard they wanted to win they try to play to win. But it search so difficult situation when you're saying what ultimately. Alice this -- is so locked him -- I don't think anybody's really concerned about it -- unit Comcast -- -- we're talking about what that you brought up was experience. Playoff experience of viewer. The playoffs obviously different. Is it is not much but we think a buddy of Soderbergh Riley Smith silly young defensemen not much playoff experience. This court got a -- through enough kind of bring these guys along let them know what they're about to be in for. Absolutely absolutely no really -- -- -- -- out of order with Atlanta at that kind of experience yet. But that doesn't happen sort you know you have to rely on -- with -- every little oral emotional experience. Pretty significant roles and that's not a bad thing -- what you try to prepare your players for all yearlong credit privilege situations in eight games. Where they have to make plays under duress they have to defend and at the arrests. And I think they've approach course -- that a great job that put these guys in that situation to build that trust. If Europe trust play at a later to a Shula coached and coached a player. He not to appeal the chamber I think that with a pro British girls. -- brick it feels like if the playoffs started tonight that I dreams -- be the defenseman up. On the right level watching off for game one of the playoff series do you agree with that and can he do anything these last three games his Claude Julian. If everything he can do in these last three set to get himself active -- -- decision. Has likely been made about how to approach that first game of the playoffs. Yeah no I think he -- seventh on the depth chart I think that's you know based on what he's done the privilege uniform. Relative to does sixty or playing -- before it was acquired. I don't think he supported it but you know -- to -- struggle a little bit what the defense side of the game. The parole system in the decision making. I'm not a one on one -- retreat real good when he's not thinking about offense and jumping in the played analytic chart report. Maybe the international a well placed but I don't think that's the -- looking forward with a new acquisition. The military unitary Della were talking about that right top -- for it's been a mysterious. Your analysis of -- -- -- he got a since that time. I think -- a little bit up and down easy can have a really could change relates her. 65 minutes but that'll make mistakenly critical have been their mistake. Traditionally you'll war most commonly has been a wraparound porch you know when he's when he's on the pressures that I have a point -- player making that the period. And are simple people in. But overall I think this game has elevated. I think what he turned isn't healthy competition for a time and responsible -- and it's -- play from everybody I think that's with a -- -- -- -- with the acquisition results could you have to have that pressure from. From underneath. In order to have the lights here are your -- And you know I don't think he's a better player -- districts that they had more I think he has been there because of their competition apart coast to bigger. Brecht a couple league issues for you wanna start with the potential second round playoff matchups for the Bruins in Tampa Bay they lose Ben Bishop last night he left the game he couldn't finish at this guy's been. Lights out this year I'm curious if he were if you're being hobbled or -- couldn't go all the rest of the way it was not available from the post season or not a 100%. How much did you knock down Tampa's chances at beating Montreal that first round. A lot. He's been a big reason that they are what they are you ready -- and the president called sanction. This -- it is is meant. So careful what they happen are the last couple years that's goaltending in you know little backed it up like you think -- which either number one. He's not gonna go -- shoes and that they have to rely on him and that's. In a policies against larger ought to change is without a great fielder -- team in the play as a team and they learn to play without stamp goes it would without that ghost. It's because that Egypt is -- -- that you goaltender Oprah -- I don't like their chances and answer. Got a couple questions here about the new playoff formula it's your thoughts when you'd like like the new playoff form with a two while cards and we look at that first round. I just I don't know some sides still does don't meet the Detroit I'd rather play Columbus particularly been healthy and it's just don't need to play Detroit right now. Yeah delicately which book on the supreme achieved by child which view video trickles area not because the it'll coaster regular season -- all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- get into the -- -- -- -- article would be a good matchup Boston. I mean that's the way it's gonna go but it's your original question I liked the format. Electric activities in the early eighties in their communities and -- by the pro listings -- -- always -- -- found out to be patient I think actually you're -- -- -- best they'll. And I really like that style and I know some cooking and -- knocked out the first round. I like that token competition have to win your division and not try to go rivalries through the regular Q&A book to. And last -- ask you about his team we rockets in the post season Toronto they get shut out last night -- there are eliminated brick. This was a team last year the trouble we gave the Bruins I thought for sure we were destined for. Beisel Toronto Bruins rivalry somewhere in the post season where does that rank biggest scale of is he is surprised that not surprised -- shocked that this team is not going to be a playoff team what happened with the Maple Leafs this year. What are they were resting -- our coming into the season their -- they're learning experience and their community almost in this series with Boston I would probably you -- a year ago. Might lead them to a a greater level of maturity. But when you watch them play in them first in the mistakes that they make in the lack of leadership that they have on the I don't care what kind of a culture like you have a difficult time and if you don't get great school and because it is given opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. Now they become that kind of strange. You know they have enough offense to upset that kind of play. It was -- little time especially in the month of march that they just couldn't do it that much time and I'm I'm a little bit surprised -- are they each week it. But wouldn't see the first -- and you know that's in the just. It just slacks and a top listen in the lead potentially change of personnel. Such -- Olympic. Three games left in the schedule brick is on the -- with the bees and you'll join us that we get set next week for a first round post season matchup -- appreciate the time -- event. Andy -- brought you buy nor -- power equipment and by HSA insurance 61777979837. -- and Lou back after these.

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