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Jarolslav Halak asks out of a game against his old team because the emotions run deep. Not a made up story.

Apr 8, 2014|

We discuss the plight of the Washington Capitals and Jaroslav Halak as they get ready to face off against the St Louis Blues. You have to hear this story to believe it.

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So everybody remembers the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the Boston Bruins playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. And Gregory Campbell playing a 472. Shift on a broken like blocks a shot. Rowand threw in the middle of a penalty kill he can't get off the -- he continues to play the 472 shift. On -- broken like. He is in fact the Bruins nominee for the masters in trophy for perseverance to the game although. He completely downplayed it's a month but as a broken -- -- that many people play 47 seconds on one but. You know I can -- that the nickname blood and guts but I'm suggesting he might have to give that up. There's a great story not good story great story Washington Capitals are in a life and death struggle to make the Stanley Cup play. -- they feel as -- as they approach the trade deadline they feel the goaltending is their Achilles heel. So -- lot make a trade with the saint Louis blues and they acquire Yaris -- Paul lock. From well there was a complicated thing but a -- went to buffalo and and traded to Washington anyway. The whole thing -- he was in Saint Louis ends up on the Washington Capitals. As the bullets Rhonda Ryan Miller and thought that was a better deal and once. So the caps are gonna play the saint Louis blues in a crucial critical game for the Washington Capitals tonight. You are a -- a -- goaltender ghost was coach Adam Oates. And says you know the emotions are still too strong for me concerning the saint Louis blues it it still hurts too much. I can't play. And camp that I can't it can't play it's too emotional I can't play. So Adam Oates is now forced to play the backup goaltender -- whole week because you are -- block his number one goaltender says I just it's too. It did to review. There it's not a boxing match I -- -- asking him to go. Punch other people in the in the nose to stop their shots -- -- -- but that does stop pucks. What he's what like Sweden old Blake text from the he's got he's been. And and we -- young man waxing rugby get nostalgic about his days with these guys so he can't stop their shots. He can't play now. Look I think there's a pretty good up blew up pretty good possibility that the caps don't make the playoffs anyway despite what will likely be a fifty goal season from Alexander Ovechkin and all -- up but. Imagine this you pick up this guy at the trade deadline because you've got to get a better goaltender. Any -- that he. Garnered more to a story isn't right not because he's got like a broken leg of his bone sticking -- -- side but because he's gonna be upset. About having to face his old team. You know we used to make steel in this country. In all of those trigger is built by men a motionless man that drinks Scotch in eight. Rob beef and now rob we've -- -- we get it to what do you fourteen we have got a goal. If you assume hockey players are among the toughest like one half of 1% of all people all about it my experience in here's a guy who. Kick it on the ice because. It's too emotional. It's too raw. The emotions are too -- offer him after the trade from Saint Louis I guess he considered himself -- Saint Louis blue for life. He can't play against the blues that are gonna have played the backup goaltender now interestingly enough. -- hope he's always played great against the Bruins they play hold -- against the Bruins because he's got this great career record against them. But a -- is that number one goaltender. They meet big east to exploit its books -- about a gold that are now back to our guy Campbell. How did go from what's than it originally a minute ago from a minute to 47 seconds. It was 47 all along I mean I don't know -- timed it incorrectly and set a minute but. You know we've we've looked data match it was 47 seconds he was on the -- With a broken like from the time the shot he was on the ice may be for a minute. Counting the time before he got it okay. But from the time the puck hit him till the time you know they they basically sort of pushed him over to the the bench door to get him off the ice. He played a 472. Shift with a broken like. -- -- -- And wondered haven't made today that don't play. Lots of guys don't break -- right now regards I like guys on from a lot of guys regulate -- plan on now. No he's a little modest there actually it makes you -- the fact that I have to ask an editorial about. Hockey playoffs. Last year if you if you tell me -- guy who labored punctured lung. -- in the post season only one. Really don't know that that's that's Bergeron. And people jump on Joseph Thornton all the time it's important. I would like cracked ribs cracked ribs -- When they lost to a Montreal. My buddy Kevin pulled upon the studio that want to take this the offers office -- can't do that before game seven before seven you -- Imagine what. Their coach we really are going to win this game about a way before we start. That -- quarterback that that. Like I I don't know what it's like to be a hockey fan in our nation's capitol my guess is it's not quite the same as Boston the picture just picture ER a -- a lot. The Bruins acquire a -- big trade at the trade deadline to be their number one goaltender and then he goes to. At the coach in this case Claude Julian says before the big game against it close -- I just can't play it's too it's too emotional. He could never put a Bruins sweater on in this town again yeah -- never Wear the sweater in this town. They would they would -- mercifully ride that guy's butt out of town. Yeah I mean imagine like Claude Julien reaction. Like by the by the time he starts reading and is he can even take the time to say never darken my door again and grab stuff and get out. And T Michael just about a couple of a program edging arm Campbell the other extra thirteen seconds right I mean we've got one that's -- I was only 47. Our old -- I don't know not at all having I've said you know dale knows there's I've said before. My favorite. -- are favored Bruins. Before. Now was early to the party before. The the skating a shift on a broken leg incident happened on my favored Bruins was Gregory camp. Those that my guy I'm trying to give them trying to buying more time. Bumps and wanted to go from a minute to 470 IC releasing I'm trying to get them up from -- exempt from 47 to. At least 5657. Okay say units and you know it's my god not amended I'd be impressed -- forty -- -- you know -- -- yes it's sucking up yet Nancy gets cuts in national and 6177797937. Jerry's on the cellphone -- Jerry. -- may not know how are you telling me. I am well -- makes statement I think some of you may may label. Eight AK at all but there are believed to be true of many like OK Billy got. You know -- appear at a time when a goaltender and not at any doubt that triggered by one Cuba and are over another would. -- -- -- Didn't help he could be averaging. And that would want to play because I would want an opportunity to make another -- eat -- and regret I didn't. There's no question Matt Matt -- in the not the man out. A year ago and -- -- -- ought to be that there are some negatives that it has some believe that I want to believe. What you're expired with the ball from the blows a late group and -- and you're not in the right. Manipulation of that happening and that's what we're. I'll wait a minute the feminization of all men. I'm glad that why hasn't got a very different located -- yet we aren't. Mean you know we gotta get your wife to ask her why she's mad mad about you but -- why hasn't this epidemic got taken over the entire National Hockey League it's a story. Because it's so unusual is it still I'll. It would eat you up and get out. And contribute something that happened the other day I think the general public generate -- eyebrow but. And wouldn't have been giving birth -- babies were not men there. I owed them out here shortly we had not into the equation and that I am at three. And that appropriate that I did not like no way I would not plot that whole equation. We need to work on that. I'm that don't don't don't go out and -- you -- Jerry don't know this is well what do you do you're going forward looking -- -- to finish the story. But I want you to finish the story for yourself. Because I don't think you're representing anybody but -- -- that's -- your wife of college do it gave me at all -- a bad. There. Aren't going on a story. You're -- you're there you're not they're providing support you were not there helping out where you were to stand around. Yeah and and -- out in the open and I'll abide. Implement them they can have our -- as well without it it would be I would not. I would not a minus -- -- and I was there. And I wrote the plot and the back. -- it's likely you're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- I would suggest that based on that attitude you won't be there at the conception of the next when he got -- Okay. That is the incomparable. Doctor Emmerich on the call when Gregory Campbell played. 47 seconds Sauna. Broken leg last spring against Pittsburgh Penguins we were telling you the story of -- -- a lot a lot who will not played tonight. In Saint Louis for the capitals against the blues because the memories are just to fresh. The one thing I'll say in his defense. Is that I went looked. Ryan Miller did the exact same thing at the trade deadline Ryan Miller was traded from the Buffalo Sabres to the saint Louis blues. Not long after that. The sabres came to visit Saint Louis to play against the blues. And Ryan Miller said quote this year it's pretty fresh leaving that situation so maybe. It's just a full break yet Brian -- in their said Miller when he asked out of a game. So that it happened twice. This year. That sound you hear his whole bleak in -- clapper -- at the top of their caskets you know this is a court. What has happened to have -- -- -- kind opposite happened in the national. A little embarrassed that it did apparently happened twice out I'll say this. Neither of vote well Ryan Miller's great goaltender Jaroslav a -- isn't. But in the exact same situation Bruins desperately playing for their playoff lives. Need every point -- yet they make a trade for a number one goaltender. Any asks out of a game against his former team forget that that guy could never put the uniform on in this town again. Ever. Not without being mocked rests on a cellphone erect. They say don't. I I don't I don't bother over the but he did you know while this this behind the scenes not and cannot operate it go out and it is true that the goalie went to the coach and at all. Our -- whenever you know into the media -- -- -- thing about Washington this open to meet that should never should be kept behind closed doors period. Well -- bring your grade point. The report houses story get out. And it's just. Well I know I'll tell you how we got out it's it's a -- the next issue where maybe it. That because they go with it until workable gonna keep it there are coming up you're great support jobs are -- the -- we got to have a mutual caught -- -- Played against -- may -- -- Long -- with my missions it was here. I can keep that it would -- the court that has -- rethink that you think you wanna play your achievement dumped him. The Obama occasionally drop in for another goal you'd think she'd get this double play at that. I got to know the cardinals don't that that's true. Well in this case I'll tell you how it got out Adam Oates told everybody. Now I'm I'm I'm quoting Katie Carrera now who -- covers the Washington Capitals quote. Oates said how -- told the coaches he wasn't completely comfortable facing the blues for the first time since the trade so they're going with poultry. Now my guess he has. The members of the media asked Adam Oates it was your goalie and he said hold me -- -- -- -- that -- And and then ask why -- he was the goalie and Adam Oates all the. Asked Eric though either evidence I got a problem got a problem with the idea asking out of the game but I also promised their coaches -- not there right there. We live through. Terry Francona running interference for guys were from back in games that mean how many times did J. D. Drew walked into the locker room you know at 6 o'clock and say. I can't go to -- four -- -- yes again you have got to. Tightness that Mike glue glue to whatever and -- end. Francona would run interference from I could see where Adam -- would be slow excel frosted about is that he's like why should it make excuses for this guy he. It's desertion under fire when I just did you know column. I could see where it looked at a -- may be feeling that he's coaching for his coaching life here I mean if this team does make the playoffs with you know that the league's leading goal score they may be looking at Adam -- -- job. I can -- completely white members of the media it's when you're playing who. Why is hoping plane has a -- sick is he hurt. An end of the questions are gonna come out you could lie you could stand their life here Adam Oates. I you guys got a little twinge you know we just that now we just side to -- the day off. Which wouldn't make sense to anybody about it way you have acquired this guy to play. These sorts of games that's why you traded form -- trade deadline. I'm gonna reduce them I'm gonna Regis and 21 century communication. And some twentieth century communication October 21 century AT&T -- -- Everything possible. Texas as -- you should know as well as anyone the goalies are just we're people. Need to be weird and different. Ought to want to play the position. There should expect something like that there's something to be set for that by the way I mean some -- not all goalies are weird but as a group they're considered to -- So that debt that's probably fair on the part of the texture. Right now I'm gonna review the 21 century communication with some content now last week. Thornton on on opening day -- the home opener but opening day for the Red Sox the Red Sox -- Baltimore. I was doing show but in -- And somehow the conversation. This kind of went in a different direction. I'm OK with that you wanna change it up I've heard. A kind of a a Canadian French Canadian -- is go with the mayonnaise. On the hot dog I want you wanna do that. I've never done OK with that I'm not -- look at what to put on your hot equipment guys and hot -- I've ever done none -- -- -- is the most disgusting thing ever created. -- -- -- -- I hate man. Well I like the of strong -- -- straw -- intake but it on this earlier in the -- -- -- was -- condiment that really drove you crazy there it is -- And if no problem management I don't I don't think -- I hate. Rod -- anger like you do towards a -- sale which spreads out there. Okay what do you think the most beautiful you're -- -- -- -- is the most beautiful woman you ever seen not necessarily a person. Movie star musician the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Met -- man number one but she's right up back in the single days yeah if Kate Upton. It's -- -- -- on all over her she was standing right here completely make make it with some mayonnaise on our book. Not feel about it. I thought feel about it the wrong way so I let -- -- I would almost written -- It's almost a -- if this an episode of answer the question jerk that -- Because if that's sort of feel to it there now wasn't that now so I was talking about Kate Upton whether -- -- or naked. -- -- -- -- -- Got any -- Letter to their car nice car to see them from a -- yeah White House station I noticed that pictures inside two so there are pictures there -- six pictures here of Kate Upton. In various poses and stages in various items of clothing or not. All over this guy says dear mr. holly you still Peyton Manning's. Haven't clothes have been close packets of grammys. In case you've had a change of heart. Barry Zuckerman president. Mayonnaise lovers of America. Now he include command of the -- a change of heart. Is kind of like this is kind of dirty. What he said. Does that give it their pictures here and there's mandates that are illiquid. So what if he let me let me just say -- fiftieth yet you -- Prado is -- -- He has an agreement that opera rather than what that have been have got good and it came at a bail out -- I I just wanna say that that if I was if my life was so sad and sorry. That I was a member of the main thing mayonnaise lovers of America association. I would never let that out there I might keep that to myself. And I'll and at what clubs and organizations do you belong to mr. Arnold and the member of the man means that America. There are meetings -- and the NRA. -- -- -- I think it. -- 100000 tons of attention. I've seen him do. -- that there is no way. There is such an organization. Not let's pray it that it is night and if there is let's -- the place and they just run Michael warrant search and everybody inside because there's no way. That. A bunch of guys can team gathered to talk about mean he's now eight -- and yes. While that that you guys Michael just flat out lied there he just flat out like these are the lie. He didn't fix is -- the line -- right Kate Upton naked in front of you where and mayonnaise to walk in a way yes. Mind you you -- absolute lot of that little line you could -- Kate opted in anthrax. And I'm not a highly -- okay every. -- -- that's literally be it could be the last thing I ever did but I die a hero the case. Please. Thanks humorous to see who wins in switchers won't. When pearl. When you know it had a face that I have to edit it edit it out pretty well. Dexter says Michael what do you put on a blt. I've seen him do it -- seen -- -- Jack PLC's. Where the woman actually starts mayonnaise and bread here says no startled. Now days and of itself is with the French call a mother's which there're -- five. I could lose them it -- a list. Holland -- won a national. Ticket I am unemployed Floridians like. Now what you do not mean he's in any of its forms for instance -- -- -- to a primary. And here's what threat. Which means he's based which side not so you know if it's on there on her side if it's on the -- support. Like a chicken salad that's -- with me it means that that's the tricky. Yeah it would hide it in there. -- -- all laws are all regular. It appears to appears to. Can bored bored with two -- Kate Upton covered title in lobster. Salad too much. But for me anyway as their dispute. My agent on the phone -- please contact I.

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